Chapter 3


Sookie awoke, startled from a deep dreamless sleep. This was not her bed. A crack of light illuminated some of the room from the inky darkness. Her bladder was screaming to be relieved. Without a thought Sookie swung her legs off the bed and wandered closer to the doorway with the light source.

Praying the entry housed a bathroom and not a closet. Although the way her body was demanding that she take care of business, a closet may be the only option.


Thankfully she stepped into an elegant bathroom. Without stopping to appreciate anything Sookie rushed to a small enclosed toilet and shut the door for privacy. Heaven forbid someone walk in on her while she was indisposed.

Reappearing in the larger part of the bathroom Sookie made her way to the sink to wash her hands with soap. She turned on the warm water and allowed it a moment to heat before she stuck her hands in the spray. Glancing around Sookie was pleased to see a well-designed room.

Midnight blue patterned paper adorned the walls against chrome fixtures, black cabinets and shiny large mirrors reflected the light as if it were high noon.


The design was masculine and tasteful. Not overly done nor did the bath shout that a bachelor resided here. The lily white orchid on the counter gave just the right feminine touch that made Sookie smile, her Gran loved orchids.

Living with Eric could work, Sookie thought. Not just because of his taste in furnishings but because he was tidy as a pin. Or maybe, Sookie frowned, he had a maid. She remembered the time she had handed Eric a broom to sweep up and he looked completely lost on what to do.

She shook her head clear of her inner musings, the water was now causing steam to rise from the sink. Fogging out the hanging mirror above. Sookie quickly washed her hands and dried her hands on a thick taupe towel. Turning off the facet she watched the vapor evaporate from the mirror. Sookie gasped.

It was…her. Of course. Only today she was bright eyed and vibrant. Long gone was the dullness that made her blue eyes look clouded over.

In the last few weeks, Sookie had felt run down. Maybe she was working too hard, about to catch a cold. Perhaps, but in reality she was doing all she could to stay busy. Keeping her heart from recalling Eric’s cursed time.

Sookie stared a bit more and then stood back. She was wearing Eric’s shirt which hung baggy on her, making her shape not much more than a square. She looked back toward the opened doorway to the bedroom. She had been in such a rush to pee, Sookie didn’t even notice if Eric was in bed with her or not.

It stung a bit to think that he may be sleeping somewhere else in the house and not with her. But she shook off the feeling of rejection. Eric was vampire, they needed security while they were down for the day. Sookie huffed in annoyance at herself and faced her reflection once again.

She nodded to the youthful girl staring back at her and slipped out of the shirt.

No bra, no panties, thank you very much Eric!

Not that a thong was much covering in the way of panties, still, a girl needed some illusions. Sookie turned this way and that before her eyes made their way up to her chest. She was still the same cup size as she held her breasts for a moment but she was perkier. Noticeably.

With big boobs, Sookie knew at some point sagginess was bound to be a problem. Especially as she aged. Sookie appraised them again with a critical eye. Yup, definitely better.

Her Viking’s blood must have gone here first, she laughed out loud. Men. Always thinking about breasts. How breasts should fill a girl’s shirt, etc. Sookie was well versed in guy’s obsession with tits being a telepathic bar maid and all.

…can’t wait to taste her tits…  

Quinn’s inappropriate thought from last night barreled through Sookie’s mind. Why had she been able to hear him so clearly? He was a Were-Tiger, surely that species fell in the same realm of Were and Shifter for her telepathic ability. She knew she could hear them but it seemed like she had to be touching them to get a clear signal.

Hell Quinn had been in the next seat and she wasn’t about to touch him and have him misunderstand her intentions. In fact, never seeing him again would suit her just fine.

Although, Sookie had noticed lately that when people around her were thinking specifically of her. Their thoughts were much louder, more focused.

Sookie fought a harder battle keep them out of her head. If only she had someone to ask about her telepathy. Barry had been the only other telepath Sookie had ever met. But he was as green as a baby pond frog in his skill level. Sookie knew he could learn more from her than she could from him.

Sookie shrugged. At any rate, her telepathy was changing, gaining strength, for God only knew what reason. Another topic she and Eric would need to discuss when he appeared from…wherever he was.

The first business of the night needed to include telling Eric what she had gleaned off of Quinn. Maybe Eric knew more about what she had seen or heard in the tiger’s mind. Surly he would know what to do, since this was his domain. Sookie smirked at her naked form in the mirror.

