Chapter 4

“Shh, lover. All will be well.” With my arm around her shoulders and my other hand threaded in hers, I escort my worried Sookie over to the sitting area. I lie down and motion for her to snuggle in beside me on the couch, she scampers over my lean build and settles willingly.

Her actions pleases me beyond words, finally Sookie has truly given herself to me. To rely on me as I care and protect this precious gem.

Our legs are stretched out on the length of the sofa. Sookie clings to me like a barnacle. I inhale her sweet scent, settling us both further into our embrace as I push encouragement and love into our bond.

“Now, tell me what happened that you believe the Tiger is a spy.” I ask gently.

Sookie looked up at me from the crook of my arm in surprise. “You don’t believe me.” Hurt flashes through her cornflower blue eyes and a zap of pain zings through the bond, taking its mark on my un-beating heart.

“Sookie, you misunderstand.” Caressing her soft cheek in reassurance. “You have my full confidence, what I wish to know are the details.” I smile in what I hope conveys my sincerity. In my long existence I have never encountered someone as pure in soul as Sookie.

She believes me because I feel my Lover’s body relax once more. Before I can make the request of her again, she leaves a lingering kiss on my chest. In thank you, if the bond is anything to go by.

Oh this wicked woman and her petal soft lips, how she tempts me when we have matters to discuss.

“Alright. So we were at dinner…” Sookie relays exactly what she heard through John Quinn’s mind. I find it interesting that Sookie was not touching him at the time his thoughts bombarded her. My clever little telepath is growing and maturing with her gift. I wonder what other surprises she will have for me.

This story reeks of Felipe De Castro. It’s no secret that the Were-Tiger spent many years working off a debt in the Nevada Pits for the Monarch. No doubt the greedy bastard is keeping one of his family members in check so that the Tiger will stay helpful to him.

First rule in the Supernatural World is that debts and favors can go on as long as the vampire wishes. With a now successful event planning business that he no doubt, contributed too. The Were-Tiger is deep in Nevada’s pocket, of course Felipe would use him. I seriously doubt that Sophie-Ann or Andre have any clue what the pussy cat is up to.

With Sophie-Ann’s upcoming marriage to Arkansas, much can go wrong. Hostile take-over by the Groom or war between clans. The time during a joining two Kingdoms are always ripe with problems.

Yet another reason why a Kingdom should take care of their territory. Sophie-Ann has opened herself to vulnerability. This could help tilt the scales in Felipe’s favor.

On the other hand, Felipe may also be working with Arkansas. I have another spy located there, I shall send the necessary inquiry to see if they suspect any turmoil in the match.

In the meantime, my next move is crucial.

“What will we do? Eric, I can’t lose you. Not again! I just got you back. It will be just like before, with your amnesia and you forgot me, forget us. But this time you’ll never come back!” Sookie continues to sob hysterically and climbs on top of me.

“Oh my lover, my most precious one.” I soothe and kiss Sookie’s forehead hugging her voluptuous frame to mine. My words seem to lull into a calmer state because she soon eases until only soft breathing and a few hiccups escape her sweet lips.

Gods, I can not bare for her to cry.

A rage is boiling deep inside me, a beast who hears no reason. Only the urge to shred and devour anything that gets in its way of those who want my Bonded. Any being who would dare to touch what is mine will pay. Frightening my Sookie is unacceptable.

“I will never be lost to you again, Sookie. I swear on my blood. We will do as I planned and take a well-deserved vacation. How do warm tropical night sound?” My goal to get her mind of the past works.

“W-What?” Sookie looks up from my chest adorably confused. Swollen red rimmed eyes and a few errant tears are left from her previous outburst. As I wipe the warm liquid from her cheeks with my thumb I can’t help but think of all the weeping women I have witnessed in my time. No other woman has brought out this level of unease from me with just a few tears.

Women and men throw themselves at me constantly. Using any means necessary to garner my attention. Screams, lusty shows of flesh and blubbing. None of them, over centuries, have affected me the way Sookie Stackhouse does.

