Sitting in his leather club chair, Godric contemplated his next move. Aware that Eric would soon seek him out to press the feeding issue with Sookie.

Indeed, it had been a very long time since he had last feed. His will to go on had been diminished for some time now. Godric was not ready to end his existence however, if life events persisted as of late.

He would soon meet the sun.

The sight of his beautiful, forgiving child made him second guess his state of mind. After two thousand years, there must be more than being King of a successful state. More than having an exceptional progeny. More than being one of the oldest, most power vampires in the United States. Perhaps the world.

Instead Godric felt empty, numb to the world and what he used to believe was a never-ending adventure of feeding, fucking and fighting.

In truth, he longed for the feelings Sookie had stirred in Eric. His Viking progeny had been awaken after centuries of mere survival. It was awe-inspiring. Sookie’s scent was very attractive, no doubt due to her Fae heritage.

The Fae, Godric cursed the beings very breath. Their involvement heightened all known and unforeseen danger. A precarious endeavor when he thought back to the Great War between their species.

Godric was set in his ways, he would not feed from Sookie. End of discussion.

Which sadly meant that there was nothing to be done about his current state of melancholy. Godric would take steps to secure Eric and Pam’s future. His line would go on…without him.

Eric entered Godric’s office without a knock. Holding his precious fairy bridal style against his chest. He placed a lingering kiss to Sookie’s forehead before lowering her dainty feet upon the carpeted floor. Godric was transfixed on the couple before him. To see his magnificent child so sweet and loving brought back memories of their own tender times together.

Those moments they had shared had not been in his recent musings in some time. Only the horrible deeds Godric committed. His regrets and viciousness were at the forefront of his mind. Permanently etched on the faces of those he killed for all time.

He was not right.

Vampires were not right.

They lacked evolution.

“Godric.” Sookie interrupted his spiraling thoughts with her sweet Southern drawl that made a slight shiver go up his spine. Curious that any creature would demand his attention without fearing their end, he turned to gaze upon the young telepath.

She was beautiful, to be sure. Golden hair the same shade as his child’s. Sparkling cornflower blue eyes that would rival the loveliest of summer days from his human days. Her supple hips that curved inward to a lean waist and a then out with the swells of her breasts. Making the material of her dress strain deliciously.

Godric could hear her heartbeat, see the blood run tantalizingly through the veins of her neck. Yet, something was off. She was somehow more than what stood before him. Much more. He could have sworn to the old gods that a second creature was watching him through her eyes.

Godric’s fangs descend in want. Want of whatever else Sookie was holding behind her back.

This is wrong, she is not mine. I am not right.

Shaking his head to clear his vampire need, Godric stood from his executive chair and turned his back to them. Looking out the spacious floor to ceiling windows to the garden below, the moon was full, perched high in the sky. Illuminating the grounds with a low flooding light that pierced through every dense bush and tree. Night blooming roses, weeping Willows swayed in the cool breeze. A winding stream flowed through the estate, sending sounds of rushing water echoing around the property.

Many nights he stood on the outdoor patio looking over the wilderness and ignoring the call to join. There were mysteries that called to him, go and explore.

If only he had a mate, like Eric. It might send him into a fury of rediscovery with her by his side, but he knew there was none for him. Over two thousand years had proven this fact time and again. Eric, his beloved child was his one-time calling to his blood to act. No woman ever made his blood sing.

Until Sookie, but not Sookie.

Aggravated that he could not decipher the meaning of his child’s human, he chuffed and closed his eyes. This jealousy was unbecoming and a great injustice to Eric. Godric knew he did not want Sookie for his mate, but there was a light about her that called to him.


“I will not feed from you, child. You belong to Eric. It is not right.” Godric spoke to the glass. He could see Eric’s hopeful expression reflected in the window. His child held too much faith in him.

“We both choose this.” Sookie spoke again. “We want to help you Godric. We know you will not feed from a donor and I can help you, make you whole. It’s hard to see right now but please believe this is what we need to do.”

Godric frowned, still not turning from his outdoor view. “It is too late. I am not right.” Lost in his resigned thoughts, he missed Sookie’s movements until she brushed his hand with her fingertips.