Eric had certainly surprised her last night in the best possible way. First at the restaurant, then on the shoreline of the lake. Her vampire was embracing his Viking side in a way he never had with her before.

Sookie liked it. A lot.

Of course there were plenty of topics that she would never blindly bow down too. At this moment, Sookie couldn’t think of one subject that Eric brought up last night that was too far.

Moving in with him was bold, but Sookie recognized that when people fall in love and got married, they lived together. Not always at the woman’s current home either. She trusted Eric enough to take some of his will on a little faith.

Were they in love?

Enough time had passed since Eric awoken in her home bewildered and aloof. In a flash, all Sookie had grown to care for in Eric was taken.

She had used the weeks since then to think about their brief time together. When Eric was cursed, Sookie knew that they had fallen in love. Both of them had been too afraid to voice their feelings but they were there. In every touch and look.

That was a version of an Eric without his thousand years and then some behind him. And maybe the worst part was that Sookie was not completely comfortable with an Eric who didn’t love her. Who truly wanted to build a life with her.

Eric had said in no uncertain terms that she was his. More like, demanded her compliance and Sookie, the love sick fool, willingly gave herself to him. What could she say, before Eric was cursed she found him very attractive.

Distractingly so.

It was one of the reasons why she felt justified to keep him at arm’s length. Eric was into power and making other yield to him. No, that isn’t right. Eric was a Sheriff but he had a boss he answered to. Just like any other power structure in the world he didn’t hold all the cards.

Although Sookie was willing to bet that with his age he should be ruling a territory himself. He should be a King.

To have an Eric who was more than just looks and hot sex meant that when he finally was over her, the break up would leave her shattered.

Eric had vehemently denied a future where Sookie would be swept aside, but lingering doubts remained.

“It’s gonna take time.” Sookie muttered to her own reflection. “Eric might love you. Hell, he may be as scared as you are to even say it.” Sookie let her mirror image’s words sink in a moment before she burst out a laugh.

Here she was having a naked conversation with herself in Eric’s big, beautiful bathroom, when what she needed to focus on was getting cleaned up. Perhaps find a little something to eat and track down her sweet loving Viking.


After a lengthy hot rinse in Eric’s glasses in shower, Sookie rubbed off the excess water from her tangled blond tresses as best she could. Then wrapped a large soft towel around herself. Tucking in the corner of the cloth between her breasts, Sookie ventured back out toward the bedroom.

Her stomach grumbled with the very real need for substance as she made her way over to the night stand.

The bedroom was as still dark from her mad dash to the toilet. The small shred of light from the bathroom made the bed nothing more than another large dark shape in the room. And it looked enormous. Although considering Eric’s height, it was ridiculous to think he would rest on a twin sized mattress.

Bumping into the side table Sookie smoothed her fingers across the rich wood to the lamp base.

Switching on the blub the room instantly flooded with a warm light. A small notecard laid flat on the other side of the lamp with her name scrolled beautifully on the parchment.

Sookie preened with giddiness when she immediately recognized Eric’s elegant penmanship. Holding the note to her chest she twitched her shoulders and hips in a happy dance.

The lamp’s glow caught a glittering reflection from the corner of Sookie’s eye. Glancing over quickly to the bed for the source of the disturbance, Sookie stood slack jawed.

It was Eric.

Her Viking was curled toward the spot she had vacated. Eric was still dead to the world but to Sookie it looked like he was resting in anticipation for her return. The side table light bouncing off his messy blond locks and outlined his handsome features in sharp contrast.

Eric’s relaxed features suggested a dreamless sleep instead of what Sookie knew about their daytime activities of being dead for the day. His muscles didn’t twitch, his bare chest never rose and fell with breath. The white sheets lay just under his hip, shielding his gracious plenty from her gaze.


He’s a vampire, Sookie rolled her eyes to herself after staring longer at Eric than she should have. He doesn’t need to breathe.

Gingerly, so as not to snag her towel. Sookie crawled into bed and snuggled into Eric’s chest, tucking her head just under his chin. Sookie inhaled Eric’s unique scent. Seaside clean, sandalwood and frost.

