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Chapter 10


Eric awoke from his day rest. Sookie’s soft blonde hair tickled his nose as he strained to lean closer to her neck to inhale her rich, sweet scent.

Gods above, Sookie was honey on his lips. Eric couldn’t get enough. His arms tightened around her supple curves, pulling Sookie over and settling her atop him. He wanted to be enveloped by her, suffocated with her enchanting aroma. Being her like this for a brief moment allowed Eric to fantasize that Sookie was merely dozing, not drifting in a fairy induced coma.

Even though he went into his rest nude and would happily prefer Sookie that way. Eric knew her roots were steeped in modesty. He had dressed her in a thin white camisole and lace panties. A little something Pam had picked up from a boutique.

Eric was appreciative of the little number Sookie wore but would rather gaze into his lover’s cornflower blue eyes as they made love. As she laughed at his attempts to entertain her, as she drank from him.


Eric burrowed deeper into her not-so-secret spot behind her ear, where he could drive her mad with passion. He inhaled and quickly blew out the breath a few times, his eyes shut tight in wanting for her to wake. How would he go through another night without her.

“Mmmm, Eric.” Sookie breathed in his ear.

Eric’s eyes popped open in shock. She was back.

“Sookie?” Eric spoke the prayer, afraid that he was imagining her sweet voice. Had he finally gone crazy?

His telepath raised her head a few inches from his ear and looked down at Eric, a small smile played on her beautiful lips.

“Hi.” Her voice was quiet, but full of love.

“Hi.” Eric returned and then held tightly once more. “Oh, lover.” His voice was deep as he struggled to cheek his emotions in check.

He failed.

“I have been out of my mind without you. Oh, Sookie. My Sookie.” Eric kissed every part of her he could reach as he flipped her over. His second thought was to protect her from any who even considered to harm her. True, Eric and all that was his were tucked safely behind his fortress of a safe house.

But nothing was ever safe enough. Depending on the prize and the persistence of the invader, there was always a way around any stronghold.

“How long have I been out?” Asked Sookie, interrupting Eric’s planning mind with a caress of her palm over his face.

Eric closed her eyes as he laid a kiss on her open hand. “Four days.”

Sookie’s eyes bulged in surprise. “Four d-days?” Sookie’s fingers quickly spanned her neck where Godric had drank from her. Feeling no marks left behind, Eric realized she was having trouble catching up to the present. He was sure that was to be expected. If he had lost more than a night, well, that would be a blow to overcome in time.

Eric caressed her neck where his maker had greedily fed.

“I healed you, my Sookie. Your cousin, Claudia, used some fucking Fae trick to take over your blood and reach out to Godric in a fantasy. Ludwig explained to us that you would awaken in your own time.” Eric sat up, taking Sookie with him. “I did not know how long you would be away. Only to help Godric and Claudia have I left your side.”

Her blues sparkled with unshed tears and Sookie threw her arms around Eric’s neck and shoulders as she cried. “Oh Eric, I’m so sorry. I-I’m sorry I kept you waiting, I tried, I tried to get back to you as soon as I could. I swear!”

“Lover, of course, I am not upset with you. You have given me a great gift, one that I am not able to re-pay. And in turn you have paid a steep price. I am truly grateful to you. You have given Godric renewed faith to continue on with his existence. Please, please, my Sookie. Forgive me.” Eric begged.

Eric bowed his head to her as he withdrew from her embrace. He thought he had seen her shocked expression at his confession of his sins. He had allowed her to be used, Eric had a moment in Godric’s office where he could have, should have changed his mind. The blind loyalty to his maker made the thought of Sookie in harm’s way foggy. He loved both with a deep intensity he had never known.


Loved his Sookie. He only knew her a short time compared to Godric. Their time, their experiences, their connection. And yet, it was as if Sookie had been with him all along. Only now she had revealed herself into his heart.

“Asshole.” Sookie spouted sharply. “Last I checked Mr. Northman,” stabbing her dainty finger into the center of his chest. “I came to you with the idea to feed Godric. I may be yours, but I still have my mind. My free will. There is no way on God’s green Earth, Heaven, Hell, or any other mystical Fairyland that could get me to blindly follow your orders.”

Sookie huffed, crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance. Eric smirked at her irritation. She was right.

“Don’t you laugh at me! You think I went to you lightly? Without considerin’ all the angles? I struggled with this, but I followed my heart and my instincts. Asking Godric to feed from me was the right course of action. Not you, or any other being is gonna make regret it. Even if it did cost us four days together.”

