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Chapter 9

“That sounds downright barbaric.” I huffed.

“Perhaps it is. Does that bother you?” Eric asked.

“Not as much as it should.” I confessed.

In truth, Eric’s declaration was oddly freeing. I belonged to someone, and not just anyone. I was Eric’s. There was nowhere else I wished to be, so his intentions suited me just fine.

“What does bother me is being called, Mistress. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. Maybe I just need time to adjust to the word or the way others use it around me. When I hear Mistress in Bon Temps, it’s usually an unkind whisper followed by terrible gossiping. This whole “being yours” may take me a while to get used to.” I explained.

I hoped I was explaining myself well enough. I didn’t want any more miscommunication with my Viking. We had already had our fair share. And then ten more yards.

“I wondered when you would tell me how you truly felt.” Eric said. Surprising me in the best possible way that my relief rolled through our bond making my handsome vampire grin.

“To clarify, I understand that the term Mistress is a long forgotten word associated with a different meaning where you are from. However, my Lover, you are everything to me. The title is for the people around us. Our titles command respect and allows everyone to know your status to me.”

My grin split my face at his words, with his intent. His mind thought about how brave and beautiful I was taking on a stubborn, ancient vampire.

“Like I said, I’ll adjust. Hearing how you view me in regards to the title I think I could get used to it…Master.” I giggled out his appointed name making Eric growl in that sexy predatory way of his.

Kissing me hard Eric landed between my thighs and pressed his erection almost where I needed him. I guess he liked it when I called him Master, I would need to test that word again when I had him at my mercy.

“No,” Eric’s voice was hoarse when he interrupted by evil scheme. “Call me Eric, your lover or even…baby.” He almost looked disgusted saying that last endearment.

“Not Master. Let that title be for those who serve me. Not you, never you.” Eric kissed me again, gently.

“Moreover, it is I who should be calling you Master. You can control me in ways even my Maker could not. Don’t misunderstand me Sookie. I am dominant, demanding old vampire from another time. I am a monster.” He closed his eyes a moment as if the energy to say such a thing was too much.

“I will be possessive of you and your time but I will never be oppressive.” Eric said rubbing a fingertip and his thumb over my jaw in soothing strokes.

Hmm, well didn’t that statement give a girl a nice ego boost. My Viking had never mentioned his maker before. I wondered if he was as powerful and kind as Eric.

“Well how about we leave the titles to others…baby.” My smile mirrored his. “Where is your Maker now?” I asked.

Eric’s face lost the glow of his earlier happiness. “Dead and gone. Thank the gods.”

“Was he or she that terrible?” I wondered aloud.

“He was, yes.” Eric confirmed.


“I ended him. Makers who I have had the unfortunate experience to know are filled with sadistic intentions toward their children. And Appius was a monster in every sense of the word.”

Oh my God.

“When the moment came, I seized it. That was the first, best decision I had made in my life.” Eric said as he twisted my hair between his fingers.

“The first?”

“Finding Pam and making her my Child was my second best decision.” Eric looked deep in my eyes a moment and the said, “And now you.”

“Oh Eric.”

I kissed him, sending love and longing through the bond as I rolled him on his back and straddled his hips. But before I could take things to the next level and get his jeans unbuttoned, Eric grabbed my wrists. Stilling my movements.

“As much as I want to initiate you in the mile high club, it will have to wait. We are about to land and I wish to show you our home. I also hope you are hungry because I am taking you to dinner as well.”

I leaned back and then jumped up and down on his lap in joy. Eric was so amazing and thoughtful, I was over the moon to make him as happy as he was making me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I shouted.

“My Sookie,” he groaned, gripping my hips in an attempt to stop my jubilation. “You test my restraint.” Eric said through clenched teeth.

“Oh, sorry baby.” Moving slightly off of his straining cock and giving us both a moment to calm down. “I just can’t wait to see everything!”

I wanted to ask this question before we landed.

“What is it, my Sookie? I can see the wheels turning in that pretty head of yours.”

I stuck my tongue out at him in a moment of childish behavior and then asked. “I thought a Child of a vampire couldn’t kill their Maker? Wouldn’t they command you against something like that?”

Eric grinned, but the mega-watt smile never touched his eyes. It was cold grin, filled with knowledge of things I hoped to never understand.

“A Child can if they are very, very shrewd. As I said, my Maker was lower than filth. He earned his death.”

“I’m sure he did. I’m glad you’re free of him.” I circled his face with my palms and stared back into his now gloomy eyes. Talk of his Maker had hit a sensitive button I had no intention of touching again.

