(A/N) Word of caution…well. I don’t want to give anything away. Just know I cautioned you. 🙂 Vague enough?



Pam escorted Sookie back to her family’s farmhouse after Eric departed for Oklahoma, at first dark. After yet, another argument with Eric about not needing a babysitter to grab a few personal items, she had begrudgingly conceited. Much to Eric’s surprise and pleasure. He was on high alert for any danger, since so many threats had appeared in quick succession on their doorstep. Sookie put his immediate fears for her to rest.

Slipping her key into the old brass handle, she opened the door and smelled the old homestead. It felt familiar and once, not long ago so welcome. Now though, it seemed like just a house that had belonged to many generations of Stackhouses.

Sookie’s home was with Eric. That choice alone made all other decisions clear. She sighed and invited Pam into the ancient Southern manor. The farmhouse might have been the same age as Pam, looking over the petite vampire, Sookie knew Pam’s looks had held together far better than the property. Thank you magic.

“You do plan on selling this old heap?” Pam asked while wrinkling her nose in distaste towards the well-worn multicolored rug in the foyer.

“Maybe.” Pam’s head snapped to Sookie’s direction, amused at the smirk she had.


Sookie shrugged. “Well, I want to be with Eric, this place has been passed down to me by my family. I guess I need to talk with Eric about my options.”

Strolling to the bedroom, Sookie opened the closet and took out a large black duffle bag. Relocating hung dresses, shirts and shoes to the bed. Moving on to her well-loved pine dresser, she retrieved jeans, panties, and the nicest bras she owned. A few romance novels off the private library shelf near her bed finished the inventory check. Sookie then started the task of fitting everything into the bag.

A smaller suitcase with purple alligator skin was intended for Sookie’s toiletries. While packing the remaining items, she remembered the phone charger near the desk. Grasping the base from the socket, Sookie remembered that she needed to call Sam. Arlene and Holly had been covering her shifts for the last few days, but her friend and boss needed to know that she wasn’t coming back.

A peace settled over Sookie and she closed her eyes, thinking about the love she never would have thought could be hers. She was finally in a world where she belonged. Not just going through the pain and suffering of trying to be normal, Sookie could be herself and have opportunities that her home town could not offer. She was thrilled to think of the possibilities.

Maybe she could try and help others, counsel young children of abuse environments. Sookie considered getting her degree. The possibilities were endless. A smile plastered her face as she put away the last of her baggage and zipped up her duffle bag.

Pam tapped her foot impatiently from the hall. “Come on Tinkerbelle, the holy ghost goes to bed at midnight.”

Clasping up her ditty bag, as Gran liked to call the toiletry case, Sookie hefted up the heavy duffle. “Whatever you say, Alice.” Sookie laughed at Pam’s annoyance with being associated as a curious child in a drug induced coma. Pam had stated over and over how the concept of telling children drugs were okay through animation was hilarious.

“Your quips are getting better every time we meet. I will need to up my game.” She laughed, a very Pam-like chuckle.

Making their way out of the house, Sookie switched off side lamps and made sure that all the windows and back door were locked up tight. Pam had assured her that Bobby, Eric’s day man, had filled the cupboards with food while they left for this errand.

Sookie had met Bobby once before and was none too impressed with his manners. Sookie thought that she would need to wait and see how he treated her now that she was going to be with Eric full time.

Locking the front door, a whimper floated in on the breeze. Quickly scanning the area, Sookie felt a brain signature that she was sure she thought she recognized. Where? Sookie felt the answer was right in front of her Pam must have heard the noise as well, because she had turned with her deadly fangs drawn toward the disturbance in the woods.

A yelp rang out in the darkness, before her mind registered the movement, Sookie’s feet were jogging off the porch and running into the moonlit woods. It was a full moon tonight. Large and white, sending winding shadows along the forest floor like ink on homemade paper.

“Eric will not be happy that you are out here.” Pam whispered.

“I know you heard that noise, we can’t just stand by if someone is in trouble. It wouldn’t be right.” Sookie reasoned.

