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Chapter 7


Carrying Sookie upstairs to our bed chamber once more was a dream come true. And I have not dreamed in over a thousand years.

My Lover is drowsy, nestled warmly against me. Perfect for me to bathe her before tucking her securely into our bed.

Then perhaps, I will preview some of that fucking rat’s footage before dying for the day. I take a deep unneeded breath. Calming myself so that Sookie will not feel my irritation through our bond.

Ah, better. Later I will come back and protectively curl around my sweet Sookie.

Padding into the large Master chamber in my bare feet I then enter the bathroom. Setting my Lover on the plush chaise I set to work turning the water to the correct temperature, not too hot. But warm enough that it will affect my body heat to her liking.

The towels and bath salts are collected and poured as I strip off my clothes.

Reaching for my Lover, I gently slip her out of her golden gown by easing it down her shoulders. Pam style is exquisite and this beautiful scrap of material fit the bill on my Sookie. I grin where the dress is pulled tight around Sookie’s large squeezable breasts.

Yes, this barrier had more than served its purpose.

Sookie was now as nude as I. But before I could truly appreciate every supple curve she had. I picked her up and stepped into the bath, easing us both under the warmed water.

White sage and sea salt fill my nose as I arrange my sweet Sookie between my thighs. I adjust my erection against my belly so that she can snuggle in closer to me. Now settled I soak a loofah in the bath water and began to wash every supple inch of her.

“How can you trust this person with your…well, whatever you have them do for you?” Sookie inquired.

“Who do you mean, my Lover?”

“The assistant you mentioned, the one who has already packed up our things. And you said he would be riding with us tomorrow?” Concern spiked in the bond.

“Bruce Campbell has been my employee for ten years. He has access to my most treasured possessions which is why he is trusted. Bruce has proven his loyalty to me and mine.” I confirmed.

As a human assistant Bruce was methodical and efficient. Over time he began to anticipate my every need before the command was sent. I knew Bruce would ensure our safe passage to the airport during the daylight and as a superb body guard for Sookie.

“I could listen to him and make sure.” Sookie offered.

A smile tugged my lips and I leaned over to kiss my Lover’s at the tender spot right behind her ear. Causing her to wiggle against me. “There is no need.” I cooed. “If there becomes a time where I am in need of your gift, I will ask and then pay you for your service.” I assured.

No way, would I allow Sookie to believe that I kept her around as only an asset due to her telepathy. My Lover was far more valuable that the ability to read human and shifters. Let the vampires think differently. I didn’t give a fuck.

Sookie sat up, causing an instant chill to blow across my chest. I did not care for it. She turned to face me, her brow furrowed in confusion.

“But I wanna help you. Make sure you are safe.” Sookie assured me. “Eric, I couldn’t bear it if something happened to you because I didn’t screen the people around you. Especially someone that is responsible with taking you out into the sunlight. What?” Sookie demanded.

I could no longer hold back and I laughed, my fangs were also itching to be released.

Fuck it.

They freed themselves from my gums with relief in search of what the feel of Sookie’s pulse would feel like. My mind was as primal as a newborn vampire. My Sookie made me feel that way. Acting and not thinking through the problem. Not anymore, my Lover needed more stability than that. Get it together for two minutes and tell her what she needs to understand!

“I love that you are concerned for my safety. But worry not, I have been around a time or two. As you humans say, this is not my first rodeo.” I chuckled.

Sookie blushed and looked away from me. Embarrassment etched into the bond and I was having none of that. Reaching out with both hands, I framed her shoulders before she completely retreated into a needless downward spiral.

“What is this?” I asked, taken aback by the change in her emotions. From deep concern to a whirlwind of shame in less than twenty seconds.

Had to be a record.

Tears welled in her beautiful eyes. “Do you not want my help?”

Ah, the real issue. Time to put this to rest.

