I must send major props and a virtual fist bump to my amazing BETA for the work she does with the mess I hand her. Thank you MySecretO, you are fabulous! This is a super-sized chapter containing well, just crazy violence. I like a tiny bit of angst but believe me when I say this will end well for Sookie and Eric. Don’t cover your eyes for everything. Or do. See you at the end. 😉



Startled from her off tune humming, Sookie whirls around to see Bill’s face illuminated by her bedroom light.

Bill, I should have known. Sookie kept her eye roll internal.

“May I talk to you?” Bill pleads.

“Why are you at my window at midnight?” Sookie said with obvious distaste. We broke up so long ago, I only look at him now as an uninvited stranger. It may seem cold but I don’t want to see my ex every night or every week. We broke up, that’s it. Why does he always seem to be around?

“I didn’t have time to call on you properly at the door, I think someone is watching you.” Bill all but spat out looking intently at her face.

“Do you mean, you?” She asked crossing her arms over her chest. I swear this is ridiculous! Why do I have feeling that Bill is just trying to stir up drama to get me to be with him again? Hmm.

His expression changed from urgency to shock. “Do you think I have ever stopped loving you? That I care not what happens to you. I vowed I would do all I could to protect you, even upon laying down my own existence.” Hurt manifested deeply in the lines around Bill’s mouth.

I want to believe him. It sounds like a heartfelt declaration. However, my gut says there is something amiss with Bill tonight.

Sookie sighed and said, “All right, I’m sorry for snapping at you. Who do you think is watching me?”


A chill ran through Sookie. God, not again. But of course again, they will never stop. I am of Niall’s line after all. I need to come to grips with my life. More importantly I need to talk to Eric about the reality that another Fae clan is hunting down hybrids. Eric will know what to do. She smiled thinking about her strong level-headed Viking.

“Sookie, I need to come in and protect you.”

No fucking way. “I can protect myself thank you very much. I took care of a fairy not long ago all on my own.” She squared her shoulders, pride flowing through her limbs. Sookie frowns while she’s thinking, “Have you told Eric that you think a fairy is watching me?”

Bill stepped back, disgust on his face. “Why would I?”

“He is your Sheriff. If there is anything supernatural going on, isn’t he the first person you should contact?” Now I know he is up to something.

“There was not enough time tonight. I was frantic to find you home, safe. I am thankful to find you unharmed, sweetheart.” A small smile appeared on his face causing his sideburns to rise slightly.

Did I really find this attractive? Or did Gran? Ew, I don’t want to think about Gran pushing me into Bill’s arms because she thought he was the cream of the crop. Just Ew! “I am not your sweetheart, Bill.” This conversation is getting old. Sookie scrubbed her hand over her face.

“Look, I appreciate you lookin’ out for me. But it is no longer your responsibility, it hasn’t been for a long time. You should hear this from me, I am Eric’s.” A low growl vibrated through the window but Sookie ignored the display. “Please go and find someone else or something other than me to make you happy. I truly want what I have with Eric for you.” She genially smiled at Bill. He moved back from the house a few feet. All she could see of him through the screen was an outline of his upper body. She walked toward the screen to try and see him better.

“Bill, let’s call Eric right now. He will handle this and you can go and enjoy your night. I know he would appreciate your loyalty when it comes to me.”

He didn’t say a word, and the inky darkness made it impossible for her to extract any kind of expression. Suddenly he was gone. Blinking, Sookie attempted to adjust her eyes to the darkness, scanning the tree line for his silhouette. A chill seeped through the window, covering her skin with goose bumps. She shut the glass panel. Weird, this whole thing with Bill is just plain creepy. I need to call Eric.

Without warning, a dull slicing sensation attacked her chest and she had to grab the windowsill to keep upright.

“Eric,” Sookie breathed. I want to reach out and soothe him, he needs me I need to get to him. What happened? Have the fairies gone for him instead of me? Oh God, I put him in danger!

The pain ended as quickly as it began but adrenaline pumped through Sookie. She spun around and dashed down the hall, stopping in the entryway to grab her phone and keys. I’ll call him on the way. I need to hear his voice, make sure he is okay.

She stumbled down the porch and sprinted for her car.

