“Attention ladies and gentlemen, Flight #201 to Shreveport, will be slightly delayed due to some unforeseen weather conditions. Thank you for your patience.”

“Fuck.” I mutter. I can not catch a break. First, Freyda and her ludicrous ideas that I would ever be her consort. As if I would hand over the keys to my freedom to her, nothing is worth the degradation of being a lowly consort. Alexi is still in the wind, although my instincts tell me he will turn up soon. Very soon. And that meeting will not be a happy one.

At least I can go into the rest of my nights free of Appius Livius Ocella. In his last gasp, he may have tried to bind me to a young, naïve queen. But the last laugh will be mine.

Alexi must have meant a great deal to him, to sell me out. Although Appius selling my services to the highest bidder was not new, just predictable. My maker was an asshole of the first order, sneaky, cunning and ruthless. I did indeed learn much from him, in many ways I am the embodiment of all the violent tendencies he taught me.

Karin, Pam, my Sookie. The women in my existence forced me to be better, stronger. Before Sookie I was cold to all, minus my children. They never were allowed to see the deepest parts of me. Only Sookie. There are many things I have done that she could reject of me for, if she knew. I can not, will not, allow her to see the dark part of my soul. I refuse to lose her.

My thoughts travel further down this black path, until an announcement blares across the static sound system. I tune back in when I hear my name. “…Northman. Again, will Mr. Eric Northman please go to flight desk for an important message. Mr. Eric Northman.”

I glance at my android, annoyed that the storm outside is interfering with my signal. If it was an American Android I’m sure that service would have been quick and clear. Why would the desk have a message for me? What message? I had sent Pam a text about twenty minutes ago that I would be back sooner than expected. If there had been an incident, she would have responded immediately.

Walking toward the flight desk, a sandy haired flight attendant greets me with a smile. I nod to the young man, whose nametag says Dillan. I speak before he can inquire, “I am Eric Northman, is there a message for me?”

Dillan grins wider, “Yes, sir. There is a caller on hold for you, we have a semi private phone booths for you to use.” He gestures to his left of the V.I.P. lounge. There are four large cutouts with benches and landlines set inside. “Your call is waiting for you in Booth 2. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.”

“And who asked for me?” I question. This seems highly irregular, my suspicions are on high alert.

“A young lady,” Dillan grabs an American Airlines notepad and reads, “a, uh, Miss Sookie Stackhouse. She said it was urgent.” He shrugs, clearly uncomfortable with my line of further questioning.

I turn toward the semi-private booth, concerned that my Sookie was trying to reach me. The bond is quiet, and from this distance I would only know Sookie lives, not her tumultuous emotions. My Android still is without a service signal.


So fucking frustrating!

I proceed to the painted L shaped tables holding a black phone base with several open lines. Line one was blinking red, showing a caller on hold.




“Sookie?” I answer, removing my finger from the call button.


“Sookie…Sookie talk to me. Are you alright? Where is Pam? Sookie” I frantically search the bond again. My bonded’s life force is humming away and it is frustrating without knowing more.

Why isn’t she answering me?



“Who the fuck is this?” I snarl. If someone is trying to use Sookie against me, I will rip them limb from limb.


“If you dare touch a hair on her head, you will pay with your fucking life.” I growl into the receiver.

A shrill sequel on the other end sounds, causing me to pull the phone from my ear. A scuffle is heard and then the phone goes dead.

Not good.

There must be a mistake, I tell myself as I search the bond once more for my Sookie.

I hang up the receiver and dial Pam, at least the land line seems to work just fine. I need the confirmation that Sookie is okay. And I need it fucking now!

“Speak.” My child’s lovely voice is annoyed and abrupt. I do adore that no nonsense vampire attitude.

“Where is Sookie?” I say without further greeting.

“Getting settled into your home’s Master retreat. We were slightly delayed by the shifter, but that was settled without harm to Sookie.”

“The shifter?” I huff, that pesky fly is always flying around my web, yet to be caught.

“I will explain later. How is the Sooner state and that doe eyed majestic moron?”

“I am awaiting a flight back to Shreveport now.”

“That bad, huh?” I can hear Pam’s unspoken request for more information.

“Appius had yet to sign away my freedom.” I scoff. Appius had always thought little of me, other than what my looks and skills could get him.