“Is the ‘someone’ you mentioned, you? Because then you are right, my little troubled friend. I need to help you get out of here before you get injured and Eric takes my fangs.” I gasped, startled at the image of my Eric being so cruel.

“He would never!” I insisted.

“He has, and I deserved my punishment then. I was quite wild.” She smiled, looking off into space for three seconds. “The lesson was just. Eric is not an unpleasant master.” Pam was stone faced serious.

“Well, I-.” Halting midsentence they turned a bend in the forest to a moonlit clearing. Visually locating the source of the commotion.

Two dogs were having sex.

Well, one of the animals was a true dog.

The other ‘dog’ was…Sam.

Vigorously humping the one hundred percent real canine from behind. Sam let out a bark, whimpering into his animal lover. Sookie felt her cheeks tinge with heat at the sight.

This was beyond embarrassing. My boss, my friend was having sex in his animal form. Ew. This was worse than if she caught him with Tara. Much, much worse.

Pam snickered, although Sookie wasn’t sure if Pam was laughing at her reaction or the weird half animal sex. She just never knew with Pam. “It seems the shifter enjoys nature channel fucking.”

Sookie looked over to Pam, her perfect eyebrow raised. She must have learned that move from Eric. They both burst out in laughter, Pam was right. This was ridiculously disgusting.

Thinking back to the time when Sam had kissed her, when Sookie had actually contemplated a possible future with him. It was a depressing realization. Her life would be nothing more than struggling to make ends meet while running a stressful, small town bar. An uneducated waitress having to deal with her shifter husband’s ‘bitches on the side’.

Sam was quickly relegated to the friend zone but this animal planted situation made that line in the sand permanent. Sookie wasn’t entirely sure how soon she I wanted to see him, after this. It felt like she had seen way too much of him now. It was well past time to leave.

Sam, still humping away in dog form, spun his triangular head around to look at Pam and Sookie. He was obviously thrown off by their laughter, miss-firing his hips. As if understanding he was being watched, Sam the dog rebounded. Watching the telepath and vampire as he continued have doggy-style sex.

Double ew!

It’s so time to go”, Sookie turned on her heel to stomp out of the woods. Pam followed closely, laughing her head off.

“You should see your face, Sookie. Priceless!” Pam slowed her giggling to a small smile and said, “Better to leave the shifter a voicemail now, don’t you think. That way you will not have to talk with him.”

She was right. Two birds, one stone. Sookie would rather have such a personal conversation in person, but with the animal fucking images fresh in her mind…better to leave a message on his cell. She figured he probably wouldn’t have it nearby. Pam loaded Sookie’s luggage into her elegant minivan as she called Sam’s number.

Voicemail: Hey Sam, I wanted to come by in person. But…yeah. You were…busy. Anyway, I’m moving to Shreveport and will no longer be able to work for you, at your bar. I’m real sorry to do this over the phone. I’m sure we will talk at some point…just, ah. Not too soon. Bye. Oh, it’s Sookie. Okay, bye.

“Subtle,” Pam spoke as Sookie hit the red end button. “You really should try a career in public speaking.” She winked.

“Shut up, that was just awful.” Sookie groaned. Rubbing her forehead, she could feel a headache coming on. “Let’s go, I want to get home before Eric has a fit we stayed here longer than we agreed.”

Pam sobered to that statement, well aware of how much trouble her little friend attracted. “Yes, let us be on our way.”




Eric sauntered into Queen Freyda’s throne room shortly after nine PM, his flight had been quick. All the better to handle the mess his maker had brought to his doorstep, then leave. Back to his Sookie, his beloved bonded. Eric smiled to himself, he never tired of reminding himself that she was finally his, in every way. The thought warmed his cold soul.

Various vampires were milling around the longer expanse of the great hall. They looked over at him in surprise, whispering to one another as he passed. His superior hearing told Eric that they were shocked to see Appius sane child. The Viking legend had preceded him despite his linage. Appius had made an impression while here in Oklahoma, but none of it was flattering.