Get to Eric, now. He needs me. The mantra played though her head and she enthusiastically nodded along. Pain struck again, although that time it felt like her forearms were burning. Burning! What is happening to my sweet Viking?

She stopped mid step, and fell to her knees. Excruciating pain ripped through her. “Eric!” she screamed. Calm, I need to calm down. I can’t help him if I focus on his pain. Get to the car, get to Eric, he’ll be safe.

Sookie took a deep breath and closed her eyes. After a moment she saw in her mind a golden rope, with angry red streaks trying to snake around the beautiful cord and strangle it. Oh my, is this our bond? I never imagined I could see our bond. It seems to be asking for something. Help. But how?

She visualized a cool blue cable to soothe and cover the golden rope. The red snarls started to turn a dark shade of purple under the cerulean cover and then faded away to nothing. The golden rope became clean and bright to behold. Shining like the sun and just as happy to play again. Blue and gold intertwined, neither losing their brilliance.

That’s better. She could feel Eric regain his strength once more.

Sookie took a deep breath. How long have I been kneeling here, in the crisp cool grass? It must’ve been awhile because the moisture had soaked through her leggings on her knees and shins. The burning sensation finally lifted and relief spread through her. Oh baby, you have so much to explain once I make sure you are okay. It took another moment but she moved a shaky leg up to stand and continued the last few feet to her car.

Sookie grabbed the car door handle and could feel a presence behind her too late. Pain split through her skull and that’s the last she knew.



I cannot wait to see my Sookie, I feel her apprehension and love through the bond. She is clawing to get to me, I can feel her resolve. I need to assure her that all is well and then I will ravish her. Yes, right here in my office. I have fantasies about bending her over my desk and pumping her sweet ass from behind. That thought brings Eric’s cock to life and straining against his fly. Or perhaps my feisty fairy will suck my cock into her hot little mouth while I sit on the leather couch. Bobbing her head and sucking me off until I cannot hold back coming down her warm throat. He rubbed his cock through his jeans.

Yes, I have much to celebrate. The woman I love at my side, my loyal child happily enjoying her un-death and my greatest enemy and maker dead and gone. Eric smiled broadly feeling lighter than the air his Sookie breathes. When he picked up his cell to call his lover, he heard a pop.

A delicious smell flooded the office and Eric’s fangs snapped down before he looked up from his phone.

“Northman! Sookie is being taken!” Niall said.

Fighting the urge to rip Brigant apart, Eric processed the words and started to seethe. The enchanting fragrance dissolved and Eric was able to respond without lunging for the royal Fae.

“Who is taking her? I don’t feel her distress through the bond.” He searched their bond, finding excitement and longing … but not danger. I felt an immense peace coat the bond while my maker was burned from my blood and then again when the silver scorched into my flesh. Where did that come from? Normally that calm can only be sent by a vampire. Is it possible that Sookie can send me emotions as well? Eric’s stare had not wavered from the old fairy.

“My enemies have found her and are working with Compton to bring her through a portal. If we do not make haste, your bond will be closed and we will lose her trail.” Fear gripped Niall’s features as he pleaded.

“Sookie is mine. I will kill whoever stands in my way to my Bonded!” Eric barked.

Twice tonight, someone has tried to get between us. First Victor now Compton. I have been too lenient with my punishments to let this disrespect stand. I need to get to Sookie. She will not be safe until I have her in my arms.

Pam crashed through the door, “Eric! Victor has been working with Bill to capture Sookie. He doesn’t know how Bill will do it, but Victor wants to breed her. He is planning a coup against the king!” Her nostrils flared toward Brigant but luckily the mouthwatering aroma had dissipated completely.

Eric closes his eyes. What the fuck is happening! I have not needed to kill so many people in one night in a long time. I will bathe in Victor and Compton’s blood before this night is over. I’ll enjoy every agony I force upon them until they beg for the true death.

Eric took a deep unnecessary breath. Sookie needs me and this is no time to indulge my blood lust. Not yet.

“Pam, call DeCastro. Tell him of Victor’s plans. He is actively trying to break up a bonded pair under the king’s watch, and unless DeCastro is also in on the plot he will demand action. The council will not stand for it and by rights his death is mine.” Eric growled. “Inform the king as well about Compton’s duplicity and that I will also be collecting his head.”