“That fucker! I would love to have helped him meet his end, again.” Pam seethes. My loyal child is outraged enough for both of us and it makes me love her all the more.

“No need to worry, nothing is binding. I did receive a strange call here at the airport. Is anything amiss?”

“Not that I am aware. Thalia reports a usual night, regular complaints via email. Vermin crawling the walls in an effort to gain more attention. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Knock, knock.

I had noticed Freyda strolling up to my semi-private booth but choose to ignore her. She crosses her arms, standing in a tight black leather biker bitch get-up. Someone likes to dress up.

“Something just came up, I’ll be in touch soon.” I end the call before Pam can speak. I have no intention of giving Freyda more information on who I was talking with. This must be round two of “negotiations”. Otherwise she has found Alexi.

“Alexi has been spotted. I require your assistance in apprehending him.” Freyda states without emotion.

“No immediate true death for the one causing harm to your human/vampire relations? My, that was a quick change of heart.” I say with one eyebrow raised in question. Of course I realize she is trying another tactic. What she fails to realize is that I don’t give a fuck about his existence. Or the end of it.

“He has killed three of my Were guards and injured a loyal vampire in my court. Since you are currently the eldest vampire in my territory, I request you help me capture your brother. Alive I need to have him reprimanded in public, for human eyes who might see.” Freyda’s face morphs into a wicked grin. “Later, he will meet the true death.”

I weigh my options. I did come to this state to take care of Alexi. If he is under arrest now and killed later, I will never have to worry about his presence further. Never have to think about him meeting Sookie.

Gods, Sookie. Even the thought of her near that damaged vampire makes me want to rip everything in my path to shreds.

This can not happen.

However, this could be a trap. I will have to stay vigilant around Freyda and her cronies. I nod to the queen. “Agreed. Human and Vampire have an uphill battle without one of our own causing additional…setbacks. Lead the way.” I hold out my hand for her to go first.

Freyda’s long dark brunette hair spun off her leather jacket as she made her way out the airport. Following at a distance behind, I text Pam.

Alexi located, on the way to location.

Pam is versed in the protocol we’ve developed. If I do not contact her or show up in a few hours, she has instructions to batten down the hatches. Which most recently includes getting Sookie to a safe place. I have no intention for falling for this amateur’s trap, if there is one.

Her demeanor has changed from a ditsy tween to a single-minded queen. She has been working the angles with me, and that pisses me off even more. She is looking for weakness. She will find none, save my Sookie.

Outside is a black sedan with blacked out windows, the vehicle screams high profile. Once seated beside the queen, the car takes off into the night. Toward wherever her people are distracting Alexi.

“I understand that you have bonded the telepath.” Ah, the next line of questioning. I show no outwardly emotion, even if on the inside I fantasize about ripping her head off. It’s not a question, so I simple stare at her.

“It is out of the ordinary for you, is it not? Bonding to a human?” She smiles. “Your reputation as a wild Viking proceeds you, a human surely can’t be meeting your…needs.” That bitch leers over my body with heat in her eyes. I do not answer her, I do not need to. Sookie exceeds all my desires.

“So I wonder…why you, Eric Northman, chose to bond yourself to this Sookie Stackhouse.”

Calm, calm, calm.

“Why would I not want a telepath in my retinue? You must see the benefits.” I down play our involvement to get this vulture’s thoughts away from my Sookie. I must protect her at all costs. I grin at the royal bitch, “Not all humans are useless in meeting my needs. I find Miss Stackhouse, more than satisfactory.”

The truth is, she blew my fucking mind. Time and again. Her luscious curves, begged for my touch. Her soft golden hair, luminous blue gray eyes and her sultry voice that beckoned me to her. Even when we fight, she displays such passion, it makes our fucking afterward all the more intense.


She is the best I have ever had, or dreamed about having. I will never give my wife up.

“I am not the first vampire to bond such an asset. Stan Davis bonded his telepath to a member of his court.” I say, any monarch would know this information. A telepath shows up on radar, one would do all they could to acquire the rarity.

Freyda scowls. “Yes, Davis has been lucky with his gifts. Makes him cocky, thinking he can take anything else he wishes.” She paused before looking back to me. “I believe it was your Sookie who introduced Barry to Davis. Perhaps you will bring her here, to my queendom, so she can find a telepath for my employ.”

No fucking way! Sookie will never set a dainty foot in Oklahoma!

“Have you requested Barry’s services?”