This was the riffraff Freyda surrounded herself with? The security onto the grounds was lax by Target standards. Entering the queen’s throne room should have had a few gate keepers. It seemed that any wandering tourist could walk in, take a few pictures and leave. With no vampire being none the wiser. Shameful.

A young queen should be extremely weary of a thousand year old vampire stalking into her palace. Despite the invitation. Eric could tell this had been the status quo for a while. How Freyda remained undead was a mystery, any seemingly stupid vampire could have removed her from the throne. Eric wagered that Bill Compton would have bested her and his fighting skills were juvenile.

The palace was exactly what a woman in the eighteen hundreds would have considered proper court. Large landscape oil paintings hung on the walls of actual English castles in trim well-kept gardens. Portraits of Kings and Queens in regalia and jewels surrounded my ornate gold frames. Purple couches and chairs littered the large room in various shade of purple. The interior screamed new money, Eric found it pathetic.

The previous king Freyda had slayed must have truly wanted to meet his death, to have beaten by such a weak advisory. The queen was defiantly in need of a strong second, or several strong in her retinue. The lack of which concerned Eric, his visit would be even shorter than he first imagined. This was a snarling nest not a pristine kingdom.

Eric’s mind had been built towards a very good sense of business. In his human days, he was the son of the village chieftain. He understood what the needs of the entire village were and how best to motivate the right people. His father had taught him well. Now he needed to use his wits and superior strength to locate his wayward brother and head back to his Sookie. Eric smiled inwardly again. She was his. It was a goddamned dream come true.

“Eric, The Northman, welcome!” The queen’s voice filled the hall with a high pitched faux sweetness, bringing him back to the present and his game face. No mistakes could be made here.

Freyda stood from her elaborate amethyst velvet throne, hustling over to where Eric stood in a very un-royal fashion. The young queen wore a lavender suit with yards of pearls encircling her neck and wrists. Larger mother of pearls dangled from her earlobes, swaying frantically as she moved toward Eric. Bright red lips and faded chestnut eyes fawned over his body.

Suppressing the urge to roll his eyes at the common whore who currently called herself a monarch. Eric was unimpressed. Seriously, when one meets an older vampire, show respect. When you are queen, you command respect. However, Freyda was prancing around like a fangbanger. Disgraceful.

The Viking blood he carried these thousand years would not allow Eric to bow to this puppet, he nodded instead. “Majesty. I have come to locate my brother and bring him to Louisiana.”

Freyda stumbled on her cheap clear heels, or hooker special as Pam would have said. She had not expected such a cold response from him. Squaring her shoulders to regain her composure, she laughed. “Oh Eric, plenty of time for that. Come, sit.” She gestured toward a small sitting area made cozier with a white bear skin rug, near a roaring marble fireplace.

Eric furrowed his brow. “Forgive me, majesty. I was under the impression Alexi was a great danger to your queendom and the vampire movement. Shouldn’t we be acting quickly to locate him?”

“Do not worry yourself, he’ll keep.” Freyda sat, pointing to the empty seat on the dark plum couch next to her with her palm face up. Encouraging Eric to sit. He did and she smiled wide at his willingness to do as she bade.

“Alexi is a priority, his madness has been evident since Appius stepped foot into my court. I have my most trusted tracker on his trail now. Time will catch up with him.”

She crossed her legs slowly, desperately trying to bring his attention to her long frame. “Let us speak, while we wait.” Freyda said.

“With all due respect, I have pressing matters to attend in my own territory. I am unable to linger here.”

Freyda frowned. “What pressing matters are those? You are a Sheriff with a trusted second. Pamela, your child. Correct?” Eric nodded. So she had done some spying in his area. Although it was common knowledge, nothing to be concerned with.

“Well, then. What could you possibly be in such a rush to get back too? Your brother has caused untold damage in Oklahoma.” She leaned over, dropping her voice to a low whisper. “You know, I had to have my followers’ glamour a dozen human authorities over five slaughtered humans.” Her lips thinned into a line. “Appius had lost all control of his progeny.”

