Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood or the book series it’s based off of, The Sookie Stackhouse novels. The Southern Vampire Mysteries. However, this story idea is all MINE!


“So sweet, my Sookie.” Eric licked at the trickled blood on my throat. The aftershocks of the orgasm were making my thighs weaker until they finally gave out and sank further into Eric’s embrace. He groaned deep in his chest as I pressed my throbbing center more firmly against his cock.

Oh, it felt good. Real, good.

However, I was not about to lose my virginity in the front seat of a car, on the very first night I met my Eric.

My Eric?

Hmm, I really liked that.

No, I was going to be a lady and give it at least twenty four hours before I handed over my innocence to him. I giggled my ridicules musings.

“Something funny lover?” Eric nuzzled my ear.

“I think I’m overwhelmed.” I laughed again. I felt free. Happy and yet wanting to discover more. “I didn’t expect to-to like it. I didn’t know what I was missing. Well, I mean it’s not like I had the opportunity.”

“Do you mean my bite or are you talking about your magnificent release?” Eric questioned. His voice strained with uncertainty.

I pulled back to gaze into his blue whirlpool eyes. “I think, all of the above.” I smiled sincerely. “If I am not careful I could lose myself in you.” I leaned off of his erection an inch to which he immediately groaned out his disapproval.

“Look here now, we are not making love in your fancy car. I have some standards.” I smirked at him so that he knew I wasn’t totally against the idea. Just not my very first time. I wouldn’t be like Arlene and Dawn. I wanted something better than a quick, “wham bam thank you ma’am”.

Although with Eric I had the feeling he would spend hours loving me, to which afterwards I would have issues walking.

Eric’s expression morphed into a thoughtful look, his brows furrowed into little kissable creases. “Yes, you will not surrender your maidenhood to me here. Tonight.” It was my turn to frown. Did he not want me?

The corners of Eric’s mouth raised into a genuine smile. “But very soon, in the right place. In the right time, I will make you mine. Completely.” He sucked his fingers into his mouth, I realized he was tasting me on them when he hummed his approval. His thumb then reached over and stroked softly over my lower lip before Eric cupped the back of my neck and kissed me tenderly.

Possessively, I thought. And I liked it. God help me, I might have loved it.

When he pulled back from the kiss, I whimpered a bit at being stopped. Eric chuckled. I could kiss him all night.

“Come, my lover. Let me get you home at what you would call a reasonable hour. I wish to make the acquaintance of your Gran.” I moved back over to the passenger seat and buckled up. Eric started his elegant car once more and away we rode into the night.


It was just after eleven PM when we arrived at my farmhouse. Not really too late for Gran, but close. I knew she would be up reading a well-worn romance novel in bed. The light through the lace curtains upstairs proved how well I knew my Gran’s habits. She would be waiting patiently with Tina until she heard me slip in through the squeaky screen door and knock on her bedroom door to say good night. But not a moment of actual bedtime ritual would begin before she heard all the juicy details of the evening.


My Gran was one who wanted to be in the know and she usually got her wishes met. Although, tonight would roll out a little differently. I’m sure the last thing she expects is that I come home with Eric and not Bill.

Eric parked next to my car. Yes, she was a faded yellow and showing her age with some rust. But I thought she had character, the vehicle was the best I could afford and I took care of it the best way I knew how. Same as my home, it may have looked a tad run down. The once white paint was now distressed and peeling off the wood siding. A few mismatched boards on the porch marked where I had repaired the broken planks. It was a home, our home.


Gran taught me how to stand on my own two feet without accepting any assistance. Not that we had any offers for assistance, that became even more true once Jason moved out to our parents’ house and stopped doing any chores here. Not that I would have asked him, I am perfectly able to care for Gran and our home. Thank you very much!

I must have been lost in my thought too long because the next blink and Eric’s pretty Corvette was avoiding potholes on the way to the front porch. Eric parked and zipped around to the passenger side of the car to help me out. What a gentleman.

Taking his offered considerably cooler hand and rose from the low leather seat. He tugged me forward with a playful growl, crashing me square against his chest as he wrapped his free arm around me. “You have a charming home.” He spoke not turning to see the farmhouse.

I smiled at the compliment meant for me and not my old homestead. “Thank you. I would invite you in but I’m not sure my Gran is awake enough to entertain.” Also, if I invite Eric in and she is not decent it will be weeks until I stop hearing about it. I giggled to myself.

Eric smirked and opened his mouth to reply when we both heard the screen door squeak open. Eric looked less startled by the noise. He must have heard her. Vampire hearing must be something of a power. I should have had my shields down so I could’ve anticipated her snooping. Gran stood in her nightgown, one foot outside the front door.

