“Good evening, witch.” Godric hissed.

Amelia stirred and groaned on the damp cement floor before sitting up to face Godric, Sookie, Eric and Isabel. The vampires were all on full alert with their fangs lowered in similar menacing expressions. Sookie had lowered her shields in an effort to warn Godric of any malevolence on Amelia’s part.

…shit…they must have knocked me out…why am I not dead already…

Amelia frowned at her thoughts. “She’s wondering why she is still alive.” Sookie advised, pondering the very same thought.

Godric features slowly transformed from quiet menace to full Cheshire cat-frightening smile. The witch drew back against the cell wall bracing for an emanate attack.

His tone showed his pleasure in her fear of him. “I made a promise to send you back to your queen. I keep my word. You will fly back tonight.” Amelia’s eyes remained wide, disbelieving. Godric continued, clearly not needing her approval of his plan.

“Isabel will drive you to airport. A ticket will be waiting for you to fly back to New Orleans. Go. Now.” Godric finished with a nod of his head toward the exit. Amelia stayed put for a beat longer, before standing shakily and using the wall for support.

“Come, witch.” Isabel barked. “I don’t have all night.”

Amelia ambled her way past a growling Eric and a stoic Godric. Isabel had already turned on her designer covered toe and headed out of the basement prison cell. Amelia scurried after the petite brunette.

I think she wants to leave before Godric changes his mind and kills her.

Good possibility.

Once Amelia was out of sight, Eric stared at the back of Godric’s head. Resolve spread across his handsome face. Godric sensed Eric’s determination and responded, “What is it my child.”

“Master, when did you last feed?” Eric probed. Sookie squeezed his hand gently in support.

It’s been too long, he thinks he doesn’t need blood. Idiot!

Godric was silent a moment before turning to toward the dazzling blonde duo. His eyes softened, obvious love shown through his depths to the pair of them.

“You are concerned for my wellbeing.”


“If I may,” Sookie piped in. “It looks like you have been through a lot, lately, and we think you could benefit from feeding on real blood. My blood.”

His blithe expression morphed into wide eyes and a slack jaw, tell-tale signs of amazement. Godric’s gaze focused on Eric. “You would allow this? Me, drink from your soon to be bonded. Do you not care for her as deeply as I have been feeling?” Godric snapped.

Eric rumbled a curse and pulled Sookie tight to his side. “I love her, she is warm, kind, creative and she wishes to ease my mind and heal my stubborn maker.” Eric seethed out the maker part. Eric took an unnecessary sigh about his maker’s inability to see others caring for him to look down at his Sookie.

“Sookie will be my bonded, very soon.” Sookie giggled when he squeezed her hip. “However, her blood is more than just human. I believe she will bring back my maker to me.” Eric finished with a bow at his waist.

“If it please you Godric, please avail yourself of her blood.” Eric pressed, rising from paying his respect.

“Please.” Sookie walked ahead of Eric to show she was not being coerced. “This was my idea. I have this very intense feeling that you need this. Please Godric.”

Godric started to pace back in forth, agitated, muttered to himself. “I do not command this of you, my son. I would never. She is yours.” He stopped at the bottom of the cement staircase. “Besides, it is clear that Miss Stackhouse is part Fae, a small part but some none the less.” Sookie and Eric were surprised at his evaluation.

Could it be true?


“I believe we all require a moment, please excuse me.” In a flash, Godric was gone leaving Sookie and Eric in the prison block’s hallway.

“Well, that could have gone better.” Sookie sighed.

“Fae?” She glanced nervously at Eric. “Is this bad? I know you had mentioned that you had thought I may be. But to have it all but confirmed by Godric.” Sookie paused before posing her devastating question. “Can you even be with me still, if what he says is true?” Sookie held back a sob at the thought of not being with Eric.

Eric wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head. “Nothing will ever keep me from you. You are mine.” Eric kissed her fiercely, and soon their tongues were dueling as their hands wondered over each other’s bodies. Eric pulled back before they went too far. Leaning his forehead against hers he thought about their next course of action.

