Stretching my palm in front of me, in a stop motion. I take aim toward the fucker, De Castro.

This king, who I stupidly saved from his final death not that long ago, was now forever regulated to my, wish him dead list. I concentrated on my light, I could feel the glow from within strengthening my bones, muscles and skin, rejuvenating the bond. Sending comfort and power to Eric, as I charged myself up.

Eric shivered as he knelt on the soft ground, keeping his head turned as far as it could, his radiant blues fixed on me. His happiness and regret intertwined over my light in our bond. Deep breath, I could do this. I will kill De Castro and Bill will be finally dead by my Bonded’s hand. I could see it and I had a front row seat.

My power collected more vitality, like a magnet finding negative ions. Just before I sent an energy ball fling through the night toward De Castro, Pam sliced off Felipe’s arm with Eric’s fallen broadsword.

A clean slice through the skin, muscle, and bone from the sharpened blade forces Felipe to drop the stake and scream in agony. Reaching to cover the exposed shoulder wound, he fell onto his unwounded side whimpering like a bitch. I blink and rush to Eric, Pam holds the oversized sword with deadly grace at de Castro’s throat. Daring him to challenge her.

“Not so tough without your arm, are you. Asshole.” Pam spats. Then growls when De Castro tries to move, Piercing the blade into the king’s neck drawing some blood.

“Move again and I’ll take your fucking head.” De Castro stills as his now missing arm disengages before his eyes.

Adrenaline is running high in my veins as I sprint at top speed to Bill. The silver dagger Eric had given me before the chaos broke out, tightens at my side. I am going to chop Bill’s head off and not feel an ounce of guilt. I hope it hurts.

I can see Bill’s profile as he registers the shock at Pam’s actions toward the former king. I can tell he thought they would prevail. I should have known, once a procurer. Always a procurer.

Pride and adoration spill through Eric, echoing into our bond. He sends his love and devotion to Pam. I am beyond relieved as well, what if I had missed? I must find a way to thank her. She has been a loyal friend to me and beloved child to Eric. My palm is outstretched once more, prepped to blast Bill into the grave when Eric head butts Bill from behind, sending the civil war vampire stumbling back. Surprised, he falls on his back, holding his broken nose in the bloodied grass.

The heavy silver chain is still lodged in the column of Eric’s neck when I arrive at his side. Panting deeply and landing hard on my knees, I say, “Let me take it off you.” I drop the dagger haphazardly in the lawn as Eric grunts in approval. Snagging the free end of the chain, I pull the metal off Eric like a Band-Aid. Taking some skin with it, he growls out.

The burnt flesh smell is awful, at least it drowned out my stench of gasoline stank. Some of his hair is singed around his chest. Logically, I know he will heal soon but it’s not fast enough for me. My Bonded is in pain and I can’t bare it. Pulling my tangled blonde hair behind my back, I expose my neck and lean over Eric’s mouth.

“Here, please drink.” I plead. Eric’s eyes widen in, what, disbelief? Did he think I would never offer to feed him again after what happened up stairs? His rejection pains me, but before I can ask why, Eric throws me roughly to his right. I land hard on my left arm sliding through the slick grass.

My face is caked in mud and blades of grass, I’m so bewildered. I would have left, he didn’t need to reject me so forcefully. Who am I kidding, I would have pushed him to take my blood. I look up in time to see Eric back on his knees as Bill thrusts my discarded dagger into Eric’s chest. The silver blade slides in easily, to the hilt.

Bill, still gripping the handle when a devastated scream rang out. It was mine, everything stopped moving. Eric looked down to his chest and then to me. Closed his eyes and fell onto his back, unmoving.

My heart beat wildly, my mouth dry as a desert breeze. Bill stood, blood dripped off his mouth and chin from where Eric had struck him. His eyes were wide as the fight around us slowed to a stop. The king was finished, Eric was almost gone. The vampires, weres and I took a millisecond to figure out the next move.

The iridescent, whirling, gold and pink light ball knocked into Bill’s chest near his left shoulder. Making his body turn toward my already extended palms. I was not even aware until that moment, that I had pulled the trigger of my supernatural Fae gift. Small beads of fuel, lifted off my skin and clothes to follow the light ball as a meteors’ tail. Splashing and stinging Bill from head to toe. I was now fuel free but not the Civil War Veteran. Astonishment registered my ex’s features, either by actually killing Eric. Or my divine force being the catalyst to lite his ass up.

I didn’t give a fuck.

Eric needs me.

And Bill’s time was over, he chose this, not me.

“You,” Bill spits out, grabbing his chest. Feeling for the blast I just shot to him. Distain furrows his brow, oozing hatred from his shortened stance. “It was meant for you.”

Even though, I knew Bill meant to kill me, the words run chill up my spine.

