Disclaimer: This chapter has a rape memory. It is very brief and not extremely graphic. I normally do not fore-warn you about content but I do not want to hurt anyone unintentionally. For your consideration I am marking the content with *** before and after. So you can choose to skip it if you want. Otherwise, please enjoy another un-BETA-ed installment.




I had nothing but a dull red light to illuminate my path, which currently looked like three paths. Too much recent blood loss to then be running for my life. But run I would. Hide if need be and pray I had the strength to fight. Alexi wouldn’t be far behind me now. Hopefully I had given Eric enough blood to heal his wounds.

The silver I threw around Alexi would only buy me so much time before he freed himself and came after me. Reaching for the cool concrete of the maze wall, I steadied myself. I focused on breathing in slowly and out in a rhythm. My heartbeat was racing with fear at the thought of another deranged vampire attacking me in the dark.

Closing my lids as the onslaught of unwelcome memories filled my mind. Images of the inside of that dark trunk in a Jackson parking garage. The smell of the car exhaust and room temperature synthetic blood permeated by nose. The red interior light was permanently on in that cramped space as well.


Bill woke up with almost black shark eyes, his pupils were dilated to the point I forgot he had brown irises. His mouth once used to compliment my dress and give me sweet kisses was now covered in spilt True Blood. The synthetic clearly not having the full effect I was hoping it would. Bill was ravenous.

“Bill, stop. Please, it’s Sookie. It’s Sookie!” His hand came up over my mouth and nose to muffle my pleas as he ripped into my throat and began to drain my blood. I was going to die a terrible, slow death by the man I thought I had loved. Then the nightmare turned infinitely worse as he ripped my pants to fill his other vampiric want.

I fought as hard as I could but my strength was waning fast. There was a point in that trunk where I was close to giving in and letting go. It would be easier to stop fighting. No more pain.

A flood of light filled the red lined trunk.

Bill was gone.


My fingers inched to reach.



I shook my head, breaking free of the memories. Attempting to tell my past that now was certainly not the time to rehash that horrific night. Shoving back all the emotional damage Bill had caused, I slammed then locked the door to that particular hell.

“Sookie, Sookie, Sookie.” My name was a taunting murmur that floated down the halls from places unknown. Eyes wide in alarm as I held my breath, scanning the halls looking for any movement or indication of the source. My almost steady heart rate was now skyrocketing through the roof. Reasoning with my body to relax and think rationally was a long shot. But it would be the only way out of this.

Trembling slightly I calmed my breathing again. Doing my best to stay vigilante of my surrounding, I backed into a dark corner that was devoid of any superficial light. Praying to God for the extra camouflage I needed and hoping he would send an angel to assist.

“Mmmmmm, I know where you are, little truffle. I smell yooooooouuu.” Alexi hissed again in the darkness. His smooth accented voice carrying a louder nuance, ever closer.

I had decisions to make. If I moved, it may be the opening he needs to pounce. However, vampire senses being what they are it probably wouldn’t matter. My brilliant hiding place was no match for his undead skills. I remembered reading something on the internet that Vampire sight in the dark was like a human sight with night vision goggles. Only the vampires would also hear the heartbeats and it was speculated they could see heat signatures.

I was fucked.

The cold walls would do nothing to hide me, or cover the smell of my blood from my still bleeding wound. No this was going to be bad. Real bad. Reaching into my pocket, I held tight and prepared for the worst.

Waiting to die is the worst, you become almost relieved when your attacker appears. Not a sound other than my labored breathing filled my ears. On the exhales a slight cloud of white smoke appeared, making me realize that some of the cold I felt was actually from my surroundings.


Inhaling the harsh chilled air and another shaky breath out.


Vampires were unpredictable. I had felt a very real sympathy for Alexi when I heard about his situation. A crazed Maker turned someone who should have passed on. Pity filled my soul for such a creature. But meeting him tonight, I had never felt more in the presence of a psychopath in all my life. He was wound tighter that a bedsheet on a windy day.

Pretending to blend into a chilled wall and avoid a bloody death tonight was not ever on my list of “to do’s”. But here I was.