Eric face was plastered with regret. “Sookie, I was not making light of your words. I was amused with your tenacity. Your persistence and tender heart to not only take care of my maker, but of me. I admire your strong will. I have no desire to bond to a “yes-woman”. I want you Sookie Stackhouse.”

Sookie’s arms dropped, her brow furrowed as if she had not thought he would say such soulful words. “Well, good. Because I want you too, Eric. I love you.” Sookie laid a chaste kiss against Eric’s lips before leaning back quickly.

“If you’ll excuse me a moment.” Sookie threw her leg over Eric’s form and crawled off the bed. “I have some serious needs to attend to. Be back in a sec.” The bathroom door shut and Eric grinned after the closed on-suite door.

Calm and contentment settled over Eric as he got up from their bed. Sookie would be hungry. He was starving for her, their re-connection, but was determined to see to her needs before deviling into other pleasantries.

Heading to the kitchen, Eric found Pam heating up bagged donor blood in the microwave. Lafayette was sitting on the granite island with his leather clad legs dangling over the bar. He meticulously checked his eyeliner in a compact mirror, seemingly unaware of Eric’s arrival.

Eric knew better. Pam and her progeny walked on eggshells around Eric these last few evenings. He was edgy and furious and completely useless without his Sookie.

But not tonight.

“Evening Pam, Lafayette.” Eric nodded his head to each vampire in greeting. The shock and slacked jaws Eric received in return gave him a sense of satisfaction on the pending news he was about to impart.

“Master,” Pam finally acknowledged and dipped her head. She sent a fowl look to her child, encouraging him to offer a similar greeting of respect.

“Uh, yeah. Hey there papa.” Lafayette drawled, his humor trying to mask his fear of the older vampire.

Pam rolled her eyes and tried to hide the twinkle of pride that her child’s irreverence caused to swell within her. Eric opened the large paper to-go bag on the counter, searching for the items he had requested from his day man. He had requested Bobby Buhrmann to get the same order every night for the past few days. In case Sookie awoke.

A local BBQ joint was touted to have the best fried chicken in Louisiana. That claim remained to be seen, but if Sookie enjoyed the fried chicken and gravy he would get the food for her every night. Eric opened the clamshell packaging and inhaled, it smelled alright, not food he knew back when he was human. Not that he recalled every detail from then, Eric did however remember the taste of honey. Absolutely divine, sticky, sweet as if the thick golden concoction was made from the gods.

“Sookie is awake.” Eric announced. Not looking up to see either of his vampire’s expressions. He could feel both their reliefs through the bond with Pam.

“How is she?” Pam questioned. Eric’s most beloved child was caddy and blunt every night of the week, especially to Sookie. He recognized the teasing since the night she had strolled into his bar, looking like a beacon in the darkness. Pam cared for Sookie, maybe more in the way of how her life effected Eric’s mood. He would need to monitor that situation.

“She seems well, although I am sure she is starving.” Eric wrinkled his brow at the containers of food. Not sure where to start.

“Move your fine lily white ass over, Papa. Let a mother fuckin’ professional handle this.” Lafayette snatched the contents from Eric’s hands, receiving no argument.

In a few flashes of vampire speed. The new vampire had plated, heated and set the counter for Sookie’s meal. Lafayette was pouring the freshly brewed Sweet Tea, when he asked, “Is she really okay? Family is something you choose, not always something you find in your blood.”

Pam and Eric raised her eyebrows. “You bitches know exactly what I means. Sookie has always stood by me. My own mama and cousin would rather spit on me than call me kin.” He shook his head. “Sook’s is different, in the best way. I’ll do anything for her.”

Eric nodded in understanding. His lover did indeed have a tender heart and knew quality when she saw it. Pam’s willingness to turn Lafayette had been all the verification Eric needed on his grand-child.

“A tad disoriented, but nothing she won’t recover from with a good meal and the healing powers of my blood.” Eric confirmed.

Lafayette breathed out an unnecessary sigh. “Good, the quicker y’all can bond the better. I have a bad feeling Eric. That girl has always been a trouble magnet.”

“Am not!” Sookie said as she strolled into the kitchen, making her way to Eric.

He smiled, flashing his teeth and then his fangs at her choice of outfit. In fact, Eric was certain that two other pairs of fangs snapped down. Sookie was wearing a bright patterned, tiffany blue summer dress. She looked glamourous and causal with her wet hair up in a knot on top of her head. Her dainty bare feet made little sound as she tiptoed up to lay a kiss on Eric’s lips. He wrapped her up in his arms, twirling as she giggled for him to put her down.