“Not so fast Northman, Compton belongs to me.” Brigant’s gaze is as cold as steel, the air chilled around them.

Eric matched his glare while he and Pam bares their fangs.

“He tricked my beloved great-granddaughter of her virtue. I know she would have only bestowed that gift to her bonded had Compton not mislead her. By rights, his blood is mine to spill.”

Eric scowls intensely for a moment, his eyes glaze over while thinking, I have wanted to dismember Bill for years. He took my beloved’s very freedom away by influencing her heart against me and keeping her ignorant, but I am not sure how Sookie would respond if I murdered her first love and I am now thankful not to find out.

He nodded slightly to Brigant, “Very well.”

A stinging pain struck the back of Eric’s head, and Sookie’s side of the bond stopped humming. She has been knocked out. I need to act before she is taken to dimensions unknown. My lover needs me.

“Sookie.” Eric moans. “Brigant take me to her, now!”






Sookie reached out through the bond for him. She kept her eyes closed so that whoever had kidnapped her would not be alerted to the fact that she was coming around. Her head felt like a semi-truck had parked on it overnight, attempting to push past the pain she searched to feel the bond. It’s there, but quiet. A tiny flicker beats through and then the golden blue cord is silent once more.

Can Eric feel me? Where am I?

“Look who’s up.” A shrill female voice disrupted Sookie’s slurred thoughts. “Open your eyes mongrel, I want you to see this.”

Light filters through Sookie’s eyelashes as she blinked at the woman in front of her. Well, not woman, fairy. She glanced around, finding herself in a beat to hell shed. The concrete floor has been cracked with weeds breaking through. She shivered, trying to warm the ice cold air around her.

The fairy woman had rust colored cropped hair revealing pointed ears and a set of sharp teeth, which would put a great white shark to shame. Her smile widened showing off dark red stains around her gums and teeth. Her eyes are so dark brown that they appear black and full of menace.

Fear shot down Sookie’s spine. I’m in big trouble. The woman reached forward, grabbing Sookie’s hair to lift her head while the other hand smacked her hard across the face. Sookie’s head whipped around as the fairy threw her back to the cold floor.

“Thank you for being so stupid, it was easier to catch you. I’m surprised that you did not die long ago.” The hateful fairy laughed. “I hate to tell you this, whore, but you should have listened to the vampire. He may have been able to fight for you. Now he will just have to negotiate for the pieces that are left of you.”

Sookie whimpered, the pain to her head feels like a nest of hornets just had a rock thrown at them. Eric knows I’m here? Thank you God!

Relief runs through her as she thinks about the Viking she loves. So in love with him. Will I ever get the chance to tell him? She thought back to just a few hours ago, safe and warm in Eric’s arms, but she didn’t get the chance to say the words. Truthfully, she hadn’t been sure she would get the chance to make things right between them in the first place. But Eric had put her fears to rest. Sookie had planned on telling him exactly how she felt when she returned with her things. Sookie is thrilled to get her chance but keeps her poker face of pain visible to the enemy fairies.

Two fingers swiped across her jaw, startling Sookie. She opened her eyes to see another fairy lick her blood off his fingers.

“Hm, better than I would have thought.” He looked to the female fairy and then trained his gaze back to Sookie. “More than just a mutt, you have the spark.” Mischief speckled through his eyes as he sniffed, looking over Sookie’s body. “You do have other qualities we can amuse ourselves with. Maybe screams will encourage him, I hate waiting.”

The fairy seized Sookie’s leg, swinging her around until she landed face down on her stomach. Twisting her head to the side, she keeps her eyes focused on the male fairy as best she can in her position. The Fae monster drew a dagger from his belt and sliced off her leggings in quick moves.

Fear forced Sookie into silence as he wedged himself between her open legs. He sniffed the air again. “I can smell that you were taken tonight. Let’s see what we can do to erase his claim.”

Panic sent Sookie into complete chaos as she tried to turn and kick and claw at her attacker. He lunged forward pinning her flat on the floor, legs spread. Sookie’s head tilted up and slightly to the right, the dagger now at her throat.

“This will not be pleasant for you,” he hissed into Sookie’s ear. “However, my sister will watch as I take you and maybe if you do not fight I will leave you mostly unscathed.”