Eric saw Bill coming, and at the last moment saved my life. Bill was going to kill me. My mouth is cotton sticky at the realization that my very first lover, hated me. With so much insufferable evil that he was willing to kill me in front of my Eric.

I had misjudged Bill’s intentions for the last time. Whatever happy memories or lingering affection I had felt for him turned to ash in my heart. Which, Fae powers aside, translated to the Civil War veteran to freeze mid step. White hot flames shot up and out, burning him from the inside out in a spectacular fire pit show.

It must have been too quick for Bill to register pain because a moment later he was a solid statue of gray dust, sideburns and all. The grotesque sculpture that was once a vampire stood still as De Castro and his remaining battered followers watched in silence.

A strong gust of wind blew through the grounds and his once hypocritical form fell to the green grass like a house of cards. The ash crumbled and landed in a billowed heap, kicking up dust everywhere as the wind sent it off into the warm night. Bill Compton had finally left my life, forever.

“Eric,” I cry out as I scramble to him. He is gasping for unneeded breath, blood seeping out of his mouth. The dagger is deep in his chest, he is coughing repeatedly and wincing with every movement. Without preamble I pull the dagger free. Lucky for him that the blade was on the opposite side of where his heart was. He will be able to heal faster without the dagger inside. Any pain he is in now, will lesson with the silver blade gone. I slice open my wrist and place it over Eric’s mouth, this time not giving him a choice to feed.

“Drink, baby.” I run my other hand through his blood damp hair. “You need your strength, we have a lot to do yet.” Eric latches onto the open gash, his eyes closed tight in pain. I send love and astonishment through the bond. He risked his own existence to save mine. This man, I doubted not twenty minutes ago on his possible, unknown faithfulness had shown me his ultimate hand.

Shame creeps over my heart, he sacrificed himself for me. Tears fill my vision, sliding down my cheeks as the adrenaline wears off the hysterics are setting in. When the chips were down he was here, risking everything for me. I love him so much. I could never repay this debt. What could I do or give him that would ever be good enough.

Eric’s eyes snapped open to find my clouded blues staring a hole into his chest. The wound had closed and healed on his torso were Bill’s strike had made land fall. Eric gripped my wrist, reached out with his left hand to caress my cheek and neck. He must have felt my tumultuous emotions through the bond.

Stupid! I didn’t think, he doesn’t need this drama now. The one thing this bond always had that I hated was the fact that I could hide nothing from Eric. Telepathy had given me such a poker face over the years, which I valued highly. So much so, over my own ability to maintain the most important relationships in my life. My cheek heated with embarrassment. I had far too much pride and not enough sense, I prayed to God I could overcome this flaw. Eric was worth fighting for.

“I’m sorry, I should have been thinking more pleasant thoughts.” I forced a smile, trying to center myself.

Eric released the wound on my arm, licking it shut before mixing some of his blood to seal it.

“Sookie, I want your honesty. That is how we will survive each other. The bond can help us manage the harder emotions to express, but it’s not a cure all.” Eric smiled.

He was right, and in that moment, my bloody mouthed Viking was irresistible to me. I would share every stupid and mundane thought I ever had with him every moment if it meant having him every day. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Eric, oh God.” He hushes me with a kiss, which I deepen. I needed him, right here, right now.

Eric pulls back much to my dismay. Stands and kisses my forehead, “Hold that thought, lover.” Eric smirks.

Oh, my bad boy Viking is back and living it up. I grin with glee. Eric nods at Pam who still has De Castro dead to right on the ground. Indra brings over Pam’s Catania so she can hand Eric his Broad sword.

“Sandy,” Eric shouts into the crowd.

“Yes,” the smaller vampire appears. More blood stained school teacher in a pencil skirt and cardigan, than vicious second to Felipe De Castro.

Eric beams at her, “It appears that Nevada needs a ruler. Tell me how you feel about a territory reconfiguration, your majesty?” I gasp, Sandy is on our side? What the fuck?

Sandy nods her head in response, “Oh, I think arrangements have been made. However, whatever will we do with Louisiana?” Sandy smirks toward De Castro and bows to Eric, “My Lord.”

Eric’s humor is gone, “Let the council appoint a new monarch to Arkansas. With you at the helm in Nevada, maybe the territory can worry about its own business and not Louisiana’s.”

“I couldn’t agree more, dear friend.” Sandy Seacrest’s gaze finds Felipe’s as she gives him a sweet smile.

“Traitor! I shall have your head for this betrayal.” De Castro screams toward Sandy.

“I don’t think so,” Sandy reveals a wooden stake from behind her back as she makes her way to Pam and Felipe. Sandy nods to Pam, who withdrawals her Catania from Felipe.

