The estate dripped in European elegance. From the long, light checkerboard stone drive, to the looming manor an acre or so from the main road.

The manicured lane circled a Roman inspired fountain of a goddess pouring water from her vase while nude. The dark sedan pulled up to the front walk stairs and slowed to a stop. The exterior lighting illuminated the mansion’s most eye catching architectural features, exposing the home for the fortress it really was.

A luxury, state of the art, castle.

Fit for a King.


Sookie looked over at Eric who gave her a boyish grin. “Godric will adore you, as I do.” He leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on her lips and stepped out the vehicle. She giggled, enjoying the admiration Eric showed her.

Bill never made you feel like that.

Smiling like a loon, she grasped his offered hand and stepped out in the humid night air of Texas. The saccades were singing in the woods surrounding the estate as she pushed her body against him and laid a quick kiss of her own on his mouth.

“Thank you for asking me to meet your maker.” Sookie beamed up at Eric.

“Well, I believe it is customary to meet ones maker before I take you.” Eric’s eyes darkened with lust as he spoke, causing Sookie to blush bright red.

How can he do this to me?

“Don’t count your chickens, mister.” She scolded playfully.

“What does poultry have to do with you and I fucking?” Eric’s infectious smile was a dead giveaway to his frisky side. Sookie laughed.

“Do not think you can get out of this Sookie. You will be mine again, soon.” He brought her hand to his lips where he kissed, licked and nipped her knuckles. A moan escaped her.

Alright, unless you want to do it on the stone fountain, get your head out of his pants!

Sookie took a looked back to the fortress to clear her shameless thoughts of Eric’s lips. A scan of the grounds told her that several vampires lurked inside and a few outside, unseen near the perimeter of the thicket. There was one void located inside that had a haze around them. It was like a fogged up window, the smog around tis void was suffocating.

That’s weird? I’ve never felt that before. Does that mean this void is older? More powerful? Maybe it’s Godric and he is different because he is King? Although how he could function in that mess is worth looking into.

Eric tugged on Sookie’s hand to get her attention, as the driver of the sedan pulled away to a small parking area to the left of the grounds.

“Everything alright?” Eric inquired.

“Yeah, just taking a listen to who is around. Ya know? How long has it been since you couldn’t feel Godric?” Sookie asked as they ascended the entry staircase to the main double doors.

“Three nights, it’s been…most unpleasant.” Eric frowned, “Even when my maker has been in pain or anguished, I have always been able to feel him, in our bond. I am disturbed that he would close it.”

Sookie nodded. Me too.

This was clearly painful for Eric, she only hoped she could help in some way. “We will figure it out, don’t you worry.” Sookie smiled as she clasped his hand in support. Eric smiled back and exhaled.

That’s better.

As they made their way up the sandstone steps, the door of the mansion opened and a petite brunette stepped out. One look at Eric and she sighed silently, relieved. She was dressed to kill.

Probably literally. Ha!

She wore a tight blue leather dress that hugged her body and ended at pointy black heels. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a stylish ponytail that seemed more downtown chic than church BBQ.

“Eric, how lovely to see you.” Glancing quickly over to Sookie, she inhaled and her eyes widened. “I didn’t know you would have a companion. Perhaps she would be more comfortable at a hotel. I will make the arrangements, now.”

Huh? Leave?

Eric’s hold tightened and he pressed Sookie to his side. “Sookie is mine!” Eric seethed through his drawn fangs. “She goes where I go.”

The vampiress held up her hands to placate the Viking. “No, Eric, of course. I meant no disrespect. Godric is not himself and having such a sweet smelling guest may not be the best idea, right now.” She nodded to Sookie.

“What is happening Isabel? Where is Godric?”

So he knows her?

She seemed momentarily surprised again. “Did he not summon you? I thought that was why you have come.”

“I have not felt him for three nights. I became more troubled when I could not get word to him.” Eric confessed with more concern now seeing Isabel’s shocked expression.

“This is disconcerting, please follow me. Maybe you can talk sense into him, I have tried and failed.” She hung her head in shame.

Isabel turned around and reentered the large foyer of the manor. Eric followed with Sookie still glued to his side. The living areas were enormous with high ceilings and butter colored walls littered with tasteful pieces of art. Works by Monet, Rembrandt and Da Vinci were easily identified from Sookie’s memory, she could only guess the others were in the same class of famous painter.