Licking the proof of her fear away from my thumb sends a chill down my spine. My fingers have devoured her tears, just as I will annihilate every monster that may come for us. With all that I am, I will wipe them off the face of the Earth.

A growl in satisfaction escapes me at the thought, triggering my fangs to free themselves from my gums. The tingle they elicit sets my bloodlust on edge. I will bath in the blood of my enemies. Tearing apart all they hold dear, my Sookie will be safe. And mine!

All mine!

The images of vengeance are enough to sate my deprivation for the moment. I open my lids and see Sookie’s eyes widen in what I hope is just nerves, not because she heard and saw every detail of a headless Felipe De Castro. Or a very pleasing image of my brand new Tiger-skin rug.

Giving her my most charming smile I continue, “I own a villa in Barbados. I have made arrangements for us to travel there tomorrow and stay for ten days.”

I wait for her answer and absorb every feeling that floats across the bond. Shook, denial, fear, excitement, uncertainty. And finally hope.

“My job, Eric what am I supposed to say to Sam.” She crooks a well-manicured brow up at me.

This woman! I love it, this small move makes my cock ache further. I want nothing more at the moment to rip that damp towel away from her beautiful body and see Sookie ride us both over the golden edge.

“Tell the Shifter that you deserve an adventure with your fiancé. One of many explorations we shall take together Sookie. Get used to it.” I sit up and ease my back against the cushions, keeping my Sookie straddling me as I rub her neck and shoulders.

She feels so good, the split in the towel bares more of her sun kissed thigh. It would be so easy to move that flimsy material aside and view her most delicate flesh. Rubbing my fingers together in anticipation of feeling just how wet I can make my lover I instead focus back to the conversation. I have a woman to convince first.

Fucking next.

Sookie stops biting her pump bottom lip and take a deep breath, as if to ready herself. I do not feel nerves from her, I feel resolution.

“Or I could quit my job.” Sookie offers. That statement immediately grabs my attention from thoughts of Sookie naked and writhing on top of me.

“Yes, you should. I want all of your time, my Sookie. We deserve a fresh start. Are you serious or just gaging my reaction?”

Sookie purses her lips. “I’m serious, Eric. I won’t lie, it freaks me out a bit to not be working, but I don’t want to be running back and forth from Shreveport to Bon Temps. I’m exhausted thinking about all the traveling and then remembering where I need to be and when. All in the name of maintaining a house I’m not sure I’ll spend any real time living in.” Sookie shook her head. “Like you said, I want to be with you too. But Barbados? I have no doubt your place is amazing. What if this De Castro asshole makes a move while we’re gone? What about Pam? What happens in a take-over?”

Pressing my lips to Sookie’s I send her more tranquility though the bond to quiet her rising anxiety. As far as I was concerned she had just given me the greatest gift, her time. I wanted to rub my body all over her. Feed her my blood as I drink from her.

Sookie moaned when I rubbed my jean covered cock against her slit. Teasing her clit with my fingers and feeling the heat from her core to wash over me. I need her now. Not getting my cock deep inside her was going to kill me.

Her fingers are as urgent as my need for her. Sookie unzips my jeans, freeing my cock. I groan as the pressure is temporarily relieved. Using my vampire speed, I turn Sookie’s back against the sofa cushion and mount her, entering my lover’s sweet soaking pussy in one deep thrust.

We call out to each other in unison. “Gods Sookie, you are so tight.” I ground out through my clenched fangs. They pierce my lower lip and I drag my tongue over the wound tasting my own blood. Savoring the flavor I want something superior, Sookie’s sweet blood is the only substance that can quench my thirst.

She widens her glorious thighs to allow me more access to her pussy. Taking full advantage of her summons by throwing one of her dainty legs over my shoulder and continue to pound into her. Reaching down I apply just the right pressure to her clit until my lover is pulsing wet around my length.

