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Chapter 5


Eric led us out from the back rooms and into the main part of the bar. Even with the deafening noise of people laughing and shouting over music I could hear Pam’s skyscraper stilettos clipping behind me.


Fangtasia was a full house tonight, although that could have been business as usual since it was a Saturday night. The weekend nights were always packed at Merlotte’s but the two establishments seemed to have completely different clientele.

The vampires looked anything but bored as Eric strode through. Mild curiosity about me but they were all on alert, perhaps being in such close proximity to one another did that? Too many lions in one room is bound to cause problems.

The shift in energy sparked like a living breathing animal as soon as Eric and I entered the room. He really did command all the attention.

Dang! Speaking of weird supernatural energy.

I needed to call Sam and tell him that I wouldn’t be coming in to work anymore. I’d much rather go tell him in person. After all, Sam wasn’t just my boss, he was my friend. Eric’s words whispered back to me about my friends using my naiveté in all things Supe against me.

The more I thought about it, he was probably right. Sam and I had known each other for many years before Bill even stepped into his bar. Heck, even when the vampires came out two years before Sam hadn’t uttered a word about shifting into any animal form he wanted.

Maybe he was afraid to reveal his secret to me. Even though he was well aware of my quirk! That little revelation alone should have told me everything I needed about Sam. I thought he knew me well enough to know that I would never have thought anything less of him.

Now, for the first time I can see his true colors shinning. Maybe I did need to go and talk with Sam in person. Get a fix on what he is really thinking while I tell him I will no longer be working there. I needed to inform him either way since Eric was whisking me off to parts unknown.

As we walked through the throngs of fangbangers, I cringed. Their vile thoughts about Eric were disturbing, some were ridiculous and others were down right laughable. Then thoughts of Eric and Pam crept in. Me and Eric filtered not far behind that and kept on coming.

Oh goodness!

All three of us!

I’m sure I was the exact color of Eric’s Corvette once we reached the middle of the horde. I did my very best to build up my shields against the fantasies. The dark desires. Thank goodness, constructing a mental barrier to unwanted minds was a much simpler process than it had been in the recent past.

Maybe it was our bond, helping me grow stronger?

I felt concern from Eric spike through our beautiful bond and I smiled up to his intense gaze. He never lost the pace to our destination, but continued to lead me once he felt my reassurance back that everything was all good.

Taking another glimpse around the bar I had a disturbing thought. There was something about the amount of vampires present told me that they must’ve been called upon tonight. Had to be fifty voids in Fangtasia that I could feel through my shields. Interesting that I could still discern vampires while blocking thoughts.


We stepped up onto the large dais where three thrones sat empty. Eric’s chair was the largest and grandest. Covered in leather and smack dab in the middle. As it should be. Eric gave me a soft smile and then kissed my hand before facing our spectators once we had each flanked him on stage.

A hush fell over the crowd and the music abruptly stopped at Eric’s gaze to the DJ.

I wonder why he wasn’t a King.

I had seen Eric’s inner workings enough to know that he inspired loyalty. Through fear or being loved, he had it. Vampires would follow him, did follow him. My heart clenched, I loved him just a bit more seeing his God given place to lead come into sharp focus.

Eric Northman is meant for great things, no doubt he achieved them in his thousand years. His next thousand should be quite exciting. I prayed I’d be around to see it.

“This woman,” Eric faced me as I mirrored his movement and smiled up at him, “Sookie Stackhouse is mine.”

Eric’s fangs snap down as do all vampires present. He scanned the crowd with narrowed lids. Searching for the slightest hint of disobedience. His show of dominance sends chills up my spine in the best possible way, which also embarrassingly enough sent a shock wave right to my core.

The tension level has risen another 10 degrees in the bar since his declaration. My reaction to the news didn’t seem to help it as Eric sent his lust barreling to me through the bond. A few vampires close hissed in excitement which I wasn’t ready to think about…yet. But no one else moved a hair.

Looking past Eric to Pam, was gratifying. Her delicate fangs are down and she was scowling down to all the attendees with her hands on her narrow hips. She was on alert to defend her Maker against any rival interest in me. I loved Pam’s ferocity in this moment.