“Give him a moment, lover. I believe that he is concerned about hurting you. Hurting me. It clearly has been awhile since he fed. And he is correct, I do smell Fae in you. It may be what gives you a sweetness that I find irresistible.” Eric pumped his firm cock in Sookie’s belly to give her the idea of how much he liked her sweetness.

Follow him, do it now. No thinking about this. I’m ready.

Sookie stiffened. That was not her thought.

Who are you?

A friend

Be specific, “friends” can have bad intentions too

Alright, Godric, is my other half

Sookie went completely still with the revelation of the mystery guest residing in her mind. “Sookie what’s wrong?” Eric asked, his hold tightened upon feeling Sookie’s ridged posture.

Peering up to face her Viking, she whispered, “I don’t think I’m alone up here.” Tapping her temple.

Eric’s brow furrowed as Sookie continued to clue him in. “There is someone pushing me to feed Godric, she says that she is his other half.”

“And you believe her?” Eric questioned.

Huh, didn’t even feel concerned that I am talking to other personalities in my head. Aren’t I a lucky girl.

Yes, you are. Grandfather is pleased.


Yes, I will explain more soon. I promise on the light. But first, feed Godric.

The light?

Indeed, with luck I will be able to show myself. Right now however, with the portal blocked I can only gain temporary access to my mate through my kin’s blood. You.

Portal? What portal?

“I do. There is more here than meets the eye. Eric, let’s go find Godric.” Sookie’s fingers twined with his, pulling her confused Viking toward the stairs. Eric blinked a few times, seemingly on board once again and picked Sookie up bridal style, kissing her hard on the lips.

“Allow me.” Eric spoke in his sing songs voice.

“Just like that?” Sookie gasped at his acceptance.

“Just like that, my lover. I can feel you. I would know if either of you meant us any ill will.” Eric ascended the stairs but before he reached the door, he purred into Sookie’s ear, “Trust me.”

“Sookie grinned like a loon, “I do, Eric.” She rested her head on his hard peck as he strolled to Godric’s quarters.




Later that night…

Amelia arrived via taxi to Sophie-Ann’s palace, escorted to the throne room by two brooding hulks that everyone fearfully called “The Bert’s”. She knew these two terrifying Saxon warriors were also Sophie-Ann’s children. But the thought of being alone with them was straight up scary.

Amelia shivered, “…all these vampires are bat shit crazy…” she thought. “…At least when Sophie-Ann turns me, I don’t need to be afraid of them. She will protect me…” A smug grin formed on Amelia’s lips.

The throne room’s doors surged open with a whoosh sound, and there stood Satin himself in a very fine navy blue suit.


His blond hair shined like a halo around his head and his light blue eyes were shrewd as he loomed in the doorway.

…If I wasn’t so into women, he could do in a pinch…

Amelia laughed to herself.

“What the fuck is this?” Andre greeted coolly, clearly not pleased to see her.

Amelia rolled her eyes, “Get out of my way, asshole. I need to see Sophie-Ann, like yesterday.”

“Oh, I’m sure we all will want to hear this. If you are here, looking like shit then that means you have failed.” Andre beamed, “Which also means, say good-bye to becoming my sibling. Pity, I would have enjoyed torturing your new vampire body.”

Amelia passed him with a scowl, “Fuck off, Andre.” Entering the throne room, she left the annoying, chuckling second in command behind her. She faintly heard The Bert’s say in broken English, “We guard door.”

The towering height of the spacious room reminded her of the State Capitol building. Three story walls and windows speckled throughout the space in a colonial design of bright white trim and columns. Only revealing the starless black sky and dark green gardens from outside.

Gold and white marbled floors shined with lemon scented polish and strategic seating areas were placed off to the sides of the room to give a cozy effect. The decorator that the queen kept busy had remarkable taste in the extravagant.

“Have you returned with the Gaul’s head?” Sophie-Ann asked from her blood red throne. She looked ravishing in her Marilyn Monroe white, V-neck silk dress that screamed, fuckable.

