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Bloodlust was assaulting Eric’s senses. Seeing his mate battered and frightened on the floor while her precious blood stained the ground had sent him into overdrive. Sookie was curled in on herself near a tattered wall in shock and clearly injured, Eric’s rage racketed up to a white noise rumble.

Through his haze, Eric saw Sookie breathe out quickly and close her eyes. The bond conveyed relief and exhaustion upon his thunderous entry into the shack. Another emotion pushed through the others. Love. Eric had felt it on many occasions from Sookie. Before tonight she was always swift to cover the feeling with anger or indifference. At those times it had felt to Eric that she tried to hide her true emotions, thus depriving them both of a deeper relationship.

Not this time, like warm honey on his tongue from his human days, love poured over Eric. She trusts me to keep her safe and look where she is. My Sookie will be protected from now on.

“You all will die tonight.” Niall barks, interrupting Eric’s thoughts and pointing his iron casted dagger toward the disoriented fairies.

Eric rushed forward, the nightmare of legend reveled. Gripping the male fairy by the throat with one hand, Eric slammed him down violently to the cement slab. The fairy hissed and sputtered in pain trying to break free by clawing at Eric’s extended arm.

Eric’s wild eyes and elongated fangs fill the fairy’s view. In another rapid move he savagely bit the Fae’s neck where it met the shoulder, shredding the skin. Eric pulled his head back to bellow again. The Fae screeched in Eric’s ear, its skin flayed open reveling torn muscle and bone. Blood rained onto Eric’s face and chest like he had been caught running through the sprinklers.

Shutting his eyes, Eric got his first mouthful of the pure fairy. Gulping down sweet deliciousness into his body, he thinks, Sookie is sweeter.

Centuries ago Eric enjoyed drinking Fae blood while in battle. He destroyed his enemies with precise practiced skill and rewarded himself this indulgence. Later when the battle had been won, he had sought out a number of women to fuck the nectar out of his system. Sookie, I need Sookie. Her tight pussy is exactly what I need. Eric smiled devilishly at the image of Sookie writhing beneath him.

Eric’s eyelids sprung open. No! I can not lose myself. My beloved is in danger. Annoyed at himself for failure to keep focus, his attention goes back to the asshole in his hold. Limp from so much blood loss and about to pass out, he put him out of his misery and snapped his neck.

Looking back toward the scuffle behind him Eric sees Niall stab the female Fae in the chest with his iron dagger. The rusted look of the metal marked with blood. Shock and anger obvious on her face as Niall pulled the blade back out in a downward motion. For a second the female Fae turned into an ash sculpture. Standing in a creepy surrealism with grey sparkling hues until a slight breeze flittered through the night air. The remains disintegrated around the Prince until all that is left of her floats down to the ground.

Two fairies dead and gone. Eric flashed back to Sookie who was still on the cold floor where he left her when he stormed into the room. With the bond back in play he felt an immense relief fill her upon his exit from the portal to wherever they were now. Perhaps still Earth? It certainly still smelled like the south. A combination of woods, humidity and human sweat Eric would recognize anywhere. He filed away a question about how the fairies blocked his ability to feel her for later.

He had tried to be careful, closed down most of the bond to a trickle so that Sookie could not sense that he was near and thus give away her impending rescue. Now that the fight was over Eric had re-opened the bond letting all his comfort, concern, and love flow over his lover. She was shaking in a sure sign of an adrenaline rush.

Eric knelt down to Sookie and scooped her up gently in his arms. She was paler than normal, her eyes were clouded by darkness. Eric bit his wrist and whispers to Sookie, “Here, my little one. Drink.”

Sookie didn’t hesitate to latch onto Eric’s bloody wound and drinks in messy gulps. As her strength grew with each pull her fingers wrapped tighter around his forearm. Eric groaned low in his throat as his cock hardened. With his free had wrapped around Sookie’s back and rubbed tender circles and murmured, “Yes, that’s it. Heal, my lover. Nothing can touch you ever again.”

A tear trails down her check and a sob vibrated on Eric’s skin. She is so beautiful and strong and all mine! Sookie will never again be taken. Eric prayed to the gods of his human days to give him the tools to keep his vow.