When I chanced another glance toward our unwelcomed fan club, my jaw slacked in astonishment. They were all dipping their heads and on their knees in a show of submission to my Viking. Seeing powerful immortals show these gestures was probably something for the history books. Or maybe only what I had seen from vampires and their power plays.

“Any who refute my claim will be met with my wrath.” Eric seethed and then slowly sat on his throne in the most relaxed position I could ever fathom after such a threat.

Long legs spread causally in front of him, his shoulders eased and back. Proud, impossibly arrogant and drop dead sexy.

Still standing as I take in the enormity of his impassioned announcement. I’ve never seen Eric look more tranquil and lethal. It’s a heady combination that gives me nothing but naughty thoughts. His love and comfort floated around both of us through the bond. I exhaled a long breath that I wasn’t even aware I was holding.

I stood eye to eye with Eric.

Boy, my Viking is tall.

Eric gives me a smoldering look that melts my panties further. He tugs at my hand, his large one still tangled in mine. I go to him with no resistance, crawling onto his lap as satisfaction and triumph fill our bond. Crashing my lips to his was the next logical choice. No really, what else could I do?

Eric is more than happy to oblige as I lick the seam of his lips to deepen our kiss. Licking at his fangs, I moan with longing to have him drink from me. I’m so unglued, I was on the edge of asking him to do just that in front of everyone.

Eric Northman is mine and even though, right now I don’t have the words. I know how important body language is to vampires. I might as well let them all know that I’m totally on board with his plans.

Eric groans when I make another pass at his fangs with my tongue. It’s my turn to feel powerful having this immortal ache for what I can give him. Sure as hell, I’ll be giving him plenty soon. I feel his erection unyielding against my hip as he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and the other over my ass.

We are two teenagers at a football game. This public display is something I would never have done with anyone but Eric and I love it!

Vampires are a species fluent in using every one of their senses to determine the situation. Words are meaningless. It is the actions that prove the truth of your word or not in their eyes. I’ll need to remember that bit of information going forward in my blossoming relationship with Eric.

“My lover.” He nuzzles my neck, right over the spot where his fangs marks are. I close my eyes in contentment with every lick and kiss. I was made to be his. Eric was made to be mine. Holy hell, I’m turning into quite the possessive girl tonight.

“Dweeb alert, 2 o’clock.” Pam mutters, breaking our spell. Well, not really, we continue on as if we didn’t have a bar full of vampires looking on in interest I’m not sure I’m ready to ponder. I wonder who Pam is referring to as the dweeb when Eric erases the mystery.

“Bill,” Eric kisses my neck with a sucking open mouth once more and then stares down at my ex with a blank expression. I can feel Eric’s emotions, he’s irritated with Bill here. I thought for a moment I would feel some elation. After all Eric did just claim me in front of every vampire in Northern Louisiana as I looked on with a goofy grin on my face. Hm, maybe Eric was not in it for the trophy of having something over Bill. That thought eased a tiny long forgotten worry.

Bill seems even smaller tonight, standing below us.

Bill would never be considered a tall man. I’m barely 5’4 and I still needed to be careful when I wore heels around the civil war solider. There was one time I had forgotten about that little tidbit and I towered over him the whole time, he was not so pleased that night.

I chuckled inwardly at the memory and I felt Eric’s curiosity through our bond.

“Later, baby.” I whispered in his ear. Eric smirked at me, his blues sparkled with mischief.

Turning our attention back to my ex-boyfriend I groaned. Bill was in full puppy dog eye mode. His brown eyes doing their best to suck all the moisture from the room. I recognized the look all right. He was about to beg me to do something for my own good or condemn me for doing something he thought was improper.

Already, I was annoyed and he hadn’t even spoken a word.

“My Sookeh, I’ve been so worried for you.”

Of all the…

Eric’s fury was sharp when Bill claimed me as his. I was in the same boat, how dare he! Especially after Eric’s announcement that I was his.

I am Eric’s!