Appius must have known how unstable he was, it was stupid to turn such an unhinged child. Appius didn’t strike me as stupid, he did turn Eric after all. Cunning and cruel, definitely sounded like what Eric had described Appius to be. But why Alexi? He was a Romanov. Once upon a time even wealthy and powerful. What would make an ancient vampire go against his instincts on such a high risk?

It was love. Appius loved Alexi. Eric had shared his impressions with me about why his maker was coming so close to Eric. After centuries apart Eric speculated that Appius had felt Eric’s emotions for me. His love for me.

Either Appius was coming to meet me, perhaps demand Eric turn me as he did Alexi. Or Appius was coming to destroy what Eric and I had found in each other. Was he going to force Eric’s hand into something horrible? Maybe. I couldn’t imagine what would be worst then having your maker kill the woman you loved. But then again, I do not have a millennia of terrible ideas stored for such occasions.

Maybe I should work on that.

“I see you.” Alexi’s breath in my ear made me scream. I tried to run away fast but he grabbed me tightly by my ponytail halting my doomed escape. Swinging me violently around, Alexi tripped my feet causing my fall. I groaned loudly as I hit the stone floor hard. My tailbone was sure going to be black and blue tomorrow, if I survived this.

My arms came up automatically to cover my neck and head from any attack from above. My fists clenched tight. Alexi was over me, ripping at my shirt with his now clawed fingers. He tugged violently at my dark jeans, attempting to rip them off. The glow of his skin and the red haze of the emergency light gave Alexi a pure demonic look. His eyes were stark black, brows knitted tight over the dead space of the windows to his soul. His fangs bared and ready to strike.

“Alexi stop!” I screamed through my arms. “Please, don’t do this. You are stronger than this! Fight whatever the voices are telling you.”

“No, no, no. I am strong. I take. I take everything.” Alexi successfully ripped my shirt up the middle to the collar, reveling my belly and black bra.

I closed my eyes searching for the strength to endure what was to come next. No way to stop it now. I refused to be a victim again. I would withstand and recover. Strong in the knowledge that Eric would avenge me.

Alexi leaned over me after messing with his own clothing, but that was the least of my worries. I sat up and flung my arms toward him, opening my fists in the process. Aiming the silver dust and shavings right for the Romanov’s eyes.

“Fuck!” Alexi stood and backed up before falling backwards against the corridor. “You bitch!” He cried out.

Scooting away from him was priority one. In an awkward crab walk I made my way further down the maze. I tried to get up but whimpered in pain. My hip was hurting like the dickens, bruised deeply. The muscle and bone were so tender, I wasn’t really sure if I had pulled something or broke a bone. I needed to make my escape. That silver dust would only stave Alexi off for so long.

Grateful I had thought to snatch the vile as well as the silver chain when I was back in Eric’s cell. No doubt my end would have already come to pass without both weapons. If only I had another as sounds of Alexi growling in the darkness came closer.

“I may not be able to see, see, seeeeeee. I can still smeeeellll your blood,” He snarled. “And when I find yoooou, little truffle, you die!”

His sing song, wild voice echoed down through to my bones. I had no more hands to play. No more silver, or vampire friends to defend me.

I was going to die.

A hand and boney fingers latched onto my ankle and pulled me toward where Alexi’s voice originated. “As humans say, Gotcha!” Alexi laughed at his own terrible joke.

Straining to get away I kicked him with my other foot. Anything to keep distance from him. My throat was dry and I was panting in fear. This was it.

A flash of memories I had of Eric came over me. Thinking of the first time I saw him lounging in that silly throne at Fangtasia. The way he cradled me to him in that Dallas elevator. Concerned and unsure of how to care for me. His whispers of love while we clung to each other in bed.


“No,” Eric’s voice cut through the drama of my immediate death. My eyes popped open to indeed see Eric standing behind Alexi. His large hands squeezing the younger vampire’s neck until his head burst off his shoulders into a black oozy mess. Alexi’s body disintegrated between us seconds later, finally Dead.

“I have got you.” Eric hissed at the remnants of his blood brother.