“Sookie, when we first met you announced that you belonged to that rat Compton. Not two minutes later, you revealed your gift of telepathy to two vampires whom you did not know. I believe it was because you knew you could trust me. I also knew I would use your kindness as the excuse to see you again. You may have been angry at my summons but you also have a deep sense of pride and willingness to help others that I tapped into for my own purposes.”

Her eyes widened in shock. Just as I suspected, her self-worth had been trampled on so much she didn’t view herself worthy of someone she wanted. And Sookie wanted me. I could feel it every time we were in the same room together. She fought it so hard because I had gotten to her.

Which brought out my beast. Beating his chest and itching to drag her back to my cave.

“You are tenacious, beautiful and have the loveliest sense of humor I have ever encountered. You don’t back down from anyone. I would say the only thing in you I find lacking within you, is your sense of self preservation.” I smirked when she splashed water in my face and rolled her eyes.

“I can take care of myself thank you very much! I was doing just fine until you walked into my life.” That heart shaped face tilted in defiance as a gleam sparkled in her eyes.

All playfulness sank away before I spoke. “I have no doubt of that Sookie. But you are talking about a world before you personally knew vampires. More importantly, before they became aware of you. There is no un-ringing that bell.”

I kissed her hard. Forcing my love and lust over the bond and then pulled away long enough so that she could take a needed breath.

“Many others are snarling at the gates to make you theirs. I will not allow it! Ever! You are mine. I would not change a moment because you are here with me. And I will protect you.”

Her eyes softened at my impassioned speech. “I might change one or two things, but I’m happy here with you too. The happiest I’ve ever been.”

I almost pointed out that she was quite happy with the version of myself with no memories but I kept that to myself. No need to kill the mood when I can feel my Lover’s lust rising in time with mine.

Leaning forward once more I kissed her, a more tender exchange than the one I gave her before. Pushing every ounce of my devotion into our bond I moaned into my lover’s mouth when I felt her grip my cock between us.

Little minx.

Sookie stroked over my length and then used her other hand to massage my balls. It was fucking fantastic. I filled my hands with her full breasts and then pinched her nipples lightly until she sighed and twisted from my attentions. My hand slid down her belly until I reached under the warm water for her soft mound. Wet curls over my knuckles until I circled her clit and then began to test just how ready she was with my index finger.

Sookie whimpered my name as I eased my long finger inside her. Tight, wet and gripping me. I could not wait to plunge my cock inside of her heat.

Why wait.

Spreading her thighs further apart I picked my Lover up to straddle me, then eased her down my cock.

Panting, strangled gasps and finally we both cried out as she seated herself atop me. Taking me whole and driving me wild.

“That’s it, Lover. Ride me.” I encouraged, snuggling into her breasts. I latched onto her nipple and began to suckle. Sookie was tentative at first, finding her pace and her confidence. I also knew I was much larger this way. Allowing her to control the stride would help her become more assured in her movements. I was breathless to see my Sookie lose control as she found a rhythm that worked for her.

And did she!

My Lover’s blue eyes were half lidded with want as she rose over me. A siren on the sea calling for me. I have never fought so hard not to come in all my un-life. She quickly found what worked and was riding me hard, I am sure she was trying to break my resolve.

Well, two can play at the game.

“Come all over my cock, Lover. And you shall get exactly what you deserve.” I purred.

Her eyes lit anew with a fiery passion so bright I feared I would be scorched from the heat. “How do you know what I deserve?” She asked huskily.

“You are an open book. You want me to claim this pussy,”


“Claim your mouth,”


“And maybe one day that sweet ass.”

I slid home deep three times in quick succession. Sookie panted as her pussy clenched around my cock. Trepidation and excitement sat on the fringes of the bond.

So, my innocent Lover had never experienced such pleasure before.


I would show her every desire she never knew she craved, in due time. It made me wonder if she had ever had a man please her orally. Thinking back, I don’t believe so. It may have been because I was a new lover to her but I believe it mostly had to do with inexperience.

Fucking Compton as a beautiful virgin and does not know how to properly welcome her into her sexuality. Pathetic.