My Viking was right, Bill isn’t being my friend or my once upon a time a boyfriend. He is trying to manipulate me. But what for?

“When you didn’t come home last night, I sought out Quinn. He had no idea where you were, either did Sam. I’ve been turning over every stone looking for you.” Bill’s eyes went from concern to deadly as he growled at Pam, then Eric. His fangs, much smaller than Eric’s made their debut.

That was not the only thing that compared to Eric in the small department.

“What have they done to you, my Sookeh? You know you can’t trust anything Eric says-.”

“Enough!” Eric ordered. Every one of his muscles were tight. His mind blew open to revel a short display of flying down and ripping off Bill’s head clean off. It was gruesome and not at all shocking. In this moment, I wouldn’t have been horrorstruck.

Honestly, I think the only reason Bill hadn’t met the true death was because I was currently sitting on my vampire’s lap. One arm clung around Eric’s neck and the other rubbed his hard chest in soothing circles.

Bill had the good sense to look ashamed.

“Sookie is mine.” Eric sat up with me still attached to him. “Do you have something to say to that?”

Bill bowed his head low and whispered softly. “Sookeh is yours.”

“I do not believe they heard you in the back.” Pam encouraged mockingly.

Bill raised his head and glared at Pam before looking back to Eric and me. “Sookie Stackhouse is yours Eric.”

Hells alive, he said my name without a hint of a southern drawl. His bad pronunciation annoyed the ever loving shit out of me. But the way he turned off the accent in a matter of seconds made the hairs on my neck stand on end.

Something was not right and it bothered me that I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Eric’s gaze was cold steel as he stared at the top of Bill’s bowed head. “We understand one another. From now on, you will refer to my Bonded as your Mistress.” Bill’s head popped up, his eyes widened when Eric said Bonded.


Anger flashed over Bill’s features his nostrils flared and his expression blanked. Nodding his acknowledgement of my status to Eric.

“Good. What do you know of Sookie’s comings and goings?” Eric questioned suspiciously, He sent me comfort and feelings of security. I knew he would never allow Bill to hurt me again.

Bill looked beat down, he had aged ten years in the two minutes he stood before us.

“So… The Mistress is my neighbor and my friend. I was right to be concerned when John Quinn started to call on her.” Bill defended.

“But how did you know I was on a date last night, Bill?” Addressing him for the first time.

The only one who knew I had a date and with whom was Tara. And only because I bought a new date dress from her shop the day before. Sometimes a girl needed to feel pretty, regardless of the boys in her company.

When Bill didn’t answer I continued on, “I haven’t seen you, haven’t talked to you in a long while. And I most certainly wouldn’t have confided to you about someone new that I was dating.”

Eric’s chest rumbled in displeasure at me words. He hadn’t really said so, but I knew the fact that I had been on a date with Quinn had irked him. Even with outcome of being Bonded, Eric was still showing some jealousy.

But please, we were together now, and if I ever saw Quinn again it would be too soon.

I sent a burst of warmth and love through our bond. Assuring Eric that I was his.

My Viking’s body gave a subtle shiver and he held a tighter grip on me as a sure indication that he got the message. Eric was nothing but a big kitty tonight. A kitty that I would love to rub down later.

“It is my job to know the goings on in Area Five, Sookeh.” Bill’s southern draw was back with a vengeance, as was his particular way of talking down to me.

Eric snarled.

“Mistress.” Bill corrected with a frown.

He did not answer the question and I knew for a fact that Bill was up to no good. It was clear to me that he had been in the thick of trouble for a while now. How it concerned me, I have no idea. Nor do I care. Bill Compton’s problems were not mine to solve.

“You’re not my friend Mr. Compton, not my keeper either. You are my ex-boyfriend, who happens to be my neighbor.” Eric sent me strength. It seemed he was allowing me to set the tone in front of his vampires so that in the future there will be no doubt where my allegiance was.

Eric would always have that and more.

So much more.

“I still care about you, deeply Sookeh.” Bill implored as he used my name despite Eric’s repeated warnings. I could feel my Viking’s anger rise. “A missing telepath in Area Five is a matter of investigation by Royal command of the Queen.” Bill said to Eric.