Pounds of diamonds encircled her neck, were she human Amelia was not sure she could handle the weight. Gleaming pearls sat daintily over white silk gloved wrists as her finder curled over the thrones golden arms. Her legs were crossed languidly, Amelia followed the pale skin of the queen’s anterior down to her tiny ankle where her foot was encased in crystal Cinderella shoes.

Amelia licked her lips and swallowed at the regal, erotic site that was her queen.

…how I’d like to run my tongue up…

“Sadly no, my queen. We have a problem. Stan is dead. Godric was able to get out of my Hex with the help of Eric Northman and his telepath.” Amelia finished, unafraid of Sophie-Ann’s reaction. Surly she would understand the dilemma and the two women would hatch another plan of attack.

“What!” Sophie-Ann thundered. “I send you to help that ludicrous cowboy and his proposal to rule Texas. Now you are telling me that it’s completely fucked? I should have you head!”

Before she registered the movement, Amelia was being held by her neck a foot off of the ground by Andre. “Oh, allow me, my queen.” Andre’s voice sounded like it was dipped in honey as he made the request. “This one was never worthy of your immortal gift.”

Sophie-Ann stood with elegance, her white dress billowed around her thighs as she glided down the red velvet carpet of her dais.

“This is true, my little failed pet. You are not worthy. That is a pity.” Sophie stood in front of the secured witch, tracing her finger down her cheek, past Andre’s hold to the witch’s cleavage, she purred.

“I had such I plans for you, alas. Nothing ever goes the way I wish.” The Queen shook her head petulantly.

Amelia begged as a tear escaped her eye. “P-please, Sophie, I can try again-.”




Andre and Sophie-Ann looked confused for a moment, viewing one another in question, before their eyes widen in knowing alarm. Amelia’s abdomen burst open wielding deadly silver bullets that flew out in all directions. Hitting both vampires multiple times throughout the neck and chest.

Two blood explosions splash and slosh onto the sophisticated white marble flooring. Amelia, now split in two halves, followed the bloody decent of Sophie-Ann and Andre to the cold surface below. Landing in a pile of gore that bubbled and gurgled with the newly added weight. Amelia was fading fast, sadly for her, not quite dead.

“What…the…fuck?” The shocked witch panted out her last words.

The Berts explode into the throne room with their heavy swords unsheathed, ready to fight to the death. At vampire speed they arrive at their now truly dead maker and brother’s remains.

“No, no, no!” They shout in devastation.

Falling to their thick knees, they cry out their revenge to the heavens. Fists clenched around the sinews and blood that linger in the echoing room of their pain.




The C-four detonation shook the historic palace off its foundation before crumbling into a heap of fire and ash.

Taking all who remained inside to the same demise.




“It is done.”

“Excellent Isabel, cover your tracks and get back to the nest tonight.” Godric smirked with pride in his second in command’s covert abilities. It seemed that Amelia never suspected she was a Trojan horse.

“I’ve already cleared the scene, there were few vampires present but none sensed me. Sophie-Ann was foolish to allow so many unsheltered views into her hall. I could see every move she made. Not much of a warrior, just a spoiled brat.”

“Yes, she was weak. I am surprised she lasted as long as she did. Safe journey.” Godric pressed END on the touch screen of his phone and tossed it on his desk.





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    1. Thanks, I am happy to know I do not have predictable writing. The only thing I want everyone to know FOR SURE is that Eric and Sookie are the end game. 🙂 I did debate about not a total obliteration of QSA and kids, but then I said something like “Fuck it, these bitches need to go.” Thanks for reading!

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    1. Nope, but good question. Amelia was knocked out by Godric. Isabel is also something of a field medic(her days in Spain WW1) She put Amelia under further, opened her up, installed C-4, silver projectiles and then sealed her up with vampire blood. She was none the wiser when she woke up. Any unease she felt, she chalked up to being thrown around by vampires.
      Thank you, I am so happy you are enjoying my little tale. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I think depression has it’s place but if it ends in suicide it is BORING! Where was the journey? Where was the realization of things better. He lived for over 2000 years, surly this is not his first time facing depression? Stepping off my soapbox. Really glad you like this story of mine. 🙂


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