Smut. Smutty, smut, smut, smut. And plot, enjoy! 🙂


Eric was flooded with primal bloodlust. He flew at a speed to make Superman envious. Sookie. I need Sookie.

Having dealt with Victor and been denied a hand in Compton’s demise, Eric was hungry. Ravenous for her sweetness, her body, her moaning his name when he made her come. Her blood, that sweet thick liquid coating his tongue, he wanted it all. Everything she had to give, he craved.

Every time he turned around, another supernatural creature was looking to take his Sookie from him. That fucking bullshit ended now. The word will spread that I ended Victor and Niall ended Bill. All will think twice before coming between me and mine again.

Eric never realized how dehydrated he was. For centuries he thought he knew all the world had to offer, until his little fairy blew into his existence. He would never be apart from her again, could not be, he would not survive without her.

Landing on the master suite’s large balcony, Eric quickly entered in his security code and felt a heady rush when the glass panel turned green, granting his entry. This part of the house was wall to wall protective glass looking over a view of the dense forest below. Another security feature was that the glass could be changed from crystal clear to opaque with a touch of a button. And stayed impenetrable during daylight hours.

His Sookie lay on her side in their massive bed, covered only by a silky sheet. He could see his pale haired beauty quietly slumber underneath the smooth cloth, her chest rising up and down. Her dark blond eyelashes rested delicately against her flawless cheeks. The sight did nothing to quench his driving lust for her.

Shredding his clothes off at vampire speed, he pulled back the cover to see her, gloriously naked. Her legs barely spread, like they had been searching out the coolness of the fabric around them. Her right arm lay across her soft belly while the other was propped over her head and bent at the elbow.

The pink tips of her breasts tightened to the cool air, causing Eric’s fangs to snap down as his already hard cock pulsed. Covering her body with his, his mouth latched on the closest nipple as his hands followed the curves of her slender waist. Caressing her hips and sliding his fingers along her flesh until they met her hot core. She was wet, resplendently so. Her eyes shot open as she moaned in pleasure to Eric’s touch.

“Are you ready for me, lover?”

A sleepy reply of, “Mhm, hmm,” and a shift of her widened thighs was all he got in response, but it was enough. His cock was achingly heavy and ready to explode at the sound of her feminine groans alone. Rising from her breasts to her neck, he kissed and sucked along the column, preparing her supple skin for his bite. She whimpered his name as he scrapped his fangs up her neck, to her ear.

Pushing in hard, Eric could not have stopped his first orgasm if he wanted. Her hot pussy held his length tight, the feeling of being untamed shot up from his balls and jetted through his cock soaking her channel. Filling her up with his first release he groaned out in bliss, while she called out his name.

Round two. Eric thought as he thrust through his first orgasm, everything in his sight was lost to his primal need to mark her with his scent, seed, and fangs. She was moving with him now, her eyes hooded as her breath caught with each magnificent push forward. Her need to come written all over her cornflower blue eyes, gold flecks lined the pupil in the low light of the room.

Reaching down, Eric hitched her legs wider by gripping her ass. “Oh, baby, yes!” Sookie was panting as he pounded into her.

“Touch yourself, show me how you make yourself come.” Her checks turned a bright delicious pink as she tried to look away. His thumb and index finger grabbed her chin lightly to bring her back to face him. “It’s just you and me. Show me,” Eric pleaded and slowed down his rhythm, allowing her to set the pace anew.

“I’ve never…I mean, I don’t hardly ever…do that. I-what if I do it…wrong.” Her eyes moved down to his chest.

She was nervous. Eric could not understand, this amazing creature he was currently in turned him on like no other ever had, or ever would.

“It is not possible to be wrong while we make love, my Sookie. I wish to share everything with you, which includes this moment. Please, will you indulge me?” He slowly pumped into her, reassuring her with his eyes that she was safe to give more of herself.