“I would have ended him for you.” I whispered.

I meant it too. Which surprised me as well as made me feel invincible. If anyone would dare to harm my Viking I would be hell-bent on seeing their demise.

Eric turned his head, capturing my hand in his and then kissed my palm. Moving those sinful lips over my pulse point.

“You will never have to face a demon such as he was if I have any say in the matter.” Eric said softly but sternly.

The Captain’s voice came over the speaker, informing us that we would be landing in less than five minutes and to take our seats for the descent.

One smooth landing later we were in Barbados when the Captain opened the jet door. Warm salty air surrounded us, swaying my hair. It was beautiful. Smells of bar-b-que and flowers breezed past. A hint of a sulfur from the nearby volcano blended in as well. Quite the combination

I wondered how Eric handled all these new scents with his superior senses.

“Ready?” Eric asked as he hoisted me against his chest as I laughed in glee. Eric had brought me to an island to spend time alone with me. In my wildest dreams I would have never envisioned this for us. And now, here we were.

“Hold on Lover.” Eric’s smile lit up his face the way it did when he was without his memories. The feeling of Deja Vu made my breath catch. Having Eric with me now was beyond any words I had ever heard.

It was magic.

The next moment we were rising above the Earth. Slowly at first. The carriers below began to look smaller and smaller as they hustled to unload our bags from the jet to a vehicle.

The last time Eric had taken me flying I was a complete mess. Scared to death that Pam was wrong about my ability to protect Eric. Having a memory-impaired thousand year old Viking flying around my woods wasn’t exactly the best job of keeping him out of sight from crazed Were-Witches.

The added stress over my brother’s disappearance that day was hard. I worried that my feelings for Eric would never be returned while we were living out this fantasy. I could never really give him everything because he didn’t have everything to give me.

So I gave him a part of myself and he did the same.

And now…

Now we have the opportunity to have it all.

Now we were flying in a way we never could before and it was precious.

I only felt elation for the future and being held tightly in Eric’s arms as we flew through the darkness. The diamond dusted sky was all around, cheering us on as we ascended the cloudless night. The evening was darker here than in Louisiana. Bigger too.


A deep blackness that allowed the stars to twinkle against the mirrored beauty of the sea.

“Oh my God, Eric! This is amazing’!” I exclaimed leaning my forehead against his.

This was happiness.

I felt so light that even without Eric holding me within his power, I’m sure I would have flown right up into the stratosphere.

“Your beauty outshines the star-dust every night, my Lover.” Eric said before laying the chaste of kisses on my lips. His breath left a tingle over my mouth as if he had pressed a more passionate kiss to me instead.

“Allow me to give the tour not listed in the brochure.” Eric smiled as he zipped us higher and higher into the air. My gaze locked on the island which was lit up the brightest in the busiest areas. Tourists coming and going. Enjoying the night life and drinking the rum made exclusively on Barbados.


Ships on the sea dotted the dark water below us like a veins of Christmas lights. No one ever got a view like this and thanks to Eric not running his own travel service, no one ever would.

“And up ahead, our home.” Eric announced. The wind spun out hair around whipping it a moment as a cross breeze sailed past.

Our home.

Another home for us.

Eric had wealth, the size of which I had no way to wrap my mind around. It was too much.

“Eric, no it’s your home. I’m not even your…”

“What is mine, is yours Sookie. You forget so easily Lover and I am more than happy to remind you of your place. It is here, by my side. Forever. One day, you will understand and accept all that I have to offer.”

The bond burned with certainty and filled me with hope. Real hope that I could count on this, on him.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you. You’re the most fascinating person I’ve ever known.” I said.

It was true. I was mesmerized by Eric since the moment we locked eyes at Fangtasia.

“I feel the same for you, my Lover. Come.”

Ten minutes later, we touched down on soft sand. A home with beige and glass walls surrounded by tall palm trees was lit up from the inside. Giving the place a warm homey feel. The house was enormous and raised with what looked like three levels. There seemed to be two entrances. The one closest to where we stood was dark.

EN-Barbados villa

“These are my underground quarters.” Eric said nodding to the sliding glass doors in the ground level part of the home. Although it looked incredibly easy for anyone to break in, I knew Eric would never ever put himself or me in such danger.

He was too careful for something like that. Eric appreciated beauty and security.

“The space here runs the length of the house above. Effectively making the home three stories. It’s light tight and able to keep all intruders human or supernatural out.”

“Wow! Eric, this is your home?” My voice filled with wonder.

