(A/N) Thank you lovely readers for following/liking/reading my story. This tale is near and dear to me since it was my very first published fic. To answer some guest reviews. No, I do not plan on having Eric raped by Freyda. On the other hand, I can’t discount her ruthless behavior. She is pretty evil in this story. I will not take out any options to my characters or their stories, it just wouldn’t be fair. I totally get that some/most/few of you are not into reading sexual abuse/rape, so let me be clear. I HATE warnings on chapters. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I end up looking for whatever the author warned me about and forget to enjoy the chapter. So lame! But if there is a sexual abuse situation in the future, I will notify you all.


Also, the inspiration for this chapter came from the song, Sail by AWOLNATION. If you have not heard it, you need to. I highly recommend it. In fact, I will include it here. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Ms. Harris and Mr. Ball. No infringement is intended, I make no money from this. The ideas for this tale are all mine.

Warning: Violence ahead


pic Dead and Loving it!




Hauling ass down the freeway in Pam’s Pearl white Escalade was a blur. I registered the rain. Large drops plopping onto the windshield and the occasional headlight whizzing past us in the opposite direction. I wish I could have appreciated the way the soft tan leather seat hugged securely into the vehicle.

I was numb.


They were hurting my Eric.

And for what? To get his compliance? It didn’t make sense.

How would you expect anyone to bow to your wishes and watch your back after this? You couldn’t, was the only explanation I kept coming to. I had an eerie hunch, which scared the life out of me. Pam and I were on the short list of targets that would ensure Eric’s obedience to Freyda.

That motherfucking gash in a terrible pants suit, no doubt!

Closing my eyes against the terrible thoughts, tears began their escape and traveled down the length of my nose. He would willing agree to anything to keep us safe. The very threat of our lives would be enough. If Pam could indeed keep us safe as Eric hoped, perhaps he could free himself.

I trusted Eric and his judgment, but if he could be detained by a young queen or fucking cunt as Pam called her. How long would it be before he was free. If he ever could be. Eric loved me, he loved Pam. We were all the insurance Freyda needed.

I knew that Eric would be less than thrilled I was coming to help in a rescue mission. But what would he do in my shoes?

Stand around?

Twiddle his lovely calloused Viking thumbs?

Fuck No!

Growing up, Tara and I would watch the Princess Bride over and over. Even on school nights when we should have been in bed early, Gran would let us watch in apt fascination of adventure, pirates and true love. We swooned over Wesley’s, ‘As you wish.’ And would dream about being just like Buttercup.

Strong, beautiful and fierce.

There was, however always one part of the movie we absolutely hated. Loathed in fact. Gran got so tired of scolding our outbursts that she started to simply ignore that part of the film. She would find a way out of ear shot, so she could roll her eyes in peace.

We would throw popcorn at the television screen, yelling out our boos. Disbelief would cloud our features every time we watched the best movie ever. Wesley and Buttercup made their way through the Fire Swamp, stopping here and there to deal with the problems such a place offers. When Wesley fights off a very feisty Rodent of Usual size, or R.O.U.S.’s. The beast bites and scratches him and he cries out in pain.

Where is our fierce heroine?

Oh right, she is screaming near a tree like a too stupid to live, teenager in a horror movie.


Why can’t Buttercup pick up a club and help her man!

Run over and distract the beast so that Wesley can take back up his discarded sword. No, instead she chooses to watch her love be mauled before her eyes.

“What a stupid bitch!” Tara would whine. “If I had me a man as fine as Wesley, I would be first in line to jump on that fucking rat.”

I agreed with her wholeheartedly. Just like Wesley wished Buttercup to remain unscathed, I knew that Eric would want me be as far away from the fight as possible. But that goes against every instinct I have. To save someone I love, when I have the power to help him. What else is there in this life but to fight, live and die for those we care for.

Eric would jump in with both feet and find a way to save me, which he already had.

Many times.

I would do no less for the man I loved. The man I wanted to spend the rest of my nights with. I paused in realization. Furrowed my brow and smiled. Yes, yeah. I wanted to be turned. I wanted Eric to be my Bonded Maker or whatever vampires called it. The thought made me even more desperate to get to Eric.

The SUV swerved around the freak appearance of a spare tire in the middle of the highway. Causing Pam to skid slightly before the antilock brake system forced the car not to topple and lose control on the slick roadway. The Escalade slowed and jerked to a stop, straddling the divide lines sideways in the roadway.

Pam breathed out, “Fuck a zombie.”

