Sookie’s eyes flew wide open, almost like an old cartoon where the window shade rolled round and round. Eric pulled back slightly to look at her, a familiar softness was back in his amazing sea colored eyes as he grinned down at her.

“I guess you were right about a witches’ curse.” Resting his forehead to hers, he says, “I remember everything.” He shut his eyes briefly as if a sharp pain pinched the middle of his forehead, when he reopens his lids Eric murmured, “You waited so long.”

Sookie’s tears streamed down her face as a sob broke free, heartbroken further by the pain she caused her Eric.

“I was wrong, I was stupid, it was like I was being guided by another force to stay away from you when all I wanted was to tell you and be with you, forever. I listened to the part of me that says I was never worthy of true love. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She panted, trying to catch her breath. He won’t forgive me. Why would he? I was a fool!

“Shh, lover, calm down.” Eric kissed the clear streaks on her cheeks, tasting the salty tears with a quick flick of his tongue. “We are together now, that is all that matters.” His large hands framed the delicate features of her face. “You and I, together. Forever. That is what I want.”

Happiness shot through her body, she could feel it in her toes to a tingling on the back of her skull. Relief flooded her soul next, leaning into his touch she closed her eyes to allow herself revel in the feeling of him.

Opening her eyes, she whispered, “Me too, I never want to be apart from you again.” Sookie kissed Eric with more force than before.

Eric lifted Sookie by her ass and pushed her back to nearest wall as Sookie wrapped her legs around his narrow hips crossing those sparkling heels at the small of his muscled back. Luckily the dress was short so it easily rode up her thighs while Eric moved in tight to rub his thick arousal against her center. He started to thrust, and kissed her as they moved together. Eric’s chest smashed her breasts between them as he felt over the outline of the mounds with his hand, circling until he reached the hardened nipple through the cup, he gave it a good pinch. She arched into his lunge. His hand brushed lower, down the side of her ribs, curving in at her waist and flared out over her soft hip. Finally making its decent over the outline of her panties, Eric’s fingers found their prize and stroked over her slightly wet satin covered pussy. Sookie moaned.

She knew Eric could smell her excitement as she saw his nostrils flare. With a deep inhale Eric growled, “I need to love you, now. I want more than just the memory.” Sookie whimpered her approval as she felt the cool air on her rapidly dampening panties.

He traced her entrance with his forefinger, still not past the barrier. “Please Eric, I’ve missed you.” Sookie pleaded.

“As my lover wishes.” Eric pushes aside the satin and ran his finger around her exposed pussy. Up to her clit where he exerted a bit more pressure. Sookie’s thighs gripped him tighter as Eric thrusted his long finger inside. She cried out as he adds another, curling them slightly before sliding out again. “So, good. Oh fuck, Eric!”

“Are you mine Sookie? Your delicious pussy seems to think so.” The calm in his voice is husky, barely contained primal shows in his tense shoulders. “I need to hear you say it.”

His fingers pumped faster, Sookie called out, “Yes, Eric. Yes, I’m yours! I’m yours!”

Quicker than you can say fuck me baby, Eric sinks his fangs into her throat sealing over the wound to drink as Sookie comes. Her walls were still shuddering when she felt the blunt head of his massive cock at her pussy. He plunged completely inside, filling her just like she remembered. “You are mine Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric grunted as he sped up his thrusts.

She was just feeling their rhythm and getting close to another amazing orgasm when Eric pulled out and a crash sent the contents on his desk spilling like island castaways onto the floor. Eric laid Sookie down on the smooth wood surface and climbed on top of her. With her legs split wide and bent at the knees, Eric tucked each leg over his arms and plunged back inside.

“When this pussy comes again I want you to bite me.” Eric said through clenched teeth.

It was not a request. Sookie nodded and managed to say, “Almost…there.”

Re-positioning both her legs up straight so they rested together over Eric’s left shoulder, he drove deeper, hitting her g-spot on every down stroke. Sookie cried out, riding a wave of yet another orgasm that left her hungry for… Eric placed his wrist against her mouth.