“I-I’m not sure, Eric.” I silenced her with a rough kiss. Slicing a nick against her lip, I licked her blood.

“Not tonight, but one day my Sookie. We’ll talk and explore everything you can think of, maybe some you can not. I will never do anything you do not want to do, but I will not hold back all the ways I know will make you come.”

Sookie closed her eyes and shivered at my dark erotic words. Her lust glazed eyes followed me with an intensity I had never witnessed. Then she lit up the room with a slow beautiful smile.

It was not a yes, but I had an enthusiastic shy Sookie ready to commit herself with only my words. Even better.

For now, I had a Lover to satisfy.

Gripping her hips I thrust into Sookie from below as I sucked and bit her breast. My fangs scraped easily over her flesh without piercing the skin. Not yet. My large hand barely had to stretch and reach before I found her clit. I rubbed against the straining bundle of nerves.

A chorus of yes echoed off the marble vibrating through my skin to my un-beating heart. A plea that sent my hips into over drive with my upward thrusts. My name spilled from her plump lips as the sudsy water sloshed up and onto the stone floor. Sookie’s pussy clenched and released around me in a glorious spasm as she came.

Screaming for me.

For more.

I gave it to her. Touching Sookie softly through her orgasm and then increasing the pressure to ensure another mind blowing release. Golden wet hair covers my face when Sookie collapsed in satisfied fatigue. Gratification that flows through our bond and lets me know everything is right.

Standing in the tub and still impaled in my Lover I step over and lay her back to the chaise. I continue to pound mercilessly into her at vampire speed. Another quick orgasm rose and rained down over her finally allowing myself to step over the edge of my own pleasure.

The intensity of the pleasure I find with Sookie is sharper than any other I have ever felt before. In all my existence. How has this gifted human worked her way into my soul.

My fangs slide into her slender neck, and I drink of my Lover’s sweet blood. The warm liquid bubbles into my mouth allowing me to saver every precious drop.

Sookie’s arms are wrapped tightly around my neck as she shakes slightly below me. There was no chill in the air since I had turned up the heat in the room before entering. The last thing I wanted was my Lover to freeze when stepping out from the tub.

“Sookie?” I probed the bond, maybe I had harmed her during our love making. That simply would never do, I must make this right.

Love making?

I fucked, love making was for people in love. We were…I was…

“Eric, hush.” I gazed over Sookie’s peaceful features as she closed her eyes, a warm smile lit up her face when she looked back up at me. “I’m overwhelmed.” She laughed. “You quite a bit for a girl to take.”

The bond confirmed her words before I eased out of her. We both groaned at the loss.

“I am bigger than most.” I smirked, then looked down between us to see her pussy swollen, a deep pink from my vigorous attentions. Our passion had spurred my by inner beast to be too rough with my Lover and now she would soon be in pain.

No fucking way would I allow her to endure any discomfort because of me.

“Bring it on.” She whispered, my head snapped up to see the blazing mischief in her eyes.

I loved this woman!

“Oh Lover, how you please me. But first, allow me to ease you.” She sighed a deep breath, the sound was tickling down over my spine as I kissed every inch of her wet skin. Trailing my tongue over her warm skin as I made my way to her pussy.

My hands found her knees to I spread her, baring her most secret flesh to my hungry gaze. No one would ever see my Lover like this but me.

Sookie is mine!

Growling at the view of my lover anticipating my next move, I sliced my tongue open. Immediately tasting my own blood I then administrated my healing kiss Sookie’s hot and tender flesh. Her lean legs trembled and I pushed more of my blood around her folds and then re-slicing my tongue once more to push my ancient blood inside her hot core. Healing any remaining soreness.

My Sookie’s hips arched meeting my mouth. Her head thrown back in ecstasy of the mere act itself. She was up on her elbows as if trying to get a better view of exactly what I was doing.

My Lover’s long blonde tresses tumbled over her shoulder. I loved her hair wild, at any moment I could turn her over and thread my hands through her un-tamed locks and ride her long and hard. I hoped she kept growing the spun gold until it was long enough to graze the floor while I fucked her.