After a few more thrusts, Sookie smiled seductively. Eric was then further rewarded by feeling her small, warm hand leave his back to caress his chest, and then slid down her own belly to the soft trimmed curls where they were joined. He knew when she made contact because her pussy tightened around him as she whimpered. Biting her plump lower lip, she closed her eyes.

“Hmm, gods this is best. I love the way you feel around me.” He could feel her rubbing her clit while he picked up his tempo. “That is…it, lover, I want you to come when I say. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m so…yes.” Sookie hissed low. Her breasts bounced with his ministrations driving Eric to the precipice.

“This pussy is mine.Plunge in…grind out. “Come on my cock now, I need to feel you grip me while we come.”

Sookie was panting, her nails from her other hand dug into his back. Spurring him on, he drove faster. Harder, deeper. She cried out as her eyes slammed shut. Her orgasm hit hard, clutching to Eric’s cock as he released again deep inside her. Still joined, Eric leaned down to kiss Sookie. He was wrung out, the bloodlust having subsided for the moment. From the glazed joy in her eyes and love singing through the bond, he could tell she felt the same.

She whimpered when he slid out rolling behind her to hold her tight to his chest. After a few moments she giggled. “That was amazing.” She squeezed his arm, her voice lowering an octave. “Did you…take care of business at the bar?”

Eric chuckled, “It was informative. As usual, Pam used her talents well.” Remembering Victor’s confession, Eric added darkly. “By duty, I was obliged to contact the king after Victor was ended.” To think that little bastard and Bill fucking Compton were going to shred his Sookie’s spirit and take the parts for themselves. No care, no concern. They did not value her. She should be worshipped as the goddess she is, not degraded and caged.

Eric held Sookie closer to him. Wrapping his leg around her, and resting his chin on top of her head. He had cocooned his bonded in his protective embrace. No one shall have her but me.

“How did that go?” Worry filtered through the bond.

Eric frowned sensing her concern but sent his love and reassurance back through their tie. “All is well, dear one. A mere formality to advise the king of Victor’s demise.” Eric paused letting the thrill of ending his enemy wash through him and then continued.

“He will need to close ranks around himself and what remains of his loyal subjects. DeCastro realizes that his foes are circling, he will be quite preoccupied while filtering through any additional plots. Not to mention, other monarchs.” Should I mention Oklahoma? Yes, if I were Sookie. I would demand to be in the loop.

“What? Is there something else?” Sookie asked fear now etched on her face as she turned to face him. Eric smiled and gently touched her brow with his fingertips.

Smoothing out the lines until she relaxed once more, he said, “My lover, there is nothing and no one that can cause us so much panic. Do you understand? I will be vigilant in your protection from now on.”

Sookie nodded.

“Good. Through Pam’s skilled interrogation, Victor revealed the queen of Oklahoma wishes to have my services.”

“Services?” Sookie furrowed her brow once more. “Like as a business partner?”

“As royal consort.”

Sookie gasped and pushed off his chest. “Do you want this?”

“Fuck no!”

Her body relaxed against his slightly as she said, “Are you being forced into this? I know a little about kings, queens and their consorts from reading. Taking a consort was usually for a gain to the monarchy, due to something the consort had that they wanted or needed.” Realization clouded her beautiful sapphire stare. “What does she want from you?”

“For certain my strength, leadership. I am over a thousand years old, while she is barely pushing one hundred and fifty.” He chuckled. “Pam would be a far better monarch.” Imagining his only progeny on the throne was delightful, too bad she would grow tired of that life quickly. Pam needed her freedom; there weren’t enough golden tiaras in the world to sway her.

“I have heard reports that even though she took over the state she now reigns, it’s unstable.”

“Wait, reports?” Sookie asked.