Eric avoided answering her first question. Sookie was the reason to rush back. A part of him felt incomplete being away from her, however seeing the state of tis monarchy. Sookie staying in Shreveport had been the right call. “I understand that Appius met the true death while here in your court. Can you tell me of the circumstances?” Eric questioned, he needed to know if another vampire was involved. He would seek vengeance for his sire. Not because he loved Appius, but because it sent a message to everyone. Do not fuck with what is his.

“Alexi staked him while he was feeding and fucking a male donor. From what my people can tell, Alexi was agitated that your maker was showing special interest in that particular breather.” Freyda scowled. “He then ripped apart the human and sped off into the night, blood was everywhere. I had to throw out a priceless tapestry!”

Her eyes implored Eric to understand her household horror of an antique being irrefutably damaged. Eric had learned long ago that most things were replaceable, if you did not wish for something to be damaged, keep it safe.

He kept his expression bored to Freyda’s dismay, she leaned back against the overly feminine couch. Looking at her nails and the large diamonds resting around her fingers. A smile quirked her lips up as she said, “It was quite the show.” Freyda laughed heartily, throwing her head back.

Eric growled. His maker was a sadistic bastard, no doubt Alexi was a psychopath but he would not have his bloodline disrespected. Freyda stopped her cackling when she registered Eric’s threatening rumble and faced him, wide eyed. She stared at his elongated fangs before dropping her head in submission, she had the wherewithal to look ashamed. What etiquette for a queen, Eric thought.

“I apologize, that was thoughtless of me.” Eric unclenched his fists, his fangs sliding back into his gums. Enraged by being slighted by Freyda’s disrespect. He calmed himself by thinking of his Sookie. Long blonde locks blowing in the breeze a smile just for him on her soft, plump lips. Somewhere in Bon Temps tonight, she was without him. Doing Gods knew what, with his mischievous child.

The unease of the moment passed. Eric wondered why he was here with this pretender and not with the fairy he loved.

Eric stood, keeping most of his annoyance at the queen concealed. “I shall be on my way. I do have a timeframe to abide by. Once I locate my brother, I will send word. Farewell majesty.” Eric nodded to the queen’s shocked expression and turned to leave the throne room.

Eric took two steps before Freyda cried out, “Wait, I need you here!”

Spinning around with a raised eyebrow, Eric silently questioned the royal outburst. “I believe you and I could have a prosperous relationship. As you can see, I am in need of a strong second to protect me while I rule. Surely, you can put aside your pitiful Sheriff duties for a better position.” Her plead turning into distaste of his current status.

“It seems your spies are not well informed, Freyda.” Eric smirked. “De Castro has promoted me to Regent of Louisiana.” Freyda mouth dropped open, speechless. Eric smiled wickedly. “So you see, I care not if the child of my late maker is terrorizing your state. I should have simply sent an assassin to finish what my maker was not able to.”

“Then why did you come?” Freyda asked with hopeful eyes. Was she seriously thinking he had come to see her? Unbelievable.

“De Castro and I believe in good fences making good neighbors. You needed help with a rouge in my bloodline, I was amicable to help. However, upon seeing you try to dissuade me from my loyalty to De Castro. I will take my leave.” Eric was disgusted, never would he ever have accepted being a Regent. But his Sookie needed the protection that position would allow. Had it not been for them discovering Bill and Victor’s plots, he may have ended up in a shit whole that was Oklahoma.

Freyda speed in front of Eric, placing her hands on his hard chest to stop his movement. Appalled by being touched by the young queen, Eric removed her hands by the wrists, pushing her away. Only Sookie had the right to touch him, no one else. “Appius and I were in final negotiations for you to become my consort.”

Eric was curious at that comment but asked in a skeptical manor, “And why would he agree to that? I knew my maker well, such a low position in any court garners his greed nothing. It’s a position of sex slavery and the slight illusion of strength as a personal guard. It was distasteful, even to him.” Eric thought for a moment. “Unless you are telling me that he was a prisoner here? Was his true death an attempt to escape?” His fangs snapped down. Stalking the queen as she backed up, holding her hands in front of her as defense.

