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I am a first time writer of the SVM/TB beloved fandom. With much encouragement I entered the first chapter of my very first story to Gyllene’s HEA contest. I believe in a Sookie and Eric HEA and will always write, read and support that ending. So without further ado, here is the rest of the story and more to come. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters in the SVM/TB universe, Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball do. This story is all mine as well as the MA rating for a heavy case of lemons, you have been warned. 😉 I want to send much love and thanks to MySecretOFanFiction for being my BETA, friend, and cut through the bullshitter. (Yes, real word in my world) I could not have gotten this far without you!


Chapter 1

Sookie prayed to see a happily surprised expression on Eric’s handsome face when he arrived home. Thanks to Pam’s help, Sookie sat on his modern steel gray couch across from a deliciously warm November eve fire. She shook her leg in anticipation, it seemed a bit presumptuous to Sookie to invite herself into Eric’s home without his expressed permission. However, upon Pam’s stoic reminder that Eric would do the same if he could, she wholeheartedly agreed. If her plans went accordingly tonight she would soon be snuggled up to a certain tall Viking Vampire in three…two…click. Bingo!

Sookie wondered if Eric could feel her anxiety all the way from the front gate in his secluded community. Not knowing how substantial the blood bond affected her daily life, she made a mental note. Ask Eric if he can feel me all the time. She stood quickly, smoothed down her dove white sweater dress over her black leggings. Fluffed her hair out, and then turned in time to meet a Cheshire grin of pure pleasure radiating from Eric.

“Good evening, lover,” he came toward her in smooth long strides from the foyer.

After not seeing Eric in nearly a month, Sookie’s throat clenched at the sight of him in all his untamed glory. Black boots, tight dark jeans, and a black tank showed off his pale sculpted shoulders and lean muscled arms. His mane of golden blond hair spilled free from his crown while his bright cobalt eyes seemed to take in her every eyelash, freckle and highlight Sookie possessed. She suddenly had an unnerving impression of how a gazelle felt in front of a hungry lion. Forget the fact that said gazelle had knowingly wandered into the lion’s den and craved his bite. Feeling a flush she fanned herself with her hand. What was I…oh right!

Nervous energy spiked just as Sookie squeaked, “Hi!”

Close proximity to him in the past made it difficult to figure out her feelings separate from the blood bond. Its unrelenting insistence that they be together in every way weighed on her and then enhanced those desires tenfold…at first. After about a week apart Sookie realized Eric was not influencing her to do his bidding. Hardly, she laughed to herself, looking back on it now. She thought that any other morally corrupt vampire, were, fairy or shifter would definitely use this tie to their benefit without a second thought. Not Eric. Truly, his absence was a gift to sort out her feelings.

Eric slowed his pace and stilled about five feet away from her. Shutting his lids, Sookie saw him inhale deeply and then those incredible stormy ocean blues focused back on her.

“I am happy to find you here in my home.”

She eased her shoulders back down a bit. She took a moment to respond with some pose. “I wasn’t sure if I should just pop in like this…to your home…uninvited. But I didn’t want to talk to you at your bar. I wanted to have a much quieter place to talk that didn’t include you driving all the way to my house. I wanted to come to you, I hope you don’t mind much.”

A bigger smile lit him up from the inside out. “Not at all. This is an unexpected but welcome surprise.”

At that, Sookie closed the distance to him and wrapped her arms around Eric’s trim waist, which he returned instantly. It was her turn to smell his scent through the thin cotton of his shirt, rubbing her check softly on the center of his broad chest. Hmm, clean ocean air and honeysuckle. When she exhaled, she breathed out. “I’ve missed you.”

“And I you, dear one.” Eric rested his chin on top of her head and lightly moved his fingers through her hair at the base of her neck. Joy. Hope. Curiosity and a Peace swelled and stirred in the bond. She could have held onto him forever. And Ever. After a moment, Sookie looked up at Eric while still holding him close. “If you have some time, can we talk about…us?”

“I have time. What concerns you so that you came to me this evening?” Eric asked genially curious as he gestured toward the sofa with a tilt of his head, not yet disengaging his embrace.

“Well, I-I’ve been thinking about us. About our crazy past together before and during the witch war and then after…when…when we were no longer together.”

Moving out of the best hug of her life, Sookie put her hand in his, leading him to the couch to sit. As they got comfortable they sat facing each other, and then Sookie continued, “I want to re-boot our relationship. I want to know your expectations, I want you to know mine, and maybe we can meet in the middle. I want to see you more, like a lot more. Maybe not every night but close to that. If we don’t see each other I want to be in touch with you every day. Phone calls, texts, an email, something. Anything. You may feel that not much time has passed since we last spoke but for us mere mortals,” Sookie empathized using air quotes. “A month is a long time with no word.”

Sookie felt the strings of the bond start to tighten towards him in a conviction she had never felt before. Eric nodded and said stoically, “I do not believe that a re-boot as you say, is possible. What has happened between us can never be undone.”