“Sookie? Is that you darling?” Gran called.

Squeezing Eric’s hand I grinned and dragged him up the steps of the porch. “Yeah, Gran it’s me and…Eric.” Might as well get the introductions in now. She stepped out of the house and into the cool night. Her pale blue robe wrapped tightly around her. Gran’s eyes widened taking in the large man next to me.

“Oh, hello. I wasn’t expecting company.” She put her hand on her check as if remembering she had already washed off the make-up she wore.

“My apologies Mrs. Stackhouse. I realize the hour is late, but I would be remiss in my duties to not see your granddaughter home safely.” Eric spoke gently Gran and then turned to me. Bringing our still clasp hands to his lips and laid his soft lips to my hand. I blushed and felt goosebumps tingle up my neck from the contact.

“Well, thank you Eric-.”

“Eric Northman, Mrs. Stackhouse.” Gran had held her hand out to shake Eric’s but instead of shaking it, he leaned down and placed a quick kiss against her hand. My Gran blushed, as well. A true rose tinted blush and giggled as she pulled her hand away.

Glad it wasn’t just me.

“Oh, well. The pleasure is mine. And please, call me Adele.” I swear my Gran’s deep blue eyes twinkled in delight.

Turing back to me Gran asked the million dollar question. “Did Bill not offer to escort you back? I’ll tan his hide next time I see him.”

Eric laughed. I’m sure the thought of my elderly Gran chasing a vampire of over one hundred and fifty years in age would be quite amusing to anyone watchin’.

“Bill is another reason I am here this evening.” Eric looked around and sniffed the air very subtly. “May we continue this conversation inside? Away from any prying eyes.”

Prying eyes? What was he talking about? I opened my shields which was easier now as I kept my fingers locked with Eric’s. It was the first time I realized I had complete control over my telepathy. This curse always seemed to weigh me down, pull me where it wanted to go.

But not tonight.

All I had needed was a vampire, who knew?

Gran looked at me and then back to Eric. “Why, yes of course. Where are my manors, please follow me.” She slipped back inside as Eric gestured for me to go follow.

“Won’t you please come in Mr. Northman?” I whispered and then placed a light kiss on his cheek. The stubble was soft on my lips, making me want to lick it. I refrained, just barely.

“Thank you, my little vixen.” Eric laughed as he stepped into the foyer. Gran gestured for us to sit in the living room and asked if I would get any refreshments. Since I knew we didn’t have True Blood in the house, I asked Eric if he needed anything else. He declined the offer. I would need to pick up a case after my shift tomorrow. After retrieving some ice water for Gran and myself I sat next to Eric on the flowered couch.

“Bill is a threat to Sookie.” Eric spoke with complete seriousness that scared me worse than when I heard Bill making claims about my belonging to him. “I am the Sheriff to my kind in the territory known as Northern Louisiana. Bill is a spy for the Queen. He intends to collect Sookie for her Majesty’s needs.”

My blood chilled. What would a Queen really want with me? I knew of course and it scared the life right out of me. Eric wrapped his arm around my shoulders and curled me to him. Gran was very calm. Not that her behavior was out of character, she was always the best person to have in a crisis.

“I see, and what are planning to do?” Gran asked.

“I will claim Sookie as mine. In vampire society, it means that another can not take her from me. Even one who is more powerful than I. This is not a fool-proof plan, I can be summoned to relinquish Sookie or she may still be called upon to offer her telepathy in assistance to the Queen.” He looked at me. “I will never give you up.” His ice blues stared down at me in utter sincerity.

“I’m glad.” I whispered and kissed him.

“Sookie will become my bonded.” Eric paused seeming to look for the next words. “In human terms, she would be my woman. My betrothed.”

Like, to be married?

Eric turned to see me straighten my back against his words. He rubbed slow circles into my back, his eyes never leaving mine. “Then I will Pledge to her.”

“Pledge?” I asked.

A slow smile appeared, “Make you my wife.”

My mouth hung open. It was eleven thirty on a Saturday night. I met Eric less than three hours ago and now he wants to get married. No wait, he just told Gran he wants to marry me.

What is happening?

This is too much, too fast. I, Sookie Stackhouse went from two horrible dates in the last ten years to a lifetime commitment. I am not normal. The realization that normal will never happen for me is a bitter pill to swallow.



Okay dokey, I was over the moon to finally feel the pull to another person, to Eric. I want to explore those feelings with Eric, slowly. Why does he have to jump to…til death do you part.

Wait! Oh my God, how old is Eric? I will be long dead before this is all over. And then what for him? Pledge to another girl? No. He’s mine!

Yeah, he’s mine. Maybe we could work it out. Could I love him? Probably, look at the strong feeling of ownership I just exhibited. We could be happy, together.