“Brute!” Sookie admonished with a grin as he placed her back on the tiled floor. “And it ain’t my fault that bad people keep finding me. I lie in a small town, what are the chances?” Sookie spoke the last words to Lafayette, who was smiling like he had the moon in his mouth.

“Yeah, you’s right. Couldn’t be the mind readin’, stubborn as an ass, blonde American girl thang you have going on.” He tapped his fangs to make his point. “Wonder what it could be? And by the way, Sook!” Lafayette’s voice raised a bit.

“Can you turn down the perfume, I’s barely holding on to this bullshit Master command not to lick you!”

Sookie’s eyes widened as she brought her own wrist up to smell what Laf was referring too. Sookie stilled smelled nothing other than her usual smell, which he considered hygienic and not overdone.

The fairy essence in her blood, thanks to Claudia was now stronger than before. Eric and Pam were holding up just fine under the new Sookie scent. But a baby vampire was a wild card on a good night.

“I don’t smell anything, Laf. I swear, if I knew how to shut it down. I would.” Sookie implored her friend.

“I know Sook, look I’m gonna split for a while, clear my head. Maybe track down a little hottie with mama-kins over there.” Jabbing his thumb toward Pam.

“I don’t know about that darlin’, seems to me that I feel like a nice pair of tits and a tight ass is just what we need.” Pam deadpanned.

Laf rolled his eyes as Sookie giggled. “Well, they’s got She-Males too! Your tastes will not be ignored, oh beautiful maker of mine. Let’s go! Toddles bitches!” Lafayette turned on his heel and strolled out of the kitchen, straight to what Sookie assumed was a door leading to the garage.

“Lovely to have you back Sookie. And may I saw that dress looks simply divine.” Pam smirked.

Sookie grinned back, “Since I’m guessing you picked it out for me. Thank you! I love it as well.” Sookie smoothed her hands over the skirt, feeling the intricate embroidery over her fingertips. “I could have never found this at a Walmart.”

Pam scowled. “You bet you sweet edible ass my fairy friend. Oscar de le Renta does not believe in big box stores. If I have my way, oh, and I will. You will be styled in only the very best from now on.”

Eric send approval and love through the maker/child bond. His previous notion of having to watch Pam’s attitude was gone. If she was willing to spend time and shop for his Sookie, Pam had already decided to defend Sookie with her life. Pam didn’t take just anyone shopping.

“Off you go Pam.” Eric winked at his child. Nodding her head to Eric and then Sookie, she too sped to the garage door and was gone.

Eric pulled Sookie to him and trapped her between himself and the counter. His kiss was demanding and sensual as he held her hips in place. Sookie moaned when he deepened the kiss and slid her hands up Eric’s arms to his biceps. Her belly decided to break the mood and growled, turning Sookie a lovely shade of red.

“No need to be embarrassed lover. You require substance, come.” Eric twined his fingers with hers and led Sookie around the grand island to the barstools on the other side. Once she was seated, Eric removed the plate warmer that Lafayette placed over her meal.

Steam and a fresh wave of Southern cooked goodness wafted through the air.

“Oh Eric, this looks amazin’! Fried chicken and biscuits.” Sookie picked up her fork. “Thank your lucky stars you’re a vampire because I wouldn’t share this with you or anyone!”

Eric chuckled as Sookie loaded her fork into a fluffy white cloud of mashed potatoes and brought the off-white vegetable to her mouth. She rolled her eyes as she chewed.

“Good?” Eric chortled at her appreciation. This restaurant would be entertaining some serious business from him at this rate.

“MmmHmm. Thank you. You are so sweet.” Sookie praised.

Eric’s eyes narrowed into slits. “I am over a thousand years old. Trust me Sookie, sweet is not in my character list.”

She laughed. “You are such a faker. You feel, you’re deep. After so many years, it would be very sad indeed if you were just a cold hearted beast. You choose to show the world: Eric, the bad-ass vampire. And I like that part too, just fine.” Sookie leered as she took another bite of food and moaned around the fork.

Eric was half shocked at her openness with him while the other half screamed to fuck her on the granite countertop. It was the perfect height for him to spread her beautiful legs wide and plunge…

“But listen here Mister,” she held the fork up in warning, “you are sweet and it suits you. I am very happy that you decided to let your guard down with me.” Sookie leaned over and kissed his the corner of his mouth making Eric smile when she tickled him with her breath.