Looking to me immediately, Eric’s face softened. “Sookie.” He spoke desperately, stepping over the pile of gore and reached out for me.

Crying hysterically at the moment we touched, I clung to his shoulders as he gently picked me up. I was safe and protected with him now. All I required was a fifty foot wall to keep everyone else at bay. I sobbed into his neck and held to the man I loved for dear life. He was healed. He was here.

With me.

“Sookie, I can feel your pain. Let me heal you. My love, oh my love.” I nodded as Eric brought his fangs to his wrist. A quick crunch and his bloody skin was pressed to my lips. As I drank his healing essence I felt the bond open wide. Emotions from both of us played and sang through the bond. Love and hope dripped in protection. Then swiftly turning dark from concerned lover to all out rage.

“You should not have come.” Eric’s voice was clipped. Cold. “I told Pam to keep you safe, not bring you in the middle of a fucking vampire war zone!” His voice thundered low and deep.

I pushed his arm away in shock. Standing up, completely healed and annoyed that he would focus on such a minor detail. What was I to do exactly? Stay squirreled away in some hole until he came for me? If he came for me?

“Like I would sit by and let you die! You arrogant asshole!” I was shouting, taking steps out of his reach while his anger rushed over mine. Doubling the intensity.

“I love you, Pam loves you. Of course we came for you!” My hands on my hips as I looked up into Eric’s furious face. “And from where I was standing in that godforsaken place,” I pointed down the hall to where his accommodations were. “Not a moment too soon. So don’t give me this garbage about how I shouldn’t. I will do whatever I feel is right. My choice!”

Eric winced, pinching the bridge of his nose. Like me seeing him in such a state was the worst thing to ever happen to him. I knew Eric was proud, but to sacrifice his own life when I could and did save him? We needed to square this situation out.

“It is too dangerous for you, Sookie. You almost died.” Eric pointed to the gruesome remains of his blood brother. Okay, maybe I almost died. But I didn’t, not that I had any intention of conceding to that sticky topic.

“I handled him, I was doing just fine too until you showed up. In fact,” I continued. “Alexi was about to turn tail and run.” I crossed my arms over my chest smugly. Take that Mr. I know everything.

“Really,” Eric deadpanned. “Because it looked like if I had not come when I did, there would have been nothing but rags left!” He seethed.

I shrank back at the thought of Eric discovering my mutilated remains. Alexi was a mad vampire, fighting unseen demons that would surface and destroy anything in his proximity. Eric was right.

My chin dropped to my chest in defeat. Exhaustion took over and my once, oh so righteous fists slipped off my hips to land loosely at my sides. I couldn’t fight him any more, not when I spent so much energy getting here and risking my life to free him.

Did Eric really wish me to do nothing when he was in dire straits? If so, maybe I had been wrong to show up at his home that night and try to set us on the right path. Build a relationship with no more hidden agendas and open feelings between us. Maybe I should have continued my old Sookie style of utter avoidance.

We were doomed from the beginning, both of us too proud to ask for or accept help. I wouldn’t live my life as if I couldn’t be bothered over his well-being. Which to my mind, that was exactly what he was asking me to do.

“We should go. Stan will send a search party soon, if we do not rendezvous in the throne room. I’m sure he is eager to finish off Freyda and take over the state.” My voice was hollow, even to my ears. I never looked up to see Eric’s reaction. Of all the ways I thought our reunion would go. Well, this wasn’t it.

Walking around the blood pool that was once Alexi, Eric spoke. “Sookie, you have to understand I am vampire. Relaying on anyone not in my bloodline to fight for me is…dangerous.” I gasp in horror and turned to him as if he had slapped me.

“Good thing that I’m not your fucking blood Bonded then!” How dare he hit me with that.

“Fuck, Sookie.” Eric began.

An electrical buzz filled the corridors and after a pop or two the fluorescent cased lights flipped back on. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust from dark to bright. Eric was standing still and completely nude. Speckles of blood from Alexi and his now healed wounds were all over his lean muscled body. I blushed, turned away from the gorgeous man I loved, even after his revelation into our relationship. I couldn’t look at him when he was naked as the day he was born. Not when we were at such odds.