“For you, Eric. I’m yours.” Her voice is music to my ears. Appeasing my beast within, I would do anything to ensure her survival.

“Come, now.” I command. Pinching her rosy colored nipple pushes Sookie violently over the edge as she embraces her explosive orgasm. My lover cries out, then claws at my shoulders with her fingernails in a futile attempt to hang on to sanity.

But I want her crazy and desperate for me so I thrust harder, allowing her orgasm to take over completely. My mission works when I feel the bite of her dull teeth tear into my neck. Sookie drinks deeply and I moan shamelessly as she licks my blood away.

I come in painful, blissful spurt as I feel my blood travel through Sookie’s veins. In turn I also sink my fangs into her neck and drink. Ambrosia, her blood is like no other I have ever tasted. Honeyed but not overly sweet as a Fae might be. There is something spicy and wild as a chaser, almost Demon-like in quality. But not quite. My lover is too unique for such labels, she simply is beautiful.

Tonight I will leave my fang marks on her neck for all to see. Sookie is mine and tonight’s visit to Fangtasia is more than just tying up loose ends before we leave. I am allowing all in attendance to spread the news far and wide that if you fuck with Sookie, you fuck with me.

I continue to lick my twin marks clean of any remaining blood from Sookie’s neck. They may see my claim but no one will sample my Lover. The blood is long gone but I feel as if Valhalla has welcomed me home. To be to touch and caress her at my will is everything I have ever wanted.

“So, is that the kind of treatment I can look forward to when I give you something you want.” Sookie spoke with a teasing lit to her Southern accent, making my balls tighten again. Fuck. She just did it for me. Even after such an explosive orgasm I was still hard inside her.

True, a vampire’s turnaround time was unmatched against any other species. Mine had always been better than most vampires but it seemed Sookie was setting me up on an all-time record.

“Yes. Now imagine what will happen when you give every part of yourself to me.” I stare down into her lust glazed eyes as I thrust slowly in and out of her. Kissing my way down to Sookie’s full breasts. She trembles and arches her back in a primitive attempt to get me to go faster.

It almost works. The sight of her pushes all my buttons. But instead of giving in to the vision of my vixen, I take my time and enjoy every moan my lover offers. In fact…

Pulling out is rough when I don’t want to leave the Sookie’s heat. Telling myself there are greater rewards ahead I flip Sookie over and adjust her up on her knees. Her beautiful plump ass in the air and her cheek rests on the velvety cushion below us.

Entering her again, Sookie’s whimper is music to my ears. She is tighter this way, allowing me to go deeper and touch that spot within her that will make her come like a freight train. I can’t fucking wait!

I thrust hard. Making rapid driving pace for about seven thrusts before easing almost all the way out of her pussy and sliding just as slowly back inside her swollen silken walls.

Slow, quick, slow. The rhythm is driving Sookie and myself insane, but I am determined to keep her mind focused on me all night. Long after I’m done fucking her, Sookie will beg me for more. Then I will have her on my desk.

Another round of my hurried pace and Sookie struggles to break my speed beneath me. With a tight grip on her hips I fall over her until her back is flush with my chest.

Whispering in her ear. “Nah, uh,uh lover. You are mine. You come when I say.”

“You are punishing me.” Sookie is breathless and so, so wet. Her swollen tissue feel unbelievable every time I slide into the heart of her my eyes roll back in my head. I need to keep myself in check otherwise my famous control will snap.

“Never. No punishment for you, lover. I just want your sole attention.” I tease.

“Oh God, it’s yours. All yours. Please Eric, please. I need to come so bad.” Sookie is doing her best to move beneath me but all she can do is shudder and tremble around my cock.

A little bit more before I allow us both what we are dying for, when an idea strikes me. Leaving her heat, I bend down to lick her slit in one long swipe.

“Oh Gooooodd.” Sookie breathes, pushing her hips back against my lips. My tongue dips inside to taste her honey before I work my way to her clit. I suck and flick the straining nub until another surge of wetness hits my mouth and Sookie’s cries are unrecognizable.

