Disclaimer: I do not own the Southern Vampires Mysteries by Charlaine Harris or HBO’s True Blood, created by Alan Ball. However, this story and the AU I’m playing with are mine. ALSO, THIS CHAPTER IS SO NSFW, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED


Chapter 5


*Somewhere in Shreveport – The home of Eric Northman*


The soft rug against my back eases the pressure of the large, gorgeous man above me. My shimmering golden dress was tossed to places unknown. The feel of Eric’s lips on mine ceases any care to where that piece of clothing is currently resting.

The only garments I’m wearing are my black silk panties, garter belt, and the black leather thigh high boots.

Eric’s dexterous fingers pinch my nipples as his soft lips make their way down my neck. We could have been here in his living room all night or maybe it’s only been five minutes. My time frame near this unbelievable creature is completely scattered. And I am always punctual.

“I will fuck you in these extraordinary boots.” Eric growls and presses his erection against my panty-covered melting core.

How I am still dressed in anything at all is a mystery. Eric is taking his sweet time and I’m all but dying for him to do something. More.

Yes, something much more.

I’m no stranger to erotic romance novels and the idea that my gorgeous blonde stranger would put his lips on my most secret of zones makes me quiver uncontrollably.

“You like that. Me, telling you what I will do to you.” Eric rasps in a sexy as sin voice before sucking a nipple in his mouth and sucking rhythmically.

I moan out my answer. Sweet sugar pie, it’s all I can do. This man gets all my senses firing at once.

“Mmm,” He releases me. “Excellent, because after I make you come all over my fingers.” Eric drags his tongue down to my belly button and nips at the soft flesh of my lower belly. “My tongue.”

I look down at the precise moment when Eric presses his mouth to my still panty covered opening, inhaling my scent before rolling his eyes in bliss. His euphoria of the scent of me hits my empathic side hard and I quiver, opening my legs wider to accommodate him.

His crystal blue eyes are alive with lightning before finishing his thought with two more words.

“My cock.” His deep voice vibrates against my clit almost pushing me over and skyrocketing me into space with a hard orgasm.

“Yes.” I hiss and throw my head back. Oh, God, when I come I will forget my own name. I can feel it.

No. Not yet, I want my orgasm to last. I want Eric to be inside me when I go. Exploring me in a way no one else ever has. I need to tell him, but this has to be the weirdest conversation ever.

‘Hi stranger, I am way past an age I should have had sex and by the way, you are my first. Don’t freak out!’

Yeah, I don’t see that going well.

Eric has been taking his time, savoring me. Maybe he can tell I’m not experienced as other women he’s had before me or maybe…


So caught up in my inner thoughts, I miss the moment when Eric ripped off my panties.

Where did he get the scissors?

His back pocket?

We are in the living room, I didn’t even notice a place where a sharp object for cutting away women’s underwear could be kept.

Eric’s gaze is white hot on my face causing my curiosity to cease. He paused a beat before his gaze looked over every detail of my pussy.

His jaw is tight, soft sculpted lips protruding a bit on the sides of his upper lip.

Hm, weird. I never noticed that. Does Eric have an under bite?

A growl of pure male satisfaction erupts from his chest to his throat. Eric is admiring me, making me squirm under his hungry gaze.

“Your body is beautiful, my Beauty. Supple and pink. Wet and swollen. I demand a taste.” Eric sank into me. His expert tongue licking and circling, then shocking me by diving in deep and sucking some more.

Holding my thighs apart, I am wide open to his advances and the idea that this man was owning me made me melt further into his demanding mouth. My hips ground into his handsome face as he played me expertly with his tongue. A finger slipped inside me.

I arched higher than before, seeking more of him. A sting of pain made my hips collapsed to the plush rug. Eric’s large hand cupping my bottom to ease my shock. The barrier of my womanhood was gone.

Eric knew.