Pam zipped up to us, taking a moment to feel out the tense situation before looking questionably at me, then Eric. “Master,” She bowed to him, lowering down on one knee.

“You disobeyed my order, childe.” Eric spoke in a commanding voice.

“I did.” Pam’s eyes were glued to the floor. Resigned. “I accept any punishment you deem necessary, my maker.” Pam said from her kneeling position.

This was ridiculous. Pam did what any good childe would do, she came for her Maker. She loved Eric.

“Eric, Pam is not to blame here.” I spoke in an exacerbated tone, “I would have come with or without her to help free you.” I crossed my arms to keep myself together as I whispered the next few words. “Not that you care.”

Eric growled at my words and then spoke again. “Pam we will discuss your consequences later. Did you bring clothes?” Pam unhooked the small back pack from her shoulders and laid it at his feet.

“Yes, Master.”

“Where is Freyda? Tell me that you did not leave her unattended?” Eric barked.

“No Master. Stan and Isabel have her detained in the throne room. He asked that you join him once you are ready.” Pam never moved out of her submissive state. Which was so infuriating, Eric must have been doing this just to annoy me further. He knows I can’t stand this old school posturing.

“Sookie and I will be along soon. Go.” Without as much as a backwards glance, Pam was gone. Eric and I were left to sort our own mess in the catacombs. Not that I was in a giving mood at the moment to continue the fight. No, I wanted a hole where I could lick my wounds and regroup. Alone.

“I’ll see you up there.” I spoke sadly. Turning on a dime I started to walk back the way I had fled from Alexi. I was not going to stand there and listen to his disapproval in me for saving him a minute longer. It hurt my heart to think that when it came down to it, Eric really didn’t consider me his.

Or maybe I was his, like a breakable piece of China-ware. Looked at but never brought out to use.

After everything we have been through, I shook my head at my own depressing thoughts. I was the one who voluntarily submitted to be his and this is how he treats me?

“No, please stop. Sookie.” Eric paused, probably to see if I would stop. I sighed and stopped, what can I say. I am a fool in love with a stubborn vampire.

Eric continued, his voice a distressed appeal. “If something had happened to you, trying to save me.” His voice dropped to a low, pained murmur. “I would not have survived. I will never survive without you. You are everything to me. The fact that you ignore your self-preservation instincts drives me insane, woman! I fear it means that I have an even higher chance of losing you one day.”

I never looked up. I couldn’t. Tears were swimming down my face.

“You said I wasn’t your blood.” I croaked, ashamed at the moment that I had put so much faith in Eric. I couldn’t argue the point about self-preservation. He knew me too well. One day, I could die, hell one day he could die. Life and un-death was not a guarantee of happily ever after.

But I hoped for it.

“Poor choice was words. Allow me set the record straight.” Eric knelt in front of me so I could no longer hide from his him. His beautiful blue eyes set against his perfect pale skin. His blonde hair tasseled over his brow and past his shoulders, silently he begged me to listen.

God help me, I did.

“You are more than my blood. More than my child or my maker. You are my heart and soul, in the very core of me is you, my Sookie. Every good thought I have ever had in the last millennia is because of you. Every good deed I plan for the future is for you. My bonded.” Eric’s eye were rimmed with red blood tears that threatened to spill.

Not holding back I leaned into him and wrapped my arms around his neck, sobbing into his long hair. “You stupid Viking.” I whispered. “I will always come for you, nothing could stop me. Not vampires, fairies or even Godzilla.” Okay, the last monster was perhaps a bit overboard but I would face insurmountable odds for this man.

My suborned, sexy-assed vampire.

Eric chuckled, “Godzilla would be quite the foe, my lover.” He stood with me still wrapped tightly in his arms. It was that moment, as Eric’s cool skin covered my own I remembered Eric was still naked.


Very naked.

“Eric, cheese and rice! You’re stark-ass-nude out here. Where are your clothes?” I asked in shock. No way was he going to up to see everyone after the battle in his birthday suit. He was for my eyes only. I stopped and examined that possessive thought. Nodded to myself with a satisfied smile, I found the idea of his being mine better by the minute.

