Disclaimer: I do not own SVM universe, Charlaine Harris does and opened my eyes to a world and characters I never knew existed. She forever has my thanks. Now, to rearrange the cosmos. No copyright infringement intended.


After giving her statement to Andy and Kendra about what had transpired in causing Sam Merlotte’s death. Sookie was exhausted. Her mind fatigued to a point that she found it difficult to keep her eyes open. She saw the Coroner finish carefully placing Sam’s body onto a gurney. Covering him reverently in a thick white sheet.

The strain on her shields was hitting a crucial level. Sookie was worn raw. Had it not been for Eric keeping a tight hold on her waist and hand Sookie knew for sure that the assault of all unwelcomed thoughts from those around her would give her a stage four migraine.

She was barely hanging. As if sensing her weariness, Eric picked her up once more and held her tightly to his body in a bridal carry. Sookie didn’t protest but had no strength left to even cling to his neck. She nestled into his chest and sighed thankful to be right where she had longed to be for the last week.

Seeing someone close to you die before your eyes is something Sookie never wanted to witness again. But she wouldn’t hold her breath that this was the last time. This world was dark and dangerous, always had been. Always will be. She was tired of reacting to the barriers in her path. She planned on living a full and happy life, which to her mind would include a certain vampire Viking Sheriff.

Smiling at her own assertiveness, Sookie closed her eyes as the wind blew around them. Eric had taken flight out of the dense Merlotte’s bar woods but Sookie was just too out of it to care and fell head first to the peaceful blackness of sleep.

Sookie awoke in Eric’s Corvette. The buttery soft leather was warm under her bare legs. She groaned when she looked to confirm that she was still wearing her blood speckled bar uniform. It was Sam’s blood she wore, trying in vain to stop the bleeding and restore Sam’s life.

A whirring of the large garage door forced her back to the present. She was with Eric and he was taking her someplace safe. His home. She had vaguely remembered his quiet words against her hair as he placed her in the bucket seat of his sports car. A black SUV of some sort was also in the large garage, which was organized very neatly. Sookie turned to see Eric, who waited patiently in the driver’s seat for her to take in their surroundings.

“We are here. Wait a moment.” Eric spoke to Sookie before getting out of the low sports car. He was around the shiny red car in a flash and opened the passenger side door to help her out. She stood, meeting the ocean blue depths of his eyes. They stood for a moment just looking at one another. Almost meeting for the first time in comfortable silence. Eric smirked and squeezed her hand as they moved to a door, which Sookie presumed was the admission to the home itself.

The entrance to the house had a high tech security system including a keypad and a black screen above. Stepping up to the sanctuary door lock, Eric entered the code and then pressed his thumb to the shiny black glass plate. The light on the apparatus flashed from red to green, allowing Eric to turn the handle to open the way into the fortress.

“Welcome to my home, Sookie. Please come in.” Eric smiled warmly.

It was nice. Eric gave me the same tender feelings I had for him when he stayed with me. Perhaps even before that.

The thick white door opened into a short hallway painted in crisp grey walls, with beautiful moldings. A few steps later we had arrived in the kitchen.

Not just any old kitchen that Sookie had seen around her small town her whole life. No, this was a Chef’s dream kitchen. White shaker cupboards and dark hardwood floors spanned as far as the eye could see. Exposed beams held the ceiling at a vaulted angle, complementing the flooring exquisitely. Crystal and silver chandeliers made the room gleam with invitation, showcasing the café style appliances. Cool white marble countertops were the icing on the expensive cake that Sookie saw.

This was the kitchen Sookie never knew she wanted until she was standing near a seven burner Viking stove. She could imagine cooking with the copper pots hanging from over the island. Brewing delicious coffee in what looked like a small robot. Sookie was sure that it could not only make a hot beverage, but also balance your check book and clean your car.


Eric took in her response to the kitchen. “Do you find issue with this room?”