His finger left me. Before I could finish my whimper and begin to feel the shame of embarrassment. His long talented finger was back. Moving this way and that inside me. Circling and teasing. My once sore pussy was, well, for lack of a better word. Healed.

Even though my mind was reeling, my body took over and answered his ministrations with a flood of wetness.

Was this normal?

“You grant me so much, my Beauty. I swear I will give you everything. Forevermore.” Eric rasped as he drove his tongue back into me. Sucking my juices, then thrusting two fingers deeply in my pussy. The difference of the extra digit was incredible.

I wanted more.

“I am bigger than this,” Eric spoke against my clit. The blood rushing to my head led me to believe he whispered that last part, but maybe he was shouting. Who knows? I was too far gone and ready to come for him.

“Oh fuck me,” I groaned.

Eric chuckled, his lips on my clit sending me closer and closer to an Earth-shattering orgasm.

“First my fingers, then my tongue-“

“Then your cock!” I interrupted impatiently. “Please Eric, just make me…ooh, oh, oh!” I panted loudly.

His fingers picked up a dizzying pace, Eric’s lips left me as his thumb lightly circled my clit. My hips rose again, seeking just a bit more pressure.

“Lick me, oh God! Suck me, Eric!” I screamed out.

I would have never believed before tonight that I was capable of being such a demanding lover. Begging him to pleasure me, but Eric was different.

Without a word, Eric did exactly what I requested. Coaxing my sensitive flesh into a long torturous orgasm. I gasped, rolling my head from side to side. Riding the waves of completion and crying out his name.

I reached for Eric as my senses started to return. I needed him close. I was up in his solid cool arms and the next thing I knew my back was against another soft surface. A mattress.


The room had no interior lights on. Not even the fireplace in front of the bed was lit. The only light filtering through the large floor to ceiling windows was full moon of Christmas Eve. Illuminated the bedroom beautifully and in a way that interior light never would.

A large black metal chandelier hung over the bed, its chain metal would have sounded like fairies whispering if a breeze were to flow through the space. However, my attention was on the tall, incredibly gorgeous, half-naked man before me.

Eric released his expensive slacks, already unzipped and stepped out. No underwear. Interesting, was this a normal thing for Eric to do? Going commando to a holiday party?

Eric stroked his impressive cock with what I knew was a large hand. His slow movements up and down allowed me to drink in the sight of how well-endowed Eric Northman truly was. He continued to stare at me with wild hunger. An appetite I could have never imagined a man to have while looking at me.

I was a boring party planner with no life outside my family and even smaller close friends. For anyone to want me with such ferocity was shocking.

Eric smirked and blushed all the way down to my toes. Looking over his hand manipulating his even larger cock once more. His head was purple and swollen a hint of fluid glistened on his tip. Eric was certainly bigger than two fingers I had experienced.

Eric knelt on the edge of the bed, nudging my knee gently. I opened them wider even without his smooth insistence. I wanted to grant him all the room he required.

He fell over me slowly. Letting me feel his cool flesh to mine. We really needed to get under the covers or turn up the heat. Eric would certainly freeze before too long. I made a note to wrap myself around him. In a pure effort to keep my gorgeous stranger warm of course.

I inhaled Eric’s scent deeply before his lips met mine in a heated rush. I opened my mouth to his unrelenting tongue, it was slick with my essence and rusted pennies?

Was that my blood I tasted?

I opened my eyes as Eric eased off the kiss. He must have seen the confusion in my eyes. Perhaps he was measuring how I felt about my flavor on his lips.

“You are divine. Tasty from you lips to your painted toes. That cunt of yours is a special treat. And just for me.” Eric growled.

“But, the blood?”

“I loved it.” He said immediately.

“But it’s blood. I wouldn’t have expected you to-“

The wide head of his cock tucked into my opening, pushing in the barest amount. I held my breath, anticipating more of him.

“I’ll do it again, as many times as it is safe for you. You are mine.” My brow furrowed from his words.