“No, I swear it. He was free here. I have wanted you since I saw you in Rhodes, I advised him of such. He claimed to be on his way to you. He was in need of funds and with your business model in high demand, Appius was eager to cash in.” Eric stopped, that sounded more like his maker but something was off. Alexi was the key.

“Alexi started his outbursts and blood rampages here in my state from day one. I saw my opportunity and I seized it. Pay Appius off, get you here and Alexi lives granted after he left my area. He was so eager to agree when I told him I would request true death for his beloved Alexi from the Ancient Pythoness.” Freyda pleaded for Eric’s sympathy.

Was she delusional? Thrusting his incompetent maker between a rock and a hard spot, just to get Eric to yield to her demands was fucking bullshit. And here she was asking for his understanding. He should rip her head off now.

Freyda stomped her foot to get Eric’s attention. “He fucking owed me, waltzing in here as if he was above my rules. My laws. His fucking child causing a mess every time I turned around. He knew I needed assistance, so he offered you. I accepted.”

“Well, then. Where is this agreement? Surly you have the signed contract.” Eric questioned.

“Ah, No,” Freyda huffed. “It was verbally agreed upon, my lawyers were drawing up the paperwork to be signed when Appius was killed.” She continued quickly seeing Eric’s smile.

“A verbal contract is binding!” She screamed. Charming.

“Perhaps, with proof of the other party. Was anyone else present?” When she didn’t answer, Eric’s grin widened. “What a shame, put this in your verbal agreement folder.”

Eric leaned close to the queen, getting within an inch of her face. Freyda faltered and gasped at his nearness. “I will never be your consort. You are a disgrace to the vampire race. A word of caution, watch your back because one day someone will push a stake through it.”

Eric strolled passed the gapping monarch toward the exit, contemplating a future where he had been sold to be this toddler’s play thing. Away from his Sookie. Apart from his children. His body vibrated with rage. Never. He would not allow that.

And now that Appius was dead and gone, he could truly give a fuck what Alexi did. Although Eric did hope he would stay in Oklahoma, or he burned it to the ground. Fuck! He was going to have to hire his own tracker to find and kill Alexi.

Reaching the immaculate royal gardens, Eric took off into the starry night’s sky. If he hurried, he could get a flight back to Shreveport by midnight and be back in Sookie’s arms in a few short hours.


Was above warning enough? I hate warnings myself. I’m always like, ‘saw the NC-17 rating, I expect weird things to happen.’ Don’t you agree? Or do I need give more specific content warnings in the future? Thoughts?




31 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 10

  1. Loved Eric putting the undeserving queen in her place still think she’s going to do everything she can to make Eric her consort maybe involve his king who knows guess we’ll see great chapter hope next post is soon.

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    1. Eric knows how to play the game but knows when to have his say. I’ve said it a million times, A thousand of living gives you some amazing wisdom. Eric is no fool. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  2. A great improvement over the original..thank you for saving Eric from slavery and Sookie from depressing mediocrity and pretending to be something she wasn’t.

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    1. I’m not sure if he is saved yet….but Sookie is more sure of herself and what she wants. That is half the battle with Sookie. I for one, do not believe that southern women are stupid….unlike CH. Bitch! 😉 Thanks for reading!


    1. Oh good, I had tested it out previously and said person didn’t care for it. I believe though that Sam was pulling this shit all the time. Remember Calisto? Why would he ever stop? Talk about not being monogamous. LOL! Good job CH! Alexi is a disturbed younger vampire, but that means he is a wild card to be sure. Thanks for reviewing!


    1. Sookie and Pam in the woods watching shifters get it on, must be Thursday! No, wait it’s Saturday! Sookie already choose Eric but she needed to see the realities of the Supe World that she lives in. Sam was NEVER an option, he was solidly in the friend/brother zone. Not somewhere you pick up a husband. Thanks for reading!

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  3. That scene with Sam was so ew!
    So glad to see Eric put that Freyda in place but I think we’ll be seeing her in the near future..
    She still thinks she has some kind of hold on Eric
    can’t wait for the next update!