The combination made her eyes close in bliss as the familiar smell of home hit all her senses at once. The bond between them was calm. Sookie could feel his life force but it was as subdued as Eric’s current state. Still, the knowledge that she could feel him inside and out was a comfort.

After a while longer of snuggling against an unaware Eric, Sookie rolled onto her back. Careful not to disturb him more than she had in her movements and unfolded the note he had left her.


I hope this letter finds you well rested and ready for another night of many, by my side. There is a selection of food on the bureau. Once I rise and can safely unlock our chambers, we shall find something more for you to eat. Until then, what is mine is yours.


Sookie was thrilled, a bright smile broke out over her face. Eric had said this bedroom was their chambers. He was making strides to follow through with his promise from last night. She giggled and burrowed deeper into her sleeping vampire, wrapping an arm around his waist she hugged him tight.

Oh boy, she needed to get a grip. A few tender words scrolled on heavy parchment and Sookie was over the moon in love with Eric.

Who was she kidding, she was in love with Eric Northman. Not that Sookie had offered up an, I love you. It seemed too soon to be spouting off deep feelings to Eric. However Sookie knew she was spinning her response, she knew in her heart that she loved him.

Did he feel the same?

A loud grumbling noise brought her attention back to the present and the other part of Eric’s letter, food. Sookie kissed Eric’s cheek and sat up.

Sure enough, a medium sized, black ice chest was placed on the dresser just beyond the sitting area. She hopped off the bed and strolled toward the next undiscovered room.

Sookie knew she was dead on her feet last night when Eric had welcomed her home. Once they had made it inside Sookie was simply too tired for the grand tour. Eric had felt her fatigue and ushered straight to his chambers. She barely registered his undressing of her because as soon as her head hit the pillow Sookie was out.

Another notecard was waiting on top of the ice chest for her. It read: Open Me

Sookie was sure that her cheeks would be sore later from all the grinning. But Eric was too darn cute with all his attentiveness. Her thoughts wondered to another happy notion that if Eric kept up this level of consideration, living with a man could not be such a chore after all.

Inside the ice chest were cold bottles of water, orange juice and milk. A clear plastic container of cut up bananas, cantaloupe and pineapple. And lastly, a blue box incased a delicious smelling cinnamon roll covered in velvet like whipped cream cheese icing.

Sookie dipped her finger in the rich delight and moaned when the cream cheese hit her tongue. Without wasting anymore time, Sookie grabbed the chest and made her way toward the sitting area of the bedroom and dug in.

A few more bites of the sweet roll and many more sips of juice later, Sookie took the time to appraise Eric’s tastes in décor. Eric’s bedroom was huge, she couldn’t get over the vast room. A luxury hotel suite would just love to copy this layout and design.

The dark grey walls allowed the worn jewel toned furniture to pop. The cushiness of the pieces gave the room a relaxed feeling. Sookie sat crossed legged on a sapphire blue sofa, maybe it was a love seat. Floor to ceiling glass windows were blacked out on the other side of the thick paned glass with what Sookie assumed was some sort of protective covering from the sun.

If this room was ever given the chance to have full daylight spill in, Sookie knew it would feel like sitting under a shaded tree on a summer day. Eric’s taste was astounding. Something she would have chosen herself if she hadn’t already been blessed with a home filled with hand-me-downs.

Finally full and eager to get back into bed with Eric. Sookie packed away the remaining food and empty containers before padded back over the large bed where Eric waited for Sookie. Clicking off the lamp, Sookie sighed beside her vampire as she tugged the silky sheets and fur lined comforter up and over both of them.

Sookie knew Eric didn’t need the comfort of heat while he was sleeping for the day. But Sookie thought it might be nice for her heat to make them both toasty under the bed clothes. Eric had made a comment or two about how much he enjoyed her warmth.

Maybe she would discover how true her assumption had been when Eric rose for the night. If not, Sookie was determined to allow more of her mental fatigue to fade away with more restful slumber.

Closing her eyes, Sookie mentally added another topic to her growing list of discussion points with Eric.

A clock.


Cool lips on her belly, traveling lower.

“Mmm.” Sookie moaned as long masculine fingers slipped inside her.

“This is how I wish to rise every evening, lover.” Eric’s voice was velvet to her ears as he stroked her walls, causing Sookie to move her hips in time with his hand.