Sookie looked back to her tall blond drink of water. “Not at all. It is stunning.” Sookie spoke in awe.

Eric smirked and nodded in what Sookie thought was satisfaction and gently guided her to the next room.

Well actually, Eric paraded her past three extremely large glass windows that gave off a reflection of the indoors. Slightly frustrating since she couldn’t quite make out the outdoor area well. Sookie shrugged, since she was staying the night, she assumed she would be able to see more of the view tomorrow.

An elegant dining room was next, decorated in classic white, chrome and glass with touches of cobalt blue accents. Taking two steps up, the couple entered a great living area. It was a grand room. The fireplace was faced with wide pale stones, extending high into the rafters of another glorious vaulted ceiling. Allowing the dramatic heat source to be the focal point of the room.

If Sookie described the kitchen as spotless and organized, the living room was the jewel of Eric’s home. No doubt the daylight endorsed the space to glint and preen to its heart’s desire. Sapphire blue walls were contained by more bright white moldings. The hard wood floors had also stretched their worn look to here. Rugs under the seating areas and in front of the fireplace were thick and cushy.


Something Sookie couldn’t wait to step out of her non-slip tennis shoes and onto what was sure to be a delightful plush cloud. Maybe tomorrow.

Artifacts of Viking weapons and brightly colored paintings hung on the walls. Sookie was sure that a few of them were from great Masters of old. She didn’t know much about art, but heck, everyone knew a Van Gough when you saw it. The swirls of color and the thick texture made Sookie realize, this was probably an original.

Eric’s home was precise and exquisite. Just like the vampire. Sookie had been so nervous to see where Eric spent his resting hours. But this felt and looked like him. What would his bedroom be like?

Don’t get ahead of yourself! Sookie scolded her wayward thought.

“This is amazing Eric. How long have you lived here.” Sookie asked.

“Four years. My home is known to only Pam and a housekeeper who comes once a week.” Eric replied. He stopped in front of the tall fireplace and gazed at the large broadsword that hung above as if by magic. He looked good standing there. A warrior facing his weapon in a time of peace. The image sent goosebumps down Sookie’s arms.

Eric turned to face Sookie, squeezing her small waist in his large hands but not pushing any further. “And now you, my Sookie.” His blue eyes held a vulnerability and hope, while examining her reaction to his words.

Sookie’s eyes widened in alarm. “I would never tell anyone about your home Eric, I swear!”

This was a big responsibility. Eric’s safe house, his home, it could be compromised if she opened her big mouth. Not that she would. Sookie might have said other things about Eric before tonight, but never about his location. There were far too many crazies in the world. This level of trust from him was beyond what she imagined Eric capable.

“I know this.” Eric gave her a smile that turned confused when his eyebrows knit together. “This feels…right. You being in my home.” Sookie opened her mouth to confirm that he had said something like that to her before, but he stopped her words with his finger and shook his head in the negative.

“Lover, you have had a long night. Please allow me to watch over you. Care for you.” Eric was earnest in his request. Finding she could not deny him much at the moment, Sookie bobbed her head once in return. She was grateful that he wanted to care for her, this magnificent vampire who bowed to no one. Wanted to make her feel safe.

Sookie had always prided herself on being a strong Southern woman. After all the name calling and bullying she had been subjected to in her life, Sookie was mindful not to let anyone catch her in a moment of weakness. She recognized that not trusting anyone was no way to live, but what choice did she have?

Heck, even her Gran had leaned on her Granddaddy. They were married and shared everything, a home, children, a social church group. It was their relationship that made Sookie hope that one day she could find her own true love.

Eric led her to the staircase. The steps winded around the circular entry as another wave of exhaustion hit Sookie full force. She was ready to pass out and forget the terrible events that had happened just a few hours before. As if sensing her fatigue, Eric scooped Sookie up and carried her Rhett Butler style up the grand staircase.

Sookie sighed and leaned her head against Eric’s shoulder.