Sookie could feel his excitement poking the back of her leg. She couldn’t take it anymore, and vomited all over the floor.

The fairy got off of her, disgust clearly in his voice, he said. “This is why you humans should be left to your world. Can’t even handle a little fun.” He chuckled and kicked Sookie in the belly. She cried out, tears falling off her checks. She curled into a ball trying to cover up the best she could.

“What are you doing?” Bill asked as he entered the room, a careful frown in place. He made his way toward Sookie and looked down at her. Bill’s fangs snapped down the moment he noticed her shaking on the floor, covered with blood and half naked. “This is not what we discussed, Neave.”

Bill? How did he find me? How is he here when Eric is not? Maybe Eric really didn’t mean to keep me as he proclaimed a few hours ago. Utter despair started to take root inside of Sookie’s heart. No, no! Eric wouldn’t lie to me. No way would he not go searching under every rock to find me. Hope bloomed again but the bond remained silent. Sookie makes her way toward the closest wall for some protection.

“What we discussed was not entirely our plan vampire.” Neave answered, “We only need this mutt as a temporarily bargaining chip with the Prince. Once paid we will dispose of her just like we will you. But thanks for luring her to us, made it so much simpler.” She smiled at Bill showing rows of jagged teeth.

The male fairy started growling next to Neave looking toward Bill. “I hate vampires, prepare to meet your maker Compton.” With that, the male fairy disappeared from his place next to Neave and popped up behind Bill with a silver chainmail sack. He dropped it over Bill’s head then cinched it up with a rope to hold it in place against his neck.

Bill screamed in misery, gray smoke rising through the silver cover as the stench of burnt hair and skin permeated the room. Sookie had to cover her face before she threw up again. Bill betrayed me, again. I wish I had never met him. God only knows what he was thinking when he planned this. Why did he turn me over to these freaks? To get me to love him again? Trust him again? Whatever remaining affection I have for Bill just went up in smoke.

Sookie thought too soon. She still had her face covered, cowering on the floor when a new set of sounds erupted from Bill erupt. She pulled her hands down and watching in horror as the two fairies silvered his feet to a wooden post. He hung upside down like a grotesque piñata waiting to be struck. The fairies took delight in slicing his clothes off. Once nude they start to sculpt him with their blades like a woodcarving. They stop at different intervals when his screams were the highest, pausing to growl, kiss, and touch each other.

I don’t want to be here. I need to get out of here while they are distracted. Sookie looked around from her position near the wall to see a few closed broken windows and a set of barn doors ajar. The door was close enough that she could see a way out. She started to crawl, stopping every so often to look behind her. The fairies were having sex in Bill’s blood on the floor. Don’t look, keep going. Almost there.

Before she made the big push for the opening, Sookie faced back to the fairies again to make sure their attention is still on Bill or each other. A burst of freezing night air rushed behind her as the barn doors flew open. Sookie gasped and turns her attention back toward the entrance to see an enraged Eric looking at her. His fangs on full display, eyes nearly dilated to black, and his hands bent into claws set to destroy. Niall steps to his side with his dagger in one hand and a glowing ball of light in the other.

“Stay down!” Eric roared at Sookie before turning his attention to the fornicating fairies and then he ripped through the room.


YAY! Eric has arrived! I love it when he is in full warrior mode. Something to look forward to next time. I will update soon. Thanks for reading! 🙂




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  1. hmmm I’m going to assume that Niall went to get Eric since he wouldn’t be strong enough to do it alone? Meh whatever. So long as Scumbill dies. that’s what is important….and Neave….and Lochlan…..and Tricky Vicky…… and FdC if he had any knowledge of it.

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  2. Gosh what a great cliffie ! Now I’m anxious for more…hopefully there will an update soon! So glad Sookie realized that Bill betrayed her again .. so when Naill kills him there will no regrets!. Naill and Eric working together that ‘s nice… Take care

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    1. I am putting the next few chapters together now and you will get your update soon. 🙂 Sookie keeping a traitor around is problem one in my book. Niall and Eric are a power duo, wish CH had used them more in her series. Thanks for reviewing!