Eric’s hip spread my thighs even wider and he pushed deep within me. Not all the way, but close. Allowing me a moment to get used to his intrusion. In response, I rippled and shuttered around him. My eyes rolled back and my back arched, pushing my breasts against the stone wall of his chest. Another wash of wetness followed as he pulled out a bit before diving in deeper.

“Again?” I asked breathlessly.

Was he talking about sex or drinking blood? Pretty sure that women only bleed once the first time they had sex. Unless Eric meant going down on my while I was on my period. My brain short circuited.

Would I let him?

The fire blue eyes above me glowed and I felt Eric’s hips push flush against the back of my legs. Then out again, before he thrust almost violently into me, seated deeply within my body.

I would let him do whatever he wanted. Eric felt so good. His intentions were honest and sincere. And I knew in this moment that I could love this man with every fiber of my being.

“I am Vampire, Sookie. I have been this for more than a thousand years.” Eric said low, not taking his eyes from mine as he began to pound into me.

“Wha-?” I gasped between the hum of another orgasm and his words.


Oh no, did I find one of those Goth guys that enjoy drinking blood. Oh, no that might makes sense. Dracula, give me a break.

“A real vampire.” Eric said, stilling while embedded deep he smiled. Revealing twin sharp looking fangs between his perfect square teeth. The contrast was memorizing.

Without realizing it, my fingers felt his gums down the shaft of one fang. Reassuring myself it wasn’t a trick. That my empathic side had not abandoned me in the wrong moment.

No, what I felt from Eric was true.

He was a vampire.

My instincts were never wrong.

Then I purposely tilted the tip of my finger pad over the sharp point of his fang. Eric growled, his electric blue irises shrank until only a small sliver of color was left to circle his dilated pupils.

He sucked my finger into his mouth and groaned as he drank my blood. Eric resumed his thrusts and I countered my hips against his. Making our pleasure multiply around us.

A vampire was making love to me while he drank my blood. The rhythm of his hips and the pulls from his strong mouth made my stirring orgasm toss me over the edge of oblivion. I came shouting his name and baring my neck.

Oh Lord, what was I doing?

Sealing my fate?

But I wanted more.


Here in Eric’s expertly decorated lair.

Deep inside me where no one else had ever been.

Eric didn’t disappoint, he released my finger and sank his fangs into my neck. Drinking and sucking against my skin. I came again. The wet slippery sounds filled one ear as purrs and growls from Eric filled the other. His moans of ecstasy kept my orgasm going in a long drawn out rush.

The waves wouldn’t stop. I never wanted them to.

Eric’s thrusts increased in speed and intensity as I was near the end of my longest ever orgasm. His mouth released my neck and with a shout over my head he came. Bursting into me. Pushing in his cum as deep as he could.

I could feel his primal instincts take over. His eyesight covered in red as Eric marked me, his mate, completely.

I was surrounded by my vampire in every way. His energy, his body, and his soul were tight against my flesh.

As I succumbed to peaceful exhaustion I smiled lazily, my eyelids closed and I relaxed.

I wanted more.




“My Beauty.” Eric’s tongue licked over my jugular.

“Hmm?” I wondered why I didn’t feel any pain over where he had bit me.

“Welcome back. Before I make you mine again, open those striking blue eyes for me.” Eric said in a seductive voice.

I obliged as instructed. Focusing on Eric’s gorgeous face from my laid out horizontal position on the gigantic bed. A sweet smile played on his lips, showing me his perfect square teeth.

No fangs.

Had I imagined Eric’s dramatic reveal before I passed out?

“You’re a… vampire?” I raised one eyebrow daring him to deny his earlier words.

“I am.” Eric was on his side over me, lifting my hand in his and threading our fingers together. Our legs were tangled in a similar fashion and I felt comfort. Whatever had begun between us didn’t feel weird.

Or odd.

Even strange.

This was natural, or as natural as life can be for an Empath and a Vampire. My soul whispered that who we were made our inevitable union one of a kind. Never in my life had I been so happy to be peculiar.