The shock of her essence hit him full force, whirling around he caught her by the waist and pressed her against him. He felt off kilter, as if his previous statement was said by another. Godric inhaled Sookie’s scent, now closer than ever. Yet, not close enough. He hugged her to him, afraid she might leave his grasp. Fae were known to disappear in thin air. His free hand’s fingers threaded up the nape of her neck into her soft hair, walking her backwards against his desk.

Godric had caught her, and there was nothing she or Eric could do to stop him. She smelled sweet and of Eric, but there was unquestionably something more to her. Something other that had kept alluding his senses. It was frustrating to be so close to the truth and have it slide away at every possible moment of discovery. Whatever the other was, it was all his.

Sookie was caught between Godric and his wooden desk. Both vampire’s fangs were bared. Both predators were aware that Sookie was trapped. Try as Eric might not to hate this moment, he was furious, anxious and thrilled. His maker needed to feed, Sookie was right to offer herself but he was fucking pissed. He growled when he saw Godric lean over to smell her again.

“You are right Godric, just confused.” Sookie soothed, keeping her arms at her side. She didn’t want to send Eric into a tizzy trying to smooth down Godric’s shoulders with her palms. “And we are gonna prove it.” Sookie moved her hair off of her neck and tilted away ever so carefully. Giving the old vampire all the access he needed.

Sookie kept her eyes focused on Eric. Giving him a smile to reassure him that she was still on board with this cockamamie plan. She was praying that they all could get through this with little issue. She hoped anyway.

This better work

It will

“Drink from me, you need this.” Godric opened his mouth to argue with her. “You know I’m right.” Sookie coached, “Its hard being told your wrong, especially at your age.” She grinned then. “I bet everything I own that I’m right. That Eric is right, that the answer is for you to feed from me.” The smugness of her voice was soft and her beating heart was strong, steady. She was fearless, willing to offer herself to an ancient.

Godric was dumbfounded for a moment, he looked past her to Eric. He needed his child’s permission first and foremost, his reassurance that their relationship would not change because he feed from what belonged to his progeny.

Eric’s long fangs had descended, he was hunched on the other side of the desk. His large hands gripping the wood, testing its strength. Eric was heaving out strangled breaths and deep growls, all but daring Godric to do anything further with his Sookie. His blonde brows were drawn tight and tense over his brilliant turquoise eyes. Godric could sense through their bond that he was trying not to interfere with Sookie’s words.

“My son?” Godric questioned. Then waited.

After another extended tense moment, Eric nodded once. Taking what Godric assumed was a cleansing breath she finally spoke.

“Please, Master. Feed.” Eric’s voice cracked from the weight of his emotions of witnessing his Sookie take care of his Maker’s needs.

Godric’s features softened as he lingered on Eric’s face. He could not deny his Child. Especially when Eric humbled himself in such a manor. It was not something he had done more than twice in his entire being with Godric and he knew what it cost him, especially now.

Godric nodded in return. Sending love and gratitude for the trust his Child had for him through their bond. He would not betray that trust. Ever. Cursed or not, he owed Eric and Sookie his life.

Eric shivered as he felt the raw intensity of admiration and unrivaled loyalty through their maker/child connection.

Tearing his forest green eyes from Eric, Godric re-focused on Sookie. Leaning his nose into her neck once more, he inhaled deep. Smelling the Fae essence sent a thrill of anticipation.

A soft kiss on her sun bathed skin was in acknowledgement to Sookie for her much needed gift. A long slow lick to prep her and then Godric sank his fangs into the column of her lovely neck. The only sound in the room was a gasp from the telepath. She sighed in what he had to hope was not pain but contentment as he drank. The last thing Godric wanted was to hurt the telepath.

Tints of golden light, shades of blue fading into deep purple lit over Godric’s closed lids. Flowing heavy, covering every surface he had ever conceived of. Sookie’s blood was divine. Seeping into his long dead tissue, his bones, and his mind. The light behind the hues pulsed and surged, gaining persistent strength as the blood raided his body.

Human blood never had done this to him.


It was home, it was warmth. Safety. Godric was free falling and yet cradled into a place he now knew he was always meant to be. Meant to find. How had she done this? How did she know?

Godric opened his eyes as he felt Sookie disengage herself from his fangs and slowly slide down his body, kissing and nibbling his cool skin as her lips roamed across his pectoral. He was naked and undeniably hard. His cock stood erect, awaiting his lover’s touch.

