For all the Valentine’s Days that have gone…less than perfect. Now keep in mind this story does not take place on Valentine’s Day. BUT there are times when Charlaine Harris wrote characters behaving badly. I would read, shut the book ad think, “is that the reaction I would have had?” More likely than not, it was a resounding, NO!.

Having to read Sookie’s annoying, “I’ll think on it tomorrow” bullshit. I can’t, it’s just too much, am I right? I truly think this is how Sookie would respond in this situation. Let’s see if you can guess where in the series they are. Please read at your own risk. Read that Title, again. 😉

I highly recommend the music while reading. Can you guess my inspiration? LOL! Also, please thank the amazing Gyllene for the beautiful banner! You are so talented girl, thank you!





The glass crashed over me like confetti on New Years’ Eve, shimmering tiny razors that cut deliciously into my clenched knuckles. It felt so good to not feel anything in that moment, other than my skin being sliced up by an expensive headlight. My heart, my trust was crushed and my emotions were in the driver’s seat of an insane roller-coaster.

The ache was too much to control, so instead I channeled the chaos of my shattered faith into this beloved piece of steel. I felt like I could fill ten books with excuses like, ‘he’s probably not cheating on me by drinking from others’. Or ‘I don’t know what he’s doing when I’m not with him, better not ask him’.

“Ugh!” I used my wedged heels still strapped to my feet to kick at the remaining shards lodged into the casing. I thought the trusty baseball bat that I kept in my trunk would do the trick of disassembling the red she-devil on four wheels.

“Motherfucker!” I guess this was going to have to be a complete hands on endeavor. Lucky me, I had all the time in the world to devote to my wounded souls assignment.

I griped the bat tighter as I walked to the back of the sports car. The blemish free rear tail light meet a spectacular end as its crystal ruins littered the concrete. It seemed that the tempered glass fairy had sprinkled fragmented shards all over the driveway in small collective explosions. I smirked at the insurance nightmare in store for the owner, I hope this damage hurts that philandering bastard chances of getting the repairs covered.

I closed my eyes at the memory onslaught of what I had walked into. “Oh baby…”

“No!” I shouted, I reopened my eyes to narrow them at my next victim.

Leather seats.

Grasping the knife in my hand felt right. I had swiped it from the kitchen on my way out of the house. My fingers taped one by one up the grip. In my mind, a pear knife was the best cutting utensil in the butcher block. Small, sharp, easy to handle, especially if a person is inexperienced with a blade. It’s not like a butcher knife that you could lose control of and accidently slice yourself instead.

A pear knife was my weapon and utensil of choice. I held the knife close to my face to inspect the metal, seeing the blade in the exterior lights on the lawn I grin at the glint. It’s practically a scalpel. This is where all my recent practice carving pumpkins for Merlotte’s Halloween party is about to pay off in spades.

With renewed will, I return to the task at hand. So far the exterior of the expensive import had sustained multiple dents and dings from the old slugger. Mirrors hung precariously by a wires and the once sleek soft top looked as if a tiger had ripped out of the steal and fabric cage to escape into the night. Where was Quinn? This is when I actually needed him to transform into his animal form and be useful.

The once cherry red, polished door was unlocked. What was he thinking? I clucked my tongue and shook my head in disapproval. He was careless with all his most precious assets.

“Asset,” I whispered disgusted, my lip involuntary snarled at the term.

“I am not a fucking asset,” I hiss out, my rage boiling in my veins. I looked down at myself, my yellow sundress with white peep toe wedges seemed ridiculous but I also knew I looked cute. Maybe after this little event I’ll be known as his nightmare dressed like a daydream. I smiled wickedly and laughed at the beat to shit, big boy toy that he drove everywhere he could. A few stands oh hair fell across my brow. I swiped my now bloody hand across my forehead to push back my unruly locks. Smearing blood on myself in the process.

Climbing none so gracefully onto the front seat of the Corvette I inhaled the expensive black leather. Running my fingertips lightly along the soft surface brings back thoughts of sitting here, in fear that an accident would befall me with the maniac driver behind the wheel.

“Sorry baby, it’s not you. It’s him. Tonight, I am using you to send a message. There was no other way to make him hurt.” I shift on the seat to find the button that allowed the ragged top to descend slowly into the back compartment, leaving plenty of room for me to maneuver uninhibited. Not that I left much of the soft top to shield his long blonde tresses from the elements, but he’ll discover that later. I barked out a crazed laugh.




I could have shown him incredible things, now I’m drunk on jealously. My vision is tinted jade with resentment, I wish I had some gasoline. That would do the trick.

“Oh wait, I do!” I stop cutting my masterpiece to clap my hands together. Somehow, I am getting more excited by this new discovery than I thought I ever would. When the mower needed more fuel today, I was annoyed to have to run such a messy errand. But now I’m thrilled that I didn’t put it off.

“Mmmmm, oh yeah, baby!”

Another unwelcome memory halts my progress again as I cover my ears with my hands, attempting to block out the memory. He was feeding off of her. On the bed. At a party that he knew I was attending any moment!


I loved him!

I love him.

Choking back a shaky sob as my heart constricts again. I knew he would make me feel so much betrayal.

My thoughts are turning more negative by the moment. How would he feel if he caught me feeding someone else? Fucking someone else? Maybe I should pay Bill a visit after this.

Is this his way of telling me we are over?


That he is done.

After all, no better way to say ‘I can’t stand you,’ then to have said person walk into an affair.

He is my husband, mine!

Leaning back against the steering wheel, I take a steading breath. A loud honk escapes into the dark night, but I don’t care. I feel numb as I admire my handiwork. Seeing my name ripped into his leather seats so haphazardly is exhilarating. He may not appreciate how long this masterpiece took to create, but I’ll always have the memory of this satisfaction. Wish I had my phone to take a picture.