Big whop-tee-do, so what if he had the backing of the Queen herself to stick his nose in my business. I doubt very much some stuffy old bitty cared a lick about where I laid my head at night.

Or did she?

“Why would the Queen be interested in my Sookie’s whereabouts?” Eric demanded.

“Sookeh is Hadley’s cousin. The Queen has obviously heard about her telepathy. Much of the vampire world has, not to mention others I’m sure.” Bill spoke and then glanced around as if to prove his point in front of the vampire witnesses. “If left up to me, So… my Mistress would never be allowed into these dangerous situations without the proper precautions.”

Eric growled, “That sounds like a threat!”


“A representative of the Queen of Louisiana would never threaten our most valued Sheriff,” A voice called from somewhere near the bar entrance.

A vampire I had never seen skulked out from the shadows toward us. Everyone else in Fangtasia turned their attention to the source of the sound and stood motionless.

Eric and Pam were on their feet in an instant the words started leaving the vampire’s mouth. Eric maneuvered me slightly behind him and was careful to position me between himself and Pam.

Did they know him?

If Eric was trying to protect me, perhaps I should be afraid of whoever this is.

The intruder’s hair was dirty dishwasher blonde and hung lifeless from his crown in wispy threads. For that matter his body matched his lackluster tresses.

Moving in an erratic stalk until he needed to pass by a cocktail table in his path, the oily looking vampire slithered past the furniture as if to avoid contact with the wooden object.

Eric sent me extreme caution and then soothing calm through the bond. Whoever this new comer was, Eric was not pleased to see him.

“What brings you to Fangtasia this evening, Andre?” Eric asked cool as a cucumber.

“The Queen has had the damnedest time getting in touch with your Investigator here.” His glossed over gaze observed Bill with the calculating accuracy of a predator. “And you know well, how the Queen despises to be kept waiting.” Andre spoke with a hiss that transformed into a greasy growling grin.

“Since Little Billy Boy Blue here has been out of contact, her Majesty decided that I was the best in her command to locate the elusive Area Investigator. That sad pile of rubble you call a safe house yielded little interest, so here I am.”

Bill stiffened at the mention of his house. His sole attention had been on Andre since he announced himself, but Bill kept sending me dramatic fearful looks.

So what if this Andre had been to his home?

This was infuriating, I felt like I was missing something crucial.

Eric sent a dark glare to Bill who stepped back from the dais looking properly chastised.

Now what was that all about?

“This night has been one for,” Andre looked around the room of vampires before continuing his thought with a creepy smirk, “discovering untold treasures. Ah, I see the Great Eric Northman has finally acquired a pet. She is positively edible, bravo Northman.”

Andre clapped his hands together once and inhaled deeply through his nose and mouth. Andre’s jolly demeanor ceased, his fangs clicked down as his green eyes dilated to near black. A poisonous snake would have been welcome company in that moment.

“What is your pet’s name, Northman?” Andre demanded, never taking his eyes off my neck where Eric’s fang marks lay exposed. He was near panting and it was freaking me the hell out.

Eric rumbled with warning. “This is my Bonded, Sookie Stackhouse. I do not keep pets.”

Andre’s malevolent smile was back. “The famous Bon Temps Telepath is your Bonded, you say. Well, well, you have been a very busy boy up in the backlands Eric.” The grungy vampire’s scrutiny were sharp.

Andre was a few inches shorter than my Viking but I had seen the same look on men before. He was sizing Eric up, determining how their fight would go down in his favor.

I was not afraid, Eric was ten times the vampire Andre was. His void was stronger than Bill’s but far weaker than Eric’s. Andre must have done the math too because his features eased and a disturbing grin was back in place.

“We shall all get together soon, but sadly tonight, duty calls.” Andre sent Bill a withering glare and nodded toward the exit. “Besides, you didn’t request all that most inconvenient time off from our beloved Queen’s company to just hang around these underlings.”

