A few nights later…

“Stop, please.” Bloody tears streamed down his cheeks and splatter onto the concrete floor.

“Please, fucking hell. I’ll tell you everything. Ah! Everything!” He screamed out.


Another finger dislocated from the bone.


Muscle, cartilage, and brown sugar skin pulled taut before it tears apart slowly like stretched out bread dough.


“Come now Victor. That was not even the most painful part…this is.” With her left silver gloved hand, Pam pushed the heel of her palm at Victor’s disfigured appendage and twisted. The additional scream that followed was immensely satisfying.

The glove was created by a sadistic vampiress, who loved to torcher traitors slowly by giving said vampire the worst hand job of their undead lives. When that crazy bitch met her true death, Pam was ecstatic to have won the acquisition through a vampire version of Ebay.

Victor hung bloodied and naked from silver manacles in the middle of Fangtasia’s basement. Scattered around his dangling form on the concrete floor are all ten toes and four fingers. Panting quickly he closed his eyes as if that would help him get past the current trauma. “Everything. Please…no…more.”

She grinned wide in Victor’s face, baring her fangs and hissed, “Oh, I know you will spill every detail little lamb. But right now I am having far too much fun causing you pain.” Glancing down at the blood-stained silver glove Pam’s smile grew broader. “When my Master arrives, he will not be as gentle as I have been.” Pam slapped Victor across his face, causing some of his skin to scrape away.

“I suggest you start talking.”

His eyes rolled back to hers and said, “Compton told me of his prior claim to the telepath before the Viking interfered. He said that she was completely under his thrall once, his blood controlled her well.”

Raising one eyebrow at Pam, he continued. “Why do you think Sophie Ann choose him as her Royal procurer. He had a superior gift when it came to influencing humans. Compton said that since he could not glamour the telepath he had to enhance his blood in dreams and in times where she might have been swayed to doubt him.”

Pam looked unimpressed. “Sookie cannot bet glamoured?” Even though she knew the truth she was hardly going to confirm the fact to Victor.

“That is what he said.” Victor shook from head to toe, clanking the chains. “Once she was back under his control, we could use her. Bill wanted to over throw DeCastro and take back Louisiana. For himself.”

Pam rolled her eyes at that tidbit. “The data entry clerk wished to be King. No enforcer to defend his claim, no war to win the hearts and minds of the area, and with Eric here in Area 5.” Pam barked out a laugh. “Not to mention that DeCastro would most certainly put up a fight.”

He smiled forebodingly. “Not if he was dead.”

Now it was Pam’s turn to raise a blonde eyebrow. Victor continued. “Compton said that he would take Sookie to Vegas, to the palace so that DeCastro could partake in her blood and body. Of which both requests have been repeatedly denied by the Viking.” Victor scoffed, “It is clear to all that he only has claim to the telepath in name only. His bond may be present, but he has not availed himself of her virtues.” Pam growled out a warning.

“Compton assured me that he would influence Sookie to kill DeCastro in his day rest. I would take over Nevada and Arkansas, leaving Louisiana to Bill. We had worked out a system to timeshare the telepath. Eventually we would breed her and create more telepaths. This way even if she dies we will always have one.”

Anger ran through her blood and soaked into her Maker/child bond with Eric. Picking up a silver dagger from a nearby table Pam lifted the button up shirt he wore and ripped the material off his body. Then stuck the blade into Victor’s gut on the left side of his body. The movement was smooth and when the weapon started to slide through his flesh like butter on a hot pan, it calmed her bloodlust a fraction.

“To sum up,” Pam said, twisting the knife as Victor wheezed in agony once again. “You were planning on over taking an entire kingdom that includes three states, powerful vampires and a telepath with royal Fae connections.”

His eyes widened. “Royal. Fae?”

“Yes, our little Sookie is Niall Brigant’s blooded great-granddaughter. Or did Billy leave out that handy detail. Hm, typical male. How did you think the Prince would take the news of your plans, had you executed them, that is?” Pam decided that more now than ever Victor was going to meet his end. Particular secrets only promised additional ‘oh shit’ expressions to pass in front of Victor’s features once Eric arrived.