His punctures finally closed and Sookie nuzzled into his muscled peck, tucking her further into the protection of his shoulder Eric lifted her in his arms as he stood. Exhaustion took over and Sookie drifted into unconsciousness, Eric softly laid his cheek on top of her hay colored tresses. Burrowed in the strands he inhaled deeply to reassure himself of her wellbeing and then his attention went back to Niall. The royal Fairy stared a hole into Compton.

If looks could kill, Compton would have died a thousand terrible deaths by the Prince’s very eyes. Without movement Niall spoke, “His existence is mine to end. He stole from me, he stole my grand-daughter’s choice and virtue by influencing her with his blood. He has committed a blood offense against me and I demand retribution.”

Niall shifted his gaze to see Sookie cradled to Eric’s chest. A warming overcomes the Prince’s ridged features and speaks, “She would have chosen you first Northman. It is obvious for anyone to see the love you two have.”

Eric nodded in agreement. As soon as I can get her out of this fucking place. I’ll tell her how much I love her, how I need her. How every day since I remembered our time together has been pure fucking hell.

His face turned intense as he gazed down at Sookie’s resting form. He must have been lost in thought for too long because upon glancing back up Eric saw the Prince smirk in approval. He then nodded to the Viking once and returned an ice-cold glare directed at Compton’s writhing form as he moaned in pain. “Besides, I think we both know that Sookie could not forget you killed him. Justified as it would be, her unnecessary guilt would cloud the future.”

Niall unsheathed another dagger from his hip, which sparkled of clean silver with a handle wrapped in well-worn leather. It must’ve dated back centuries from the look of it. An interact letter “B” is engraved into the metal at the center of the blade.

Bill coughed annoyingly and a trickle of blood dribbled out, getting caught on his forehead before beading off to the floor a mere foot below his head. Still upside down he wheezed, “No, wait.” Bill coughed again. “Sookie is mine. She never appreciated what I did for her.” More blood coated his lips. “I sacrificed my continued existence and she threw it in my face by fucking Northman. She is a nothing but a whore.” He spat a mouthful of blood onto the unmoving Prince’s suit and continued, “I should have killed her in that trunk when I was finished with her in Jackson.”

Eric snarled at the Civil War bastard, the scene was still fresh in his mind, ripping open the back of that fucking sedan. His Sookie, bleeding to death, violated in the worst way by someone who had claimed to love her. Betrayal was a word that did not go far enough to explain what Bill had done to her that night. If only I had been there sooner, she would have never had to experience such viciousness. At least she did not have to hear Bill say his true thoughts.

Absorbed in his memory of that fateful night, Eric noticed too late that Sookie had awoken. Her chest shook faintly against his torso. Fuck.

Peering down, he saw Sookie looking toward Bill in disbelief. The bond filled with shock, disappointment, sadness, and a flash flood of raw anger. In fact it intensified by the second, Eric would have feared for Sookie’s health had she not just had his blood.

In a small voice Sookie whispered, “You were the real villain the whole time. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. I let myself get manipulated by you time and again with no thought as to why I put up with your shit. I never put up with anyone’s antics, ever! But yours Bill, I looked right past.” She paused and then said, “It was your blood.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

Any remaining indignity Bill had at the Prince’s unmoving gaze was exchanged for a puppy dog face framed in bad sideburns when he turned to Sookie. Bill pleaded desperately, “Sookeh, sweetheart! Please help me. He is your grandfather, you can call him off.”

Niall had not moved a muscle, his icy observation giving nothing away throughout the exchange. He watched from his vantage point, a hawk waiting on a branch as the rat he hunts runs from branch to hole trying to hide. The soft leather handle of the blade still firmly in his grasp.

“Great-grandfather,” Sookie called quietly and Niall tilted his head toward her. “Before we leave can I ask a favor of you?”

Eric stiffened, you do not ask a Fae for a favor. They come with invisible strings. He sent caution through the bond.

“Whatever you wish my dear.” Niall says with a grin.

“I want to leave this place with Eric while you finish your business here.”

A brilliant evil smile graced the mouth of the old patriarch showing perfect teeth. “Oh my treasured kin, that is a favor I will not grant.”

Sookie’s mouth opens in shock, ready to argue when Niall held up a single finger, “For this is my duty, my privilege to avenge our family. I am in no need for your debt to me.” He bowed to Sookie, “Now, out you go.”