“I’m an Empath.” I confessed.

Eric grinned at my revelation. “I knew there was something different about you from the moment I saw you.”

“When you stalked me in the woods?” I asked.

“Before that. I was making my way to another very boring event, on yet another tedious holiday, when I caught the glint of gold from my peripheral vision. Before I could zero in on disturbance, you had vanished into the dark woods.” Eric said in a low raspy voice that made my instincts stand at attention.

I gulped. A Vampire was a predator and here I was traipsing through a forest at night like a lost doe. I must have ‘stupid’ written on my forehead.

“I followed you. Your golden hair bouncing in the moonlight was extremely alluring and then your scent wafted on the wind, calling to me. I had to have you, my Beauty. So I cut off your journey.” Eric finished his story by kissing my captured hand.

“So, you stalk and kill your prey?” I straightened my shoulders as best I could with his suddenly oppressive weight pressing into my side. “Is that what I am? Is this my last night alive?”

Eric didn’t move, his features stoic as he gazed into my eyes. I fought not to fidget under his scrutiny. I’m sure he had seen this move hundreds of times before. The struggling damsel stuck in the villain’s grasp. Well, if this Vampire thought I would go down easy, he had another thing coming.

“I did not have to escort you to that party, where I was introduced to your friend Tara and a hundred other guests. I did not have to dance with you, claim you after Compton’s insult to me, or make my intentions known to everyone this evening.”

Well, shit. Eric was right. If I came up missing after tonight, Eric would be the first and most likely suspect. Eric was right about tonight, with his confession of being something other, the rewind of Christmas Eve seemed to play out differently with my new knowledge.

“Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry. This is, well, it’s not really overwhelming, it’s just, new. Wait!” I took back my hand from Eric’s and sat up on my elbows. “Is Bill a vampire?”

Eric smirked.

“Beauty and brains.”

“And Pam. Is she really your business partner?” My question was dipped in the greenest jealousy I had ever expressed. Pam was a beautiful, sophisticated blond. Who obviously enjoyed the same sex, but still.

I was a curvy business woman with no sexual history. What excitement would I bring into Eric’s life that he didn’t already have?

Eric sighed. “Yes, she is also my Childe. I made her Vampire.”

“Wow.” Eric sat up and moved his back to the soft headboard. He gently pulled at my arm and I melted willingly against his chest between his long outstretched legs. After covering us both under the covers, Eric wrapped his arms around me.

“Have you been a Vampire long?” If he made another Vampire, he must have been old.

“Over a thousand years.” Eric breathed. Well, he didn’t breathe exactly. His chest didn’t really move. I realized that the rules of his life weren’t the same as mine. Sunlight could probably kill him too. With a look to the wide windows I would need to ask Eric about his protection. I couldn’t stand the thought of Eric being hurt.

And holy fuck! A thousand years old! Eric had seen so much. Things I could never imagine unless I read or watched the reenactments of what historians “thought” had occurred.

“What happens now? Are we…dating?” I winced. What a pushy girl thing to say after sleeping together once. For all I knew I was in a long, long line of one night stands. Easily discarded.

“You are mine.” Eric stated matter-of-factly for the tenth time.

“Yeah, fill in the blank here. What is this ‘mine’ business and how long does it last? One night? A week? I’ve never been in a romantic relationship Eric, so if you could cut the shit and give me a timeframe on the ‘mine’.

Eric arched his back, allowing his long torso to reach my ear and whispered. “Forever.”

I squirmed and did my best to keep a clear head while my pussy screamed for him to fill me while saying that sweet word. Before I could let a million other questions escape my lips, Eric continued.

“I have never been entangled in a romantic affair either, my Beauty. I saw you, I wanted you, I claimed you. Everything else is details. We will be together till forever and I will ensure your safety and happiness.”