The memories.

Where was my Eric?


He’s gone.

A mirage.

An audience has slowly began to spill out of the cheater’s house. Nevada’s vampires are cheering me on, encouraging my outrageous behavior with glee and mischief in their voices. Thalia, does not look pleased in the slightest, but she never does. I doubt she could understand why a girl would choose to destroy her Bonded’s treasured Corvette over a drunken girl.

Well, fuck her very much! Thalia will never understand my pain.

It’s unbearable.

Squaring my shoulders, I stare at the crowd and smirk at the Felipe de Castro’s minions. Exiting the car quickly, I run over to my old reliable car to grab the bright red gasoline can. Unscrewing the black cap, I savor the strong, bitter smell.

The aroma is my very own salvation.

I’m well aware that I knock and tumble the can around, leaving a slippery trail all the way up the driveway. The fuel sloshes over my bare legs as I zero in on the battered Corvette.

I don’t give a shit.

A cleansing feeling rushes over me like a cool spring, and I empty the flammable liquid over the battered and bruised car. Reaching inside my dress for the lighter I had hidden in my bra, I register that my palms are now dripping with fuel.

It doesn’t stop me. It’s gonna go down in flames.




“Fuck!” I huff.



“Sookie, Stop!” Eric barks from the open garage.





50 thoughts on “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

  1. I was always waiting for Sookie to go a bit around the bend after that one. Besides the occasional rescinded invitation, she never really blew up about all that stuff. I never understood her (begrudging) acceptance of her problems. That or… the PMS makes me want to see Eric pay. 😏

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    1. I totally get that song too! But this song seems like a crazed younger….maybe more immature response to relationships. At the end when she beats the hell out of his car with a golf club. Well, I thought, Sookie would be high in reckless abandon. She may not have the words to tell Eric her pain but his car would feel it. Thanks for reading! 🙂


      1. Wow! Maybe if she had shown this much passion in the books they would have fought more with and for each other. Eric is no pussycat when it comes to his feelings….she should be able to blow off steam as well. She’s not only a southern bell; but a steel magnolia to bboot!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, duckbutt60, she is a steel magnolia. Not a wilting flower. CH wrote a disservice to Southern women in this series. I intend to give her a backbone, a brain, and some female hormones. Winning combo! Thanks for reading!


    1. We will get to see Eric’s reaction soon. He, of course, feels violated. Wouldn’t you if haters kept putting you through shit. I would be furious and I am not a thousands year old vampire. Thanks for reading!


    1. It is sooooooooo long. You know sometimes when you read a fic and it’s way toooooooo looooooong. Mama needed a break. Don’t worry, I’ll give you another spoonful!

      I love the banner! Sookie kicks ass with the banner! Thank you so much!

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  2. I agree that Sookie put up with too much and didn’t question enough. The Nevada vamps should take a lesson from this. Don’t piss off the telepath. The next victim of her wrath may not be an innocent car. course, as I recall Eric was set up with fairy blood. More, please.

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    1. Completely agree. There was some foreshadowing in the books that never came to life. Like her Fae kin, you don’t think Niall would have defended her? He did other times, why not now? Why not realize she is young, immature, and school her. God knows CH’s version of Sookie needed and attitude adjustment. Ha! Thank you!


  3. While I’m quite impressed with her handiwork, I’m worried she’s about to accidentally set herself on fire like Meekus. (I’m also thinking that’s the real reason he’s yelling for her to stop.) I can’t wait to read what happens next!

    P.S. Like melodius, I too was hearing Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood in my head. 🙂

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    1. OMG, like Meekus! I never thought of that, you are right. That would be a tragedy. The overall song and what it conveys was my thinking. Even though she pulls a CU here, the rest of the story is about owning your shit, dealing, and moving on. Thanks for reading!

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  4. first of all, love the blank space video. and i’m all for girl power. but, is this a one shot? I’m worried about how this looks to felipe if eric cannot make her “heel” then won’t she lose her freedom and end up in vegas?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is awesome!! Like everyone else, I’m worried for her. She completely covered in gasoline, hands, legs and a trail to her car. I also heard “Before He Cheats”. This is spectacular. I can’t wait for the next update! I agree that Eric might be shouting at her not to burn herself, instead of worrying about his car. That will come later.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh, really don’t blame Sookie for finally going off the deep end! But she’s covered in gasoline too, that’s a bit too crazy. Really want to see what happens next!!!

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  7. At that point in the story she should have been stronger, and she should have believed in him more, and it always angered me that she didn’t stand up for herself. I like that you are giving her a chance to do that, even if it is starting out in a blinded rage of pain and anger, it makes sense that when she finally broke she would go so far out before she snaps back and figures out how to assert herself without being reckless. I look forward to what happens next, I am sure it will be memorable and right and better than anything their creator gave them. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! Thank you! I was so bummed to see a clear reason for Sookie to explode and then….nothing. Fell flat all over the place. The thing is, we all know she’s upset. Almost loses it, and then internalizes it and moves on. What a waste of a fabulous explosive reaction from a character who, let’s face it. Is dying inside by not confronting her true self. I will be updating tonight. Thank you for reading! Makes my day!!!

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  8. don’t blame her at all, wish she had a back bone in the books, she lost it after the fairies i think, she started to get one and then BAM CH took it away. looking forward to seeing how this goes and if Eric gets to her before she sets herself on fire. KY

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, CH kept her stupid. Which, to be honest is fine in the beginning. Because she knows nothing of the supernatural world…but by book 11? Nope, don’t buy this at all. Thank you so much for reviewing!!!!


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