I hummed my approval of the image making a note to myself to show her later what I planned. The vibration from my throat sent Sookie spiraling into another fitful orgasm. Deeper than the previous releases she cried out her pleasure.

Satisfaction gripped me by the balls as I stood cradling her to my chest. Only my lips and tongue had brought her flying over to such a magnificent finish. In a flash I laid Sookie on her belly, spread her thighs and slipped into her re-energized core.

Planting my fists on either side of her head a slowly pushed in and slipped out of my sweet, pliable Lover. She moaned and then thrust back against me urging me to speed up. Push harder. I could feel her need flare in the bond as if the words fell from her lips.

Victory filled me to the brim as she helplessly thrashed beneath my weight. Time to end our suffering. I thrust hard and fast making my Lover pant and grip the edge of the mattress. I felt another warm rush of fluid over my cock as Sookie began to squeeze her pussy around me in another blissful release. I bellowed as I filled her with my seed. Pushing deeper than I had before, we were one as I laid over her. Feeding the blood from a newly opened wrist bite I waited a second for my Lover to latch on and then sank my teeth into her slender neck as we drank.

I pulled away after two mouthfuls. My tenacious Lover would be exhausted tomorrow and I wanted to ensure she received all the rest and relaxation she needed. These marks on her throat I would heal. Proof of my ownership would not be a mark she would wear in public, unless she asked it of me.

I will give her everything, provide Sookie everything. She will be mine in every way that matters.



I stared at the screen, disbelieving as I watched Sookie lay in her bed holding hands with a wild eyed, albeit innocent looking but most assuredly a deadly ancient vampire.

Sookie truly trusted me. Here was my unwavering proof. She witnessed firsthand what kind of state I was in, Sookie herself had dark circles under her eyes after having worked herself to the bone that night. And still…she allowed me, Eric Northman, or who at least looked like Eric Northman into her home. Into her bed.


My Sookie washed my soiled feet, removing small rocks and debris. Re-warming the water as I looked on in amazement over her beauty. My thousand years of honing the ultimate poker face was gone.

Yet, the truthfulness of my stare seemed to make Sookie confused for a moment before giving me a rare sweet smile. Until now, I had only seen them on her face for fucking Compton. Is this where she opened herself up to me for the first time.

No. The answer was no. Sookie had revealed herself in many ways all along but here, on this recording. She lost some her cynicism, at least when it came to taking care of the me who looked like a fucking lost boy.



Sookie took care of me, the long lost version of me by laundering my clothing. Offering me a place to stay the day. Entertainment in the form of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I smirked, my Lover was adorable in her selection of cult classic television.

Breaking from my musing of the reviewed footage, the camera angle changed, indicating two video feeds in her bedroom. My Sookie had fallen into a dreamless sleep as my amnesic self as soon as she had felt around and held onto my hand.

Once her breathing became steady I saw myself roll onto his side and stare at her in what I can only describe as wonder. My brows furrowed as I picked up a lock of her hair and smelled it. Rubbing the stuff across my lips my other self grinned a knowing smile. Like me, he was fascinated by Sookie.

Another vampire caught in her web and who could blame him.

My hands fisted, would this other self sneak a taste of her blood while she slept? Sookie had trusted me! I prayed to the gods I did not prove myself unworthy at the first sign of faith. He could take too much. Hurt her in some way. I sat riveted by his movements around my Sookie. Vampire senses are keen from the first rising and he must have smelled his blood in Sookie and wondered why it was there.

She had explained to me, him. Who I was, who she was and contacted Pam. I cursed again, no matter the trust she had in me. Sookie needed a crash course in protection. Since she would not do it for herself, I needed to take steps to ensure her safety when I was not around during the day.

My Team of Were’s were already in place at my Caribbean home to monitor any comings and goings. Sookie should be able to enjoy the sun while we’re there and I will be able to rest knowing she is protected.