Collecting his remaining instincts for a few moments, Eric reasoned with his cock that if Sookie ate her dinner now…they could enjoy her more fully later. Eric had already planned on giving her his blood but after so many days of nothing but IV fluids, he knew he needed to care for his soon-to-be-Bonded.

“I do not agree with your…assessment, my Sookie.” Eric announced as Sookie continued eating her supper. “It is true that you slid through some of the barriers I’ve kept in place.” Eric frowned and then tapped his chin with his index finger. “Sweet? No, not at all.”

Sookie covered her lips with her fingers and coughed a very Southern lady protest. Which Eric chose to ignore and continued as if no interruption had occurred. “Do you assume I am forgiving with others actions? Do you think I allow all humans to approach and talk to me the way you did the night we met. Or do you suppose I disregard beings I deem as beneath me.”

“Why Eric Northman!” Sookie’s voice scolded. “You’re a snob!”

“We all are dear one,” Eric smiled at Sookie’s outraged expression. “If I may, my little telepath, after someone’s mind gave you an unabridged version of who they are. Did you make a judgment on whether or not to spend any of your precious time on them?”

Eric beamed when Sookie only huffed in irritation. “It’s not the same.”

“It is not. You are correct. For I do not have telepathy.” Eric laughed a little harder as Sookie turned red with frustration.

“Gah! Alright fine. I’m a snob, just like you! Happy now? How the hell did we get on this conversation? All I did was make an honest observation about how you are with me and now we are both oozing pretentiousness.”

“Please, finish your meal my Sookie. My point is that no one but you and less than a handful of trusted vampires have ever known who I am. Everyone else is inconsequential.”

Sookie set down her fork and watched Eric’s serious expression a moment. “So, Godric and Pam?”

Eric nodded.

“And…me? In all that time, the only vampires you ever thought trustworthy were from your line? Eric, I know vampires aren’t lining the streets out there but there still must be thousands of your kind?” Sookie shook her head. “I mean, right?”

“Yes, my Sookie. There are more vampires than my kind as has given a true number to, but that misnomer has to do with the many territories and their rulers. Not all laws are the same. The vampire “Authority” strives for commonality but they differ in many ways.” Eric shrugged his shoulders as Sookie’s eyes widened.

“A vampire Authority? What the eff?”

“A bit off topic for tonight. You need rest, my Sookie.” Eric held Sookie’s hand and brought it to his lips, leaving a tender kiss. “Are you finished with your food? Have you eaten enough?”

Sookie nodded. This whole night, or truly the last four days were catching up to her. So much missing time. A Fae day-dream and now a Vampire Authority. What was next Demon Lawyers?


“Then allow me to see to your needs.” Eric picked up Sookie up and cradled her against his chest, leaving a kiss on her forehead. She sighed as he carried her back toward his bedroom.


Eric didn’t stop once they entered his chamber. His long legs strode into a very large bathroom. Sookie gasped, it was the size of her Gran’s kitchen and not nearly as nice.

A bathtub that looked like a large stone bowl sat off to the side with large varying sized white candles around the floor. Blue tiles filled the wall behind the bath which stretched and opened to an even larger shower. Multiple heads angled this way and that. Teak benches were scattered near the walls as if ready to assist the users with any position they may want.

Sookie closed her eyes. This room was all about cleanliness and beauty. All it needed was servants offering massages and mimosas. Shaking her head at her own silliness.

No, she wanted no one here tonight. Just her and Eric. They had missed so much time and she was eager to make up for that now. Alright four days was not long. For heaven sakes that was the length of Labor Day weekend. But they were still trying to establish themselves as a couple.

Sookie knew that most couples didn’t face the amount of weirdness they had encountered lately. Cheese and rice, Bill was probably still in Eric’s basement. Sookie groaned inwardly, that was yet another person to get off her To-Do list.

“What troubles you Sookie?” Her Viking asked as he slipped behind her in the large bowl tub.

Wow, Sookie had day-dreamed so much she had missed Eric stripping her and himself. She must remember to be more present. A naked Eric should never be wasted.

Sookie’s head flipped back onto Eric’s muscled shoulder and sighed. “Bill still needs to be handled and all I want is to have you all to myself. I probably should feel selfish but I can’t muster up the guilt.” She rubbed her hands up Eric’s thighs that surrounded her under the water.

Kissing her ear and neck, Eric assured Sookie that Bill will be taken care of shortly.

“How? Sophie-Ann is gone. So he must not have any friends in high places. Besides with Godric King, I can’t imagine he would stick around.” Sookie was sure that if Eric released Bill, he would turn tail and run from Louisiana.