“You. Hot. Ready. Willing.” Eric’s tongue lapped against her straining delicate bud and then slowly added a second finger. Her orgasm struck lightning-quick against his sensual assault.

Sookie panted, her eyes closed tightly against the bombardment of colored lights that danced in her vision. She came down like a stone from Eric’s skilled touch. Bliss replaced with an edgy need for him to keep going. She wanted more and the thought of what lay ahead made her belly clench in anticipation.

“Eric.” She begged.

“Here lover,” Sookie felt him move up over her still spread thighs. “Right. Here.”

Eric’s cock entered her in one fluid thrust, causing Sookie to cry out for more. She shuttered uncontrollably against the delicious sensations of Eric. Encouraging him on as another orgasm crept up her spine.

His fangs scrapped over Sookie’s throat before grasping both her hands and moving them up over her head. Eric held them securely in one of his great hands as he continued to thrust in a rhythm that left Sookie’s head spinning.

“Beautiful and all mine.” Eric laid wet sucking kisses on the side of her neck as he breathed in deep.

“Yes, yours. Oh, Eric!” Sookie chanting incoherently. A growl of satisfaction vibrated through Eric’s chest causing her nipples to pebble into tighter peaks. And then he bit, sipping Sookie’s blood once before licking the wound close.

Or Sookie hoped that is what Eric had done, her control shattered spectacularly in that moment. A bottle splintering into a thousand glittering shards against the concrete.



My careful restraint is pushed to the limit by my Sookie. She is so fucking hot and sweet, I ache with wanting her. The roar of satisfaction rips out of my chest as does my release. My Lover bucks wildly against me, milking the last of the most intense orgasm of my existence from me. Her tight little pussy is greedy for more as she pulses around my engorged length and I love it. I want more, much more.

Alas, my little ray of sunshine is out cold below me. Her breathing becomes even as her heart beat falls into a more natural cadence. We will need to work on her stamina and I find that I am looking forward to the task. I lick the last of her scrumptious blood from my lips. What a gift Sookie has bestowed on me by giving herself over to my care.

She will never regret this. I vow to her, as I feel the Bond merge and delight in our latest union. There is nothing better than this, our time together.

Releasing her slender wrists, I grunt in displeasure. Pulling out of my Sookie with my still painfully hard cock. Rolling us both to the side I keep her soft skin touching mine. Her warmth has seeped into my bones this night and I seek more from her.

I wonder if my little vixen knew that that anchoring herself against me under the heavy furs on the bed would warm most of my body with her heat. I’m not so sure, Sookie has unexpected depths and I have seen firsthand what happens to those who underestimate her.

Playing with the ends of her silken blond locks I replay the events of last night. I know Sookie doesn’t fully trust us yet. Even with her uncertainty in our relationship’s future, I know Sookie trusts me. Even before she voiced what I already knew in my soul. The revelation was a still a shock. A welcomed jolt of excitement to my dull existence.

Looking over my Sookie I memorize her glorious curves, her full, luscious breasts with those pink tips taunting me. The darkness does not hinder my perfect vampire sight from viewing her form. The women of this era are obsessed with being stick thin, which has never appealed to me.

The skeletal look reminds me of my human days of famine within our village. Women would lose the unborn due to the undernourishment of the scare rations we lived on during those lean times. After more than a thousand years, the memories of the suffering still hurt.

My Sookie is soft in all the right places a woman should be. Complimenting my hard planes whenever we are together. Never before have I trusted a human with the secret of my resting place. My Maker taught me the ways of being vampire never included trust unless it was a vampire you made.

Sookie is different, my Lover is fierce and brave. I know without a doubt that I can trust her with my undead life. Yes, she would defend me with her last breath. The image is unthinkable and I wipe it from my mind happily knowing that I have secured more protection for her when I can not be with her.

As my Bonded, Sookie rates higher than my Maker or my Child.

Part of me thought I was getting ahead of myself last night. And then Sookie all but run out of the restaurant. No fucking Tiger in sight. His pansy feline smell was all over her but not in her, which pleased me more than I was comfortable admitting. I was more than willing to replace his claim with my own on top of the hood of my car if I thought for a moment Sookie would allow it.

Hmmm, fucking my Lover in public has possibilities. We will need to work towards that scenario.

That fucking pussy cat better not extend one paw out of line or I will claim his hide for a rug. One I will happily fuck Sookie on. I grin with that thought of Sookie riding my cock and begging for my bite.