Still holding the silver knife steady in his flesh, Pam cuts across Victor’s abdomen in a smiley face pattern. She then reaches into his stomach cavity and pulled out his intestines. Mewling noises and screeching filled Pam with joy.

I need a good fuck after this. Maybe two. She pictured the new dancers’ lean body twisting erotically on a shiny brass pole. Her hardened nipples were waiting to be sucked through the large back netting she called a costume. Those pretty full lips would do just the trick once they devoted themselves to my pussy. A brunette between her legs and another sitting on her face. Mm, two blood types and cum is a perfect chaser to mutilation.

Crying from Victor snapped Pam out of her fantasy, her eyes narrowed toward the traitor. She decided to goad him further, “Did you consider that if you failed, which you have. Eric is within his right to claim your head. He will, of course. Or he may decide to let DeCastro tend to your disloyalty.”

“That is why the fairies are involved,” Victor explained frantically. “Fucking Compton, I needed time to put my plan together while other pieces moved in position.” He groaned as Pam swung his guts around his head and started a Windsor knot at the base of his neck.

“And whom are you referring to?” Pam tucked a slippery intestine around once more.

“The que-, oh fuck! The queen of Oklahoma.” Victor grits his teeth.

“What would that old tramp get out of the deal, a roll in the hay with you?” Tightening her knot against his throat Pam looked down where his pathetic little penis and sack used to be. They had joined the silent fingers and toes strewn about on the floor. “Although to be fair to that cunt, you would have been a dismal lover with what you were packing. Better to have a half used dildo about to burn out of batteries than your sad cock.”

Victor rolled his head away trying to relieve the pain anyway he could. “Sh-she wants Eric, as-as a consort.”

Pam roared with laughter while still holding on to Victor’s grotesque neck tie. “And you believed you could force my Master into such servitude.”

Grimacing Victor answered, “We would have had him sign a contract, Sookie would have been safe from me, the new king, and any vampires under my rule if he gave himself up. Then when Bill took over the state, and Sookie, we could have total access to her without having Eric’s retribution.”

“That is thoughtless!” Pam exclaimed. “You actually had me thinking you were the brains behind the geek.” She threw her head back to laugh once more. Looking into his fatigued brown eyes she continued, “Even if Eric did agree to such a preposterous legal maneuver, once you gave up control of the area and Sookie was left unprotected by your contract.” She put up both her hands showing the air quotes. “Eric would also be free and clear of said contract. He would easily send queen-who-can’t-handle-her-own-but-somehow-managed-to-overtake-a-kingdom-by-herself to her true death making Eric the king and then coming after you. Truly brilliant, bravo!”

A turbulent wind blew Pam’s hair to the side, smiling toward the welcomed weather change stood Eric. Fangs bared, his Viking sword clung to his back, eyes narrowed to the sight of Victor. He clearly had heard every uttered word.

“Tell me Victor, what would stop me from taking Sookie and leaving for another Kingdom.” Eric growled.

Victor’s mouth was open at the menace before him, he tried to swallow against his fear but failed. “Yo-your maker was in negations with Freyda, she wants you as her con-consort. An insurance policy to other possible threats to her newly acquired kingdom. Also, Appius was destitute. He stood to gain much once you departed to Oklahoma.”

Eric smirked. “You assume I give two shits about a maker who released me. By the gods great foresight, has now been sent to his true death.”

“You would not honor his last wishes?” Victor sounded shocked.

“Fuck. No.” Eric smiled darkly. “That mother fucking asshole was never worth the gum on the bottom of my shoe, let alone trading a life with my bonded.” Turning somber once more, he explained, “Besides once a maker has met the true death, so ends his rule over any progeny. Every vampire knows this, you certainly know it. Otherwise all makers would have extensive wills and commands toward making their children controlled from beyond the grave. Tsk, tsk. Victor, you were always going to lose.”