She licked the cool skin of his wrist first and then bit down as hard as she could. Eric’s sweet blond filled her mouth in a rush and warmed down her throat. Sookie watched her beautiful vampire with hooded eyes as she drank in his essence. Eric called out her name as he pumped into her at a breakneck speed, shooting his cum deep within her.

Eric smiled down at her, the sea colored eyes reflecting every bit of affection he had for her. “I love you Sookie. Be my bonded wife, pledge to me.”

Unsure what all that meant other than the wife part, Sookie concluded that it must be the vampire equivalent.

His wound now closed, she licked him one last time to taste the cool crispness of the ocean and said, “I love you too, Eric.” Reaching for him, he obliged by pushing his chest to hers and they sealed their love with a deep kiss. Sookie grabbed his face when she stopped to take a breath and before he pulled out of her. She whispered, “Yes, I will be your wife.”

Eric’s grin caught on and she was wearing the same goofy joyful expression when he kissed her again. “Oh Sookie, I am so happy!” He stood up with her in his arms and spun them around before setting her back down to earth.

“Me too.” She sighed happily as she rearranged her dress back over her thighs. See now that was what I’ve been telling you was going to happen for months. Trust your instincts girl, maybe next time you will listen to me. Her smug but correct inner voice pointed out.

A quick knock on the office door was followed immediately by it opening and hitting the cement wall with a thud, revealing an annoyed Pam. “Now that we have that all figured out.” She gave a quick wink to Sookie before she focused on Eric with an exasperated look. “We have a party happening not ten feet from here, remember?” She put her hands on her hips and stomped out in her black lace Louboutin encased feet.

Rejoining the celebration was an awkward experience at first. Sookie’s hand never left Eric’s as he introduced her to the partygoers, they ranged from vampires whom she barely knew like Clancy and Thalia to many unknown and nameless vampires who lived in Eric’s area. There were also a number of vampires who were just passing through for the formal bash. Most seemed nice enough but being at a party where she heard very few humans was wonderful. She felt him watch her as she laughed and drank champagne, utterly flattered by his attention Sookie blushed bright red each time.

The music started to play a slower song and Eric asked Sookie to dance breaking up the other vampires’ obvious need to be around her.

Twirling her around the dance floor he clung to her, his hands roamed over her hips and back to her waist. The words of the melody washed over them as they gazed into each others’ eyes.

…Unforgettable, that’s what you are…

…Unforgettable though near or far…

…Like a song of love that clings to me, how the thought of you does things to me…

…Never before has someone been more…

…Unforgettable, in every way…

…And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay…

…That’s why darling it’s incredible that someone so unforgettable, thinks that I am unforgettable too…

“Will you live with me, as wives do?” Eric asked, bringing her fingers to his lips and kissing them.

“Yes,” Sookie said without hesitation.

Bringing his face towards her ear he whispered roughly, “Will you stay in our bed?”

A blush reddened her cheeks, “Yes.”

He smiled and looked into her baby blues again, “Will you let me turn you one day, so we may have forever and ever?”

One lifetime would never be enough without him, but to have many lifetimes together. To love and live together. There would be rough times because life is always the great equalizer. But isn’t that written right into the marriage vow? For richer or poorer? Blah, blah, in good times and bad, until death parts you? So the death part may be a long, long, way off. Even immortals didn’t last forever.


Eric kissed her hard letting her feel his erection against her belly and his fangs nipping her swollen lips. “I cannot wait to get out of here and back home to celebrate with you.” He wiggled his brow suggestively. She giggled and grasped his rough dimpled chin between her thumb and index finger.

“Me neither.” Sookie’s voice lowered inciting a growl from Eric.

“Master,” Pam said, interrupting them

Eric growled trying to warn off Pam, which ultimately fails.

“I really do hate to interrupt but there is a matter that needs your attention.”

“Whatever it is, tell them to fuck off.”

“It’s the queen and she said immediately.”