Sookie’s eyes dropped from his in disappointment. He doesn’t want me anymore. That’s why he has not contacted me in over a month. Stupid fucking blood bond! He was forced from the very beginning; Eric never sought this kind of connection with me. I need to get out of here. Well, I won’t waste anymore of his time by hanging around, oh but I want to. Oh God, I want to beg him to reconsider. This hurts. This is going kill me! Tears started welling in her eyes. I will find a way to break the bond, give him his freedom. It’s only right. How would I even start finding out how to break a blood bond? Amelia, maybe?

Stepping back into the moment and squaring her shoulders, Sookie whispered, “I see,” trying to clear her defeated emotions further back in her heart, she continued, “I shoulda been more prepared for this answer from you, I’m sorry. I, I will contact Amelia or Octavia right away and get you out of this damn blood bond. I don’t know for sure, but maybe they know some magic spell or something to suppress or break-”

Loud growling filled the room. It sounded like someone had let out a snarling monster. Sookie looked around the room to locate the uproar, not finding its source; she looked to Eric and jerked back by the menace that was abruptly in front of her. Not two seconds ago a beautiful Viking sat on a couch with her in his luxurious living room. Now, he scowled fiercely, both sharp snowy fangs on full display and a powerful rumbling from his chest sent an ice-cold shiver from the base of her skull right down her spine. Sookie leaned back towards the back of the couch on both arms debating the merits of staying still or bolting for the door. A predator with narrowed eyes had marked her and it was all she could do not to insight the beast’s chasing instinct.

You will not break our bond.” The slow, seething words filled her ears as she stared at Eric.

“You are mine!


With wide eyes Sookie decided on the backing away slowly plan, she inched away slightly and then realized too late her crucial mistake when Eric lunged. He grabbed her upper arm with one hand and circled his other arm around her waist crushing her to his chest. His cool breath by her ear, she heard and felt his harsh inhale and then exhale for a few long minutes. The bond went from intense rage, pain, sadness to regret. Finally making landfall with love, lots of love, deep needing love. Sookie felt like a warm blanket had encased them both. It was calming, they both relaxed into his hold at the same time. Sookie slid tentative arms around Eric’s lower back not wanting to startle him further.

Cool lips tickled Sookie’s ear as Eric said softly, “I am sorry.”

He leaned back from her but still keeping her in his embrace he said, “All that you say, I too would like this arrangement and much more. But understand this, you will never talk about breaking our bond again. That is something I cannot allow. Ever.

Still reeling from the intensity of the past moment but feeling his words cascade over her, Sookie smiled. With a soft voice she said, “Why?”

“Even if a witch could break a blood bond between us, the fallout of such a heinous act would be unimaginable.” Closing his eyes for a moment, he said. “And could lead to death.”

“What?” she screeched.

“A blood bond in the supernatural world ends only in the death of one or both of the bonded partners. Usually with the one left alive dying shortly thereafter. If the bond were to be broken with witchcraft and either party survived, the consequences for both could be dire indeed. The one who broke it without prior notification unless coerced, could be put to death. Blood Bonds are sacred, no matter how they came to be,” Eric had a disgusted sneer on his beautiful face, “The other bonded partner could be forced into a shameful existence since it is an open sign in our community that they are weak, unwanted or damaged. There is no divorce or separation by a third party that does not end in death for all.”

Oh my God! I had no idea. How do you know this? Has it happened before?”

“There is an obscure tale in the official record, rumor now really.” Eric looked off into the distance, “Except I have looked such a vampire in the eye. The reality of that path is not one we will endure.” Eric looked back to Sookie’s face with a warm smile; his fangs had slipped back into hiding.

“Now, where were we? Ah, Yes. You misunderstand my earlier statement. We cannot undo the past but we can change what we do right now and in the future.” He caressed her check with his thumb lightly. “I would ask that you move into my home with me.” A finger pressed gently to her lips before she spoke. “Please hear my words first before you respond.” Sookie nodded.

“We are blood bonded. It is proper that you would live within my protection. It is something I have desired since my memories returned from the time I was cursed. If you are not comfortable staying in my chamber yet, you may have any bedroom of your choosing but understand this.” His hands moved gently down her neck flowing out to her soft shoulders. “I keep my vows. You may have not understood that even being cursed I was still myself, just a less inhabited version. That part of me still is here,” he said pointing to his head, breaking his strong hold on Sookie.

“And here,” Eric beat his fist against his chest.

Sookie’s gaze locked onto his hand over his heart, and then tears spilled down in wild streams on her cheeks, landing onto her shirt as she looked back up into Eric’s eyes. This was a lot to take in but the bond told her to trust in the truth of his words. Both his hands had moved back up to her jaw from the tight embrace.

“All that I have is yours. I will bring you to my side and all who owe me fealty will honor you.”

Eric leaned down and kissed her lips. What had started out soft, reverent even, took a back seat quickly when Sookie responded by grabbing his shoulders and going up onto her knees on the couch. Straddling his lap, Eric deepened the kiss and moved his fingers through her hair in a passionate grip. Love and lust circled the very air around them causing delicious warmth to spread between her thighs.