Fuck, this is not helping my erection.

Yes, I made Sookie a promise not to act on the previous transgressions of her former suiters, but I have been around long enough to know that males do not bow out without a fight. Sookie Stackhouse is definitely worth fighting for. Compton, the Shifter, the Wolf and the Tiger will all try their luck again. This time however they will not escape unscathed.

My fangs are still extended from making love with Sookie but this time I am starving for the blood of my enemies. The call of revenge and bloodlust run high in my veins. My lover’s fresh cum on my cock is not helping me from wanting to kill each of them slowly.

She is mine! I will have her and no one else will possess what is mine! Ever!

Calm, I need to calm down before I wake her up. Sookie will need to rise soon enough to start our evening but for now I’ll let her rest while I ready myself.

Placing a tender kiss on her forehead I slide from the warmth of our bed to enter the walk-in closet. Half of the closet is already filled with clothes for Sookie. Pam is quite skilled with my credit card and knowing what Sookie will look fantastic in. I hope she likes my gift to her.

Inhaling deep I smile as I smell Sookie’s scent on my body. I wish to keep the proof of my Lover’s pleasure on me all night. This way everyone can smell exactly who she belongs to. The task ahead of me will be if she accepts my command to do the same.

Although, even if she balks from my request all is not lost. A shower will not hide my blood in her veins or my cum inside her beautiful body. It will be more than enough proof to let others know of who she belongs too.

Dressing quickly in my worn black jeans and boots I ease into a black button down, leaving the collar open. I’m ready for another night of vermin and my duties as Sheriff.

Sookie and I have things to discuss before we leave for the bar and then tomorrow night we will be on our way to my Caribbean home. Imagining Sookie’s face when I unveil my surprise has me in equal parts excitement and anxious. Will she be pleased? Being unpredictable is a wonderful trait for my Lover but I find that there are times I wish I could read her better.

That will come in time, I assure myself.

Stepping into the bathroom, I comb through my tangled hair. I hope that Sookie likes my surprise for her. I’ve been planning to whisk her away for some time. Now that the request for time away as been approved by Sophie-Ann, I’m eager to get out of the country with my Sookie and solidify our Bond. I wish to be far away from any more distractions.

“Eric,” Sookie’s voice startles me. With my senses I should have felt her breathing change when she awoke. Chalking it up to my deep thoughts, I turn around and stride to my Lover.

A smirk touches my lips as I drink in the sight of Sookie. A half damp towel is twisted around her curvaceous body allowing mine to roar back to life.

With my lust rising anew, I almost miss the concern flowing over the bond from her.

“What’s wrong?” I ask once I enfold her in my arms and tuck her under my chin. Whatever the issue, I need to feel Sookie’s body next to mine. Whatever problem she thinks is too big to handle I must reassure her that I will handle it.

After all, what could have happened in the last few days?

“Quinn is a spy, Eric. I think he is working for another vampire who wants to start a take-over here in Louisiana. The vampire Quinn is spying for wants me for my telepathy and they want you dead!” I lean down to look at Sookie, her eyes are wide with fear.

I attempt to block my apprehension from her as I send calm and comfort to her through the bond.







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  1. It’s nice be able to hear his thoughts about Sookie and their relationship. Equally nice to know that she is finally accepting him and being with him.

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    Thanks for sharing your work with us.

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    I hope you don’t mind if I point out a small mistake in this sentence: “She shuttered uncontrollably…” “Shuttered” means to close something off as with shutters, while “shuddered” means to tremble strongly, which is what you were going for. It’s a really common mistake, 😜

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  5. Great update! But the next button didn’t work, sigh… 😉
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    1. Then why do even read stories about her? Remember, Sookie’s a very young woman, only in her 20’s. Were any of us not indecisive or mistake-free back then, or ever? She’s really just a kid learning to play in the grown-up side of the sandbox.

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          1. Everyone reads what interests them. Doesn’t make it wrong. I have just read so many badly written Sookie stories that I just lost interest in her. No biggie.

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  7. hmmm she woke feeling fresh and alive, she knew what she needed to do and whom she wanted to be with, this is huge for her. As for Eric, loved the wake up he gave her. poor baby still needed release but after what Sookie just said to him, i am sure the release will happen in a different way. KY

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