My vision caught up to seeing the dash instead of stars long enough to watch where her focus landed. On her side on the SUV, about two hundred feet away stood two vampires. The rain and fog kept their faces in darkness, but I could see the glow of their skin. One was petite chested male who was clearly trying to seem bigger than his small frame suggested. The other a medium built older woman with striking grey white hair falling in large curls to her shoulders. Her sword was drawn and resting like a cane in front of her.

“Oh, shit. Pam-.”

“You will take Stephen, he is younger than Lorena was when you ended her. And if possible, simpler minded.” Pam passed me a sheathed blade. “I’ll take Paula.” She growled.

“What? No! Look at that guy, he is vampire. And I was lucky with Lorena. I am as good as dead.” Pam looked back to me for a moment, making me fidget under her scrutiny. Her blue eyes cold and serious.

“They will prevent us from freeing Eric. I do not wish to delay, do you?” She asked raising one perfect hay colored eyebrow.

Shaking my head no, she gave me a full fang filled smile. “Follow my lead, you will know when.”

Pam exited the SUV before I could ask, “When what?” I pulled the handle to release my door. Walking with purpose I didn’t fully have at the moment, I moved around the Escalade. Keeping my shoulders back and my head high as I made my way to Pam’s left side.

“Evening.” Called the vampiress, Paula. She had a thick Southern accent, reminding me of a grandmother in an apron. She looked very familiar.

“Make this easy on yourselves darlin’s. Come quietly and Queen Freyda has promised nothing untoward to either of ya.” The arm that gripped the sword swung out from it’s upward pose, slicing into a sheet of rain. “If you don’t, I’ll be forced to end one, or both of you. Your choice, ya hear.”

Her words sounded sweet in her particular way she spoke but the venom behind them steeled my resolve. She would kill one of us without a thought and that act alone would seal Eric’s fate.

Well, shit on a shingle. I was not going to play this little game their way.

“Is this how the Freyda extends an invitation? No wonder the old battleax is on her way out.” Pam unsheathed her blade from over her hip. “I expected more from you, Paula.” Pam’s fangs snapped down and she readied herself in a fighting stance.

“I’m gonna cut you and leave you in the sun to fry.” Paula shot back.

“Is that what you said to the last chicken you ever ate? No wonder your little show failed.” Pam chuckled.

Show? Was Paula on TV?

“As the lady said,” Stephen pulled out a .65 Magnum, letting it rest at his side. “Let us get into your vehicle and go for a ride. Nice and easy, ladies.”

“Fuck you both.” I spat at our, would be assassins.

Pam sped toward Paula and I hear the clash of metal. Let the games begin.

My focus remained on Stephen. He looked down right uncomfortable holding a gun, a dandy caught up in the mud. I was sure he thought he was made of sugar, he was miserable standing under the rain. My Gran always taught me to hold a weapon as if it was an extension of yourself.

“Carry it, or hold it like you would your own ass. Because it may be the thing that saves you.”

I strolled towards him, a wicked smiles paints my face. I was no longer afraid and he was. My stride making him nervous. He started to fidget, leaning on one foot, then the other. Dropping an arm and taking aim with one hand. Stupid, if you want to control the blowback on that piece of weaponry.

“I’ll shoot you! Stop.” Stephen shouted.

“No, I don’t think you will. You need me.” I walked closer, his gun holding arm continues to shake. “And you know it.”

“I mean it, stop now or f-face the consequences!” His voice caught on a high note. This was a killer? Pam was right about Stephan being younger. I would wager I had more experience than him when it came to all things supernatural.

How sad for him.

“Freyda sent you?” I laughed. “She must want you dead.” His jaw tightened and he squeezed off a round. Causing his unsteady arm to kick back. Before either of us knew it I had somehow knocked him to the ground and was punching his face. He was shocked, sluggish of much movement.

I smirked in glee. That is when resolve hit his deep set eyes and I was knocked off of him. I caught my breath and stood, just in time to see him lunge to me. We rolled down the embankment, mud and wet grasses clung to us as we tumbled. At the bottom of the trench, turned creek I was pinned beneath him.

Stephan’s fangs gleamed from the Escalade’s halogen headlights. His slim fingers circled my neck with a squeeze.

“Freyda will adore me for bringing you in with minimal damage.” I panted hard as he laughed. “What, nothing smart to say now, human?”

I nodded in earnest, my eyes wide. Rain was pelting us from the north, catching in my eyelashes and making my eyesight blurry.