“Yes, I have friends in many places. It keeps some of the shocking developments down, but not all. When DeCastro killed Sophie Ann, as you know, he spared me and mine. He was attempting to get the upper hand without alienating the remaining vampires in Louisiana. I am feared, but fair. DeCastro knows that if I were to bow down, others would follow willingly. Saves on the paperwork to not report multitudes of vampire slayings.” He smirked then looked down at his Sookie snuggled warm into his torso.

“Does that mean, you could rule if you wanted? Would that eliminate this queens’ request for you?” Sookie gulped as crystal tears welled in her luminescent eyes. “W-will you leave me?”

“Never.” A rock settled in his chest at the very thought of not having her near him. His vampire instincts rocketed up from calm seas to a hurricane. Eric tightened his hold on Sookie, breathing in their mixed scent to unruffle his nature once more.

“Her request is already denied. Not only by me, but since my maker has met the true death, I am under no obligation to follow his wishes.” He scowled at the memories of his bastard maker. Sookie will never need to be subjected to his cruelty. Thank the gods. Even if that leach of a maker had been able to broker a deal, there were always ways out. One just needed to be creative.

Eric brushed his mouth softly over hers, at first. Nipping at her bottom lip, she opened to his seeking tongue. As he tasted her deeply, he rolled her on her back and mounted her. From their previous fucking, Sookie was well primed and he eased into her in a long, slow glide.

“You are mine, my bonded.” He growled against her swollen lips as he started picking up his rhythm. “I will never give you up.”




Eric moaned as his kisses traveled to her neck. She is so tight, so perfect. Only for me. I am only for her.

Scraping his fangs down her collarbone to her breast he watched the goose bumps follow in his wake. She was moving in sync with him as her luscious breasts moved with his movements.

“Say it.” He growled. “Say you are mine.”

“I-I’m yours. I am yours, Eric! Oh, god. Faster.” A predatory smile lit up his face as she groaned and whimpered in pleasure underneath him. He pulled out, flipped her over and propped her up on her knees. Her pale tresses fanning out over the mattress.

Eric penetrated deeper than before and then he started pounding with wild abandon into her, her pleas for faster, harder, spurred his vampiric nature to new heights. The tops of his muscular thighs slapped against her plump toned ass. His hands gripped her hips as he watched himself move in and out of her.

Sookie’s pussy started to flutter around his cock in an orgasm, he was sure, was going to rock the paint off the walls. Biting his wrist he pressed it quickly to her mouth. “Take it. Take all of me.”

As she sucked his opened vein, more muffled pleas vibrated through his forearm, sending him plowing over the edge in a spectacular burst of light. Never before had he felt anything as powerful as his need for her.

He bent forward to her warm back and sunk his fangs into her slender neck. Sheathed into his Sookie completely, prolonged his pleasure as he slowed his cock to ease them both down from their prevailing releases. She is magnificent!

Sookie protested when he took his closed wrist away from her lips. “I love your hunger for me lover, know that I feel the same for you.”

“I think I may have an idea, but I might need some more convincing.” She turned her beautiful blues to him and smirked with mischief in her glance.

Eric smiled fiercely like the predator he was, “Well lover, prepare yourself for some considerable drawn out convincing.”


Hm, hot enough to melt lemons off the tree?








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    1. Why, thank you! I wanted Eric wild but not forceful. Let’s face it Eric Northman in your bed, you are not kicking him out. LOL! Or maybe it’s just me. 😉 I have many more dirty deeds ahead. Back to work in my playroom. Thank you for reviewing!

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    1. Fire extinguisher, right? I needed a cold shower after. Lucky for me the amazing MySecretOfanfiction gave me her notes to make the rind slip right off the lemon…was that too dirty. *shurgs* we all know now that I write smut. Why hide it. Thank you for reviewing, I hope you enjoy what is to come.


  1. Loved the lemons..thanks..
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    1. What can I say, I like lemons. I have a few favorite authors who write the hottest ones ever! But I try to keep up. And btw, the next chapter has a chance of more citrus. 😉 Thank you for reading! Makes my heart go, pitter-pat!


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