“Davis denied me. Me.” Her eyes looked wild and desperate. “He is planning to take my state. My spies have said so. That is why I need you, Eric. Davis will think twice with having you installed here. Please, you must reconsider my offer. Be my consort!”

I clenched my jaw tight, but before I could decline her demand again, she added. “You can bring your little bonded telepath. She will make a fine addition to my court.”


Freyda’s bared her fangs at me. “Why? Why the fuck not?” She screamed, stomping her biker boot in the floor of the sedan like a toddler. Her shrill voice reverberates around the interior of the car.

Grabbing this miserable bitch by her throat, I squeeze the column of her next hard. My fangs unsheathed and I am barely controlling the urge to tear her arms off. “I have my freedom, with my bonded, in my own territory. I would never choose your gilded cage. You are delusional cunt for thinking a vampire, centuries your senior would be subservient to you.” I seethe in her face.

I throw her against the seat, watching as she covers her neck where I had held her. The fear scribbled across her features in satisfying to see, as the leather of the seat squeaks under her scramble to get away from me. Yes, she should be afraid, especially now that Appius has met the true death and can no longer control me.

The car slows as the driver announces our arrival in a deep voice. “We’re here.”

Stepping out of the car, I breathe in the cool night air. The need to get myself centered so that I may handle Alexi is paramount. I will not allow this wretched baby vampire to throw me off my game. The sedan stopped behind a brand new strip mall, housing expensive boutiques, cafes, and a modern Christian church.

About five hundred feet from me is a group of vampires and weres who had successfully cornered Alexi. My young psychotic brother was swinging a sword wildly, taunting his attackers.

Striding forward into the fray I stop outside the semi-circle of Freyda’s people. This never before met brother of mine, Alexi, is fighting up against a tall concrete wall of the rear of the buildings. Nowhere to run. The young vampire is small in stature, youthful innocent looks, barely thirteen when he was turned. Perhaps ill before his turning. What the fuck was Appius thinking, turning one so frail.



Alexander “Alexi” Romanov


I shudder. I knew all too well what that deviant thought, having lived through exactly what Alexi endured at the hands of our mother fucking maker. The reflection on his metal sword takes me from my darker thoughts. He is fighting off at least eight opponents, his movements with his weapon seem controlled. Not a manic killer who is raining terror across the great state of Oklahoma.

I wonder if he snapped.

Or am I simply witnessing an act?

If Freyda followed me here, I could give a fuck. Perhaps she is still huddled in the car, crying. The thought satisfies me. I normally would not relish in hurting the opposite sex, females need care and respect. But this bitch is the worst of the worst in my estimation. Trying to separate me from my bonded, my children and my business.

Fuck that!

I do not need her to catch a hundred year old vampire. I hope Hades allows Appius to see me end his progeny. I smirk into the black night, hoping he will see my glee.

Alexi barked out a crazy laugh when he finally saw me. “Hello brother.” His voice becoming singsong. Or was that his voice before he hit manhood and became a vampire. Hard to tell at the moment.

I nod toward him, “Alexi. I believe this has gone on long enough. You know why I am here.” I say in my, no bullshit, Sheriff voice.

“To say, thank you.” Alexi smiles wide. “I ended our maker. Me! I would do it again, and again, and again. And again!” He screams out, slashing his sword through the air hitting noting but unneeded oxygen.

“My freedom means more to me than eternal enslavement to that fucking demon!” I stop dead in my tracks from moving closer to Freyda’s fighters. I am still blocked between the vampires and weres to where my brother fights for his undead life. That fucking piece of trash. Of course Appius kept him under lock and key. Just as he did me.

I should have fought, stolen and killed to gain my freedom, only I had not. The repercussions for being caught murdering your maker are steep and I had my own progeny to take care of. I found myself admiring my new brother.

Alexi’s baby blue eyes shifted from mine to something behind me, reaching out his hand too late and shouted, “Eric!”

Silver netting dropped over my head and shoulders, the polished silver wire seared into the flesh of my face and neck, bringing me to my knees. I hissed in pain as I dropped to my stomach in the back alley. The silver cut deep, making me feel every excruciating flick as my captor stretched it tighter around me. Flipping me onto my back.




Freyda’s god awful motorcycle boots enter my vision as blood pours down my face from the open, un-healing cuts. She stands over me, beaming with triumph.