“What was it you said to my maker, Lincoln. The true King of Nevada before you ended him. Ah, yes. ‘Traitors are the makers of history’ and I intend to make history swing back around.” Sandy thrust the stake hard into De Castro’s chest and watched with humorless eyes as his body turned to a Walking Dead marathon.

She bowed her head and whispered, “For you my master.”

Sandy had been Eric’s spy since she lost her maker to De Castro. He was a bad seed. Rising to her sensible flats, Sandy turned to face Eric and bowed once more. Eric did the same. Sandy shouted over the remaining masses, “Nevada belongs to me and mine, if you return to my land. Be prepared to face the consequences and pay fealty. Now.” For such a small vampire, she commanded respect like no other woman I’ve seen. Well, other than Gran.

The eight or so vampires, dropped their weapons and paid Sandy fealty. I looked around amazed that no one from Eric’s group had been killed. Not even the weres. Alcide and his wolves had lived to fight another day. Not Bill, he was truly dead and gone.

I heard a pop behind me which I have come to know is a fairy express route. Eric and I turn to see Claude, bruised and battered. Torn clothes and bite marks all over his arms and neck.

“Cousin!” I stride to him. “Who did this to you?” My cousin’s eyes are frantic as he takes in the several very hungry vampires just outside of reined in bloodlust. Maybe he thinks he should have called first.

“Bill, he grabbed me a few nights ago. Took my, my blood. Said something about you need to see the truth about Eric. He had me caged in Iron. It had weakened me but I was able to get out since it was rusty and worn. I want to make sure you are alright? Where is he?” His words tumbled out fast, making him slur some of the sounds.

Bill, fucking Bill. If I could kill him again, I would. My cousin, Eric, me? He was a madman. So he was the one who poisoned that girl to get Eric to drink from her. To what end? So I would break up with Eric? Then what? Go back to him. These thoughts made my head spin with the amount of stupidity Bill had.

“Shh, Claude. He is dead, finally. I ended him. Are you alright? Can I do something for you, you look just plum awful.” He did, and I was very aware the wind had blown his Fae scent over the vampire masses. Maybe we needed to finish this another time.

“I will be, I’m leaving for Faery now. I will coming back once my strength is returned. Stay well cousin, you make Grandfather proud.” Claude blew me a kiss.


What an exit these supernatural beings had. Not a manner to share between the lot of em’.

I shook my head and walked back to Eric, whose pupils were dilated from the Fae essence in the air. “You okay?” I asked, not wanting to get any closer until he was under control. I didn’t mind be a part of the victory celebration with Eric, but not with witnesses. Thank you very much!

Eric exhaled and then pulled me closer. Rubbing his hands down my back and over my bottom. Squeezing and then smelling my hair. “Yes, dear one.”

I so enjoyed having Eric touch me in public, it made what we had feel real outside of our private life. Which made me wonder. I leaned over to Eric and whispered, “Are you the King of Louisiana now?”

“I am, do you know what that means?” Eric’s breath tickles my ear as he whispers conspiratorially back to me. I giggle, shrugging my shoulders to get away from his advances.

“No, what?” I smile up at him, his blue eyes alight with laughter.

“It means, my Queen can afford to buy me a new car.” He laughed, holding me close before spinning me around. I tense in his embrace.


There’s a Queen?


Eric stopped and pulled me closer to his chest. Feeling my anxiety through the bond he soothes. “Sookie, you are my Bonded wife. You are my Queen. That is, if you will have me as your Bonded husband King?

I laugh. The ease of a million worries off my shoulders.

Be his Bonded wife Queen, that is a mouthful.

I straighten my shoulders and move my face to a neutral look. Eric stills, humor wiped off his brow.

Holding my hand out to him, I allow my love to sweep through the bond. I ask, “Nice to meet you, where’ve you been?”


The End


I sincerely hope you liked my little one-shot/multi chapter story. Haha! If you haven’t listened to, or watched the music video of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. I highly recommend it. 🙂 Thank you again to Gyllene for the beautiful banner.

Lastly, thank you amazing readers and reviewers of my work. I love feedback! I get such a kick out of seeing your predictions and answering your questions. I am happy to answer more, anytime!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Walking Dead or Oscar watching evening! Or both!




35 thoughts on “I can make all the tables turn

  1. sigh…that was just so satisfying. The bad guys bought the farm and Eric, Sookie & Pam have a happy ending..And I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where Sandy was on Eric’s side, very clever.

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  2. I loved it! So glad you decided to continue past the first chapter, as entertaining as it was! I think we need more of these stories where you take events in the books and rewrite them with how a normal person would act 🙂

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  3. Wow! Have to admit the first chapter had me worried, but why? It’s you, and this was just wonderful. Stunning ending to Bill too, always a plus! I loved the last words! Sookie got her Eric!


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