Would he want to make me vampire? Would I want that? I-I don’t know. I love sunbathing and what about Gran. Who would care for her? She is not getting any younger.

Pull it together Sookie, Gran wants you happy, she was just telling you that the other day. She knows about my curse and the fact that I will never have a normal future. This may be my chance at love. That feels right, something deep down clicks as I stare into Eric’s searching face.

Put him out of his misery, Sookie. The poor vampire is freaking out that you have yet to say a word.

I laugh and grab his face with both hands. “You want to marry me?”

“Yes, more with each passing moment.” He is so close but does not kiss me yet. I think he is waiting for me to make the first move of acceptance.

“Okay, but can we take some time to get to know each other before that part? The Pledge thing. This is really fast for me.”

“Agreed as long as other outside forces do not push our hand.” Eric looks thoughtful and then adds. “Being bonded should keep the Queen and any others at bay.”

I kiss him then, reminding myself not to give Gran a heart attack and keep it PG. “Then yes, I will bond with you. What is that exactly? Do we get glued at the hip?”

Eric chuckles, “No dear one. We will share blood. This allows me to feel you, your location and eventually you will be able to know the same truths of me.”

Whoa, that is a lot more than, til death parts us. Oh my, what will Pledging be like? More intense maybe.

I take a moment to look to Gran. She is stone still watching us, but not. Her grow is furrowed. I almost dip into her thoughts when she breaks the silence.

“Do you plan on turning Sookie into a vampire?” Gran eyebrows pop in question.

“One day, yes. Our bond and Pledging will protect her. I feel the pull to make her mine for eternity.”

Well, this is good to know. I don’t know what to think about becoming a vampire, but I’m willing to give it some time to contemplate. Some real time. I have to consider that to be with an immortal means I may have to become immortal. It also doesn’t hurt that this option is far superior to being a slave for some Queen who may have darker plans for me.

At least I know that Eric has no ill designs on me.


Damn it! This is why people date.

I’m pulled again from my thoughts as Gran shifts uneasily in her cushioned chair and speaks.




(A/N) Well, then. I wonder what Gran’s objections could be? Any thoughts? Also, allow me to set the record straight with Sookie. Does she seem to be going too fast with Eric? Maybe. But I am going off of the True Blood version of Sookie. You know, the one where she threw caution to the wind and put her trust into the wrong vampire? Yes, well. She is the same naïve sweet girl here. Only this time she saw through Bill’s bullshit and is acting on her attraction to Eric from day one. A bit quick, maybe. But how long did it take for Bill to take her virginity? A week? LOL! Although, now that Gran has raised the draw bridge they may have to find another way to be together. Thank you to all who have followed this story and review it. You make my day, my little darlings!




44 thoughts on “MHS-Chapter 3

  1. I think it’s because she knows Sookie is part Fae and maybe they can’t be turned? Maybe? Sookie might have a long life already because she’s part Fae. Look forward to finding out if I’m right or totally off base. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh hell. Gran’s got some ‘splaining to do. This had better be a Fae thing; as in can’t be turned type of thing. I don’t know how well I’ll deal if it’s just an anti-vampire thing. Anxious for the next chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gran has never struck me as the anti-vampire type. Her own granddaughter is a telepath after all. Weather Gran wants to or not, she will need to be forthcoming with the couple. Thanks for reviewing!


  3. OMG, I already wanted to smack Gran and you just made the urge double! She got hers back in the day, it always makes me angry and sad to think how much time and effort she spent in making her granddaughter the headcase she was in the books and the show. Grrr! On the bright side, you story evokes passion and emotion from me as the reader and I can’t wait to see what the old bat comes up next to keep Sookie her from true love 🙂 Great job!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL! I completely feel that. Gran don’t be a hater! Sookie is young and feeling the puppy love with a handsome Eric! Don’t cock-block. Haha! Yeah, it seems we share the same opinion about Sookie being too involved in what her Gran would think of her. Did she ever stop to think her Gran would be proud because she knew Sookie. No, she ended up being the spiritual guide that was held up on a pedestal. Even after the affair was uncovered, I thought, Okay now Sookie will embrace her life with Eric and realize her Gran was just a woman, not a god. Nope!

      UGH! and GRRR!

      It makes my day to know you feel something for the way I write my story! You inspire me to keep writing and not give up. Thank you! ❤

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    1. Great idea! It always sat weird with me that Sookie shied away from her gift. They are already cursing you, you may as well use it. Freak them out more. Maybe better yourself and your lifestyle. I don’t believe God gives us gifts so that we can hide them. Thank you for reading! 🙂


    2. Great idea! It always sat weird with me that Sookie shied away from her gift. They are already cursing you, you may as well use it. Freak them out more. Maybe better yourself and your lifestyle. I don’t believe God gives us gifts so that we can hide them. Thank you for reading!