Fucking bitch!

“Don’t slice off his head, fool!” She snaps at the were restraining my cage. She grips her hips as she leers down, I do my best not to writhe in pain in front of her. A growl frees itself from my chest as she speaks again, shaking her head in mock horror.

“Eric, Eric, Eric. I will look forward to breaking you.” Freyda tuts her tongue and then licks her own fang suggestively. Alexi cries out in the distance as her minions capture him too. “You will be my consort.

“Fuck you!” I bark and spit dripping blood at her. Making her jump back. Pussy!

“I already have my people on the way to collect your Sookie. I am sure she will be concerned with your wellbeing. In fact, I wager she would do anything to keep you here, among the undead.” Her wicked fanged smile appears once more. “She will ensure your compliance.”

I growl and snarl below the poisonous silver. Fucking Freyda.

“Think before you act Eric. I can always allow your damaged brother to entertain her when you are not minding my rules. Maybe you would like to watch how Alexi would treat such a sweet smelling fairy?”

Sookie, no! Whatever feelings I had for my brother evaporated with the very real threat that he would drain Sookie without a second thought. I thrash around trying to free myself from the silver. The netting cuts deeper but I do not care. I need to get out of here.

I need to get to Sookie.

I will fly all night at my top speed.

A steal toed boot kicks me repeatedly until I see, what humans call, stars.

She laughed menacingly as her guards began to drag me off, intermittently kicking and stomping on my body. Freyda strolled along has her retinue threw me into a van, followed by Alexi. “I would hate to see my prized telepath damaged. But perhaps in time, you will change your mind about be my willing guest.”

My head hits the steel wheel well with a thud. “I am Regent to de Castro, he will come for you when he learns of this. Mark my words. And when I am free, I will rip you apart.”





I roll my eyes at the beautiful red case of my new android phone.

Thank you Eric!

Sam is unbelievable. Eight texts and two voicemails, all pleading that I try to understand that because he is a shifter he has needs. He has instincts, blah, blah, blah.

I might’ve been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. I get it, it’s disgusting to me, but I get it. Not everyone would be willing to jump in bed with a vampire. I close my eyes and smile thinking about Eric, standing naked before me. Oh my!

Anyway. What really bothers me is that Sam came onto my property to complete his personal business. There are plenty of empty fields in Bon Temps, he could have easily enjoy his nocturnal admissions elsewhere.

I mean, if Sam caught Eric and I having sex on his bar’s pool table, he would blow a gasket. Hmmm, that could be fun, not the Sam catching us part, but Eric and me getting down and dirty in a public place. Maybe I’ll mention it to Eric when he gets back from Oklahoma. And only if the place was closed, I could never do it in front of other people.

I giggle at my naughty thoughts and plug my phone back into the charger. When Eric calls I want to be able to hear his ringtone. “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Pam showed me how to input ringtones, games and other apps. My new little cell phone is so much fun. I even set up Sam’s ringtone as, “Who let the dogs out.” Pam roared with laughter at that. She said I was too much and left to find a meal.

One A.M. and I feel edgy. I miss Eric. Looking back on my phone, I search through my newly made Pinterest boards. These pictures of old ornate doors are amazing. I find some remarkable Celtic ones and I can’t wait to ask Eric what he thinks about them.

I look at the clock again, it’s been less than twenty four hours and I’m lost without him. His kiss, his hands, his mouth. The way he moved over me. Adjusting my thighs wider to meet his thrusts. I moan at the memory. All alone in this big four poster bed, in our very expensive bedroom. The crystal glass fireplace flickers light around the room landing on the empty side of the bed, mocking me.

I shake my head, come on Sookie. Get it together. When Eric calls, I want to try phone sex. How would I do that? Maybe I should touch myself? It’s not like I’ve never done relieved myself, but it’s certainly not a habit of mine. Good girls don’t do that. Do they? Maybe they do, I mean, Eric loves watching me touch myself, phone sex is basically that.

I touch my lips with my fingertips, pulling the plump bottom lip from my teeth. I suck my finger lightly and trail the dampness down to my nipple, circling and teasing. Then pinching, plucking to a hard peak. My hand journeys lower, underneath my panties. Over my mound. I’m wet, just thinking of Eric.

As I rub and circle my taut nub, I think of him watching me. What does he see? What would he think? Does he touch himself too? Before long, I am right on the edge when Pam bursts into the room. I scream startled but before I can speak out she says.