“I need you, my King.” Sookie’s voice was deep, huskier than he remembered from a moment ago. The sweet Southern Belle’s tone replaced by something gnawingly sensual. Godric looked down just has Sookie nipped his chiseled abdomen.

Sookie’s eyes closed as she blew her warm breath across his belly. This was definitely not part of the plan. Where was Eric? His child would most assuredly object to his Sookie engaging him in sexual activity. Godric looked up from Sookie to the other side of what should have been his office desk, only to see that Eric was gone.

In fact they were no longer in his office, they were outside, in his garden. It was surreal. The soft grass beneath his feet, the night air on his lips and yet not. Something was irregular.

This was not Sookie.

“Princess, how did we get-.” Godric gazed down once more, in an attempt to slow Sookie’s movement toward his cock. Only Sookie was no longer with him. A beautiful woman popped up from almost a kneeling position in front of him with a laugh, husky and erotic.

The highlighted blonde telepath was replaced by a multicolored haired woman. Her thick straight hair was the color of strawberry and caramel. Godric’s favorite food when he was human, happened to be warm strawberries from the field and he found himself with an almost unbearable craving to taste her. Compare the sensations.

She was resplendent. Her eyes opened revealing soft lilac orbs. Intense with a thousand lives lived behind them, this is who was watching him through Sookie’s aura. The breath taking creature smiled, revealing white teeth and dainty fangs that were sexy as fuck.

The woman’s hair fell to her hips. Her hourglass form was beyond compare. A slender neck and strong shoulders held large breasts tipped in pink. Her flat belly flared out to hips he could see himself marking while he rode her at vampire speed.

No mistake, Godric was ready to worship her until she could take no more. But she would. And love every. Single.  Moment. Her thighs were muscled and firm, easing down to her feet that had were balanced with bright purple toe polish.


And Mine.

Her scent wafted into his nose on the wind.


How had he not attacked her yet? Or at least began the process of ravaging her properly, or savagely.

“My apologies, my King,” She bowed. “I wanted our first meeting to be in a place you felt connected too. You dream of losing yourself in this forest every night. Only this time.” The naked beauty leaned into his. “I am with you.”

She blushed and stepped back. “I could not help myself.” She briefly looked towards his cock and nodded. “Forgive me. Your body temps me like no other.”

Godric caught her around the waist and shoulders, holding her close. She was not escaping, not when he had just found her.

He raised a dark eyebrow playfully to relieve her slightly colored cheeks. “Forgiven, Princess. Please explain to me how you were Sookie, then you were…yourself.” This was important.

A subtle golden glow was emanating from her body.

“I am Princess Claudia of the Sky Fae Clan. When you fed from my cousin. I was finally able to flow through her and into you, becoming a part of you as your body absorbed her blood. It was everything I had hoped it would be.” She closed her eyes and breathed out in pleasure, snuggling into Godric’s chest.

“We are kin, Sookie and I.” The Princess continued as she stared deeply into her vampire’s eyes. “The Fae can use each other as temporary portals if need be. And this need was life and death. Your death. I have been trying to reach your side for so long but I lacked a way, my King.” Her eyes were full of sorrow and regret.

“My kin needed my help and I foresaw that her path would cross yours. So I prepared for my journey. To you.” The Princess’s eye glazed over with unshed tears and reached for Godric’s face.

“You have lived in misery, my King. But no more. I am almost here, and when I arrive we shall overcome together.” She kissed Godric’s lips for a moment and then her glow encompassed them both when he deepened the kiss.

Godric was unclear how much time passed, he was enjoying this beautiful creature’s closeness. Rubbing his hands up and down her curves and smelling her vanilla laced hair.

His Claudia.

His fairy.

He would never be alone. How? She was almost here? What did that mean? So many unanswered questions. Yet he felt comforted and allowed himself to embrace it fully. Releasing her lips for a moment Godric took in the scene around them.

“My Princess, you are here with me now, but I know something is off about this place.” He tilted his head toward the surrounding wilderness that looked like his property. “What do you mean by almost here? I can feel you, smell you. In a few minutes I am liable to take you in this very clearing.” Godric growled. The idea of finally being one almost over rode all his other senses.