Andre twirled his hand around in a wave, as if he were talking about garbage on the curb instead of loyal followers of Eric’s. Many vampire’s narrowed their eyelids and kept their fangs in plain sight for Andre to see. He either didn’t notice or didn’t care about the hazard of pissing off fifty vampires.

For a brief second, I thought this might be the last time I would ever see Bill.

And I felt relieved.

Then guilty to be so thankful for the loss of his presence in my life, when his new companion looked mean enough to peal paint off a picket fence, just by looking at it.

Bill nodded to both Eric and me in goodbye, then turned to leave. When the mismatched pair reached the entrance of Fangtasia, Andre said, “Oh, and Ms. Stackhouse. The Queen is anxious to meet you.”

Then they were gone.

Eric nodded to the DJ who immediately started playing up a strong beat through the sound system. I barely had time to register the song before being led away from the main floor and quickly back into Eric’s office.

Eric sat on the worn leather couch and pulled me into his lap as Pam closed the door.

“I smell bullshit.” Pam stood over us, hands on her hips. “And Andre in Bon Temps tonight had nothing to do with God damn Billy Boy Blue. What the fuck?”

“Indeed. He is still keeping many secrets.” Eric caressed my neck and shoulders, sending care and a hint of concern into the bond. “Go to your Mistress’s home, take care to pack her a bag and see if Compton left anything of his behind.”

Pam snarled. “Yes, Eric.” She bowed to us. “Mistress.”

And was gone.

“Eric, Bill doesn’t have anything at my house.” I protested. There was no reason to send Pam all the way out there. “When we broke up I left him a box on his porch of whatever he had left at my home.”

“Did you un-invite him?”

“Eh, no? I thought about it and then I supposed that if I were ever in trouble, it might be a good idea for him to still be able to come inside.” I paused gauging his reaction. “I can tell from your face you think that was a mistake.”

Eric waited a moment, running a large hand through his hair in frustration, he answered. “Lover, I understand your reasons. There is something off about Compton’s actions and his knowledge about you.”

“Yeah,” I breathed. “How did he know about Quinn?”

“He may have people watching you. Or he may have other ways of getting his information.” I heard his low words but for the life of me they took a moment to take root.

Other ways?

Would he really glamour my friends?


I groaned out loud in exasperation. Of course he would, he is unscrupulous. Bill made no secret that he wanted to be back together with me on several occasions.

When Eric had left me high and dry after the Witch War, my interactions with Bill felt less friendly. There was more hostility in his pursuit of me. He had succeeded in making me nervous.

“What other ways?” Dreading the answer.

“Recording devices, perhaps cameras. We’ll know soon enough.” My jaw dropped. Was my Viking serious? And if there were such things in my home, how long had they been there. Where were they?

Oh God, what have they recorded and who else has seen them?

My stomach bottomed out as a heaviness crept over my shoulders. Bill violated my home. Me, yet again. Even without knowing the truth behind his motives, I knew Bill would absolutely put cameras in my house.

Eric felt my distress and clutched me to him. “All will be well my Sookie. I will protect and end all threats to you.” My Viking vowed.

“The Queen, Eric. Andre said the Queen wants to meet with me? Who is Andre exactly?” I was shaking as I spoke. The tension and anxiety of the night was hitting my nervous system. “I don’t want to meet her!”

“Shh, The Queen is nothing to fret over, my Lover. Andre is her second in command and her child. Look at me.” I gazed into Eric’s beautiful blue eyes and felt a slight relax of my strain deep in my bones.

“You are mine, mine!” Eric growled. “She has no rule over what we do. She can not demand anything of me when it comes to you.” Eric kissed me hard, his tongue pushing deep inside my mouth. Stroking me in a delightful all-consuming way that made me loose myself in our passion.

I attempted to scramble up and over to straddle Eric, but I didn’t make it far. He stood me up as I moved and began ripping off my dress. Once I was clear of my golden gown I stood before him in nothing more than my heels.

“Beautiful and fucking mine!” Eric’s voice was a low rumble that I felt vibrate up through the soles of my feet straight to my core. The electricity of his depth tightened my nipples to points. With vampire speed he was gloriously naked and pushed me back enthusiastically onto his desk.