“Only that, that.” He loosened his grasp, dropped his arms in curiosity to what I would say. I took a deep breath, willing the strength to return after are scuffle.

“She’ll see you in hell.” My arm swung up from my side to land Pam’s silver dagger perfectly through Stephen’s eye socket. A gush and a crack and the blade sank in tight to his skull.

Stephen screamed and thrashed himself right off of me. Clutching his head, the blade between his fingers. He cried out to Paula for aid. I stood up gracefully, my ruse having worked on the fool. I pulled a sharpened wooden stake tucked into the back of my jeans.

The vampire was writhing in agony, never seeing his final death coming. I pushed the birch deep into his heart and watched in fascination as he melted into nothing but a pile of blood and guts.

“Well done.” Pam called down from the edge of the highway. Blood splattered her black and white leather jumpsuit. No doubt another very expensive piece in her collection was ruined.

“Let’s go, the night wears on. We have a rendezvous in two hours.” I nodded.

Climbing the slippery slope, I looked for patches of grass and weeds to make a better foot hold and assist in my ascent. If you had asked me twenty minutes earlier to willing fight a vampire, I would have told you to kiss my sweet southern ass.

But now, I wondered why I was able to beat him. Thinking on the fight, it felt like I was keeping up with the vampire and then some. At times even exceeding his speed and strength.

What was happening to me?

More importantly, could I use this new found skill to free my Eric.




Centered, must stay focused.

Stay calm.

I repeat the mantra in my mind over and over.

My eyes long since shut out the world I was surviving in. The pain I felt had eased to a glorious numb feeling before my body would begin healing and start my suffering over again. I could withstand this, it was only physical pain.

I would, Sookie needed me.

Freyda’s minions had stripped me of my clothing and tied me securely to a silver lined table. I could not imagine the smell that would assault my nose if I choose to inhale. Every bit of my skin from my heels to the back of my head was burning. The skin sliding off my bones like crockpot chicken. Smoke rose from my fixed platform, climbing up my prison’s concrete ceiling to flow out into vents.

Truth be told, I had lost track of time with distracting my mind from the agony I felt. A low whistle filled the room, as a scraping noise on the table assaulted my ears. Freyda dragged a knife along the platform I was attached to, a smug smile played on her lips.

I growled at her. Wishing I had the strength to rip that fucking bitch in two.

“Soon Consort, my soldiers will bring me your child and telepath.” She stopped to face me when she reached my feet. “You sure you will not deal nicely with me before they arrive?” Her question asked with a faux sweetness.

I hissed like a rattlesnake, baring my fangs that were permanently extended and dying to rip her throat out as I bathed in my enemy’s blood.

“Tsk, tsk Eric. Well, I am sure I can have some fun with Sookie before you break and concede. The choice of when is up to you. How long will you allow her to suffer.” Freyda tapped her chin as if in contemplation. “Have you ever seen a body stretched?”

I stared at the ceiling, doing my best to ignore her presence. My Sookie being touched in such a manner was vile. My circumstances at being unable to help her was a nightmare come to life.

Freyda continued her journey around me slowly. “Me, neither. I have always been curious about how it worked. Perhaps your telepath will give me a show worthwhile.” She smirked.

She laughed and then ran two fingers over my forehead and down my cheek. “Maybe with that little bitch dead you will think as a vampire should. Really Eric, for one so ancient you think like a newborn. Allowing a mortal to dictate your existence.” Freda seethed.

“You are better than that! And I will show you your value. At night you will entertain me with your many pleasing attributes.” She eyed my cock and licked her lips. “And then you will guard me well, while I run my Queendom.

The fuck I would ever be a slave again. I snarled at my captor, attempting to jerk free of the silver restraints and doing no less than taking clumps of skin off in the process.

Freyda stepped back, her eyes wide with concern that I may break free before her eyes. She turned and nodded to the two way mirrored reflective glass. A stainless steel block with numerous nozzles was lowered over me. She raised her hand and spoke in a loud voice.

“Otherwise, prepare to feel your beloved child meet the same fate as your human.” Freyda spat.

She lowered her hand. Liquid silver was sprayed in a light mist, covering me from chest to knees. I grimaced and clenched my teeth against the new pain striking me from above.


Freyda laughed.


I pleaded to all the Gods I ever knew.






37 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 12

    1. LOL! I’m not sure, Dean or Deen. Good question. Poor thing was made immortal for a moment because I saw her new weightloss/making a comeback/promotion. Hehehe! Yes, Eric is not having a great time. Maybe next time, he will listen to Sookie on the back up.