He craved being with her, his fairy.

“Nothing gets past you, my King.” Claudia winked and squirmed against Godric in excitement. “Now that you have drank Sookie’s blood, I have gained a foothold into his realm-.” Her head snapped in alarm to the right, fear etched her ethereal features. Godric looked as well, fangs down he franticly searched for the unseen danger with his vampire gifts. But none appeared, the woods were alive with normal night sounds. No threat that he could sense.

Claudia swiveled her gaze back to Godric in panic, her hands circling his neck tightly.

“I must go! I am out of time. Oh gods, listen and follow…w-what I say. Look for me near Sookie’s woods in three days’ time. There is a portal. If I am not able to escape-. Ahhhh!” She screamed out in pain. Her knees buckling to the Earth as she screamed to the heavens. Godric held her close, following her body to the ground and trying to think of a way to protect her.

Something was striking her back, Godric felt the blows through her body. And yet, no perpetrator appeared.

“Claudia! What is happening? Who hurts you? Princess, please tell me!” He held her tighter against him, desperate to keep her as long as possible. To give her comfort, to soothe her wounds and kill any who would harm his beauty. Godric felt her physical form start to disappear from his hold.


What was once a solid warm body of his love, his Princess, began to dissipate into thin air. Reminding Godric of trying to hold onto a cloud when he was a new vampire honing his flying skills.

“No!” Godric roared in anguish. “I will find you, I will!” Crystal tears trailed down Claudia’s vanishing cheeks. Her lovely lilac eyes held tight to his, her voice echoed in the woods as she slowly faded from his sight.

“…Godric…soon…we will meet again…promise…” Her voice echoed through the dark lonely wood.

Princess Claudia was gone.

Godric let out a thunderous scream that shook the trees and made the Earth tremble. He closed his eyes in pain, he had to concentrate. “Claudia! I am coming for you! I swear on my blood!” Even her delectable scent has disappeared, taking Godric’s soul with it.

Through the bond, Godric felt Eric’s sudden reappearance and then his fear spiked, hitting him in the back of the neck.

Godric re-opened his eyes to find himself back in his office. Sookie was unconscious in Eric’s arms as he held her protectively to him. His child was growling. Prepared to defend from another unseen threat, Godric looked around for the danger to his child and Sookie. Until he realized Eric was fearful of him.

“Eric?” He questioned.

“What happened Godric?” Eric snapped. Frustration and anger radiated off of Eric in great waves.

“You would not stop drinking from Sookie, she told you enough, you didn’t listen. Then she fell.” Eric looked to Sookie, removing a strand of hair from her unmoving face.

“You have been in a trance ever since.” Eric continued to rock his love. “Why will she not wake? Her heartbeat is stable since I gave her my blood.” Confusion and regret surged through the bond. Godric knew Eric was re-thinking his actions that had led to Sookie’s current condition.

“I am sorry, my son.” Godric bowed his head. He had no idea, he would have stopped, if he was aware. Fuck!

Eric was quiet a moment before relaying his version of events. “You screamed. You called out for, Claudia. Did she do this? Did she poison my Sookie?” Eric’s eye flashed in rage, his fangs growing ever longer.

Godric knew that Eric was beyond his breaking point, he was babbling. Something the Viking never did. “If this Claudia has hurt my Sookie, I will rip her apart!” Eric vowed.

Godric snarled. “As your maker I command you not to lay a hand on Claudia. She is mine!”

Eric, still on his haunches with an unconscious Sookie in his arms, leaned further away from Godric. Shielding his precious cargo from his unstable maker. Eyes wide, Eric cautiously asked. “Who is she? Godric, please. Who is this woman that has ensnared you? Are you cursed once more?”

Godric centered himself, took an unnecessary breath and relayed everything that had happened since he had drank from Sookie. Eric eased his large frame slightly, no longer concerned that his maker would kill his almost-bonded. Or himself.

“What shall we do now?” Eric inquired as he looked over his beloved Sookie, measuring her steady breathing and heart rate.

“We leave for Bon Temps, I will be there when my Princess arrives. And if there is danger following her, we shall eliminate it. But first, let us call Ludwig about Sookie’s condition.” Godric gazed at the telepath, concerned that he had damaged his child’s love.