The other me gently caressed her check and then pulled back as if he realized that could be considered a breach of protocol. Then he inhaled again over her neck. Every vampire would instinctively believe that anything carrying their scent was theirs.

A sheepish smile graced his lips and then he licked them. He knew, just as I did that Sookie was his, mine, ours. Convincing Sookie to believe what he already knew in an hours’ time would be the real test.

How did he do it? Break down a solid wall I had barely been able to take a chip from. This un-schooled version was somewhere inside me. Mocking me for getting closer to Sookie in four days than I had been able to in months.

My other self laid next to Sookie all night. Staring at her face, inhaling and listening to noises not picked up by the technology of a human created camera. His behavior was very familiar, he was guarding what was his.

My other self waited until almost a moment before dawn to reluctantly go down into the hidey-hole that Sookie had instructed for me to stay the day.

The next day progressed, Sookie went about eating breakfast, showering and then readied for work with that fucking dog, Merlotte. I was looking forward to seeing that mangy fleabag again. This time when my Sookie not only smelled like me but was mine in every way.

The video showed Sookie lingering in front of the closet door where my body lay dead for the day. She opened the door, placed things above the removable floor board to make the room look undisturbed to anyone who didn’t belong. Smart.

The hesitation she easily displayed was refreshing. Sookie bit her lip, worried. Concerned, almost as if she was unsure she should leave him, me. Unguarded in an unprotected strange home. Sookie felt responsible for me and her apprehension warmed my cold heart.

My little warrior, I smiled at the laptop monitor. With no one around her, she allowed every emotion to play across her usually guarded features. It was astounding to observe.

Sookie cared for me, deeper than I could have ever imagined. Was she kindhearted? Absolutely. I counted on that very trait to see her more often. But this was more. I had become more to her. For the hundredth time I cursed Hallow, Sookie would have been mine sooner without her ridiculous threats that cost us all dearly.

Ultimately, Sookie left for work. Night fell and I saw myself rise from the closed door of the closet. Sookie had given me, him free reign of her home so I saw myself check each room. Smell for disturbances, look for any inconsistencies and then left to check the next space. Dressed in only a pair of newly laundered jeans.

I appreciated that Sookie took care of me by washing my soiled clothes but she was too precious to be spending her time doing such menial labor. From now on I would ensure that Sookie was taken care of in all ways.

The other me stepped outside onto the porch and I chuckled.

After all Sookie’s talk about not being seen outside I was still a Viking at heart. The outdoor cameras caught a flash of my figure headed toward the direction of Compton’s hovel. My fangs came down, proud that without my memories I was inquisitive about who was around my Bonded. Something never changed regardless of the curse’s intent.

A few moments later, Sookie’s car lumbered up her very smooth driveway. However the rust bucket she called a car was in need of being replaced twenty years ago.

Another sign that Sookie needed my protection. She was putting herself at too much risk, too often. Working nights, living alone in a rural area and having known relationships with vampires. The last burden Sookie needed to afford was transportation.

Perhaps I would send Bruce on a shopping trip after he secured us tomorrow and surprise my Sookie with a new car when we returned home. Yes. After our trip I planned many things, we would move forward in our relationship. Cementing her place at my side.

Sookie gasped, shocked when my other self surprising her on the back doorstep. She scolded him, me, as I smiled on like an enthusiastic child. Soon we were off the screen and out of sight as I flew her off into the woods on my back.

Smooth move Northman.

The last image was Sookie beaming against my shoulder as he, I rose above the tree line and into the night. I will need to take Sookie flying with me over the sea. The moon and stars are so clear and bright on the island. It would be an experience neither of us would soon forget.

Pausing the recording. I closed the laptop. Everything was in order. My people were watching Compton, Quinn and the Queen. Pam would oversee the Area and we would reunite in ten days for the ridiculous Royal ceremony. New Orleans in August was not my idea of a get-away.

Although charming, the city had hidden dangers for both vampires and their mates. I was waiting impatiently for news from an old friend in California about de Castro. I wanted everything in the last twenty years, although fifty would be better.