Passing a chef’s dream kitchen was another sitting area that was surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. The night sky was blanketed with stars tonight. Sookie could see an inky black lake in the distance that was laced with silver from the half-moon light.

Gah! Something about lakes always seemed so ominous, maybe it’s because you usually can’t see to the bottom.

To the right of the glass double doors flew open with a thud and out stepped a terrifying creature. He was the hazy vampire void that Sookie had sensed from outside. This vampire was utterly mad, his wild eyes scanned their party, landing on Eric.

Lean muscled and shirtless, he had blue tattoos that circled his pectorals and a twice knotted twine necklace was wrapped around his neck. White linen pants and bare feet, his hands were clenched at his sides as if trying to contain his rage. His short brown hair was disheveled, as if he had been attempting to pull each strand out by the root.

If his appearance wasn’t frightening enough, dark red blood stained most of his body. Dried on his chin, drip dried sown his torso and speckled throughout his remaining clothing.

Before Sookie could take her next breath the vampire was griped Eric’s neck and bringing her Viking to his knees.

“What did you do Eric? Reverse this insanity or I will end you myself.” The smaller vampire growled. His fangs were long, like they had been out and searching for a new victims for days. He may not have been resting during the day.

Sookie shuttered. Oh, shit! What should I do?

“God-ric, please.” Eric tried to speak around his maker’s hold.

This is Godric? Oh fuck me!

“I came to you when you closed the bond. What has happened, my maker?” Eric was pleading, Sookie had never seen Eric in such a vulnerable position.

I don’t like it. I need to stop this. But how?

“I did not close the bond, you did! You have gone against your master, you fool. Now you will pay.” Godric was shaking, trembling. The words were venom to Eric’s ears by the way his eyes widened trying to understand. It seemed like Godric’s body was rebelling against forcing his child to be subdued.

…Eric is here? Wonderful, now Godric can kill him, in front of everyone. Once the Authority have him executed I can finally go back to Sophie Ann…

What the fuck?

Sookie looked around. More vampires had appeared around the room, including a bearded one in a cowboy hat and boots. He looked beyond pleased to see Godric handle Eric so brutally. A girl with a black bob of hair and hazel eyes stepped out from the room Godric had been, she looked disinterested but her thoughts matched the previous invader from before.

…Maybe I should dial up the hex, make him torture Eric first…better be careful, I’m not sure what else he could be capable of…Who is that? Did Eric bring a fangbanger? Oh, I think we will need to use her…Stan will be so pleased, maybe we can fuck next to her remains…

Ugh! Disgusting! Whoever this bitch was, she was going to pay. Sookie thought.

Fuck yeah! Stand back, watch the Master at work.

Wait, wait, what-

“Give me one good reason why I should not send your pathetic existence to its final death.” Godric had his other hand clenched in Eric’s hair pulling his shoulder down to open Eric’s vulnerable neck to his psychotic gaze.

“You were never worthy of my blood.” Godric breathed the distain as he eyed Eric’s jugular with morbid fascination.

“You are bewitched Godric. Let him go, now.” Sookie hissed, her hand clenched into fists. Ready to fight.

Eric grimaced as his disbelieving eyes turned as far as Godric would allow to glimpse Sookie’s aggressive stance, widening in shock, he croaked. “No, Sookie. Get out of here-.”

Godric crushed his windpipe and flung Eric down on the floor, stepping over Eric’s form as he stalked toward Sookie.

“You have done this to me! It seems you are important to Eric as well,” Godric smelled the air in her direction, his blue-ish green eyes were narrowed into slits as he assessed her. Eric groaned, pushing his arms beneath him, he begged his maker not to touch her.

Godric glanced back to Eric, amusement filled his eyes at his progeny’s pleas on the carpeted floor. “Very interesting choice of pet, child. Watch, as I drain her.”