His arm banded over my belly and reached up to cup my full breast. The other arm crossed over and grabbed my other breast. Eric groaned and pressed his erection into my lower back. “These are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen.” I giggled as he continued to familiarize himself with my body.

No way that could be true, but the sentiment was still lovely to hear.

“There is talk of Revealing ourselves to humans, but the measure has been in limbo among our kind for centuries. I do not see that announcement coming to pass anytime soon.” Eric said.

Vampire politics, maybe a hierarchy. Fascinating.

“Even with the advances in technology? Wouldn’t it be easy to find out if person was Vampire or not?” I asked. Video everywhere, some stupid vampire was bound to screw up and kill someone on camera.

“Did you have any idea I was Vampire before I told you tonight?”

“No.” I admitted. Eric was unique but I would have never guessed a mythical creature. Although, my track record with men would suggest he would need to be of a different species.

“You have been in contact with Compton before tonight I presume. Did you suspect his nature?”

“Captain Creepy? No, I didn’t think he was a vampire. Strange things were happening around him, which was why after our first meeting I kept in contact via email.” I said.

“What other things?” Eric growled.

Hm. Protective Eric Northman? I did get a sample of that side tonight at the party and the feeling of being cared for was incredible. Now that I knew more about his true identity, it all made sense.

“It was odd,” I continued. “In our first meeting, when I was getting ready to leave, he practically jumped in my space and told me to stay. That I wanted to stay. I didn’t, I was desperate to get away from him. I said no and got the hell out of there. Ever since it’s like I can feel someone watching me.”

“He was trying to control your mind, your actions.” Eric hissed, his arms tightening on my middle. “It’s one of our Vampire gifts to be able to influence human minds. Another tool we use to keep ourselves hidden.”

I turned my head to see Eric, his profile illuminated by the Christmas moon. “Tonight was the first time you ever saw me?”

His eyes sparkled a powder blue. “Yes.”

Eric may be a Vampire master manipulator, but I could feel his sincerity. And I always trusted my instincts when it came to my abilities.

“I believe you, have you tried this mind control on me?”


Eric didn’t strike me as the kind of guy, or Vampire who needed to demand a woman’s company. Another wave of truthfulness radiated from his mind to mine. At least going forward, I could count on Eric’s honesty.

“So enlighten me about how technology will not make your life hell?” I sighed against his chest. Snuggled further into the warm blankets and Eric’s body.

“Humans have advanced greatly in my time. Finding ways to make life less frustrating, more convenient. Because of those advances, so we too are able to hide our true natures with ease. Blood of every variety is a click away. Most humans already work ‘vampire hours’.” Eric shook his head and then placed a kiss on my crown.

“Human society would not benefit from our reveal. More likely, we would see our number dwindle with crusades of the ‘righteous’ testifying that our kind was created from the devil himself.”

Eric had a point. I could easily see churches here in Shreveport and Bon Temps sharpening stakes, let alone what the rest of the world would do to Vampires. Mobs in panic, not good for anyone.

“You ask if we are dating, my Beauty. What I want is more than dating could ever be. I also acknowledge that we must grow to learn each other. We shall. You will know me and I will know all of you.”

I blushed five more shades of red. “Well, you already figured out that I’ve never been with anyone before you.”

Eric cradled me in his arms as if I were made from spun glass. Rubbing his cheek against my crown, he purred. “A treasure I will not soon forget. I am honored.”

“Um, so there was pain, when you, ah… and then there wasn’t?” Geez, what an eloquent way to ask nothing.

“Our blood can heal a human. From a papercut to life-threatening injuries seen and unseen.” Eric said.

“Are you serious? You used for your blood to heal…inside me?” I squeaked. There was so much in that moment to wrap my head around.

“Yes, I wanted to ease your pain and give us both what we desired.” Eric rolled me over until I was untangled from his grasp and the blankets. The cooler air made my nipples tighten until I felt Eric’s body cover mine. With one move he was back inside me. I was still wet and swollen from our first encounter. And God, help me, I was dying for more from my insatiable lover.

