Was I a bad first time writer and leave you with a cliffhanger? 🙂 I was. My goal is to make DAG right and leave no one, eh, frustrated for too long… I’ll try to post once a week, but here is a little more somethin’ somethin’ to get you going.

Chapter 2


Wet kisses made their way back up my body. I smiled. Opening my eyes to see mischievous blues staring back.

“That was only the beginning,” Eric purred as he kissed my lips.

I wrapped my arms around his back and neck as he lined his body up with mine. The blunt head of his dick hit my wetness and I gasped.

Pushing into me he breathed, “I wished for this since last I saw you. Missed you. So good.” Sheathed all the way inside me he then started a breath-snatching rhythm. I was on fire as I kissed his neck and scraped my teeth against him. He growled, “Yes, yes my lover. Bite me!” I could not refuse him anything, not anymore, so I bit.


The best dark red wine with a creamy chocolate chaser has nothing on the essence of Eric Northman. I sucked and drank while we made love. If only I could get him to-. He bit at the exact moment sending us both careening into pleasure that swallowed us whole. As one. We moaned and drank in each other until his love bite closed and mine was healed with his licks.


Eric spooned me from behind, smelling my hair and holding me tight as I slowly came back from our intense lovemaking. Love and peace covered us both like a warm wool blanket in the bond. I sighed and turned over to face him. Kissing his lips lightly I asked, “When I move in here, what do you think will happen?”


Chuckling Eric ran his right hand up and down my spine. “Mm. More of this, more of us … together.” His clever fingers glazed over my hip toward my inner thigh, and then moved up to lightly brush through my short soft curls. I inhaled deeply, waiting, wanting more. His hand kept up his causal ministration: up my belly and around my breasts and then back down. Trying to clear my head, I proceeded to say, “No, I mean. Of course, I want to be close to you, a lot.” A blush crept up my neck to my face. “I need to keep busy, have a life. You don’t want me to just wait around for you to rise at night, waiting on you hand and foot. Do you?”


A finger gently pressed into my lips. “Lover, I must say the image you speak of, you waiting on hands and knees upon my rising is greatly…alluring indeed.” Eric wiggled his eyebrows suggestively making me snort in response. Turning thoughtful he continued, “My hope is that you discover what makes you blissful in your spare time. Perhaps going to college or lying in the warm sun. Practicing your telepathy range and strength or other fairy gifts. I would happily employ you in service of Area 5, as a consultant.”


Eric rose up on his elbow and leaned over me, pushing me from my side onto my back, pinning me once again to the couch. “Most of all I want to spend time with you.” He kissed the corner of my mouth. “Every evening,” kisses spread across my check to my ear and then down my neck. “I want to wake to you,” lick, “talk and laugh with you,” nip. “I never want to be apart from you. Not just because we are bonded but because of the love I have for you.” He looked deep into my eyes, conveying desperation so powerful his snowcap blue eyes were shadowed. The bond filled with hope and fear.


I held his beautiful face in my hands. “That sounds incredible, a dream come true.” I kissed him soundly as his relief and excitement unfurled though the bond in a flourish of deep pink and diamond sparkles.


“Hello daddy, hello mom…”


“Huh?” I was startled out of the kiss.


“I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb-”


“Speak…” Eric answered his phone with a clipped tone continued saying , “I shall arrive soon … yes, Pam.” Hanging up the phone he kissed me again all too quickly. “As much as I want to finish this, I have to go into the bar.” His jaw tight, he looked pissed off but stayed right where he was and even snuggled closer.


“Uh, okay. Can I go with you or is this a vampire only kind of thing?” Eloquent.


Tenderness returned to Eric’s features. “I want you to go everywhere with me, but Victor is waiting with his inspection of my dealings with local vampire businesses.” He said inspection like it was covered in a hot soup of disgust. “I find that I would not tolerate his eyes lingering on you. Although the bonus is that you smell like me very strongly right now and that would not be misinterpreted by him or when he informs DeCastro.” Eric looked thoughtful while he said, “However, I won’t have you displayed unnecessarily tonight. Not when you have given me such a warm welcome home, my bonded.”


That damn blush will not stop coming out of my cheeks. “All right, I can live with that. How about I go home to grab some things and meet you back here in two hours?”