A home in Louisiana would have had a front yard filled with grass, Eric had installed a pool. Glowing with the underwater light and beckoning me to enter.

The house faced the Caribbean Sea, a long stretch of beach with clusters of palm trees and shrubs. If I were to ever imagine or afford something as grand as an island home, this would have been my first choice.

Modern but not an absurd square box. The structure held a timeless British plantation feel without being an over the top monstrosity. My farmhouse is steeped in family history and heirlooms that were not really my taste. They were hand-me-downs from generation before me.

Eric threaded his fingers through mine and led us toward a staircase covered in wild tropical flowers and sand.

Our home,” he reminded me. “And I am pleased the home is to your liking. Let us investigate the main house before we go to dinner.”

Opening the door and stepping in to another immaculate home had me smiling when I saw that Eric appreciated tidiness the way I did. Good, no fighting over wet towels on the floor for me.

EN-Barbados living

The foyer was light and airy, everything illuminated inside but there were windows to allow the Caribbean sun to shine through. I wondered if the entire residence was light-tight.

The living area over looked the pool and the darkened sea beyond. I wasn’t sure which direction the house faced, but I bet the sunsets were gorgeous here. Warm and colorful. Full of magic and brilliance.

EN-Barbados kitchen

The kitchen had a similar feel as the rest of the home, not over masculine. White cabinets and light colored floors. Elegant and steeped in island beauty. Eric or his decorator had an eye. I knew that Eric would insist on signing off on everything where he would reside.

“How long have you owned this place?” I trailed my fingertips over the cool counter top.

“The land is an acquisition purchased decades ago. The original home was in need of an overhaul and then a tropical storm hit the existing structure. Most of the demolition by an act of nature.” Eric chuckled. “Now, I have a home that is more adept to withstand the worst the small island can take. And state of the art security if the very worst occurs. This place will allow me to survive and see another night. As will you.”

His words were confident and for a moment I prayed he was right. I didn’t want to consider that a building could collapse with him inside. I would be devastated.

“Well, that’s good.” I said, shrugging off the bad thoughts. “But why own land or build a home in a place that is so… sunny? It seems like the last place a vampire would wish to have a home.”

“Beauty and a keen mind, my Lover is correct. I have homes all over the world. None of them are obvious to other nor are they easy to track back to me. If I wanted to disappear, I could.”

Eric looked around the kitchen and then out the large sliding glass doors. “In the past I have learned that having a few safe places to law low is wise. Many homes are more convenient than staying in strange hotels, vampire friendly or otherwise.”

That made sense. If I had enemies and serious money, I might be able to think up a few other back up plans to evade them as well.

“Plus the tax breaks help my portfolio.” He added with a smirk. “Let me show you my private quarters.”

Eric led me to a home office and over to one wall. A beautiful painting of a naked woman hung before us.


I rolled my eyes.

Swiping his fingertip over the bare foot of the lady, the wall popped out toward us and slid opened.

“Holy 007 Batman!” I murmured.

Eric chuckled as we descended the stairwell down into the Earth.

At the bottom on the staircase another door stood tall. The steel entry looked unassuming with yet another security panel off to one side.

Eric pressed his finger to the black glass square and then opened the door by the handle. Automatic lights flickered on as we walked into another beautiful living room. It was the same as above. Wide, open and airy. But no windows.

The few basements I had been acquainted with were dusty old spider traps with too low of ceilings.

Not spacious homes within expansive homes.

If I had not walked down the secret passage way to get here, I would have assumed this was the main part of the house. Incredible. Eric really did have money beyond all my knowledge and understanding.

“For now, go and slip into something more comfortable my Lover. I have a few fresh options for you in the closet. And then, we shall go to dinner.” Eric directed.

I sent him a raised eyebrow. Was that an order?

Eric swatted my behind.

“Get a move on.” Eric smirked.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the bedroom rubbing the slight sting from Eric. Another elegant space was laid out around me while I padded into the closet.

Good Lord, my vampire was impossible!

There were a few things already hung up in the closet. After running my hands over the rich soft material, I picked out a white lace crop top and a hot pink skirt. The material billowed beautifully, the color complimenting my tan.

Stepping out I knew Eric approved with my choice when his fangs ran down. “I could stay here and eat you all night.” He rumbled.

For a moment, I thought he just might and I felt the heat race up my neck and into my cheeks. His dirty mouth was such a turn on. Something I hated to admit, my conservative upbringing coming home to roost.

“But you are starving and I will take great satisfaction in feeding you Lover.” Eric’s gaze lowered back over my body once more.