At the top of the stairs, Eric took four strides through the landing. The uncluttered space was filled with lavish white sofas and soft looking chairs facing a beautifully carved entertainment center. Not pausing for a moment, Eric carried her past the stylish sitting area to archway of another room and unlatched the closed double doors.

Eric glided inside to an enormous room carpeted in a light hue. A high platform bed was staged in the middle of the room.

Was this Eric’s bedroom?

The show stopping King sized bed was covered in heavy furs and crisp white linens. Eric passed the bed and strode to yet another doorway. Sookie’s eyelids fought to stay alert, the night was weighing her down by the second. Causing her to begin drifting off to sleep.

The light flicked on above Sookie, making her lids flick open and take in her surroundings. She was in another flawlessly designed bathroom. Easing her onto the counter, Eric began untying her tennis shoes and removing her socks.

“I’ll help you stand.” Eric spoke softly.


“So that I can get these clothes off of you and help you shower. After which I will put you to bed.” His resolve and earnest blue eyes were not to be denied. What was more alarming was the tone. Gone was the lust soaked voice and open gawking of her soon to be naked form.

Oh my God. Eric is caring for me.  

Sookie’s mouth dropped open in shock. He had said he wanted to care for her, but until now she really hadn’t believed him.

“What?” Eric frowned.

Sookie blinked a few times. “I just, you, ah, caught me off guard. Is all.”

“You think so little of me that I would take advantage of you. Now, when you have had such a trying evening.” His frown deepened, making a v appear between his brows. Sookie felt bad for a moment for reacting so badly to his offer. Distracting herself and him, she leaned forward and kissed the ruffled soft skin.

Eric closed his eyes when Sookie pulled away, the tension now eased.

“I’m sorry, you’re right. I’ll try not to jump to conclusions from now on. A shower sounds good, thanks.” She gave him a little smile.

Eric blew out a slow breath and helped Sookie to her bare feet. The stone floor beneath her was smooth and remarkably soft. How could a rock have felt this way?

Because it costs more than your whole life.

Eric made quick work of starting the shower, allowing the water warm. Returning to Sookie, he slowly undressed her. Not one leer, his face was passive as he stuck to his task of taking her clothing gently from her body. Once she was nude, he led her to the great glass shower. Quickly stripped his own clothing and stepped inside behind her.

The water poured over Sookie’s hair for a minute and she groaned in relief.

What a night.

This morning Sookie would have never guessed that her day would have ended in Eric’s shower. She was horrified over Sam’s death. An image of him collapsing like a stone in the dark would probably never leave her.  Sookie shuttered at how close she came to being another victim of the shooter.

Eric began to shampoo, condition and then wash her body with heavenly smelling soaps. Sookie was grateful to God for allowing this time with Eric. Her Eric, this last week had been awful. Not knowing what to do and living with the memory of their love. Not a word from Eric other than to show up with a lovely cranberry coat. It had been not enough for her.

Not that Sookie cared about his money or what it could be her. As if. Sookie was interested in seeing how Eric kept his heart under lock and key, she knew how he felt and yet he kept her guessing with the rouse of sex only in their future.

Oh Eric, they had been so much more.

Eric caressed his finger down her check slowly, his eyes full of concern and longing. He was letting her know without words that he valued her for more than just her body.

This was different. Sookie thought.

Before he had lost his memories, Sookie was sure that Eric was incapable of any emotion other than desire and anger. Now, after experiencing his open heart. Sookie knew she had missed the many layers that made up Eric Northman.

The shower was over all too soon and Sookie mourned the loss of Eric’s hands on her skin. She was in no place to act on her wants with Eric. His touch was a soothing balm to her shaken life. Stepping out, Eric wrapped a towel around his hips. Too quickly that Sookie only caught a brief view of Eric’s ass. He returned to her, opening another large white towel for Sookie. Sookie watched him as he dried her off in a leisurely pace. Eric turned back to the counter to hand Sookie a black V-neck t-shirt. It was large for her and smelled like him.