“Hmm,” Eric was back giving soft small kisses to my neck. “You are home, lover.”

Giggling, I playfully batted his shoulder. “You know what I mean. It’s eleven, if I leave now the sooner I can be back home, and waiting for you.” In a sultry voice I added, “Maybe, naked.”


That piqued his interest further and Eric stopped his sensual assault to look me in the eye. “You don’t need anything tonight, or tomorrow. I plan to keep you naked, forever.” His shaft pressed against my core, grazing my clit, empathizing just what forever would entail. I moaned and he started rubbing slowly at first, then faster. My warm wetness now flowing over his cock so he could slip inside. “You like that, Sookie? You are making me crazy with your hips begging me to take that sweet pussy, like this.” At that, he thrust balls-deep into me in one stroke. The sound of our combined groan hung in the air .

* * * *



I started slowly again, thrusting in and dragging out of my sweet Sookie. Pure blissful torture. Her legs hugging me in close. Every time I pulled out, her slick pussy walls and toned legs would twitch in earnest to keep my movements still. I couldn’t have that, smirking wickedly down to her as I swiveled my hips and thrust hard over and over. She was getting close because she started bucking her hips to match my rhythm. With this feast of my senses I could not last much longer either, to ease us both, I brought my thumb to her tight bud and rolled small circles. Increasing the pressure as I increased my drive.


“Oh yes, so, so…close.” Sookie gasped, eyes shut tight and her mouth parted.


“Eric!” Mm, my name on her lips sent me wild and I continued plunging in and out of her hot, snug core, gaining speed when she started milking my orgasm and shouting her ecstasy.


I roar in return, slowing down my thrusts and almost collapsed on top of her. Spent and thrilled to have such an amazing creature in my bed, as my bonded, I roll us both to the side. Pulling her to me I notice the smile she now wears from our love making. Sated for a moment, I think, Now, I need to make her my pledged.




18 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 2

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  2. Loving more reasonable sookie already. Always thought she should go to college, esp with all the online options now. She likes numbers from when she did Sam’s books. Maybe bookkeeping or accounting? Or Management with a focus on accounting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think a world where I can show Sookie as working with her telepathy instead of against it, is a world I want to live. Not hide and ignore. Accounting could be good. Numbers don’t have emotions to deal with. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


  3. I’m happy that Eric brought up college to Sookie ! I always thought she was wasted in BT working as a barmaid! She could do many things with her telepathy too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Completely agree. I was once a waitress for years as well. Terrible job but a necessity sometimes. The way CH wrote about serving makes me sick. She thinks working in a bar in a dream job when in reality, it’s what you do to pay bills until something better comes along. Tips can be good and schedules can be better depending on your family needs…but dream job? Come on! No offense to anyone who is a server and loves it, I’m just relaying my own experience. 🙂
      Sookie has more to offer than, “Would you like fries with that?” And Eric is smart enough to see it and encourage it from day one. Hmm, smell like grease and stale beer every night until your back is sore or wear classy outfits while you use your God given gift. Tough, tough, tough choice. LOL! Thanks for reviewing!


  4. Boy, I love this Sookie! This is the way she should have been in the books and show. Now, she should take a few online college courses, and work for Eric as his Telepathic Consultant with full benefits. I agree with Eric, they should get pledged to try to avoid potential interference from Victor and the King. Anxious to see where you’re heading with all of this. Great chapter. Looking forward to your next update.


    1. Thank you! I’m so happy to convey a Sookie that doesn’t piss me off…too much. 😉 it’s a relief that you love her too. I’m almost ready with chapter 5 before my BETA gets her lovely hands on it so I hope to update soon. Thank you for reviewing! 🙂


  5. What a wonder chapter to read. I’m all excited from just reading of their lovemaking. Definitely Sookie should be doing things to improve herself, but she should be doing them for herself not to please someone else. Quite nervous about what complications Victor & DeCastro are going to bring into the story.


  6. Great chapter – a sookie and Eric who talk, go figure! Why couldn’t Sookie be more like this instead of seeing every gesture as a way to make her a ‘kept’ woman? I like that you’ve kept Eric so very ‘Eric’ and he’s still plotting ahead!


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