50 thoughts on “Scratches-Chapter 4

  1. Damn! That’s just all kinds of wrong!!!! The hex on Godric and leaving us hanging like that! Seems like Stan and his witch need taking out. Wonder who else might be involved…

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  2. Wait! What?!?! OMG, she had better get through to Godric and quick! I hope it’s not everyone against them. We know Isabel is on their side, but I hope there are other allies as well. Great Cliffie! How long do we have to wait? 🙂

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    1. Interesting when I researched, spell, hexs and witchcraft. There is something for everything. It’s kinda shocking. But I think I found the right one to write about and it will soon be explained…maybe 😉
      Thank you for reading!

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    1. Stan the smug asshole, not Stan the fake computer geek. Why CH kept writing them is beyond me…she never gave them good story lines. But my Stan, well he is a bit tricky and a much younger vampire than Godric…but who isn’t. LOL! Godric, I am sure knows what to do with traitors. 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

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  3. 😧😧😧 Oh my! What a spot to leave it! Can’t wait for Sookie to “out” the witch and whoever the guy is. Godric needs de-hexing fast 😛 Next chapter soon please 😄

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    1. Oh, good! I always enjoy reading a fic where I am unsure what will happen past S/E HEA. Everything else should be unpredictable. What a fabulous compliment! I’m carrying that around with me all day. Thank you! 🙂


  4. Oh, somehow I missed this and ended up reading halfway through Ch5 thinking wth, this does not make sense, lol. Then I realized! So I already know the outcome and now I will re-read with understanding! I’m glad I didn’t have to endure the cliffy though! 🙂 Love this, thanks!

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    1. You crack me up! I have so done that before, then wondering what the hell I have forgotten in such a short period of time. I’m glad you didn’t have to endure the cliffy, they piss me off too! I just had to post and go back to my cave to keep writing. 🙂

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  5. I was following this story on fanfiction and didn’t realize there were more chapters posted here. What a lovely surprise..and Godric is under a spell, very nice change up..

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  6. OMG, that’s what I call a cliffhanger! Wonder if it’s Amelia (thank god TB never used her or Quinn!) lol. I so didn’t see that coming either, this is sooo good!

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    1. Thank you! I cliffied the hell out of what I have posted so far. My muse was sent to the corner for it and now she punishes me by staying mute. What a bitch! 🙂 Quinn in TB would have been as bad if they figured out a way to use Preston. Oh wait they did. Ben/Warlow. Gag me with a spoon!

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      1. I actually like cliffies, but I’m strange!

        Yes the Ben/Warlow storyline made me gag too – even if she hadn’t jumped on him! It just amazes me that CH thinks Eric was the awful character in her books lol. It’s hard to believe we were all so invested in a book series with so many really bad characters.


        1. I don’t mind cliffs as long as I trust the author enough to quickly pick up the slack. A month is okay, three would be torture. Hope no one out there is pissed at me for having a bit of a dry spell???

          UGH! Couldn’t agree more. When she jumped Warlow I was like, “What the FUCK! Fuck you very much writers!” Probably other expletives came and went during that time. I think Sookie is fine to sleep with whoever she wants expect, she claims to be a “good Christian woman” Whatever that means to the writers. It’s insulting to the rest of us who follow and enjoy the show and books. Crazy, fucking, self-righteous writing staff!


          1. As I’ve only just found you I won’t have much of a wait lol. Dry spells happen and people have lives to lead so I won’t be getting upset about time lapses. I have fibromyalgia and lose months when my fibro fog is bad (mostly through winter but I do have bad days peppered about). Sometimes I can’t keep a grip on what’s been happening so I stop reading until it settles – I enjoy re-reading anyway! Sometimes it means I struggle to put words together for reviews. My point is you won’t see me criticise people for not keeping schedules – especially for something writers gift us.

            Yeah that was just totally out of character for Sookie and her morals. I have no moral stand on it but Sookie would, just as she’d have been horrified that Eric and Bill both went off and had sex just after proclaiming their love. Not that either of them did anything wrong – they were both free to do what they wanted. Eric was soothing his ego but also seeking comfort from someone who loved him. Salome was just creepy – that was like fuck me and I’ll see you live. However, Sookie would have thought they couldn’t love her if they moved on that quick. Far too many holes in both TB and books. Like having a relationship with Alcide after telling Eric she wanted to have a normal life. Like Alcide wouldn’t have reverted back to kind and eventually looked to make little Weres!


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