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Disclaimer: I do not own Southern Vampire Mysteries universe, Charlaine Harris does and opened my eyes to a world and characters I never knew existed. She forever has my thanks. Now, to rearrange the cosmos. No copyright infringement intended.


Chapter 5


How the fuck did this conversation turn on me?

Eric blinked at Sookie’s dispassionate statement. Rage coursed through his veins, shattering his tightly bound control. His instincts were screaming wildly, show her. Show Sookie Stackhouse just what they would mean to each other once she was turned.

Once she was mine!

Didn’t she fucking understand?

The joy Eric had just been feeling a moment ago evaporated with the hope of Sookie’s inevitable surrender. She had consented to being turned, to be his for all time. To be his vampire mate.

Sookie was handing Eric a great gift, one that he would cherish. Pamper and spoil his mate ever more.

Eric didn’t get a chance to savor his victory. The deep gratitude and satisfaction from Sookie’s acceptance of his dominant role in her life was now tainted with a rancid flavor.

Love and romance was bullshit and those trifle flirtations faded quickly over time. Eric had certainly seen that scenario played out in nausea amongst the vermin. In a Vampire’s long existence the same story grows tedious. Eric knew that a lasting relationship of any sort was built on trust, friendship and unwavering loyalty.


How to make Sookie Stackhouse understand his view. This stubborn telepathic beauty with no sense of self-preservation.

Then an imaginary light bulb flashed brightly over Eric’s head.

Fuck him, Sookie had no idea what a Bonded Child even was. Eric had yet another item to go over the details of how different that connection would make their relationship. Perhaps the definition and his expectations would not sound so cold to Sookie after she understood exactly what his wishes were.

And his wishes would be met.

Eric held the power and Sookie was his.


Pushing down that tingle of doubt where his un-beating heart rested in his chest.

What was Sookie Stackhouse turning him into? A weeping, frustrated, impotent vampire? Enough of these pointless games. He was over a thousand years old. No willful human girl would overpower him.

Eric closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Leaning heavily against the doorframe.

Stop this nonsense. Make her understand.

“Sookie, do you know what it means to be a Bonded Child?” Eric asked.

The beautiful telepath shook her head in the negative, never looking up from the spot she found on the carpet. More of her precious tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

The silent crying was killing him. Eric padded back to her at human speed, the last thing he needed was Sookie to be startled from his sudden presence in front of her. She was so small and frail in his enormous bed. In his bed, finally. Right where she was supposed to be.

Her shoulder slumped and head down did nothing but piss Eric off. His Sookie was a fighter, nothing could defeat her. Take her off track? Possibly, it happened in life from time to time. This sadness and resignation needed to end Eric knew there was a fierce lover inside Sookie, waiting to be unleashed.

Poised, he was sure, to strike at him any moment. The idea of her wishing to devour him as much as Eric wanted to consume Sookie was intoxicating.

Eric sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Sookie onto his lap. Sookie didn’t acknowledged his movements or stop him in any way, which pleased Eric more than he wanted to admit. Sookie’s demeanor stayed resigned, heartbroken. Eric ran his fingers through her long flaxen hair to comfort them both as he held her.

Their tie was screaming in pain and the piercing agony of her devastated emotions made Eric hold Sookie a bit more tightly to him. Infusing his strength and concern for her as he hummed and rocked her on the edge of the bed. Sookie allowed a low sob to escape her throat.

“Shh, lover listen to me. Pam is my Child, I turned her. Before I shall turn you, we will be Bonded. It is a connection stronger than a human marriage or human love. We will share blood three times. Which will allow me to feel your emotions more deeply than I do at the moment. I want this, desperately. I have no words to tell you how long I have wished to be this close to you. Bind you to me, my Sookie.

“After the third exchange I will feel every delectable atom within your body clearly, no distance on this Earth will deny me. Nothing and no one can separate a Bonded pair. It is forbidden.” Eric paused to allow his words take his desired effect.

Sookie relaxed against him. He could feel her curiosity and hope bleed through their small tie. Eric would rip apart anyone or anything that dared to interfere with their Bond.

He sent a silent prayer to the gods that any impediment would never be sent in the form of her friends or family, because he would not regret ending any of them. Even at the expense of Sookie’s heart. Their Bond was to be protected above all else.