Right where I want her.

Regretfully I kneel back up to her and position my cock back to her pussy. I could eat her all night. Maybe one of our evenings in Barbados that is exactly what I’ll do. My thrusts are deep and quick while my fingers circle her clit.

“I’m gonna, gonna, come. Oh fuck me Eric!” Sookie screams out as her orgasm envelops her and milks mine own release. Bucking uncontrollable back into me as I pound into her at vampire speed. My balls are tight and dripping in Sookie’s honey as my cum jets deep within my lover. Sookie completely undoes me. My lover, oh my lover.


After a brief shower together, we dress for a night at my bar. Sookie dazzles me in golden sequined dress that hugs every sinful curve of her luscious body. Turning this way and that, the garment highlights my Lover’s exquisiteness. The light in her eyes, her beautiful smile and her laugh as she twirls for my appraisal are all for me.


The sheer mesh around her neckline gives the illusion that the dress barely clings to her ample breasts. Giving myself, and no doubt, countless others just enough to imagine my Sookie naked.

A possessive growl escapes me. Sookie is mine, I will be the only one to enjoy what lies beneath the silky material.

And lucky me, since the dress is cut just above her knee. Heels resembling crystal jewels crisscross delicately over her ankles, making my eye travel all the way up her smooth legs to where I know her pussy is waiting for me. Only me. My Sookie is magnificent!


Her golden locks are braided and piled high on her head, exposing her long neck and best of all, my mark for all to see. The sight of my claim has kept me hard most of the evening. Even with the recent knowledge of the Tiger’s duplicity, I am looking forward to our getaway. We need this time to cement our bond before more enemies circle our lands.

Once we enter the living room downstairs I feel my phone vibrate in my jeans. Reading the text quickly I type out my response.

“Lover, there is a steakhouse downtown that has been recommended. As much as I would enjoy taking you to dinner tonight, we need to be on our way to Fangtasia.” Regretful, since she looks amazing. “May I suggest we pick up your order and you can eat in the privacy of my office?” I suggest.

“Yeah, that sounds great, baby.” I show her their online menu on my phone. This age is convenient with its technological advances.

Sookie selects a filet mignon cooked until medium wellness, baked potato with the works and large salad with Thousand Island dressing. No cucumbers.

Sookie and I are settled in my Corvette once more, I reverse and then descend toward the Shreveport for Sookie’s dinner. The silence is comfortable in the car as we drive. The bond informs me that Sookie is happily content with spirts of excitement.

“So, what time do we leave?” My Lover questions.

“Our flight departs at noon and we will arrive shortly before take-off. It should take about seven hours to travel to the island, give or take the winds. The sun sets about 6:45 p.m. and then I will join you in the cabin before we disembark.” I have owned the property for some time and this is the first time I am truly excited to spend any time there. Sookie presence in my existence is to blame for this. I smile thinking about how her skin will smell after a day in the Caribbean sun.

Anxiety creeps over the bond.

“What worries you, my lover?” I look over to see her fidget adorably in the seat, her skirt raising higher over the thighs with each movement.

“Well, you said noon. Like, during the day. I’m just nervous about getting you loaded up correctly on the plane. What if someone follows us and tries to get to you while you’re down for the day?” Sookie bites her lower lip and turns her gaze up from her fisted hands.

I smile, she is my fierce warrior. I gently pry her small hands and bring the left one up to my lips, placing a kiss on her skin. “Fret not my Sookie, Anubis Airlines has the full service package. They will arrive and take us both under armed guard directly to the hanger. They will be the ones to ensure my travel coffin is properly stowed so that I may rise with you when the sun sets. Besides us, the flight will consist of the pilot and his co-pilot, who have been extensively background checked.”

“Just us? On a jet. Eric no, that must cost a fortune!” She shouts.