“I would have followed my maker’s last wishes. It is the honorable thing to do.” Victor thrusted his chin in defiance, before he winced at his intestines straining from around his neck.

Eric bolted toward Victor, and inch away from his face and whispered, “That is the difference between you and me. You are a pansy who needs to be told what, when, and how. I am death who takes what I want. I will not be controlled.” He seethed and then took the neck tie in his palm. “Tell me, how did your maker die again? No wait I remember the story. She was staked in her day rest by her human, who it turned out had been glamoured. You were supposed to be nearby because I do believe you were in the middle of a punishment, yes?”

Victor’s eyes widened. “How did you know that?”

“You underestimate my reach. Just because I currently do not hold a royal office does not mean that I could not take it.” Eric squeezed the tie until it broke causing Victor to writhe in pain.

Eric looked over at Pam with a proud smile. “The knot is tied well my child. How you always seem to find such extraordinary ways to assist me.”

Pam bowed low, looking up at her beloved maker she said, “I live to please you, Master.”

Eric nodded his praise and sent his pride and love through their bond. “My child is amazing, and since I have no desire to linger with you, I will be going.” Eric turned and strode away, leaving Victor to take a deep sigh.

“Oh, how neglectful of me.” Eric stopped and tilted his head to the side to catch Victor’s gaze. A fanged smile played on his face. “DeCastro advised me that he has no use for traitors, and since you have decided to involve yourself with my bonded.” He paused for a moment to turn around. “You do recall what the punishment is for that.”

“Eric please. Let me g-” Before he could finish the sentence, Eric drew his sword and charged Victor.

“Sookie is mine.” Eric snarled. A low whistle from his unsheathed sword sang through the chilled air, slicing Victor’s head off.






17 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 6

  1. seems like Pam was having far too much fun, but i loved every minute of it. at least Victor is out of the way, but i have a feeling Freyda will be slinking in soon enough to claim what she cannot have. KY

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    1. Pam completely took over. She demanded air time to share her “creative arts”. Lol! Up next, well I think Eric needs to calm himself after killing Victor. *taps chin* Wonder if Sookie will help him. 😉
      Thanks for reviewing!

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  2. Madcow Madden –buh bye! Ahhh….Pam softened him up nicely for the final blow from Eric…. while I’m not much for watching bloodshed, I’ll read well written torture when it’s a character that truly deserves it!
    Are you going to give a flashback on what Naill did to Billy Boy? Sort of “matching bookend” chapters? pretty please??

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    1. I never liked CH’s version of him either. He seemed as slimy as Bill. Probably a horrid accent too! LOL! You may like where I take him though…
      Thank you for liking my WP and leaving a review. It means the world to me that someone else likes what I create. 🙂


    1. Bastard deserved it! I am a big supporter of taking care of business…everyday. 🙂 Case in point: You have an enemy who declares havoc on you, end them! Don’t keep them around and monologue. (Hint: TB Eric Season 3 with Russell buried in the cement. Stupid!)
      Let me defend myself, torture is okay for a short amount of time to get info, then end them. No one needs an escaped prisoner making it out. Pam is good at what she does and we are both happy to have made your day!
      You made mine by reading and reviewing, so Thank You!


  3. Yeah finally that ashole of Victor is dead!
    So happy that Pam had fun torturing Victor…
    Always thought that with Appius dead the contract with Oklahoma was invalid otherwise …even after their true death every maker had the right to control their progeny…
    but we all knew that CH did this cuz she never wanted Eric and Sookie together…
    Ch made Sookie use the cluviel dor on Sam so she couldn’t save her pledged mate to get out of the marriage…
    I still hate what Ch did to her lead characters.Eric and Sookie.
    Bill was so delusional if he believed he could overpower De Castro; claim Louisiana and Sookie!


  4. Loving this so much!!

    Ps the buttons are not worked ng here either. Lol. I like ve this story so much, I am working my iPad with two fingers to keep going. Stupid iPads.


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