“You need rest, come, my Sookie.” Eric laced his fingers with hers and led her out of the bathroom. The bed beckoned her in all its Viking finery. Her Eric slept here. Sookie slid between the cool sheets and snuggled against a soft pillows.


Eric stood over Sookie, watching every move as her small frame made a cozy place in his bed. In his heart. His chest ached with an unknown longing. Momentarily uncomfortable with the feelings Sookie was stirred within him, he imagined more of what they had started in Dallas, when she had sipped his blood.

Pure fucking heaven when his blood danced in her veins that night, and so many others that followed.

When she was injured by those F.O.T.S. bastards and he had cradled Sookie to him in that elevator. If Eric could have stopped her crying he would have, no other woman made him fidget emotionally the way she did.

And then. Ah, yes. Sookie in a very small pair of panties. Eric slipping a finger into her tight pussy. Sucking her nipples, making his way into every part of her. Yes, his plans had been moving right along to making her his, until Bubba had appeared from Odin knew where and ruined his opportunity to bed Sookie.


“Eric, will you stay with me?” Sookie asked in a low tone.

Eric discarded his towel and eased on the bed without hesitation. He sided up to Sookie’s back, inhaling her clean, damp hair and rubbing his nose along her neck under her ear.

“Can you stay here? It is safe?” She felt him smile against her skin. Sookie would have eased him about not tickling her if she hadn’t been so exhausted. Eric’s gift was always finding a way into her personal space, especially when it was unwelcome. Tonight she felt safe and cherished in his protective arms.

“Yes, this is my chamber. It is light tight.”

“Kay,” Sookie’s lids were heavy again. The fight to oblivion was being lost. “Night Eric, hmm, thank you.”

A quiet snore escaped her lips and Eric whispered. “Don’t thank me, lover.” After a longer moment, he added. “Just stay with me.”



(A/N) Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I love reading all of your impressions of the story and my Sookie and Eric. I admit, my life has been a bit insane as of late. But rest assured, many an update on many-a-story are coming your way. Thank you for sticking it out with me. In the next few chapters, be on the lookout for Eric’s Point of View. He may be less of the kind hearted scamp we’ve seen so far. 😉








35 thoughts on “A Brush With Death-Chapter 2

  1. So happy your muse is back. It will take Eric some time to be open with Sookie especially without his memories. I can’t imagine trying to change my way of life now let alone after a thousand years. Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

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    1. Me too! Thanks! All your fault! 😉

      Eric is not in any danger of cracking yet, but he care for Sookie. Maybe more deeply than he is comfortable with. The good news is that Sookie got a view into what his love can be. The question is, will she stay and work towards a true relationship with Eric?

      I have hope! 🙂

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    1. I love a rational Sookie. She is a reasonable Southern woman, and when shit hits the fan, well, then we’ll see her fireworks. But in the meantime, she is working on keeping her blood pressure low. 🙂


  2. Loved the kinder, gentler Eric. Wow, what a house! Somehow the white spaces seem right for him. Really enjoyed how quiet it was. The minimal talking left room for great emotion. Really enjoyed it. Oh- and Sam is dead. Always a plus for me! Looking forward to more.

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    1. I feel like we should have a “Yay Sam is dead Club!” Although I was so happy the way your Sam died, bastard needed it! LOL!

      My Sam was still in the sweet/brother/friend zone arena. Ha!

      I am a bit of a home style/decor junkie. Plus I create new furniture pieces when needed. I see Eric’s style as not fussy and dripping in rustic/classic style. I’m glad you enjoyed it. For a moment I thought it was too much description….but I couldn’t cut one damn word. 🙂

      What a problem to have. 🙂

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    1. You are right. Eric knew early on that Sookie was not motivated by money. She is the real deal. By the end of the book series and CH gives Sookie a pension via Eric is disgusting. She wouldn’t recognize or treat Eric has a husband but she claims his $$$! What a bunch of bullshit! Thank you for reviewing! 🙂


  3. I’m really enjoyed this chapter!
    How Eric is caring about Sookie is so so sweet…
    Hopefully Sookie will finally “see” that this Eric isn’t so different from “amnesiac Eric”
    Can’t wait for more!