His back stiffened still holding Sookie in his arms. His eyes never leaving hers he grumbled, “Very well. Lover, I will be back shortly. Please make yourself comfortable at my private booth until I return.”

“Okay.” She smiled back at him.

She walked away adding a bit more movement in her hips than she normally would to give Eric a promise of more, later. When she peeked back he was watching her every sway with undiluted lust. She smiled shyly and he reveled a fangy leer before leaving for his office.

Sookie reached the booth and took a seat with a huge elated exhale. What a night! She would never have guessed that Eric would remember with just a kiss, it was too much like a fairytale, for goodness sake. Although by that logic she should not exist either being part Fae and all. My life has never been normal why start pretending now? She was engaged to the love of her life, she just had mind-blowing sex not forty-five minutes ago, and she was wearing a gorgeous formal dress and shoes.

Yup, just another night for Sookie Stackhouse.

Smiling to herself, she thanked the waitress who appeared with another champagne and sipped slowly. Looking out among the festivities she watched the other’s dance, drink their synthetic blood, and make out like teenagers. Everyone was in party mode. She couldn’t wait for Eric to get back so they could continue with their private celebration.

Someone stepped up to the booth, blocking her view over the party. She looked up to the scrutinizing gaze of an extremely attractive female vampire. Dressed to the nines with fur over a silk white dress and thigh high black boots. Not really formal, more street-walker Sookie thought.

“So you’re the little blood bag Eric amuses himself with.” Her cruel eyes scanned Sookie up and down again. “I can see the appeal, you are quite beautiful.”

“And you are?” Annoyance dripped from Sookie’s mouth like oil on white sheets. What is this bitch’s problem?

She smirks. “He did not mention me?” The pretty bitch laughed. “Of course, why would he talk to a mortal about vampire business. I am Freyda, Queen of Oklahoma.”

Sookie kept her face blank, looking completely unimpressed, which she had a feeling would piss Freyda off more. She looks like she belongs in the 1800’s, I bet Bill is older than her.

Freyda frowned when Sookie does not react to her own announcement. “Surly you know of Kings and Queens, ruling over states?”

“Yes, I know of Queen Sophie Anne, in fact my cousin is her child.” Let that sink in skank. “What I don’t understand is why any royal would be here in area 5 and not at the Queen’s Palace.”

The wicked queen of Oklahoma grinned with fangs on full display. “I am here to see Eric. He is magnificent and yet he wastes away his talents in this swamp.” Freyda stepped closer to Sookie’s seated form and inhaled. “I smell him on you, clearly you are the new pet.”

Okay bitch, I’m done. Standing up to face off with this no class ho, Sookie said, “I’m much more than that. You would do well to stop now before he rips you in half or I do.”

Freyda took a step back. She looked shocked that anyone would talk to her in such a fashion especially a human. “How dare you! Even a telepathic pet should bow before her betters.”

Now I know for sure she’s from the 1800’s, only Bill would spout off a line like that in all seriousness. “Well today is your lucky day, you are going to get introduced to his bonded wife. I am Eric’s.” I knew I wasn’t currently in that title, yet, but it did get her to back down.

Freyda took a few steps back and then righted herself once more. Smiling smugly she combed a finger through a strand of her hair. “Even what you say is true, you will never fulfill the Viking the way a vampires Queen can. Your time is limited. I am just waiting for the day when he will be my consort.”

Her sex slave? My Eric? No. Fucking. Way. “If you knew anythin’ about Eric, then you would know he would never agree to anything so beneath him,” Sookie said with disgust.

Smiling she hissed out, “Unless he wants to keep his little telepath safe.”

The color drained from Sookie’s face. He would put himself up as a sex slave for me, if it meant my life. I can’t allow this to happen. Blanking her face back to neutral, Sookie cleared her throat and said dryly, “I feel sorry for you.”

Freyda’s features turned stone cold. Trying to collect herself she said, “I am a queen and at my age of 150 years as vampire, that is quite a feat. Not that I expect you to comprehend the lives of immortals, little blood bag. I am bloodthirsty, wealthy, and beautiful. I can have any lover I want with a flick of my wrist.” Her fangs snapped down as her eyes clouded with a wild psychotic quality.