“Sookie, get up. Eric has been imprisoned by that fucking bitch queen!” I jump off the bed, shocked, my previous embarrassment forgotten. Her words sink in and I feel nothing but rage.

“What? How do you know?” I ask terrified, hoping she is overreacting. Pam is many things but a drama queen isn’t one of them.

“I felt his pain and rage through the bond. I was just given confirmation by Stan Davis’ spy in Freyda’s camp. She is forcing his compliance to be her consort with threats to kill and torture us both.”

A spy? I’ll ask later, after we free Eric. “Fuck, Pam! We need to get to him, we can’t leave him there.” Pam looks torn, she must be preoccupied not to comment on me getting myself off.

“No, we must go to a safe house now.” Pam says sharply, her mind made up.

“Not a chance, I’m going after Eric, with or without you. Your choice.” I say, putting my hands on my hips in defiance.

“No fucking way Sookie. As we linger here, Freyda has already dispatched vampires to come and collect us. We need security that Eric’s well known home here does not offer.” Pam thinks she has won, I glare and answer back.

“More vampires coming for us? What else is new?” I smirk a little until I see a twinkle in her eye. “And too fucking bad, I’m going. I’ll call Niall, he can help us.”

“First, He is fairy, and a crazy vampire queen’s palace is no place for him.” Pam says, seeming to get herself under control. She thinks for a minute, “Second, my friend. I will not see you kidnapped again when I have the means to stop it. We have things we can do, but for now, let’s move. I don’t want to be caught with my panties down.”

Pam moved to the closet, grabbing jeans, bra and a bright blue button up. I slip those on and quickly tie a pair of sneakers. I have the feeling the traction is going to be my friend. “We do have allies to call upon,” Pam says, her eyes unseeing of the exquisite large oil painting hanging on the wall. Eric had said that the vibrant colors of the piece reminded him of his human life in what is now Sweden.



Helmer Oslund 1866-1938

It was a beautiful work done by a Swedish painter sometime in the nineteenth century. I remember being captivated by his emotions behind his words as he talked about his human life. I can only hope I get to hear more about it. I will not let him stay a prisoner. No matter what!

“Perhaps if you stayed in the back. The far back. Eric’s punishment will not be my end.” Pam finally concluded her last thoughts. Tough cookie for her.

“We don’t have time to think about punishment, Pam. Think about what will happen if he’s killed?” A sob poured out of my throat, tears threatened at the corners of my eyes at the thought. I willed them away. I needed to be strong and bring my vampire home “Let’s do this, who is our allies? De Castro?”

“He is aware of the situation and is currently organizing a small force, he will not take the theft of his regent lightly. No, I was referring to Stan Davis. Rumor had it he has been looking to take on Oklahoma. This incident has moved up his timetable.”

Incident. Goddamnit! “Where is Eric now, do you know?”

“He has been chained in layers of silver and…currently being tortured.” I could tell she was feeling his emotions still.

“Why can’t I feel him? I should right?” I panicked.

“He closed the bond to you, to save you his pain. I can feel his torment on and off so that I am aware of the situation and can get you out.” Pam replied.

My poor Eric, he should let me feel this. His pain is mine. As if sensing my reaction Pam says. “Sookie, it’s too much for you to handle. He is protecting you. Believe me, he can handle this.” Her face tightens into the vampire warrior I know she is, “You want to see this end, then come with me, now!”

Pam holds out her hand to me, very uncharacteristic for a vampire. I reach out for her palm, clasp it in mine and we make our way out of Eric’s home. Entering her car, we race towards the next step.



A/N: I do hope you are enjoying the ride. I look forward to your comments. 🙂





40 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 11

  1. Wow, poor Eric! Always in the middle of crazy kings and queens who want to screw him or kill him. He just can’t win some days… Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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    1. What I thought was interesting is that Eric had an instinct that this was a trap, but the idea of a crazed vampire killing indiscriminately near his Sookie over road his self preservation. He may be tied down in silver…but reinforcements are on the way. Thanks for reading! 🙂


    1. That is debatable. If you were sick upon your turning and then endured sadistic abuse at the hands of Appius for 100 years…it’s very possible you have some sort of ailment. Working away now. Should be later this week, look for updates…yes, plural. 🙂


  2. That bitch of Freyda must pay for this!
    Poor Eric always in between crazy queens and makers!
    Please Sookie listen to Pam…it’s dangerous to try and free Eric.
    Anxiously waiting for the next update.