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    1. I think she is spoiled, she walked into Oklahoma without much resistance. Let’s be real, 150 year old vampire is going to have major back up against ANY monarch or that monarch was weak. Really, very weak. I hope Sam’s behavior was disturbing, it was to me. There is tons of room in Bon Temps but everything happened in Sookie’s woods? Why? He is creepy. LOL! Thanks for reviewing!


  4. It’s good Sookie saw Sam in a less than stellar situation, she would remember first and foremost that he’s a supe and lives by supe rules.
    Seems that everything Eric went for in Oklahoma is a plot. A plot that Freyda didn’t put enough thought into preparing properly. Eric needs to check into everything to make sure Freyda doesn’t have a backup plan.

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    1. Could not agree more about Sam. Just because he is not part of an “official” pack. Doesn’t mean is nature is less. Sookie denying who she is throughout the series is distasteful. She should be looking for ways to accept herself and move on. Cannon was set for a life with regrets. Freyda thinks that because a state fell into her lap that Eric will too. Who isn’t interested in power? Answer: Eric. If he were, he could have easily been King before the reveal. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  5. Don’t know why anyone would be surprised by Sam’s antics, he did hand sex with with a maenad for goodness sakes! It was always implied that the pack animals chased bunnies and had sex.

    So glad Sookie and Pam got a chuckle instead of danger in the woods. She really needs to stop running off like that and be sensible! Stranger danger 101, Hello!

    Don’t trust freyda, she’s a conniving greedy pill. Eric’s brother is a rabid dog who needs to be put down with extreme prejudice.

    Fun chapter!

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    1. Yes, yes, YES! Sam is into some shifter like behavior while living his Supe existence. Yes, I kinda blame Gran for not instilling more self preservation in her. A little blame to Gran. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed yourself….more to come. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  6. I like crying warnings. They seem to make it so I don’t cry. I’m prepared. LOL. I don’t know how anyone could be prepared for Sam going at it with a real dog. That’s so gross.

    I’m so glad that Appius died before he signed that damn contract. Ugh I hate the way it happened in the books.

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    1. That’s why I hate warnings! I know I clicked on the “M” rating warning, give me some “M” rated material….don’t warn me. 🙂

      Yeah, Sam…. Oh, Sam.

      That scene has been playing in my head for awhile. I think it was important that Sookie see the “true” Sam. This is what she is signing up for, if she gets involved with a shifter.

      Or it’s a fuck you to CH. She is kidding herself if she thinks she can ignore the Supernatural world. I want to scream, then don’t marry a shifter!!! Ugh, you think you will have no problems because he’s a “Loner”??

      Bitch, please.

      Yes, the books were ridicules about so much. In the top five, of the worst things CH ever did…. was the contract to sell Eric as a sex slave, Oh, I mean, Consort.

      Thank you for reading, love your reviews! 🙂

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  7. Great chapter! LOL @ the Sam scene. Why CH thought Same was appealing I have no idea – this is more how I saw him! And seal sex? Why on earth would you come up with those words when one of the could turn into a seal – that’s beyond sick! Loved the Sookie/Pam interaction, they compliment each other well. Oh well, CH let us all down whatever she thinks. She had the right to write what she wanted but if she disliked Eric so much (and no matter what she says Eric was set up as the love interest from the beginning or she has no idea how to write a book series) why didn’t she write him how she did want him? She led her readers down that path for 10 books and she capitalised on it with her profits – she could have said Eric/Sookie wouldn’t be the end game but she didn’t so she knew it would be financial suicide.

    I love that Eric got to laugh in Freyda’s face, that made for satisfying reading after Eric being sold into slavery to her in the books.

    Personally I don’t need warnings, I read whatever comes and I expect it to be adult but I won’t be disappointed if it’s not either. I’ll never understand the people who go around reporting stories on ff.net for being too adult lol. Why the hell are they reading SS or True Blood fiction in the first place, and why open a M rating story and complain it’s too mature?!


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