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    1. I think Sookie needs to reconcile the two Eric’s she knows. At least she has admitted to herself and Sam that she is in love with Eric. Half the battle right there. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I enjoy your comments! 🙂


  4. Eric was just amazing in the way her took care of Sookie. Hopefully with her thinking more rationally they will keep getting closer. Looking forward to next chapter.

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    1. He has a loyal soft spot under all those layers and centuries. Sookie would have been in a terrible place if he had not shown up when he had. The shooter was not leaving the area until Sookie heard their thoughts about an incoming vampire. Good timing Eric! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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  5. This is how he will capture Sookie’s heart again, by caring for her. She got a glimpse of that Eric when he lost his memories. Now he’s letting that part of himself out for her. I think it must be hard for him after a thousand years of surviving. Nicely done.

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    1. Yes indeed. Eric knows all the ways of seduction and he is not above trying the hearts and flowers route. It is not in his immediate grasp, so he’ll have some learning to do. The main point is that, he loves her and Sookie loves him. The rest…is details. 🙂 Thank you for your sweet review. 🙂


  6. What a wonderful chapter. I think you captured Sookie’s reaction to witnessing Sam’s death perfectly. I’m so happy Eric is there to care for her and make sure she’s okay. I fear if he wasn’t she would slip into a dark place, especially given the not so nice thought the town folk are no doubt having about her.

    I can’t wait to see where you’re going with this.

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    1. Oh, thank you! CH really made me dislike Sam. Which is to bad, he seemed like an okay guy, he just wasn’t for Sookie. And I wanted to kill him. 😉 LOL!

      I really wanted to capture Sookie’s reaction to being put in such a terrible situation, something I hope none of us ever have to face. Ugh! Her hometown is so frustrating! It is one thing to stay because you have no money to leave, but Sookie has skills to get out.

      I am reminded of a quote that totally reminds me of Sookie, and at times rings true in my life. It goes something like this.

      “Are you really depressed or are you surrounded by assholes.”

      Sookie was surrounded by assholes! Bill shows up and introduces her to what should have always been her world and the love of her life, Eric. Bill gets a few points for that…and then I want to kill him. Hehehe!

      I hope you enjoy the ride I have planned! Thank you again for your thoughtful review! 🙂


  7. Great chapter. Looking forward to reading more soon (hint, hint). Also I noticed that when you switched to Eric’s point of view you had him remembering them together in Dallas, but that happened in Jackson when she was saving Bill.

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    1. OMG! The hazards of being BETA-less. Thank you for pointing it out. How embarrassing!

      So I updated/added some more. I was thinking all this stuff and his mind frame and didn’t include it. My BAD! Please re-read his thoughts and tell me what you think?


      1. Like the change you can clearly tell that he is remembering different times now. Where before it read like he was remembering just Dallas.

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  8. Holy cow, don’t thank me lover just stay with me. Best line ever, wow. So deep, with so much meaning. Love that line. Part of me want to believe Eric designed that beautiful kitchen with Sookie in mind. I like how he desired to care for her. I enjoyed the chapter a lot.

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  9. How in the world did I miss this second chapter? It’s fabulous! I love this side of Eric. Men in love will do just about anything for the object of their affection, even if they don’t yet know they’re in love. I’m jumping over to the next chapter for Eric’s POV! This is great!


  10. Eric is giving her just what she needs. I am really glad you did not write any lemons and I do not think that any one having just gone thru what Sookie has would be open to that. With the death of Sam and the failure of her shields. You are a really good author.


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