Testing my readiness with his fingers made his groan of approval flow through the bond and loud enough to rattle the contents on Eric’s desk. Sending a few pens and papers tumbling down to the wooden floor.

His fingers left me as he placed the blunt tip of his cock at my opening. I was so wet. I could feel my liquid heat coating Eric as I arched my hips up, begging for more.

Eric’s fangs snapped down when he thrust into me. Impatient as I was to wait a minute longer. He rode me hard on his desk as I moaned incoherent pleas to move faster. Fuck me harder.

My Viking didn’t disappoint.

But then he pulled out, flipped me onto my belly and sank back into me. Pushing deeper than before, he hit spots I never knew I had. My Viking’s cock was built like he was, long, swollen and flexible in all the right places. And God as my witness, I sure would ache tomorrow.

“This pussy is mine, say it.” Eric demanded as he pounded against me. His thighs slapped my ass and the slick noise of our connection filled his office.

“Yes, yours.” I panted, gripping the furthest part of the desk to counter his push.

“Your laugh is mine.” Eric grunted as he pressed in to his balls and held tight there a moment. His fingers caressed down my back and over my hips before finding my clit and rubbing a feather soft pace over it.

I shuddered as my orgasm rose like a gust of wind. I was soon standing on the edge of a rainbow bridge, looking over in longing and wonder.

“Your smile, your happiness. It’s all mine. No one shall have you Sookie. No one!” Eric promised as he started to thrust deep again. His sweet words and unforgiving movements sent me in a free fall as I screamed out my release.

He roared in return covering his body over mine and biting into my shoulder as he pulsed wetly into me. Another orgasm overtook every sense I had as I felt jet after jet fill me and start running down the inside of my thighs.

I was shattered. A million little pieces of mirror on the floor, all watching my Viking with carnal appreciation. The clean crisp smell of seaside blood filled my nose and I launched onto Eric’s open wrist in front of me. I drank my fill as Eric licked the blood off my shoulder.

His wound healed and I whimpered in regret as my Viking withdrew from me. I felt his smile on my skin as if he couldn’t stand the separation either. Picking me up with ease, Eric cradled me gently to his chest and brought us back over to the couch where he laid me atop him. A soft warm blanket surrounded us, making the slight chill from the room dissipate.

Eric, my sweet vampire, had thought of everything.

Kissing my forehead, I burrowed into his neck and sighed. I knew Eric wouldn’t let anything happen to me and for the first time in my life, I felt safe. Safe and sound in the arms of the man I loved. Now I should find a way to tell him.

“Sookie, I-.”

His phone rang making Eric exhale in brutal frustration at the disturbance. His scowl was adorable. “Another reason we are leaving tomorrow. I want you all to myself. No interruptions.”

He reached for his discarded pants on the floor and pulled out his cell phone.

“I’d like that too.” I breathed and then playfully nipped his neck. Eric purred in response, shifting his hips against me so I could feel just how ready he was to make love again.

“Naughty little vixen, I have ways of making you pay.”

Eric hit the answer button, “What?” He demanded as his hand squeezed my ass.

“We have a God damn problem.” Pam said through the cell’s speaker.



(A/N) This story has taken root and is mapped out. I hope you like multi chapters! Side Note: My other WIP will still be happening, I have not forgotten them. I’m working on a writing schedule that should allow me to get everything I want done. I won’t leave you hanging long. Pinky swear!

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    1. Yeah, that ship sailed here. After Book four or five but before Sookie discovers that she is a Fairy. I think she makes peace with the fact that she will never have “normal”. And really what is normal? Do you have a normal life? I don’t. Check it: I’m an artist/writer who has to deal with chronic illness, and taking care of many loved ones in my home.

      Society would dictate that I should send everyone I love out to facilities for their care, work a 9-5 full time job and probably take crazy drugs for my problem. So my “normal” would definitely be judged by the good people of Bon Temps (probably my neighbors too)

      But I don’t care and neither should she. It’s a process to untangle ourselves from the chains of social norms.