“Stay barefoot, where we are going you will not need shoes.”

I felt a few snarly minds close by as we walked back upstairs to the main floor. The Weres were on alert, watching the perimeter for any threat to me or Eric. One of the guys was thinking the same old thoughts when he saw me.

What was a good Christian girl doing with a vampire? Especially one as cruel and callous as Eric Northman. Just another gold digging fangbanger. In his opinion vampires were ruining women for men like him. Even though he was a Were.

I huffed at the stupidity.

And then told Eric what I heard. He had obviously hired these Were’s but he should know where their minds were.

“There is a local pack I hire out when I am here. They come recommended. They will be your daytime protection if you choose to leave me for sunbathing during the day.” Eric winked.

A knock interrupted us. Eric opened the front door to a large man with a deep tan. His eyes were palm green and his mind was calm, measured.

“Finn, please come in.” Eric spoke.

Finn stepped inside and locked eyes with me.

“Lover, this is Finn Daniels. Your daytime security guard.” Eric introduced me. I didn’t shake hands with him, and he didn’t extend his. Now that I was with Eric, touching other people. Touching other men was a very big no-no.

“Hi, pleased to meet cha’.” The hulk nodded.

“Mistress, it will be a pleasure to serve you while you are here on the island. My men and I will protect you during the day at all costs. Please let me know if you require anything by saying my name. We will shall stay hidden but always nearby.”

“Oh-okay. Thanks.”

“No thanks necessary Mistress. I’m happy to serve you. Northman.” Finn nodded to Eric, turned and left.

Alright then.

“Now that introductions have been made, shall we go to dinner?” Eric asked as he kissed my hand.

(A/N) I hope you like Eric’s fancy island home. When I went looking for inspiration most of the “plantation homes” screamed Beehl! And I didn’t want that shit in my story. LOL! 







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    1. Thank you! Yes, Appius was an overboard way to sell a book. In my opinion. Believe me, there is plenty happening now as well as much more to come without that disaster of a character rearing his ugly head. 🙂


  1. Beautiful house!!! So happy u didn’t have them have a long drawn out fight… I love how accepting each other’s natures. Can’t wait for your next update!!

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    1. Angst has it’s place. I really love a good fight but not an extended annoying convo. It’s an immediate signal for me to look to another story. Lol! I’m glad you enjoyed this little chapter. Thanks!


  2. The home is beautiful, as is the night sky. When you live in or near a bit city, you forget how wonderful the night sky is, obscured as it is by all the ground lights. And dealing with Appius in one fell swoop like this is a treat, he is one horror they don’t need to face.

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    1. Completely agree. I grew up in a sleepy seaside town and we could count the stars with perfect clarity. I miss that now that I live in this concrete jungle. 😦
      Appius doesn’t get any foreshadowing from me. He was a bastard and clumsy because a far better progeny bested him without being mad. As it should have always been. Thanks for leaving this awesome review!


  3. Love Eric’s house! I wonder if one of the guards will try to make a issue for Sookie, since that one voice was so anti vampire! I am looking forward to their Vacation! This should be fun! I am glad that Eric’s maker is dead, so he can not force a marriage contract on Eric! I can’t wait for more! Loving it!

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    1. I think this is a problem that vampires face. The species have a LOVE/HATE relationship. This Were has a chip on his shoulder for sure! But Sookie is practical even more important she trusts Eric. I hope you like where I take them on their vacay! Thanks!


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    1. Beehl!
      Attack of the fuckers! Not here, no way! When I bring in these villains I want something real, believable. Who keeps their rapist ex-fiance around as a friend?
      NO ONE!
      Who bows down to a vindictive Maker without trying to end that asshole? Even if it cost you your life?
      I know I would be happy to give it a shot and I do not have Eric’s mind for strategy.
      It’s a vacation, we need some love, sand and good food. Next! 🙂
      Thanks for reviewing, I love reading your reaction to my attempt at portraying the couple we all adore. Thanks again!

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      1. You’re welcome! Couldn’t agree more! “Attack of the fuckers!” LMAO! I could never understand why CH had Sookie keeping Bill in “friend” column. I would have lit his ass up first chance! She knew where he slept, why not have her go over there during the day and stake the bastard? That would have been justifiable and in the realm of believable, especially after Eric made him tell her why he came to BT in the first place. But, no! She had to make Sookie look like the most forgiving person on the planet… Uh, no.
        Yep! Vacation time! Sun for Sookie if she can make it out of bed or the house, and really, what female would want to? The ocean & sand will still be there at night! 🙂
        You do a fabulous job writing these two!