De Castro was considered a new Monarch to the states. Only forty years or so into his rule, turning Vegas into a more profitable venture for vampires than human mob bosses. Which is why the mafia left Sin City.

With everything prepared for tomorrow’s departure and an hour to dawn, I followed the call of my Lover. Reaching the end of our bed, Sookie was still naked from our earlier love making. I found her exactly how I left her, deep asleep on her side. My Sookie’s long golden locks spread over her pillow in a halo. The sheet had slipped a bit, revealing one breast and the pink nipple to my vampire eyes.

My Lover was a vision in eroticism.

I had pushed her hard tonight but my appetite for my Sookie was unmatched with any feeling I have encountered in many centuries. I prayed to the gods that in time this need for my Lover would lessen.

Then I hoped it would not.

Easing back the sheet I slid in and carefully surrounded my Lover as to not wake her from rest. She muttered in satisfaction and snuggled back against me. Like the cursed Eric I watched this evening on Compton’s recordings. I memorized every beautiful inch of my Lover’s delicate features. Felt her pulse and warm skin like silk beneath my fingertips.

It was not a mystery that either my cursed self or my thousand year old self found Sookie mesmerizing. She was spirited, beautiful and fierce beyond all rational thought.

Unraveling my absent memories would allow Sookie to fall head over heels in love with the real me. Our relationship is a complex puzzle, one that I have more than enough patience to solve. The longer we are together the chances of finding an equal footing grows. This vacation together is exactly what we need.

My Lover will be protected during the day and then we will have the evenings to spend however we please. I died wrapped around Sookie with a smile on my lips and an anticipation for the future I have not felt for centuries.

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  9. Oh that was fabulous! I’m definitely a slut for these lemony scenes and can’t wait for the two of them to get away together to somewhere tropical for more citrus! How enlightening it must be for Eric to watch the tapes and realize his behavior (or what he may perceive as his emotions) hasn’t changed as much as what he might have believed. It should get even more interesting as he continues to watch. Can’t wait for more! Thanks for the great chapter! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I was in a silly mood. And, hello. I am the biggest slut of all for writing said lemons. Slut isn’t the right word. But it sure is funny. 🙂 I’m so happy you get my humor! Eric may be preoccupied once they arrive on the island but I’m sure he’ll make time to watch the recordings…perhaps with Sookie. She just hit me and turned beet red. Lol!
      *cracks knuckles*
      Back to work! Thanks for reading and reviewing. Your notes send warm fuzzies my way!

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      1. I’m so glad they do! I was laughing so hard when I read that note, it took ten minutes to type the comment! I think my hubby thought I got ahold of some drugged candy! Too funny! HA! That would be Sookie, turning red! I’m sure Eric will talk her into watching though… He can be very persuasive. They’ll need to do something while they wait for the sun to go down, right?
        Back to work for me too. Lots to edit!


  10. I love the fact that Eric was able to see that in spite of his amnesia he was still a formitable and protective Viking Vampire. Just because he was able to tap in to his emotions he was still fierce. I am not really sure Bill in this story is in love with Sookie. So I could see him doing the nasty while watching the videos. Looking forward to him paying big time.

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    1. Bill has messed up ideas about love. Look at the way he treated Sookie in the series and the books. Despicable!
      Eric on the other hand is a ray of sunshine. It is my guess that is why Sookie rejects him constantly…in the SVM/TB (not here) Sookie is very used to being treated with disrespect and talked down to that when Eric does not, she freaks out. Fights him. Tries every way she can think of to get Eric to act like everyone else…but he won’t. What an annoying issue they never solved. Don’t worry that is not where my Sookie is…in this story.
      Bill will get exactly what is coming to him.
      Thanks for the love and review! 🙂


  11. You have really captured the complexity of Eric’s feelings for Sookie in this chapter. His reactions to the video footage of cursed Eric and Sookie are bittersweet and beautiful.


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