Eric wiggled his eyebrows as he pushed my bottom tight against him. I squirmed over his ever growing erection. My shredded shirt allowed the tip of his cock to nestle into my belly. Squealing out a giggle when he thrust a little.

I groaned as he continued his torment, growing wetter by the second. This was not the time or the place. “Eric. We need to be upstairs and you need a shower.” He was kissing my neck making “mmmm” sounds. I laughed at his antics to distract me, I was seriously getting turned on.

“Let them wait lover. I need you. We have been parted for too long.” Eric was serious, leaning in until his soft lips met mine. Then I was lost in our kiss. The tenor of our kissing getting more and more ramped up. It had been four days since Eric was captured. Four days since Pam and I defeated trained assassins. Four days since she and I had crossed into Texas to tag along with King Stan Davis and his takeover of Oklahoma.

I was so wild and ready for Eric. Four days was too long for us to not touch each other. We needed to re-connect after everything that had happened. And probably for everything that was about to happen.

“Yes, oh baby. I need you so much.” Eric flipped the button on my jeans and was sliding the denim over my hips. My tennis shoes, jeans and panties were off before I knew it. Eric pushed me gently against a wall and was kissing me with all his might.

His finger brushed my clit a few times before he testing my readiness. I was on fire for him. I could only think of him fucking me hard and fast. I was not above begging, so I did. “I’m ready, oh baby, please fuck me.”

Eric growled at my demand and removed his two fingers from my pulsating pussy. Satisfaction and desire filled every inch of the bond between us. His cock lined up and then he impaled himself in me. We both let out a sigh of relief at the connection. Then he began to pound away at my swollen sensitive flesh and God as my witness, I moaned for more. Scratching my nails across his back and pinching one of his nipples, tight.

I’m not sure if it was a vampire thing or an Eric thing. But sometimes, he absolutely loves seeing and feeling me wild when we made love. Uncontrolled in my lust for him. I was happy to oblige.

Eric hissed, “This is best, this is everything.” I bit as hard as I could into his neck, drinking a sip or two more of his blood from the ragged wound. I needed to feel him in every way I could think of. Eric started to fall over the golden edge when he bit into me and I exploded around him in awe, in surrender. We were tangled in each other, I wasn’t sure where Eric ended and I began.

We were consumed.

My breathing steadied out as Eric cradled me in his arms. I must have had quite a moment because I was confused for a second as to where we were.

Oh yeah, the catacombs of an old vampire prison under an enormous palace, once ruled by a bitch queen. And now currently under siege.

“I love you.” I said to Eric. Laughing at the crazy way life seemed to run sometimes. “But don’t you ever do this to me again.” My tone turned on a dime, my words sharp.

“What? Like I wanted to be captured.” When my brows didn’t unknit, he sighed. “Yes, lover.”

“Good, glad we could come to an understanding.” He smirked at me, making me realize how still very half naked I was. And how still very scrumptiously naked he was. “Alright, you Sir are distraction personified. Stan must be furious with being made to wait and I don’t want one of his henchman to come looking for us.”

Eric chuckled. “Let him wait. We are even now, so I may as well get some enjoyment from being equals with a king.” Eric’s hand slipped over my knee and began traveling up my inner thigh.

“Okay, okay. Dressed now, more naked time, later.” I sputtered as I shoved at his hands journey and scrambling up to stand on my own two feet.

Eric’s laughter boomed, echoing down the halls. “Lover, you amuse me to no end.” He grinned fully, the light in his eyes danced with playfulness. “Very well, I’ll dress for his majesty. But soon we will have no other distractions except perhaps, the sun.” His eyebrows gave a wiggle as his perfect teeth beamed at me with delicious intent.

I blushed, Eric definitely had the skills for us to go all night and then some. I even doubted he would stop with the sun at high noon. If he ever put his mind to it, he probably would make love to me all day long.

Eric crouched down opening the black backpack Pam had left for him. Wet wipes and a change of clean clothes for both of us. Just what the doctor ordered. With a vampire speed wipe down, Eric was clean, dressed and using his fingers to push down the more unruly blonde locks.