“Comes with the package, my lover. Deal with the fact that I have means to provide for us. Not to mention this is the safest form of travel.” Keeping my tone reasonable, I know Sookie will need more time to come to grips with her change in circumstance. No more working for the despicable Shifter as a waitress, as my Bonded is it below her.

We arrive at the restaurant, pulling into a To-Go parking spot just as a boy carrying a paper bag comes up to the driver’s side of my Corvette. I hand him plenty of cash in exchange for Sookie’s dinner. She takes the bag from me and sets it on the floor by her feet.

Next stop Fangtasia, and my now quiet Lover is deep in contemplation.

“What about clothes? I don’t have anything with me to take.”

“On the contrary, you have a closet full of clothes back at our home. I believe I even saw a red bikini.” I wink at her, giving a very lustful gaze in her direction. “I am looking forward to peeling that garment off you when I chase you through the surf.”

Sookie smirks back, but I can feel her ire through the bond. She is uncomfortable with accepting all my gifts, well too bad. This is who I am and what comes with being mine. In time, I know that Sookie will be more comfortable but I want to end this foolishness now.

“Will you not indulge your fiancé in a few gifts?” I ask, using the term she interpreted correctly last night. Immediately Sookie is pleased and blushes at the human label. A tinge of mock annoyance plays across her lips as she holds up her left hand to me.

“I believe fiancé’s are supposed to purpose with an engagement ring.” Sookie wiggles her bare finger in my face. “Since you didn’t put a ring on it, I guess I can still do whatever I want.” She giggles.

Oh, fuck no! A ring can get me the compliance I search for?

“Hmmm, well since my customs are different that your human protocol, could you see your way to humor an old vampire?” Arriving at the already packed bar, I park in my designated spot. Turn off the engine I face what I assumed was still a playful Sookie.

“Okay, Eric.” Sookie doesn’t look at me, she grabs the bag and slides out of the car leaving me momentarily off kilter. She is…sad, resigned. Does she believe I do not have plans to woo her, cover her in the finest jewels and pamper her until the end of time?

This can not stand.

“Sookie, stop.” I command, locking my Corvette with the sharp beep of the alarm. She does but doesn’t turn to face me as I approach her. Bewildered at her sliding emotions I step in front of her. I must to reassure her.

“Lover, as we have discussed I am ready to make you mine. I have heard of the custom you mentioned and I am more than happy to put a ring on your finger.” My hands caress her arms, sending deep affection to her through the bond.

“Fine Eric. Its fine, please don’t bother with placating me with something you deem unnecessary.” Sookie plasters the smile she uses to mask her true feelings. Which shocks and then infuriates me.

I knew well before she had my blood that Sookie had a poker face to rival a vampire. There is so much more going on behind this pained grin. I can feel her disappointment.

In what, me?

I am gutted.





Walking past Eric to the employee entrance of Fangtasia is difficult with my blurry vision. I’m pleading with my tears to stay put, the last thing I need is to have a good ole’ cry right before I go in and face a bar full of vampires and fangbangers.

Right now, I need distance. Get clear of Eric and wash off the miserable realization that he has no idea what a human girl expects, what I expect when you start throwing around the title of fiancé.

Ugh. I’m not even hungry. Too bad because the steak did smell amazing.

Hopefully tonight will fly by and then…what? I go back to his home to wait around to fly to a secluded island with Eric. Where, oh goody, we will spend the next several nights together. Does he even want to understand what I want from him?


Even to my ears, I can hear the whine, the efforts Eric has made is a dream come true in many ways. I attempt to reason with myself. Everything just happened last night. For the love of honey baked ham, this relationship of ours is going to take time. Rome was not built in a day.

Eric places his large hand on the small of my back, escorting me down the corridor toward his office. Before he can open the door so we can step in, Pam blocks us in the hallway.

“Sookie, what a pleasant surprise.” Her eyes flare in what I think is disbelief, when she notices Eric’s fang marks on my neck. His claim made clear for all to see. Sensing others close by who can’t see us, I start to build my shields. I have a feeling many similar looks will be coming my way the rest of the night. Hell, probably some mighty pissed off ones too.