“Don’t be so sure, lover. Bill is many things, patience may be his strong suit.” Eric lathered up his hands with shampoo and began working the coconut fragrance into her scalp.

Closing her eyes in bliss at the gentle sensations, Sookie moaned.

Eric smiled, glad to get his lover’s mind into a relaxed state.

“Spill mister, what do you think he’ll do?” Sookie asked. Since his efforts had not completely pulled her into a realm of meditation Eric began rinsing her hair with the handheld sprayer.

“Bill was with you a fair amount of time without immediately dragging you to the Queen’s side. Without knowing more about his mission or Sophie-Ann’s intention towards you. I can only assume that perhaps he did have feelings for you. In which case, he may act more like a scorned devotee than vampire.” Eric busied himself with conditioning Sookie’s blonde tresses. This blend had avocado which was good for dry hair. With his blood in Sookie’s system she hardly needed that assistance but the smell was pleasing and played well off of her tantalizing aroma.

“Does it bother you? That-, I mean, that I…was with someone else…before you.” Sookie whispered her words softly but Eric heard every one and the feelings of insecurity that came with them.

Easing the sprayer back into its holder, Eric turned Sookie’s head to face him. His eyes softened as he felt her resignation. She assumed he would be angry.

“My precious lover, we found one another when we did. I would not change a moment since we are here, now. Together.” He kissed her gently.

Pulling back, Eric was thrilled to see a smile that would rival the sun in the sky brighten Sookie’s face. “I am however, enough of a Neanderthal to dismember that pitiful excuse of a vampire for merely looking in your direction. Much less touch you!” Eric snarled.

Sookie snickered and Eric smirked at the happiness he sensed from her, his plan had worked beautifully.

“My Sookie, before you the idea of only sharing the pleasure of my body with one woman was ridiculous. I believed such nonsense was reserved for Christian virgin daydreams and before that for prudes and monks. I can no more change the past than you could, please put these notions of disappointment out of your mind. I have no regrets you should not either.”

Eric wrapped his arms around her body as they lay in the tub, allowing his love to seep through his words and touch. “Let us look forward to the future. Our future.”

“That sounds like a great idea, baby.” Sookie yawned, exhaustion crashed into Eric through their tie.

His lover needed more time to heal from the events of the last week. A Maenad attack, Bill’s betrayal, Claudia’s possession and Godric’s unbalanced behavior. If Eric did not already know Sookie was not fully human, he would have started to suspect some part of her was supernatural. No human he had ever witnessed could endure so much as Sookie had.

“The water grows cold, let us get ready for bed. I wish to hold you while you sleep.” Eric stood from the bath, taking Sookie with him. He quickly grabbed the towel he left for his Sookie on the bench near the bath. Eric helped her from the large bowl of lukewarm water to the heated floor tiles.

“Ooh, this is nice.” Sookie complimented while lifting her feet to show that she meant the warm floor was pleasurable. “I wish I had this little feature growing up. Some mornings it was hard to get out of the shower and face the cold room,” she laughed, “Okay, I’m tired. You’d think in four days I woulda had plenty of rest.”

Eric kissed her furrowed brow to erase her worry. Now enveloped in a large fluffy towel Sookie’s overtiredness was wearing on her. “No, lover. It has been a demanding few days and you may have been tired even before the Maenad. Time for rest. Real rest, allow me to watch over you.”

Sookie closed her eyes and leaned into Eric, she was grateful someone wanted to care for her when she desperately required it. “Lead the way.”





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  1. I’m so glad she’s back, for Pam and Lala’s sake. Despite his arguments, he really is sweet. The fact that he had her favourite food brought every day displays a level of thoughtfulness rarely seen. I look forward to catching up with Godric and Claudia to see how they are faring. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  2. So glad to see an update.Thanks!
    I love Vampire Lala! He is the perfect progeny for Pam.
    So happy to see Sookie awake and well. Finally they can complete the bond.
    Oh Eric you are really sweet towards the ones you love,never doubt that!

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    1. Lala is one of a kind, as is Pam. They only become better together the more I write. Believe me, Eric is ready for the bond to be completed. He keeps jabbing my in the shoulder with his sword, saying “get on with it.” Demanding Viking!


  3. Sookie woke up, YAY! Pam is truly seeing how much Sookie means to Eric and by extension her. Lafayette already loves and cares for Sookie, so the family angle is covered. Beehl still needs to be dealt with and soon.


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