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        1. Most forgiving…what a line of horseshit! She killed so many vampires and fairies. Probably a few others in there that I’ve blocked out. She made being a Christian her defense when it came off as a cop out. She never defended those in her life who needed it. She abounded them, Example#1 Where was she when her “friend” Pam lost the love of her life. Someone she wanted to turn. Nope her ideal of Man and Woman bigotry came out hard and she left her “friend” flapping in the wind. I could go on and on. Lol! Couldn’t we all!?
          Thank you for the compliment! They make it so easy to write stories that make sense. Night time sea skinny-dipping. You know I’ll deliver. 🙂

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          1. OOH! Skinny-dipping at night in the sea… Hmm…Yeah, I think I’d want a Viking vampire with me for that… {shivers} Maybe for a couple of reasons! LOL!
            I gave Sookie a pass on that with Pam & Miriam. Given all that was happening, she wasn’t all that aware of everything that was going between the two of them, and with her own situation, I can see why she so neurotic and blinded with single-minded desperation. I’m sure that came across as selfishness to many readers, but I thought more about Sookie’s reaction to loss, her deepest fears of losing someone she loved, why it took so long to let Eric in, and how they were all coming true. She didn’t know anything about the edict given to Pam about not turning Miriam until far too late, and she knew more about the conflict between Eric & Pam, and that’s where her concern really laid. Pam didn’t share much either, and what Sookie did know, she found out through Immanuel. I found that CH wrote her defending more of those in her life who needed it, but they sure didn’t deserve it! Then she held Eric to human standards, higher than those of others. I know you’ll disagree, but I attribute much of Sookie’s behavior to youthful folly and learned behavior drilled into her by a hypocritical woman (Gran) who did her best to raise her by another generation’s ways. She was only 25-27! Who the hell really knows anything at that age? I’m old; I see things much differently! CH did the character a great disservice. I can’t blame the character. I loved Sookie, and I’m so happy there’s fan fiction where you and many others are able to correct many mistakes! 🙂 I love that yours and so many other stories make sense, and that they’re so much fun!
            Now I’m gonna patiently wait for that skinny dippin’ delivery! LOL! 🙂

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            1. You make a good point about Sookie’s reaction after hearing about Miriam. For me, Sookie always came across as ungrateful. She had friends (not in BT) and constantly shit on that. You are right, sometimes when you are going through things you can’t see how it effects anyone but you. That is a tough place to be. Holding Eric to such high standards agin proves how deeply she loved him. Sookie was keeping herself insulated from all hurts because of Bill. Fucker! I have a feeling that Sookie will feel the loss of Eric until her dying day. What a terrible way to live! Beats me I’m a thirty something and I don’t know shit! Lol! Skinny dipping coming soon, Like in two more chapters. Some things need to happen first and I think you will love where I take them. I cried….does that tell you anything? Much Love to you MsBuffy! I ADORE your posts!

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  5. What a ‘feel good’ chapter. I’d be leery of the Wares with their thoughts the way they were. As long as they do their jobs I guess… Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. Thanks. We all need these chapters in our life where everything falls into place. Everyone’s faith needs to be rewarded and I have much more awarding to give. 😉 The Were’s or rather, the Were is an interesting issue. But one that will be resolved. Thanks again!

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    1. Without having actually said the “words” he is doing a pretty good job of showing. Eric is a secret romantic. LOL! Sookie is able to take a breath. It seems that throughout the books and the series she is jumping from one hot roof to another. Not cool. Someone could be driven mad under such circumstances. I hope you love what is to come. I know I do. 🙂

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    1. Thanks dear! I’m thinking that if someones thoughts are that vile, actions can’t be too good. Finn Daniels, he is as loyal and resourceful as they come. Eric is going to need that kind of security sooner than he may realize. Thank you for taking the time out to be my BETA. I really appreciate your hard work! 🙂


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  8. I especially enjoyed this chapter, because I honeymooned in Barbados and have gone back several times since. I know I would certainly love to have a home there! A quick aside, there are no volcanos on Barbados. It is the only Caribbean island not formed by volcanic activity. It is actually a coral island. They have some of the best tap water I have ever tasted, because it is first filtered through coral! 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next update. I’m really enjoying your story!

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    1. Oh my gosh! How awesome! I’ve never been but always wanted to. I hope I do the island justice for your memory. 🙂 Filtered coral tap water?! That sounds so crazy and cool. Mind if I include something like that here?


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