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  1. Oh Freyda Pam and Sookie are coming to kick your ass!
    Go Sookie! Loved how she managed to fight Stephen easily.
    I’m wondering if Sookie ‘s fae powers are starting to show?!
    What ‘s the use of being a part fae with the essential spark if she can’t have any powers at all…
    Looking forward for more

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    1. It took me by surprise as well, but Sookie is gaining some abilities of her kin. Also, Stephen was an idiot! LOL! I agree with you. I want the icing and my cake, thank you very much! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing Jackie69! I enjoy your insight!


    1. I am with you and lucky for them, they have…additional interested parties…In Eric’s defense, because Lord knows he needs one sometimes. 🙂 He was on his way out of Oklahoma, he should have been on a flight back home to Sookie. But Alexi was cornered and he was thinking of the safety of Sookie in mind. His actions noble, his delivery needed assistance. Thanks for reviewing.


    1. I couldn’t resist that movie reference. RL happened every sleepover with me and my BFF. The Paula Deane thing was accidental. I saw a blurb about her recent weight loss and I happened to be looking for a female vampire. BAM! Magic happened! 😉 Thank you so much to reading and reviewing! I am so in love with your story!!!


  2. Freyda is certainly a monster, and deluded. Even if Eric agreed to her terms, how could she ever turn her back on him? Deluded.
    Glad to see Pam and Sookie taking out the inept vampires sent for them. And her new found strength is going to help them save Eric I’m sure.
    One minor correction, it’s torture, not torcher..
    Love this story, cant’ wait for the next chapter.

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    1. I am with you. Yet another rip tide in CH’s cannon. I’ll force you out of your one true love but you will love being my sex slave and not having any power. Someone didn’t think that through. I would say Freyda but her strings were being pulled by CH. Who is just an Eric hater.
      I am not.
      I love Eric Northman!!!!!!!!!!
      LOL! Thanks for that. I have no BETA, so if I miss it the second go round, it sadly stays where it is. I fixed it now. 🙂
      Thanks for reviewing and reading!!!


  3. Things are moving right along. The girls handled their assailants nicely.

    I do have a couple of questions. I don’t know what you mean by “torcher”. Is something being set on fire? I suppose someone doing that would be a torcher. Did you mean torture?

    Also, “centuries” are one – hundred year time periods. Does Freyda call her soldiers centurions? In Roman times, a centurion was either the leader of a hundred men or a member of a hundred man group. I forget.

    Sorry to be so nitpicky. It’s early.

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    1. LOL! I am a dork without a BETA. So sorry. In my head it sounds right, but that is why God invented WORD. hehehe! Everything is updated now. Sorry for the confusion. It can take me out of a story too. I so appreciate you letting me know. 🙂
      Not nitpicky and spelling doesn’t hurt my feelings.
      Thank you for reviewing!


  4. Freyda is delusional, evil but delusional! How can you trust someone you’ve tortured to guard you!!!!
    Thinking Sookie is coming into some Fae powers and that can only help as she and Pam try to free Eric..

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    1. The only way it could work is IF you kept a carrot hanging in front of him. Or in Eric’s case, his Sookie. Or his Child. Those could keep him in line but knowing our Viking would probably piss him off more. He would always find a way out. I have faith.
      Sookie will be able to hold her own, she is stronger than she knows.
      Thanks for the review!!


    1. Yeah, baby! Fry me up a vampire Queen! I would love to see Sookie do that! Thanks for the idea! Also, thank you for the early review. It is lovely to have a sounding board. 🙂


    1. No Freyda has no idea what she is in for. Although, Freyda is a bit of a chameleon. She tries to guess which way to play out a scene and sometimes she gets lucky. I believe that that is how she gained her throne. But luck runs out.

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  5. Sigh…Freyda is stoooo stupid. You get more flies with honey….how could she ever close her eyes around Eric. Viking has a long memory and lots of imagination on how he’ll end her. But will he get the chance? Will Pam and Sookie end her for him? Hope so! Ugh…..poor Eric…..

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    1. I can imagine that right now, he has a few thoughts on how to treat her. And I can not wait to see it! Trust me, I won’t leave him suffering long. I love him far, far too much! Thanks for reviewing!


  6. Go Sookie – wish CH (I just realised I’ve started to think of her as ‘she who must not me named’ lol) would have had Sookie fight for him in the books! Freyda is evil but I believe Karma comes back to bite you in the ass – hopefully tenfold! Another great chapter!


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