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    1. Freyda, does not know what she has done. This is what is so frustrating about the books. Eric is over a thousands years old, nobody but Appius or Russell held a candle to that. Minus Appius evil ways, those vampires are sharp. Freyda is not in any sort of position to demand his “sex boy toy” services. I hate her. And I really hate CH for creating an eternal punishment that we all have to think he is okay with. Bitch please!

      Sookie does heed Pam’s advice especially with kidnappers on their tail, they need to be cautious. Thanks for reading!


  3. Have to admit Freyda isn’t as dumb as she seemed. Of course that means that Eric will enjoy her being ended even more when it comes. Glad that Sookie is listening to Pam instead of trying to rush to save Eric without a plan or back up. I hope you are working furiously to bring us the next chapter so we can get Eric out of those chains and being tortured.

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    1. No, she isn’t. She was trying to play a role she thought Eric would be attracted to. Epic fail! Don’t worry Freyda’s end will be quite satisfying. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  4. Oklahoma is a complete bitch!!! I hope Stan Davis will help them by taking her head, he would certainly be a more pleasant head of that state. Interesting that Alexi seemed to try to warn Eric . . . could this be a plot twist?? I hope so, maybe Alexi is not as crazed and will be helpful instead of a total monster. BTW, where does one find one of these American Android phones, lmao???

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  5. Glad Sookie is listening to Pam right now. Freyda needs to be put down and I think our Viking is going to enjoy doing that very much if he is given the opportunity. Hopefully he gets out of this situation soon! Hoping next update comes quick cause we don’t want to leave him where he is too long, right? Right?

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    1. Freyda is going around pissing off stronger vampires when her own kingdom is not secure. This seems like a big NO NO in any business persons book. You need to kill them with aggressive kindness, not make enemies. Too bad for Freyda that while her focus is on Eric and Sookie, she didn’t watch her 6. 🙂 An update for you, right this way. Give me a few days and no interruptions. 🙂

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  6. I hoped Sookie would be smart enough not to run into Freyda’s trap. It took Pam to stop her and think. It would be nice if Alexei ‘ s craziness was caused by Appius, and he’s able to function now. Your pick to be Alexei is a cutie. Freyda is nuts. First she wants Eric as a consort , now she’s torturing him. I suppose she thinks that will make him willing. A broken man isn’t much use as a consort or a warrior.

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    1. It’s a hard thing to be smart and still want to run to your hurting loved one, no matter the consequence. Pam is guarding Sookie very well right now. Hope she can keep it up. I was looking for a younger actor, but I felt sooooo weird typing young male model. Yuk! 🙂 Freyda has let the power thing run away with her, she has two modes of manipulation: seduction and imprisonment. And neither will get the results she wants with Eric. Thanks for reading!


    1. I wish…microwave fingers. (Which is the stupidest name TB ever thought of) Maybe if she aims them to much at someone, she can kill them. Like a frog in a microwave….or…wait. OMG! Did I just come up with a Kill Bill story? Or did you? When I use this, you get credit. Thank you! 🙂


    1. Alexi was warning Eric of the silver netting, to be honest Alexi is a mystery. His motives and his mental abilities are very unknown. I hope he can carry a sane tune….but we’ll see.


  7. I was worried they would get Sookie and then Eric would do something stupid to protect her. Of course Pam being the bad ass that she is got to her in time. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  8. Looked as though Eric might’ve been able to talk to Alexei, but without warning Freyda with the help of her goons, got him. Sookie is better off staying safe than playing into Freyda and her crazy.

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  9. I had a feeling we hadn’t seen the last of Freyda! Oh she is going to pay big time! Alexei is another character CH pissed me off with – why the fuck would anyone imagine turning that poor, royally entitled kid (and a haemophiliac who’d witnessed attroicities to his family) and subjecting him to Appius for nearly 100 years? Of course he’d be insane and who could blame him?

    Pmsl @ the ring tone – I did love that song too, now I’ll be forever thinking of Sam fucking a dog! OMG my visual automatically went to it being witnessed by Andy – it’s a wonder that poor man didn’t need committing to a mental asylum in True Blood!

    Love this story – I may seriously wound the next person who interupts my reading of it!


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