Eric nodded.

Godric rose from his position on the floor. Padded over to the desk, he grabbed his cell phone and requested the good Doctor’s presence immediately. Ending the call he looked at the grain in the wood when a flash caught his eyes. Around his neck was an old symbol secured with a piece of leather.

Claudia must have fastened the gift to him before she disappeared. His chest was tight with fear that he would never see his Princess again, but he knew he must stay strong. Godric had plans to intact. No emo whining for him when his woman needed him most.


“What in the fucking world are you doing with a Celtic Love Knot Vampire?” Ludwig asked as she waddled past Godric and toward her unconscious patient.

“And why is it that this little girl is always getting hurt around you, Viking. Is this how a bonded is supposed to act?” Ludwig scolded.

Eric hissed in warning.

“Fine, fine. Just be careful, you are older and supposedly wiser. Help this young one out so she can survive another millennia with you.” Ludwig advised.

Eric’s features washed away the vicious predator to reveal his hope.

“That long. How do you know?” Eric impatiently awaited her response.

“I believe it depends on what you two dingbats do next.”



(A/N) So, no Eric/Sookie/Godric in this story. Sorry if I disappointed anyone. Godric has his own fairy to catch. I wonder if he will see the Princess again. 😉 I apologize again for keeping you all waiting but I wanted to make sure I did this tale right. Did I???





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  1. You did great. I’m happy that Godric will have his own fairy. I’m definitely wondering how Sookie might be able to stay around for a millennia. Looking forward to more. 🙂

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    1. I agree. I would never EVER kill off Godric. How lame! But the overall feeling I got from Godric is that is was not Sookie who could heal him. It was Claudia. I hope to reveal more about her in the next couple of chapters…or maybe their own tale. Hmmmm…Thanks for the review and for reading!

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  2. Oh, both Maker and Child will have their own fairy!!! Yay! Hope it doesn’t take too long for Claudia to get free. And what was that Ludwig said?!?! Looking forward to more.

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    1. I think the good Doctor has more words for those boys. But, doesn’t she always? 🙂 I thought it only fitting that Godric get a reason to live. Thinking about suicide is a tough subject and there is no one right answer. After talking to Godric for weeks and weeks, he made it clear that a mate or seeing a clear reason to help his bloodline would be reason enough to not just keep surviving but thrive. Thanks for reading!


  3. What a great update!
    You got worried there!
    I thought Sookie was being drained by Godric!
    So Godric has his own personal fairy to catch?
    Hopefully Claudia manages to escape from the portal!
    What did Dr. Ludwig wanted to say?
    can’t wait for more…

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    1. Bon Temps is a hot bed of activity. A Meanad is still lose after all. At least most things have been tied up for the better but there could be a major fight on our hands soon. Thanks for reviewing!!! 🙂


    1. Nope, no Godric dying in my story. I love him far too much!!!! E/S have a very special place in my heart, mind and writing. One day I’ll have a E/S/G but I haven’t narrowed my vision to what that would look like. I am happy you are digging on E/C, if she comes to Earth I think they could be in for quite the adventure.

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    1. Hopefully they can get there in time. I hope Claudia will be there too. It’s almost pure luck that they will be waiting in the same place at the same moment. Having said that, I don’t think anything would hinder Godric from getting to his mate. Thanks for reviewing. 😉


    1. Thank you! I hope she does too. She was clearly not having a good time…being pulled away from Godric and all. It obviously had a negative effect on Sookie. Many chips are up in the air right now….but we’ll get them sorted. 🙂


  4. You did very well, indeed! “Dingbats!” I love it! They certainly act that way sometimes, don’t they? Looking forward to Godric meeting Claudia in the flesh. Wonderful chapter!

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    1. Thank you! Channeling the god Doctor was a hoot!
      That dwarf has eight miles of sass to her. Sometimes those vampire boys are downright inconsiderate. Other times, overly so. They just don’t know what medium is. LOL! I’m sure Godric has hit a level of unimaginable anxiety in the quest to get to her, his Princess.

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      1. I love the little Doc! I especially love how she intimidates all the vampires. She’s just too funny, and everyone writes in nearly the same way! It’s so great!