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    1. Thank you! Sookie felt a blip in the bond. I believe that was Eric trying to let her know he was on the way or close. This chapter was hard to write, I didn’t want Sookie to be tortured but she needed to be there long enough to see Bill’s actions. I think Sookie forgave him time and again too easily but never showed the same forgiveness to Eric for a far lesser transaction. Infuriating! Anyway. ..:) Thanks you for the banner and the review!

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      1. I never understood how she could forgive everyone but Eric. He paid for everyone else’s mistakes and I hate that. I’m glad Sookie knows about Bill.

        I’m glad you like the banner. 🙂

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  3. Great chapter! Thank God your Sookie doesn’t trust Scumbill. I never understood how, in the books, she could just forgive him for everything and go on like it’s all peachy. Sounds like Victor is gonna get his for messing with the bonded couple, gotta love that 😀 I’m really digging Eric and Niall is ass-kicking mode! Can’t wait for the next update!

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    1. Thank you! I’m super thrilled that you like my take on DAG. I’m right there with you about Bill, once your my ex you are out of my life. Oh, and you violate me further by raping me? Fuck you and the stagecoach you rode in on! Lol! We all adore Eric and Pam as the dynamic duo but I couldn’t shake that Niall and Eric would be an interesting team! They both love Sookie in a way family and husbands should. Yay team Sookie! With that in mind the next chapter will be right up your alley. Thanks for reviewing! 🙂


    1. You said it. Sookie needs to see the real Bill that manipulates to get anything he wants regardless of who he hurts. Not a high thinking strategist like Eric. That shit will all catch up to Bill…soon. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing, I’m so happy you like my story!

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  5. Eric and great-great-grand pops together to the kill and rescue!
    Yeah! I’m totally not big on long and heavy angst either. But I wouldn’t mind a heap of torture and angst for Bill, the king of Creeps. All the stories I’ve ever read where Bill gets his comeuppance, he was ended wa-a-a-y to quick. The only story I thought that did justice to all that he’s done was “Immortal Beloved”–where he gets carted off to Faery and gets to be tortured for many centuries to come– by the evil twins, Loxxy and Neavy. Oh, the irony.
    I’m really looking forward to next chapter. Personally, I’m loving your more mature & straight-forward Sookie. And Eric? I’d love him anyway I can get him.

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    1. King of creeps, ha! I love that. Well let me say Bill gets his but becuase I adore Eric and Sookie the most they get most of the airspace. 🙂 Bill certainly gets his by someone who will enjoy dishing it out but you will have to wait and see. I’m glad you enjoy my Sookie, I love writing a girl who is mature in spit of or because of the things she went through. Ialso really wanted to show care for Eric as well. I adore the Viking like an red blooded woman but in my opinion CH keeps him in shackles. We only get glimpses of who he really is. Thank god for ff! Thank you for reviewing! Your comments bring a smile to my face. 🙂


  6. What a busy night they both have had. The good bit was the bonding. Then, attempts to end, enslave them plus Victor’s plot to overthrow the King. Busy. Busy. Busy. Glad Eric has arrived to save Sookie before she is injured further. Nice writing BTW. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it became an extremely eventful night. Lol! Kidnapping, torture, coupes and of course love. Believe me the night is almost over but not without a healthy dose of love and lemons. Thank you for reviewing! 🙂


  7. damn, i missed some updates, crapola…. this was a great chapter, Billy boy is such an idiot. but i am glad Eric is there instead of Bill . I hated that part in the books. lets see if Felipe sides with our bonded pair or with Victor. KY

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  8. No worries, thanks to some amazing patience by Gyllene and MySecretO, as well as slapping myself on the head, I’m learning WordPress. More updates to come!
    I loathed the part where Bill shows to rescue Sookie and not Eric. I always justified the psycho stalker ex that he became but I HAD to change it. Made no sense but that’s CH for you. I took a bitchy pill this morning 😉
    Thank you for reviewing!


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    1. Thank you! I loathe Appius! I always knew he needed to die but I really didn’t want to write an interaction between him and Eric, or Sookie. Even though it was awful that Sookie was taken. I always knew Eric and Niall would work together to save her. He’s a thousand year old Viking with a fairy Prince in-law. People should fear him! 🙂 Thank you for reading I’m so happy you like my story. Have a great day!


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