      Whew….that was weird. Stepping off the soapbox now. 😉

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, reviewing and then reading crazy rants. You are the best! 🙂


  9. When Eric claimed Sookie in front of all the vampires, wow was that sexy. I like how Sookie was turned on as well. I also liked that Sookie realized Sam was using her as well. I like how she is coming into her own and went into Eric’s lap and claimed him too. Can’t wait to find out what Pam found ! !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric Northman is sex…anywhere! But after he claimed Sookie…the energy in the air was charged. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sookie and Sam are about to have a “come to Jesus” moment coming up. It’s another layer that Sookie needs to accept in her life. People around you do not always have your best interests at heart. That is a tough lesson to learn and it can take a while to get out of the denial. Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing my story. I hope you love what happens next!

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  10. Wonder if he hid the database over at Sookie’s house because vamps could walk into his? Hmmm…..and of course, I would expect all kinds of surveillance equipment as well…… i bet that vacation is off now……
    What kind of queen SA will you have? A rather rational one like in the books, or a demented teen like in TB?

    Great update!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good idea. I always wondered about how vampires stop others from invading their nests. You would think that Bill would have SOME safety measures in place. But I think he is too arrogant to see why security is a big deal. Maybe after Pam’s little B&E he will feel differently. 🙂
      Eric just told me that come hell or Odin, he is taking Sookie away. Every new crisis tells him to take her from there and keep her safe. A rational QSA probably wouldn’t have gotten in bed with AK. But comparing QSA from TB, your right. YUK! All will be revealed soon! 😉
      Thanks so much for reviewing! You are fabulous and I love that you make me think more about where I’m going and why. 🙂


  11. the claiming in front of the vampire was needed as well as the claiming in the office. i wonder what is in store for them once Pam tells them what she found. plus there is still Sam and how she will tell him, it better be quick becasue they leave in a day. as for Andre i am sure he was up to no good as well as Billy Boy. KY

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Time is always against Eric when it comes to Sookie. He has plans and she has things to untangle. Isn’t that always the way things go before a big trip? A laundry list of things to do and NO time to do it in. Hm, wonder where Andre took Bill? Thanks dear for reviewing and catching all of my little annoying mistakes. It’s weird how they start to blend into the story as I go. Much love!!!

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    1. Love your adorable dork pic, by the way. 🙂 Ex’s can be….crazy. Especially when they are STILL in your everyday life. It’s time for Sookie to get some serious distance. I think I know a Viking who is hell bent on helping her do just that! 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. 🙂

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    1. Eric is very single minded right now. But don’t let that fool you he is the MASTER strategist. 🙂 You won’t wait long! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and giving my page beautiful art work! *Kisses and Hugs*


    1. Why thank you! I’m very determined to put the complete stamp on this one….but that’s a LONG way off. Lucky us! 🙂 So much more to explore. 🙂 I’m happy to kill Bill…in due time! 🙂 Thanks you again for reading and reviewing. Makes my stressful day so much brighter! 🙂


    1. YAY! I’m so happy you are loving this! Makes an author happy when the readers are right there with her. And…keep checking your email in the next hour I have another chapter coming to you tonight! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Your sweet encouragement takes me and my muse to the next level! 🙂


  12. I bet Pam found recording and hidden cameras in Sookie’s house. Scumbag Bill. I think Bill is a spy for Arkansas and Nevada. He so needs to die after some long, slow torture. Andre is creepy as ever. And keep those molten hot lemons coming! You rock girl!


  13. Beehl’s fake accent is inspired – He’s gotta be a Nevada spy! I’ve always wondered if someone would write a story exposing him as some kind of imposter with all that southern charm laid on too thick to trap Sookie even more with his bogus accent. I mean is he even Bill Compton or is it some kind of elaborate set-up / identity fraud? I love this story so much – it’s the perfect blend of smut, romance and vampire shenanigans. Glad you exploded Sookie’s immature expectations about rings and engagements. I think half her problem is her inability to see beyond her own social conditioning and truly consider someone else’s context, especially one as different as Eric’s.


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