Eric did a one eighty with Sookie in his arms and strolled out with long strides while Bill screamed behind them. Sookie never looked back as she hugged Eric closer to her.


Upon return through the portal, Niall asked Eric where he would be taking Sookie. Holding a subdued Sookie, Eric said, “I have a secured home no one knows about. I will fly Sookie there now, since dawn is upon us.”

Niall looked around briefly before speaking, “Allow me to accompany you so I may cloak your home from anymore unwanted trespassers. When daylight appears Sookie will still remain safe.”

Eric nodded. Fae protection for my Bonded will be a bonus.

“I also request a royal guard of my court be sent here to watch over her in your rest.”

Another Fae around Sookie. It would be a strategic move to have others of her kind near to protect her when I cannot, but can they be trusted? “I will meet this Fae tomorrow night and determine their usefulness. Sookie will be secure in our home during the daylight hours. They are not to know of our homes location until they are cleared by me.” Eric bit out the last part. All I need is another rouge fairy to find my home.

“Very well, he will meet you at your business an hour after the sun sets tomorrow. How far is your home?”

“Not far, I will fly us there and when you feel her stop, track us.”

Niall nodded. “Indeed. When you arrive I will set the magic and leave. If I linger others can sense my enchantment, however the cloak I leave will distort my scent as well as the Fae guard when he arrives. No one will be able to tell that extra protection is in play.”

“Very well.” Turning is attention back to Sookie, Eric rubbed her forehead with his own. “Hold tight dear one, we are almost home.”

A soft voice returns, “Thank you Eric.”

Taking off into the dark sky Eric flew as fast as he thought Sookie could take without jarring her. Ten minutes later he arrived at their home, a hilltop fortress overlooking a dark forest and inky lake beyond. The modern three-story home had a basement, which became Eric’s lair. The first story had been covered in horizontal wood planks sanded to a smooth toffee color and grain. The remaining outside walls were white, beige, and gray for contrast against the rich wood and the heavy greenery surrounding. This fortress was originally some billionaire’s idea of a post-apocalyptic answer until the elderly man died from a heart attack and his young widow was eager to make a quick million.

The home was designed so that one could not easily see it from below. Which served Eric’s purpose. The driveway stretched half a mile through the thick woods from the main road that was not easily marked. They would have a strategic upper hand on anyone who may try their luck and attempt an assault there.

The moon was not out that night which helped to keep Eric and Sookie concealed from any unwanted attention. Landing in the soft grass of the backyard, Eric looked around and listened. Nothing. The crickets stopped their song for a moment recognizing the predator in their midst. Satisfied that they were in no danger they started their song again.

The backyard was enclosed by a ten foot steel and iron wall covered in a dark grey stone that blended seamlessly into the forest. The back patio was covered in cushy sofas and chairs around a black iron fire pit and the floor was crisscrossed with stone and bushy green grass mortar. The pool’s water lay still like the top layer of jello in a refrigerator waiting to be dipped into. Niall popped onto the premise twenty feet away from the couple.

He nodded to Eric, faced the home, and said a few hushed words. Niall’s right hand then crossed in front of his body to his left elbow, once outstretched the arm went up and over his head to his right side. Continuing the imagined circle down past the right and then left thighs to where he started it at the left elbow. It looked as if he had drawn out a full circle, an invisible bubble around the home and property.

“It is done. An additional mile will be included as an early warning system. Sookie will feel it since the magic I used is part of the essential spark. Therefore notifying you both of any danger since you are bonded.”

Eric smiled, his home had already been built with the most state of the art security system but this powerful force gave them an extra advantage. “Very well.” Eric advanced toward the back door as Niall disappeared into a shimmer of light in the dark.

Stepping over the intersected stone floor, Eric walked up to the glass door of the back patio. He pushed his forefinger to the wooden wall and a perfectly concealed panel dropped open. A black monitor stood lit and ready for the next task when Eric pressed his fore and middle fingers to the screen. Green sensors lit and the panel closed when Eric removed his digits. Opening the door, he carried Sookie bridal-style over the threshold.

“Eric, I can walk, really. You’ve held me for so long,” Sookie said.