I pulled the silky light blue halter top blouse over my head, the neckline was encrusted with diamond and sapphire stone accents. It was a stunning piece that accentuated my toned shoulders and bust without being too obvious. Despite the hustle and bustle of the night my jeans were still in okay shape but I opted for the black leggings and the comfortable royal blue ballet shoes instead.

Pushing my hands over my hips to briefly ensure that everything was in place, I focused on my Bonded. Eric was dressed in tight black jeans that hung almost immodestly off his lower belly. I had to reign in my lust filled thoughts of licking that v leading not that much further down to his…

Stop, right there! I scolded myself a bit too late.

Eric smiled a fangy grin as he felt my lust spread wide over the bond. “Mm, can’t contain yourself lover? What shall I do with you? No wait, I know exactly what you need.”

He stretched, his arms high, his broad back arched in a cat-like stretch. Revealing his spectacular corrugated abs beneath a fitting black muscle shirt.

I licked my lips and hummed out something that sounded like a question. Maybe it was an answer.

Eric beamed at me, sending his love and lust fluttering then flowing around the bond.

“Soon.” Eric growled in pure alpha-male fashion.

Yes, soon.

But first, we needed to see the rest of the aftermath and hope our allies had the takeover well under control. Hand in hand, Eric and I made our way out of the underground dungeon and up into the royal palace.




(A/N) Ding Dong, Alexi is gone! I have to say, I really liked Alexi in the book series. No, really. He seemed lost in a never ending hell which of course would make him lash out. It makes sense to me that in my version of DAG, Alexi suffered from bi-polar/PTSD/schizophrenia disorders. Pick one or all, either way, he was not fit to be a vampire. Appius knew that and still allowed the events of someone he loved to be his downturn. I do not mourn Appius. That old bastard is frying in hell with his maker. LOL!

Coming up next, Sookie and Eric need to meet with King Stan. How will DeCastro view Freyda’s de-throneing? What is next for our lovers?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who reads, follows and comments on my work. I love this fandom and in the Real World and all its drama, I need this escape to make my fairytale world a reality.

Much love! ~FTA





20 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 15

  1. now that’s the Eric we love….all bloody and horny. *snicker* kinda felt sorry for Alexi in some level. he never should have been turned. it was actually an act of mercy that he is gone. end his suffering.

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  2. Alexi was tragic and proof that not everyone is suited to be a vampire. His one redeeming quality is that he managed to hold himself together long enough to aid in Eric’s rescue. Killing him was a kindness and the only way to prevent him from more carnage.
    Love the reunion, despite Eric’s initial butthead comments and behavior.

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  3. R. I. P. Alexei. Maybe his victims can rest, too. Of course there are many victims of many vampires, I am just glad Sookie and Eric are okay.

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  4. Alexi needed to be killed, there was no fixing him so it was a mercy kill. Bloody, naked and horny Eric? Yes please! Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. Thanks for the update!

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  5. Angst and happiness in one chapter not bad. I was nervous for Sookie when she was being chased. Eric’s first words tore at my heart. I understood Sookie’s pain. I’m so glad he took them back and explained. Their makeup was perfect, great chapter.

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  6. Alexi needed to be sent to the True Death as tragic as his circumstances were. Poor child, he never should have turned by that bastard Appius. Whatever went wrong with his turning must have told Appius that it would never succeed and how Alexi suffered! I always enjoy it though when Eric & Sookie work out their miscommunications, and how they do it! LOL! Great chapter!

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  7. True death was the best thing for Alexei – he was a tragic figure turned by a sadistic paedophile (even if 13 was not considered a child in Appius times Alexei was a pampered royal child who’d been nursed most his life and he’d have clearly been a frightened child at his death) it’s no wonder he was mentally unstable.

    Great chapter, my heart was in my mouth for a while! That was certainly an angsty chapter but you redeemed it with Eric smut to more than make up for it. Only joking, I enjoy a bit of angst or even a lot of it – I’m a little masochistic that way!

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