His Sookie and their connection would be secure until his end, Eric vowed.

“Go on, please.” Sookie encouraged softly, her hot breath burning his cool chest. Her curiosity was singing through the tie to Eric’s delight.

Eric placed a soft, lingering kiss on the top of her head before continuing.

“After the third exchange and we are Bonded. You will feel all of me. My emotions. This may take time for us to learn how to separate our feelings from each other. Our blood within each other will wish to be near it. Being separated will be painful, disorienting in long periods of distance. Which as long as I walk the night will never happen. We will never be apart.”

Eric played with a tendril of Sookie’s blonde hair, the light color was a match for his own. “This is a permanent Sookie. Please understand that no curse, no witchcraft, no being in the vastness of the universe and any other dimensions can break the magic. This Bond will follow us when you become my Child.”

Sookie tilted her head to face Eric, her red-rimmed eyes found his. She chewed on her plump bottom lip, her brow furrowed in confusion. Eric could practically see the question dancing in her eyes. His Sookie was so responsive and he loved that she let her guard down with him.

He knew her usual protocol in a situation like this would be to blank out her expression and seem uninterested. What a splendid Bonded Child she will make, Eric mused.

“Are you saying…” Sookie exhaled, bolstering her courage, “What are you saying?”

Eric shook his head at himself, he was being careless. Sookie had no idea what she meant to him and how could she when he flew off in a frenzy over her passionate declaration of her feelings. Her unbelievable stories of how they loved each other while he was under the curse.

The whole situation seemed surreal. Eric knew this was so out of character for him, he had responsibilities and demands to handle in his world. He could not afford to be prancing around the countryside of Northern Louisiana, a vulnerable fool in love. With a human. A valuable human to his kind’s eyes, but still just a desirable meal to most.

Despite the realist inside of his mind, Eric’s heart would not be denied. Not when it came to Sookie. She was more, so much more to him.

“I am saying, you are my mate. My lover, my first responsibility. There are few Bonded Children in the vampire world. Even fewer vampire pairs that last. In my time I have only met one other couple who had successfully consummated the arrangement I wish to have with you, and they were extraordinary. In perfect sync.”

The pair were certainly a perfect match. One they had worked hard to achieve. Eric knew he faced the same problems with Sookie. Jealous people ruled to destroy love, rivals would spring up to separate them. There was no threat to great to overcome for Sookie and her love.

Sookie’s eyes widened then she spoke in reverence. “Okay, I want that. I think I’ve made that clear. But if I understand you correctly, you want something similar? I mean, you said, mate. Putting me first?” Sookie tilted her head to the side as if considering something she had not before.

“Do you think I would embarrass you in front of other vampires?” Sookie asked innocently.

Eric hesitated a moment caressing Sookie’s neck and shoulder. Then said, “Not intentionally, you are not schooled in all things that our supernatural world expects.”

Sookie stared back, waiting with a calm expression for Eric to continue.

“For instance, disagreeing with me in front of my retinue should be punishable offense. I am the ultimate authority in my Area, and for a human to challenge my authority undermines my rule. Others see or hear rumor of your disrespect, then word spreads that I am ruled by a human. I would not last the month. Fighting, assassination attempts and kidnappings are sure to follow. Not to mention all the political ramifications.” Eric explained.

What Sookie was unaware of is that Eric had allowed her to push him because her fire pleased him. She was his light in the darkness. When an underling had questioned Eric in front of other vampires, Eric had made it clear that discussing his and Sookie Stackhouse’s tenuous relationship was off limits.

His minion left the bar with eight fingers still attached.

“Crap! Eric, I didn’t know! How could I? I had just learned about vampires a few years ago and then meeting Bill… I would never knowingly cause this fuss in your life.” She hung her head, hoping to hide the defeat in her eyes before he could see.

“Maybe…we were never meant to be, Eric. The way I’ve been with you may have already sent trouble your way from before…when you were cursed. But after…oh God!” Sookie gasped.

Eric rubbed his thumbs over the apples of her cheeks to soothe her worry. Eric’s undead heart warmed, he was her protector. She did not need fret over a possible threat to him.

Sookie kept her eyes down and for now Eric allowed her that small moment to collect herself. His fingers moved over her soft damp skin, massaging her neck. Running through her long hair and down her arms. Eric loved touching her and enjoyed that his touch did not repulse her. Sookie gave more of herself to him by allowing his hands to roam her body.

