“No! Godric, please!” Eric implored.

Godric smirked with triumph as Eric’s beautiful face contorts into a horror filled expression. Before Godric can pounce on Sookie, he was sent flying through the air, pushed off the earth at break neck speed. He never saw what hit him. The smell of rancid burnt skin from his chest filled the air leaving his flesh scalded as if from the golden rays of the sun.

He crashed through the drywall of his office like a bolder through thin glass, making a spectacular sounds of breaking wooden beams. Rolling through the scattered debris Godric slowed his land with a whimper.

Sookie’s lighted hands flashed again, in warning. Pink and purple sparks fizzled around her palms like moons in orbit from her flexed hands, the glare still bright in the center as it blinded the shocked vampire’s around the room. Eric stood next to her in awe and then looked to where Godric landed in a heap on the ground, unmoving.

“I knew you were something more than human, lover. But what the fuck was that?” Eric asked astonished, his eyes never leaving Godric.

Sookie diverted her gaze to Eric’s dazed face for a moment, until she noticed the plum colored bruises on the side of his lean, pale neck.

He can still get hurt here, protect him!

“Stand down cowboy, I got this.” Turning her attention to the agitated masses Sookie shouted, “Any of you other fuckers want some. Come and get it!” She taunted the ten or so other vampires who were baring their fangs at her.

Not sure if they want to attack me or start fucking. Is it wrong that I want to see both?

Shut up! I hope Godric is okay.

Godric grumbled and leaned against the remaining undamaged wall for support, covering his hand over his now almost healed chest. His head swung up toward Eric and then Sookie, hissing as a feral child would.

Round two.

As he stood up straight from his injured posture, the knotted twine necklace he was wearing fell off his shoulders. Godric swayed once more when the ugly piece of jewelry hit the carpet, almost like he had been assaulted again.

Godric looked more confused now than when he had first staggered up on his feet.

…Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…that fucking slut’s blast went right through the first knot…I need to get out of here…if they figure out I cast the spell on Godric, I’m dead…fuck…

“That girl did this Eric,” Sookie pointed to the short haired menace who was now cowering in a corner. “She has cast a Hex on Godric. She says it has something to do with that knotted twine he was wearing.”

“I didn’t say anything!” The young witch took a turn at being stunned, then narrowed her eyes at Sookie.

Isabel seized the girl by the arm hard, causing her to cry out. “Hey, get off of me. You believe that bitch over me?” She asked showing her disbelief, but inside Sookie heard her fright plow over her as she looked for a way to escape.

“Ever since you arrived with Stan, there has been something off about you, Amelia.” Isabel’s fangs were unsheathed as contempt drizzled through her voice. “Now that you have caused harm to the King, well, I don’t think I need to tell you what comes next.” Isabel’s eyes danced with mirth.

“Who the fuck is she, Isabel?” Eric asked, his voice full of rage to think this human harmed his maker in any way.

“Amelia Broadway.” Godric answered. “Eric.” Greif filling his now red rimmed eyes as he looked over Eric’s body, as if assessing how badly he almost her his child. “She is Stan’s pet.”

“Davis!” Eric growled. Ignoring Godric for the moment while he took charge of the situation. Stan stepped forward with a look of fury toward Amelia slightly hidden under his large cowboy hat.

Knelling at Godric’s feet and removing his leather ten-gallon, Stan Davis said. “My King, I have no idea what deception Amelia is up too. It is most distressing, please do with her as you will.”

…What the fuck…he is selling me out…well two can play that that game…I am not going to die here…

“I belong to Queen Sophie Ann of Louisiana. Touch me and die!” Amelia struggled in Isabel’s firm hold.

“She was sent by Sophie Ann to help Stan take over your state, Godric. They all were hoping to send you to your final death.” Sookie explained.

“How do you know this, Sookie?” Godric requested is a calm tone, he looked over her body with renewed curiosity. Nothing of the violent creature she had first encountered remained from a few minutes ago.

Thank you baby Jesus!

“I’m a telepath.”  Sookie responded.

Amelia’s face paled at Sookie’s revelation but screamed back, “This bitch is crazy! Who is she? Where is the proof? There is none!” Amelia’s tone was indignant.

Oh, she thinks she can get away with this…well let’s see how she can explain away everything.