Eric moved his hips rhythmically against the back of my thighs. Picking up a frantic pace that was sure to drive me insane. I could hear myself begging from beneath him to let me go, let me come.

“Now, come now,” He whispered.

I did, undulating around his cock as Eric swelled and found a speed that was too fast to watch. I closed my eyes just as we shouted out our pleasure together. I was panting, sweaty mess. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my whole life. Eventually I caught my breath and held tight to Eric’s neck as he rained down kisses over my neck.

Eric was still hard inside me, alternating kisses and sucking of my skin with a subtle scraping. I knew for sure now it was his fangs.

His sharp fangs that were aching to pierce my skin and drink my blood. I wanted that. To feed Eric felt right. To know that his nourishment would come from me was a powerful position. He began anew, moving through my sensitive tissues and building the anticipation of another orgasm.

It was all too much, too good. He was an inhuman machine.

“We have time to discuss what the future holds for us. Tonight is about us becoming one until you pass out, my Beauty.” Eric sealed his erotic promise with a wet kiss. “Now, wrap your sweet legs around me. Yes, that’s it. Hold tight, I am not finished with you.”








36 thoughts on “Do you hear what I hear-Chapter 5

  1. It is comforting to know that Eric was not invited to Bill’s party. I only think of a way to make it so, and thus would be to do business. Now she knows she was not followed by Eric, if not for Bill, all those times she felt whatched.

    A wonderful first time. For both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Oh he was on the way to the party. The way Eric tells it, (without really saying) he was flying and caught a glimpse of her before she walked into the woods. Then he was all about finding and capturing his prey. I love predator Eric, sounds like you did too! 🙂

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  2. Holy smokes!
    I’m so happy that Eric is being so honest to Sookie, telling her what he is and explaining the basics of Vampires.So interesting the fact that they (The vampires) are reconsidering about revealing themselves to humans…so no “out of coffin” days?
    Was it Creepy Bill who stalked her in the woods or someone else?
    Happy New Year!

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    1. I think you can play Vampires both ways. “They’re real” or “Myth”. I love the idea of Eric revealing a close guarded secret to a woman he just met. What does it say that he trusts Sookie. Bill was the creepy stalker. A human is immune to glamour and his ego was bruised. Loser! Thank you for the lovely review and Happy New Year!

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  3. Cold shower time…wow, loved it! Glad Eric is explaining things to Sookie right away. And she is accepting everything very well (but then again she can tell he’s being honest and most of us would accept him, I mean really, who’s gonna tell Eric to go away? Lol)
    I figure Captain Creepy will not leave her alone and they’ll have to do something about him.

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    1. I certainly wouldn’t say no to Eric, and I know many women in the same boat. Lol! I was a bit surprised to see Eric explain so much to her, but I have a “when you know, you know” theory. When it’s right, you jump in with both feet. I always cringe when I hear someone say they were engaged for 5 years… WTF? Why wait? Anywho, thank you and I hope you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

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  4. Oh my! Hot, hot, hot! I’m glad that Eric is being upfront and honest with her from the beginning.

    I can’t foresee Captain Creepy just giving up and going away, so Eric is going to have to do something about him.

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  5. Oh baby! That was amazing ! What a chapter ! I’m so glad they know about each other. I’m glad he told her he was a vampire . I want Eric’s house, beautiful pictures.
    I like how Eric noticed something different about Sookie . This story is so much fun.

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  6. Eric needs to stay open and honest with her and she with him, if they do that their relationship will through the tests of time. looking forward to Eric meeting the family and what creepy Bill does next. KY

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    1. Thank you, I try and write from my filthy mind when it comes to lemons. Most times, it all works out. I think what CH did in the series in underestimate what it would take for Eric to survive over a thousand years and still be able to believe in trusted individuals, such as Sookie. My Eric as no problem with that. Thanks for reviewing!


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