“It’s my pleasure to care for you, my bonded. We are home, let me take care of you.” Sookie smiled at Eric’s request. He could feel her awe and curiosity through the bond about the home as she looked around from the perch in his hold. It seemed that while she had waited earlier she only saw the entrance and living area. I cannot wait to see what she thinks of my, of our bedchamber. I will let her decorate it however she likes.

Black and white tiles passed under his feet as he walked through the snowy granite of a chef’s dream kitchen. Eric passed other rooms and finally reached a hallway where he did something similar to the panel by the outer doors to get past another security barrier. A wall opened as if by magic revealing a spiraled staircase down. Two dozen stone steps later and the pair stood before another set of huge wooden double doors. Eric opened them and walked into a luxury suite.

“Sookie, I would like to bathe you and get you feed before I must go to rest.” Eric paused. “May I?”

She focused off into space and back to him and answered, “Okay.”

Walking toward another door, Eric entered the master bedroom and bath. Passing by an enormous bed that was looked as comfortable as sleeping on a cloud. I hope Sookie will enjoy this bed too.

He eased Sookie onto the beige marble counter making their heights not such a contrast and then framed her face with his palms. “This is our home dear one. No one can take you from me, no one will ever hurt you again.” Stroking her cheek with his thumb he saw her vulnerability, her strength, and her love. Those emotions swirled in the bond between them as he sent back his devotion, love, and pride.

“I need to get a bath ready for us, can you stay put a moment?” As much as Eric wanted to hold her in their bed, he desperately needed to get Sookie clean and comfortable. He wanted to wash away any trace of the horror she endured tonight. As if feeling the same, Sookie nodded.

Eric vamped to run warm water in the almost Olympic-sized pool they call a tub. He sprinkled in bath salts and then gathered white fluffy towels and a plush robe to set out near the steps of the bath. Sheading his torn and bloodied clothes from his body he walked back toward Sookie naked to help her out of her remaining garments. She stared at him as he approached, lust twisted up tight in his gut. Eric growled at the feeling.

When he reached her still perched on the counter, her arms went around his neck and her legs wrapped around his thighs as she kissed him. A crash was more like it. Eric kissed her back slowing down her urgency until they got to the bath. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue and she eagerly opened so he could taste the sweetness of her mouth.

Sookie moaned into his kiss as she felt her panties damped with her arousal. Eric quickly moved to push her sweater dress up and over her head and arms. Unclasping her bra he let the swells bounce and watched her nipples harden to the rush of air.

“You are beautiful.” His voice cracked with wonderment. He bent over to kiss the middle of her chest and moved to the right over the round perfection getting closer and closer to the dusty pink nipple. Eric nibbled with his blunt teeth then laved his tongue across the pebble to soothe the hurt. Sookie hummed in bliss and he made his way over to her other breast, not wanting to play favorites.

Eric stood and grabbed her ass to slip it off the smooth counter until Sookie was standing in front of him. “I need to see you, all of you.” He purred husky. Sookie skimmed the waist of her black panties with her fingers and pushed them over her hips, bottom, down to her thighs. Bending over she used her fingers to pull the remaining material off her calves and stepped out.

Eric’s fangs snapped down seeing her before him in her glory. He was back to kissing her mouth as his hands gripping her rounded hips. “You are a goddess, Sookie.” He kissed up her jaw to her ear and whispered, “And I will worship you.”

Seizing her ass in his large hands he drew her up to his waist as she wrapped her legs around him. With Sookie back in his arms he turned and moved to the filled bathtub. The hot water made the room humid and more inviting as he made his way.

“We don’t have much time before dawn is here but I’m going to love you until the sun takes me.”

Sookie kissed his neck and grinned up at Eric. “Sounds like a plan.”

Eric set her down near the lip of the tub and stepped in and sat. The warm water billowed steam around him and as he sat the clear water sloshed from side to porcelain side. He outstretched his right hand to her and Sookie took it as he helped her into the deep pool. She settled back against him until he felt her plump ass snuggle his cock between them. The groan came from both of them. “This feels wonderful Eric.”

His hands were on her thighs and moving up to the apex of her legs. Eric’s index finger lightly touched her swollen pussy and feathered across her clit and back down. She arched her back at the sensation moaning out, “Oh, yes.”