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  5. I’m so glad you didn’t do an E/S/G pairing. I don’t like when they share. What a fun twist for Godric to get his own. I hope Sookie is okay.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback. You are not the only one who feels this way. I had considered it. I even wrote up a very long detailed chapter. Godric gave me a cool look that said absolutely not and the whole thing was trashed. I got it wrong and he corrected me. What a sweet guy. 🙂

      That is not to say that I won’t have plans for one in the future. I love a good E/S/G tale! But I will give fair warning in case you or anyone is not interested in that kind of story. 🙂

      Spoiler alert: Sookie will be fine. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I really like mixing up the pairings. It makes for interesting situations and emotions that everyone has to deal with or fantasize about. I hope to be able to tell a E/S/G tale in the future….but first to finish what I’ve started. 🙂


    1. Godric needs a bit of excitement too. He has been living apart from Eric and Pam for too long. Now that he has removed QSA, his life should be heating up even more than having a Fae mate. Thanks so much for reviewing!


  6. Godric is finally beginning to find peace now that he’s found his purpose/mate. Hopefully Sookie wasn’t to affected by Claudia piggybacking her soul/light. We’ll see next time I hope.

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    1. Claudia sure did a number on Sookie. But hey, the vampire you love was hexed and close to death. What is a fairy Princess to do? We’ll see how quickly Sookie forgives her. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  7. This is so good! I just want to keep reading it but ran out of chapters… lol Honestly, this story is one of my favorite ones. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you!

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  8. i LOVE this story. love Sookie’s sass, love Eric’s passion, and i specially LOVE that Godric is alive and mated and has something worth fighting for. it’s incredible! oh, and let’s not forget that Sophie Ann and her entourage are now piles of goo on the floor! excellent!

    i am so excited to read the next chapter. 😀

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    1. Thank you!
      I am thrilled that you love my work. I try really hard to think of new ways this universe can expand and get in and out of trouble. I feel so blessed to write in such a fabulous fandom! Thank you for reading!!!!!!!


  9. That was such a great chapter!!! I really love what you are doing with this story and loved seeing Godric’s character taking a more active role in Eric and Sookie’s lives! I can’t wait to see more about Claudia and find out what is wrong with Sookie.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I love hearing your feedback, keeps me happy. I think these four are going to be wound pretty tight. Family after all should stay close. Sookie will be hopefully on her way to a speedy recovery…. 😉


    1. I was playing with so much right then. Suddenly the idea of an E/S/G sounded great but Godric kept silent. He was not letting me in, which now I know means I was getting this particular story wrong. Gotta listen to that muse and your characters, they will guide you. CH should have done the same. Wouldn’t it have been better if she had turned down the last three books, built the demand from readers and then finished when she felt the story again. I think we can all agree that it would have been a different HEA. Thanks so much for your kind words here. 🙂

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      1. I agree that CH wasn’t writing for the love of it. I think there’s a whole personal story involved with her hatred of Eric’s character that I doubt we’ll ever hear about. I’m sure AB had some influence too as he also hated the idea of an E/S HEA. I think they all missed the point that it was fiction. Would we all run out and live our lives with a Vampire? Maybe not but it’s fiction, it’s where we escape from our real lives. We don’t look to read romance where one character evaluates what the sensible thing is – that’s way too much like real life! I think CH just became stubborn over the ending. I think she thought she’d destroy Eric’s character enough that people would come round to her way of thinking. I didn’t read the last 2 as I saw where it was going and I didn’t want to read it. Her choice to write what she liked, mine whether I read it. However, I was hoping she’d change her mind and give us what we wanted and then I was going to read them. I held no such hope with TB so I’m kind of grateful AB didn’t go with his S/B HEA because he’d always intended Bill to be the hero. At least AB didn’t pull the Sam ending so I think he listened to the fans enough to not do that. I have a feeling he had an agreement with CH that there would be no E/S HEA. What I found really interesting is how AS and AP played the scenes they had in the last episodes. They really pulled out the shots to make it look they were deeply in love. I think that speaks volumes because I don’t think she ever achieved the same chemistry with SM on screen and they are married in real life! The TB producers could have easily directed/edited those scenes differently. So I think we’re supposed to believe Eric loved her enough to leave her alone and she wanted a ‘normal’ life too much to be with Eric. It sucks because, again, it’s supposed to be an escape from reality!


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