“Your father is Carmichael Broadway, you two are not close, yet you crave his acceptance. Since you know you will never have it, you do all you can to enrage him. Daddy’s little girl was never good enough. So you have whored yourself to Sophie Ann in the hopes that she will turn you one day.”

Amelia’s mouth hung open her eyes widened in astonishment.

Stunned speechless. Perfection.

Sookie turned to address Godric. “In the garden near a sculpture of a woman dancing in the nude is Amelia’s spell book. Brown leather and inside is a juvenile heart with Amelia and Sophie-Ann written in it. Oh, come on!” Sookie rolled her eyes at the middle school graffiti.

“There are also matching pieces of twine that she used on you. It’s buried near the night blooming roses. I think you will find that only Miss Broadway’s scent is present.”

Take that, bitch.

Godric frowned and furrowed his brow, his fangs once more seethed into his gums. “She cannot handle rejection.” Finally looking down to the underling knelling next to him he spoke. “And you wish to succeed me. Did you assume I knew not of your lust for power.”

Hmmm, I didn’t hear a question. Stan is fucked.

Sookie’s small lit hands dimmed down and she reached for Eric’s arm once the light receded. He pulled her into his embrace and ran his large hand over her check down to the center of her chest. “Are you well?” Eric whispered. Sookie nodded and the lovers turned back to watch Godric dispense justice.

“My King, my life is to serve you-.”

“Yourself. Yes, I know. In retribution of Isabel’s ascension as my second in command, you dishonor yourself.”

“She is not worthy.” Stan spat, rising to his feet to tower over the slightly smaller vampire. “You run and hide from our enemies. Cow towing to humans as if they were are equals. You are not fit to rule.”

Eric, Isabel and the remaining vampires started growling. Snarling at the accusations against their king, the noise crept up Sookie’s spine like icy cold fingers. She shivered in Eric’s embrace and snuggled deeper into his hold to calm herself.

“And now with a usurper in our midst what, in your vast experience underling, would you do in my position?” Godric asked Stan. Sookie gasped.

Is he still crazy?

Stan smirked, “I would root out how much Miss Broadway knows and then kill everyone involved in the plot. Send a message that no one can take over what is yours.” He laughed as he took the temperature of the room, swaying away from Godric. Stan was five shades of pissed off and self-assured. “But I know you, and you won’t do that.”

Stan twisted his neck back to see his king’s response. Godric raised one dark brow, silently asking Stan to continue his plan.

Hmm, that’s where Eric gets it. It is a pretty sexy move.

“You are weak. You should have accepted Sophie Ann’s proposal and merged the two states. The power you had is wasted in your imaginary world of Gandhi hugging children and fucking rainbows, while we all hold hands bullshit. She could have given you more power and reminded you what it is to be vampire. You should meet the sun and stop this continued weakling whining.”

Stan stood tall with a smug grin, his fangs piercing the top of his bottom lip.

A few minutes passed as Godric stared passively at the unconvicting Clint Eastwood wannabe.

“You are right. My submissive behavior has not kept snakes from my cave. It has merely encouraged them to seek a dark corner to wait for the opportunity to strike.”

Stan beamed, his fangs on full display. “Godric, you are obviously not cut out for kingship anymore. Step down, go back to Europe. Or fuck, meet the sun if you desire. But leave Texas. Now.

Godric’s faraway stare cleared, his pupil coming into focus, blinking once, twice. He ripped Stan’s head off his body with one swipe of his clawed hand. The dark-haired vampire’s skull spun in the air and gushed like an over ripe tomato against the glass window.

“Hear me. In this state, in this area and certainly in this nest. I am the authority, do you all understand.” Godric’s words were soft, yet powerful with his quiet dominance.

“Yes, my King.” The vampires all said in unison including Eric.

“Provoke me, disrupt the peace in my own home and I will snap you like a twig.” His menacing eyes meant every one of the masses assembled in his abode before continuing. “Any who take issue with my rule, leave now, before dawn.” Not an undead soul budged.

Amelia took that moment to whimper when she tried to escape Isabel’s hold. The second in command smoothly tossed the witch forward until she fell at Godric’s feet.

“Let me go, I was coerced.” Amelia pleaded on her knees.