One more push and she will fall over the edge to madness. Sookie was sure Freyda was doing her best to frighten her, but it wasn’t working. “And yet, you have to trick the most powerful warrior to be a slave. Pathetic.”

Before she could blink again, Freyda lifted Sookie by the throat and slammed her back onto the table knocking over a few goblets, champagne flutes, and the giant vase of flowers. The bar fell silent.

“I take what I want when I want and no cubby gash will deter me!” She growled and sank her fangs into Sookie’s neck.

Sookie screamed out as the vampire queen drank. Freyda’s hands held Sookie’s shoulders down while Sookie’s right fingers searched for something to get the vampire off of her. Her hand brushed over a broken off piece of wood and she gripped it hard at the same moment Freyda sat up, breaking free from Sookie’s neck.

Freyda’s teeth and fangs were stained red as she smiled, “I think I made my point.”

Sookie grinned back, “My turn.” She thrusted the stake forward into Freyda’s heart just as Eric zipped into the room. Everyone watched in silence as the former queen disintegrated and flaked away into ash on the bar floor.

Eric was by her side in another vampire flash and helped Sookie from the table as people eruptted in loud conversation around them. He held her tightly by the waist and cupped her cheek. “Are you ok?”

Smiling at her Viking, she nodded and kissed him gently on the lips. “She had it comin’!”


28 thoughts on “Unforgettable-Part 2

  1. Well that’s a good way to get rid of the Freyda problem. Does that mean Sookie is now Queen of her little pocket of the world? Does that mean Eric is her consort?

    Nicely ended. Impressed with your writing. Thankyou for the lovely story.

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    1. Sookie as Queen, I doubt it. But that probably means another vampire could swoop in and take that state’s riches…wonder who is in the business of take overs? Hmmm. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing, I’m glad you enjoyed my story!


    1. Thank you! My muse cock blocked me with this story so now back to my first multi-chapter tale.
      Yes, Freyda needed to go, by Sookie’s hand. Because let’s face it. She always ALWAYS killed her current and ex’s other possible love interests all throughout the series. Why wouldn’t she kill Freyda. If she can get the upper hand on Lorena, a male fairy and Victor, a fairy barely older than Bill should be a piece of cake. Weather Sookie likes to admit it or not, she is as bloodthirsty as any vampire, fairy or human.
      Alright, sorry for the rant. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing!

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    1. True that! I always thought Sookie was more possessive than what CH wrote her to be toward the end of the series. But I am referencing someone who was not Pro-Eric so I killed her whole plot in one take. Ha! As for more…Um…yeah…idk
      Thanks for your review!


  2. I hope this is not the end of the story with so much potential. It was to good to end…I agree with Gyllene. I’m glad the wicked husband stealer bitch is finally dead forever and forgotten. I hated her too.

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    1. Thank you for reviewing my little story. I really just wanted a re write of Dracula Night but there was a key item in that story that I missed here. You and Gyllene are getting your wish and I’ll continue. 🙂
      Plus, I need more practice writing lemons! I love some good citrus! !!


    1. Well, Sookie does have a bit of trouble wherever she goes. And yes. Originally this was a one shot, turned two-parter, now turned…I need to get my ass in gear and write. I know where it needs to go but I am so busy writing Dead and Loving it! In short, yes, there will be more. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  3. I hope you decide to come back to this at some point and continue, it certainly has lots of possibilities. And love the way Sookie resolved the Oklahoma problem…

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    1. Many people are interested in this story. It was a pleasant surprise. Yes, this will be looked at again at some point but first in line are the three stories ahead of it. They could be wrapped up soon. Or not…ha! You know how that goes. Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂


  4. a suite, a suite, a suite. You can not leave like her, there are too many questions, how is it to be his sure, that would be his vicking husbands? Have Appius is its creator, grrr .Hum it would make a good fiction.


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