Breaking the kiss for a gulp of air, Sookie panted as Eric gradually traveled down her neck and then the juncture of her clavicle to the middle of her cleavage. The “hmm” and “Mm” sounds he was making caused her panties melt further as she felt his tongue here and a nibble from his blunt teeth there. Luckily, the lily-white boat neck sweater she wore showed just enough skin for his lips to taste. It was clear that the dress would not last long at this rate but before she could speak the words, Sookie heard.

“I want you.”

Large hands on her thighs moved upward to cup her bottom. A firm squeeze, they found the end of her dress and pulled it straight over her head in a quick move. Sookie sensed coolness in the air brush against her nipples and gazed down to see that she was no longer wearing a bra. Eric’s eyes had turned into deep blue blazes. His fangs snapped down as he focused attention to her breasts. Lust rolled fresh into the bond like fog off a lake. Smiling Sookie asked, “You Like?” Twisting her slim waist, she gave her breasts a little giggle.

“Yes.” Eric growled. “If you want me to stop, please tell me now.” His hands were clenching at his sides, his jaw strained as he held back from his instincts to devour her. Sookie’s hands slipped up his cotton covered torso to his neck, leaning into his ear she whispers, “Don’t stop, ever.” Giving a lick and then a quick kiss to the side of his neck.

Eric kissed her lips, dipping his tongue into Sookie’s mouth when she moaned. Tracing his steps once more down her body to her breasts, he blew his cool breath over her nipple and then started to suck and nip in earnest at the rosy buds. Sookie threw her head back to see what the ceiling thought of the situation. If the drywall and beams could give us a thumbs up, they would have, she thought to herself while smiling. Instead, home kept the lovers safe and warm. She  was melting right through her panties and leggings. Sookie needed them off, now!

Cool air kissed her thighs as Eric slid the leggings down to her ankles where she promptly kicked them off. All that was left covering her was a barely there black thong. Another deep growl rippled through Eric’s chest when he smelled a fresh wave of Sookie’s sweet arousal.

Rip !

Her back was on the couch as streamers of black satin fabric fell silently to the floor. Eric had moved his open mouth kisses to her ribs and lower belly. His hands reaching, pinching, and grabbing anything they could. A deep breath and Eric looked back up the length of her curvy body. Meeting Sookie’s passion-glazed eyes, Eric grinned wide and murmured. “Watch me lover.”

Breathless, Sookie watched Eric press his nose into her pussy. A thunder storm leapt to life as his tongue circled her clit slowly and then followed her slit down. Back up, dipping just inside her entrance and then around her clit once more. Over and over he lavished his attention never closing his eyes. Her vision and sanity started to get hazy when she felt his finger press into her pussy. The time for slow was over as he thrust his long digit into her and laved his tongue around her clit. Flicking, sucking, and then giving a broad flat lick, only to do it again as his finger was joined by another into her channel. Thrashing her head she fought to keep eye contact. Between her moans and gasps and the sounds of her slickness on his chin she was on the golden edge.

“Don’t stop! Please. Don’t…oh…yeah…God…please…oh…oh…oh…Eric!” she screamed in bliss as she fell into an abyss of white flashes, followed by lavender edges, pink and turquoise spots into sweet blackness.




24 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 1

    1. Thank you! My version of Sookie is more mature, less whiney and thoughtful. I want her to put it together and not “think about it tomorrow.” I like to procrastinate too but not when it comes to love and relationships. Burn to many bridges and you can be left on an island alone. Ok Sookie rant over. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing I think you will like where I take these love birds next.


    1. Thank you for reviewing. I’m not a fan of holds a grudge Sookie. I like rational, thoughtful Sookie. Not to say she won’t lapse from time to time but CH gave us all the ungrateful Sookie we could handle. 🙂
      My lovely BETA has chapter 4, so upon any mistakes I made I will post when I get it back.


  1. I remember this story from Gyllene’s HEA and I loved it! Now I following your site so I can get all the updates.Thanks for giving us a mature Sookie cuz I hated both Book and TB Sookie.Take care

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    1. Me too! Both Sookie’s just sucked with a flicker now and then of what a real woman would do. Not an immature child’s response. Again I say, she’s a telepath sure, but she still knows how to act around people. Anywho, thank you for the review! I hope you like where I take this story. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found me. 🙂 I always thought the greatest reunion was when Sookie and a restored Eric were together again…or for the first time. Lol! And I like lemons, lots and lots of lemons. And more are coming in the next chapter or the one after. Thanks for reviewing!


    1. Thank you! I have recently done the same with Save Me 🙂 The New Look is all Gyllene. She knows I like fairies and this whole site make me want to spread my gossamer wings and fly away…with Eric. 😉

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  2. A great start, I wish one of them had the sense to do this in the books! Grateful that the New Blood Awards has found me some new writers!


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