  4. Wow! That was quick!
    Eric has intention to pledge with Sookie…
    I really don’t understand Gran’s objections….maybe she knows about Sookie’s fae heritage like ericluver suggested?
    Best line : ” Then yes, I will bond with you. What is that exactly? Do we get glued at the hip?”
    Haha! I’m still laughing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to make you laugh. Sookie is a funny girl. Eric thinks so too! I figure, Eric knew to turn Pam the night they met. Why wouldn’t he know or have a very good idea what he wants with Sookie? Thanks for the review, they make my muse dance around! 🙂


  5. My guess is also that Gran has some knowledge about the fae and doesn’t think Sookie can be turned, OR has knowledge that her fae blood means she will be living a long time without being turned. I can’t think it’s because she is prejudiced against vampires since she is already aware of the supernatural world because of her relationship with Fintan.. but wait, if you are following TB rather than SVM, Fintan wasn’t ever in the picture was he?
    Well, the good news, you have lots of options don’t you?

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  6. I think Gran has some important information she needs to impart. I hope it is because of Sookie’s heritage, and not because Bill has glamored her. The relationship does seem to be moving fast. I believe Bill influenced Sookie with his blood, then Gran’s murder left her needy and vulnerable. I am anxious to see what Gran has to say. Nice chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Bill abso influenced Sookie. His blood and Gran did a number on her. This is another way I see how our family and people close to us can skew our views of life and how we live it. Thank you for reading!


  7. I am so okay with it being quick, it is very exciting. I like how forward Eric was with Sookie and Gran. Why is Gran saying no, what is she hiding? I bet she knows more about Sookie but hasn’t told her. Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like quick too! Thanks! Sometimes a nice slow burn is just right…but not here. LOL! Gran is hiding something pretty big. But no worries, she will come out with it soon. Very soon! 🙂


  8. I’m truely hoping Gran send no because of Sookies fae heritage, and that bonging & pledging to her other half will make her immortal or very, very, very long lived.
    Love your story can’t wait for the next update.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Gran has her reasons…well she has impressions about “reasons”. LOL! I promise I am working away like a maniac so I can do a very large post at the end of the week! Thank you for reading!


  9. interesting outcome, i wonder why Gran said no. i wonder if she thinks he has glamoured her or has Bill glamoured Gran into staying on his side no matter what and preventing things to occur. KY

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like where you are going. One of the big issues about Sookie being written and directed as “stupid” is that she has telepathy. But she has been shamed into not using her God given gift. That is the shameful part!

      *steps off soapbox*

      I don’t put anything past Bill, he is quite deceitful. With some help in this story, I think Sookie will be able to see past the craziness and start using all the tools in her box. Thanks so much for reviewing! You truly make my muse’s day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. okay….Eric is brutally frank and honest….and Sookie is actually thinking first before running her mouth off. going pretty well…..but then Gran says no. now that has gotten me seriously curious.
    don’t leave me hanging for lomg, okay? update please….. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Viking swear, I am working away. Somehow I ended up starting all my stories and updating as I went along. It’s a lot like my life. Chaotic and shiny things distract me. 🙂 Sookie is much more of a thinker here and Eric will forever be honest with her. Even the brutal stuff. Hey, when you love someone you owe it to them to share the truth. Thanks for reading and reviewing!


  11. I sincerely hope Gran is saying ‘no’ because of a Fae thing and Sookie will live an unnaturally long life and not because Douchebill got to her. Gran was very hypocritical in her teachings to Sookie all the while doing what she did to get her own children. Sookie would have been better off if she knew of her background and other Supes. Looking forward to next chapter where hopefully Gran will explain herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gran the hypocrite by Charlaine Harris. Completely agree! Sookie seemed to be written by an older, more fearful woman who was dying to break out and try anything new…oh wait. That IS what happened. LOL! Sookie is about to get a crash course in her heritage. And I am not going to lie, it’s going to hurt. Thanks for reviewing!

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  12. Yes,this is happening fast and that’s ok because sometimes you just know. However,Sookie just met Eric and she needs to get to know him better although we all know Eric won’t hurt Sookie. At least I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric feels a pull to Sookie. He would never harm her. Don’t worry. 🙂 He will follow his instincts regarding her and Sookie will learn to listen and follow hers. I hope that means we have an explosive two-some coming our way! 🙂

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  13. Gran better have a damn good reason for saying no to turning Sookie! I was loving the way this is moving forward and I don’t want it to stop. I just can’t be happy without them having Eric’s forever.

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