“Let us see if I can make you feel something besides wonderful.” Eric nibbled Sookie’s neck scraping his fangs down and up in time with his fingers. She shivered again as his fingers glided down the seam of her pussy and the back up to circle her clit with a little more pressure. Gradually driving her mad as her hips moved with the pace he set. After a few passes Eric’s finger dipped in and rimmed her entrance.

“Please baby, I need you.” Sookie moved her legs farther apart so he could reach her easier and she gripped his thighs as she silently begged him to continue.

“You like this Sookie? You love my fingers fucking you?” One finger sheathed inside her, slipped out and was joined with a second, sending a tremor through her. “Your pussy is so hungry for my cock, it will take anything to come, naughty girl.” He murmured in her ear while his fingers picked up the pace. “I can’t wait to sink my hard cock deep inside you. I want to watch you ride me until we come.”

“Oh God, yes. Yes.” Sookie screamed out. He continued pumping his fingers finding that sweet spot and easing back just to thrust a bit harder until she was riding his hand and panting.

“Come Sookie, come right now. I need it.” His voice was raw and she did what he commanded. Falling apart and crying out his name.

Eric didn’t waste any time, Sookie was still coming when he whisked her around to straddle him. In one hard thrust he sank in deep. Sookie called out again only this time her shouts were incoherent mutterings to his ears. Eric smiled as Sookie mindlessly rode him toward another orgasm. Every downward thrust was met with an upward pump. Her breasts bounced and tightened at the tips.

He squeezed her ass in one hand and kept the nape of her neck in the other as they kissed. The bond was wild with their passion. It swayed and spiraled around them like a greedy voyeur searching for a better view. She’s perfect. Nothing, no one has ever been this good. His balls tightened as she glanced down to where they were joined, completely memorized by the sight. A blush replaced her astonished face as she met him in the eye. Gods, this woman is going to kill me. She is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

“I’m there lover, come with me now!” Eric demanded as his large hand raced down to tease her clit once more. Another deep moan escaped her lips as she rode him harder her head falling forward to suck his neck. She scraped her teeth across his flesh and then bit down hard drawing blood that she ravenously drank. Eric came in violent spurts inside her and then bit Sookie as well. Her sweet blood filled his body and he felt his own nourishing her.

After two mouthfuls, Eric sealed this bite mark and held a panting Sookie against his chest in the cooling water. “I love you Sookie. I have been in love with you since before the curse. Now that we are bonded I love you even more.” They were still joined when Sookie sat back to look him in the eyes. Tears now cloud her gorgeous blue orbs.

You have come this far. Do it! “I want to be Pledged as well as Bonded to you, my love. Will you consider me?”

Sookie frowned for a moment not taking her eyes off of Eric, she asked. “Does pledged mean, married?”

“Yes.” Eric sat on the edge of a silver knife, she could hurt him so badly right now. If only she would say she was his. Another second passed and her frown did a one eighty to a bright shining grin.

“You love me.” More of a statement than a question. Eric nodded and smiled, he didn’t trust his voice.

She grabbed his face and kissed him gently, savoring his lips with her mouth. “I think you should know then.” She paused and rested her forehead against his. “I am in love with you.”

Fuck yes! A wave of euphoria hit Eric in the heart. She loves me!

Eric’s grin was completely boyish with happiness. He looked like Santa had finally delivered just what he wished. “Does that mean that you will be my wife?”

“With all my heart, yes.”




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  1. Engaged to be pledged. I always took the bonding thing to be stronger than pledged and I don’t think a witch could break it. If that was the case wouldn’t a child of an asshole maker just hire a witch? Stupid. Anywho, thank you for the review. Brace yourself for what is next. 😉


  2. Woohoo! Billy Boy is finally dead. Yay! And Eric and Sookie finally expressed their love for each other. Out loud. Loved it 🙂


  3. I really don’t know what happen but I received all your updates only yesterday!
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    loved the final part…Eric and Sookie are engaged to become pledged .Hooray!


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  4. Brilliant chapter! I’m glad Sookie got to see the very worst of Bill and left Niall to deal with him – I do like your version of Niall! Eric’s house sounds great and this is how they should have come to pledge.


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