“What exactly were you coerced to do.” Godric whispered.

“I-I liked to plead the fifth and call the queen. She will clear me of any wrongdoing.” Amelia thrust her chin up in defiance. Sookie rolled her eyes as she mentally stretched her arms to get ready to revel all.

“She spelled you with a Hex of Chaos. The twine you wore, the first knot blocked the bond with anyone who is of your bloodline or anyone you may have bonded with.” She turned to Eric, “Explain that bonded thing to me later.” She requested a bit curious. Eric gave her a fanged nod as she turned her attention back to Amelia.

“The Hex would cause madness to fester in your mind. You would feel the walls closing in and simultaneously blown apart, not being able to reach those closest to you. Paranoia, aggression. You wicked bitch,” Sookie scolded Amelia with a look of disgust. “She was also trying to get you to kill everyone around you, in public. That way the authority would have no choice but to execute you.”

Amelia was gawking, but silent as Godric nodded to Sookie. “Thank you Sookie.” He thanked softly, then in a firmer tone, “The rest of you are dismissed. Eric, Sookie, Isabel, please stay.”

The remaining vampires who were obviously loyal to their king came before Godric, bowed respectfully and then filed out of the estate and into the dark night. After the last had gone, Godric turned to Eric and crossed the distance to his child.

“My child, forgive me. I wish to make amends.” Godric bowed his head. Eric towered over his smaller maker and could not conceal his sadness.

Extending his large hand under Godric’s chin, Eric tilted his maker’s face to his. “You have nothing to forgive, master. You were spelled, I was never in danger.”

“Possibly, but Sookie was, and she means something to you. I almost ended your mate.”

Mate? Yes, mate. I like that. Eric’s mate.

“You did not. Thanks to her, my little pocket full of sunshine protected all of us by freeing you.” Eric grinned at Sookie and spoke. “I owe you lover, for returning my maker to me.”

Sookie blushed and looked at her shiny red heels, “Awe, you would have done the same for me.”

Geeze, he certainly knows how to get my butterflies in a tizzy.

Eric held her hand, bringing it to his lips and laying a firm kiss to her knuckles. “Yes, I will do many things for you.” The statement seemed more provocative but he was completely serious, not even a smirk ran across his sculpted lips. Sookie inhaled deep at this revelation.

“I owe you my protection Sookie,” Godric interrupted Sookie’s reverie. She made eye contact with the ancient vampire who could not be more than nineteen on the day he was turned.

“It is not every day that a two thousand year old vampire is saved by a mortal.” He smiled sincerely. “Should you ever need me, I am your servant.” Godric bowed to her and then reached for Sookie’s left hand. He placed a gentle kiss to the back of her hand, followed by Godric smelling her skin. It tickled and made Sookie feel it deep inside.

He does something to me…well, to some part of me.

“Godric, what shall you do with the witch? It will be my pleasure to dispatch her for you.” Eric stated.

Isabel piped in, “I too, would wish to assist Eric in this endeavor. This necromancer has caused nothing but trouble for you, my King.”

Godric smiled warmly at his beloved child then to his faithful second. “I appreciate your willingness to honor me.” He nodded to both vampires. “I have grander plans for Miss Broadway than a session of torture and eventual death could yield.” Isabel and Eric started to protest, arguing the merits of her gruesome death.

Shockingly Sookie was feeling quite bloodthirsty as well.

She should die, it should be painful.

She didn’t have to set aside her Christian beliefs, the mere notion that Eric would have died if Amelia’s spell had played out. Or that Godric might be dead in a remarkable public display hurt her to think about.

Godric raised a hand to silence the objections and Sookie shook herself back to the here and now. “You are the queen’s pet?” Godric asked Amelia. She nodded emphatically.

“Well, that’s settled. I am sure Sophie Ann will want her property back, soon.” Godric speed to the witch’s side and tapped her head with light vampire strength, effectively knocking her unconscious as she fell face first into the carpeted floor.

Godric grinned with his fangs unsheathed, looking to Isabel. “I believe I will need your assistance.”





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        As i cant write to save my life but i love to read and i love these characters. That being said ball and harris killed them for me so i love that all these wonderful people write for me😊 that way i dont suffer withdrawl from my addiction 😜

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