“No, like you said. You had no idea how your actions would affect me and mine. In fact, it bodes well for me that you belonged to Compton at the time.” Eric gritted his teeth a moment. Those words hurt, but they needed to be said to show Sookie her worry was unfounded.

“Since I have yet to make my claim on you formally known, we can start fresh. Set the standard if you will. I will teach you how we will act in front of other vampires and Supes. Sookie.” Eric tilted her head up gently using his index and middle finger. Waiting another moment before her beautiful blues found his.

Smiling, Eris said, “That’s better. In private, we can be ourselves. Relaxed, speaking plainly. Loving each other any way we wish. I will love your body and mind as no other ever could.” Eric declared.

Sookie blinked, her eyes watering. A soft grin turned the corners of her mouth up to match Eric’s smile.

“Is this a better definition for you, my Lover? Do you understand what I require, what I need from you?” Eric had no idea what else he could say to Sookie. Her smile was enough to gut him, she was so beautiful.

If she refused him, was he willing to force her into his compliance?

It depressed Eric to think of caging such a creature as Sookie Stackhouse. Eric had laid himself bare, in a way he never needed to before now.

To anyone.

Not even Pam.

Sookie was different. Unique and lovable. A warrior and still endlessly tender-hearted, in a world that was hard pressed to snuff out any courage that the act of being sweet took to reveal.

If their time together had softened her toward him at all. Well, it would only made his victory of winning Sookie’s heart all the more sweet. Not that Eric was ready to admit that part to her, not yet.

“Yeah, I get it,” Sookie sighed in resignation.

Eric was wary, a Viking Prince of over a thousand years and for the first time he was truly frightened of Sookie’s answer.

“We are beginning at two very different starting lines. I want something you can’t possibly give me right now. Your heart. And someday I hope you will want mine.” Sookie grinned a little more.

“If I understand you Eric, it sounds like you will be able to give me things I do want. One day. I can be patient with your pigheadedness.” Sookie’s smile rivaled the sun itself. Blinding Eric in its radiance.

Eric had seen that terrible fireball in over a millennia, but Sookie infected his mind with warmth and love that threatened to break his very carefully controlled world. He could not let her split his focus, not yet.

His eyes narrowed at Sookie as her giggle turned into laughter. Eric did not find this amusing in the least.

“I will not be made a fool Sookie. The risk to our lives is at stake. Tell me you understand that.” Eric pressed.

Sookie’s eyes twinkled in mischief before turning big and doe-like.

“Yes, of course, Eric,” She answered in a sweet tone.

“My Lover is playing with fire.” Eric accused. Gods in Valhalla she was magnificent. Eric could not wait to share his blood with her. To have her drink from him while they made love.

Fucked, while they fucked.

Eric needed to gain control Sookie. The faster he was able to get a handle on her, and himself, the better.

Sookie leaned up and whispered in Eric’s ear, her words sent his mind into a tailspin.

“I love fire. It’s you, my vampire who can’t handle it.” Sookie teased, using the tip of her tongue to lick over his earlobe before biting down hard on the pad.







20 thoughts on “A Brush with Death-Chapter 5

  1. Eric, in his eagerness to dominate, can lose sight of the main goal, believe it safe and in his hands at all times.

    All is earned in this life, if you have the will, patience and dedication needed to achieve it and, once won, that will not lose, dedication and patience to keep it.


  2. That went better than expected I think. Sookie is smart enough to understand that his feelings are still there somewhere and when his memories come back, he’s going to be shocked isn’t he?


  3. Very nice. Any relationship needs work from both participants if it is to survive. A relationship like Eric is talking about must have tremendous commitment, or the participants would be miserable.


  4. Glad to see another chapter of this story one of my favorites Eric don’t know what he’s getting himself into with Sookie happy they coming to an understanding though hope next post is soon.


  5. Yay! Another chapter. It’s been so long since the last one I had to re-read the whole story (poor me…lol!) to refresh my memory. I loved it. I’m glad to see them coming to a little bit of agreement. Still, I hope Eric can bend a little more and see things from Sookie’s point of view a little better. Where they are now still leaves a lot of room for misunderstandings and problems. I think he’s going quite shocked when his memories come back. Can’t wait for the next chapter!


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