Oh, joy!

“Master,” Pam shakes off her shock and murmurs a few words to Eric in another language.”

Very rude Pam.

I bet my vampires wouldn’t like it too much if I spoke around them in some unknown language. Humph! I suspect that they speak many languages though so my snarky comment would be all for not.

Still, this is just bad-manners. Sighing to myself I let it go, after the ring debacle with Eric I don’t have it in me to pile on more drama.

“Very well, we will be in my office.” Eric says to Pam, who nods and disappears back into the hustle of the bar.

Eric opens the door and ushers me inside, joining me in his office he shuts us in.

Alone again.


To avoid talking to him, I dig into my unwanted food.

Childish, yes.

I take a few bites of the most flawless steak my eyes have beheld. I bet it even tastes as amazing as it smells. Soft and bursting with juice, seared to perfection. Too bad I’m too numb right now to enjoy any of it.

“Lover, are you really going to avoid me all evening because I did not present you with an engagement ring last night?” Eric quietly presses.

That was the million dollar question.

“I’m not upset that you didn’t have a ring at the ready yesterday. I’m pissed because you dismissed something special that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl. If you can’t understand why I would care about not doing some human things according to my traditions then how are we to make this work?” I motion back and forth between us with my hand. Eric leans against his desk, grinding his teeth a bit.

The bulge in his jaw deflates as he exhales a long held breath and closes his eyes. “I admit Sookie that I did not consider a ring. As you say, it is a human tradition, I believe what I am offering is more.” Eric’s blue eyes blaze open to observe my response, before I speak he continues.

“I will do this however you want. A human wedding, Pledging with the Knife, engagement gatherings. I want your happiness to be with me, in all things. Please Sookie, I am still learning how to navigate the waters of our relationship. Can you be patient with me?” Eric is pleading.

This is the closest thing to begging I’ve ever seen from him. And it shocks me right to the core. My previous disappointment fades into nothing, only the love for my vampire remains. He is giving everything he has and I was tossing the idea of a ring in his face like a stupid deal breaker.

My domineering, controlling, sweet as pie Viking.

“Oh Eric.” I stand quickly and hurry to him, hugging my arms around his lean waist.

“I’m sorry. I guess all that has happened with us is still a shock. I pray that I don’t wake up alone in my empty bed and wonder where my Eric went.” Snuggling into his chest I close my eyes to banish the terrible thought.

“I might have some girlish notions about how my future husband would purpose. How it all would be. But that is my Gran talking, the thoughts of the town I grew up in as well. Coming out and rearing their ugly heads.” I inhale and exhale his clean leather scent to calm my rapid heartrate. “How about I promise to be patient with you if you can do the same with me.”

Eric crushes me to him in response and kisses the top of my head. Doing a bit of his own smelling, probably to calm himself down to, I reason.

“My lover, I would like that very much.” Eric murmurs.

Gazing up to his handsome face, I stand on my tip toes to give him a kiss. “I’m sorry,” I whisper when I was almost half an inch away from his lips.

“I’m sorry too.” Eric leans down and seals our mouths together in a sweet kiss.

“As much as I want to explore your mouth in my office.” Eric wags his eyebrows suggestively making me laugh. “I have some last minute paperwork to finish and you have a meal that is getting cold. Go and eat my lover.” Eric urged. “We will need to go out into the main floor soon.”

I nod in agreement and place one last chaste kiss on his soft pliable lips before retreating back to the leather couch. So, Eric likes my mouth. Maybe I will need to catch him off guard before we leave tonight. I chuckle to myself.

Eric smirks at me, as if he knows my thoughts are not as pure as the driven snow. Well, I guess I can thank the bond for that. Although, I’m pretty sure he has no idea of my attach plans, otherwise I doubt he would be so dead set on paperwork.

Eric eases behind his desk to starts working a large pile of folders. And by working, I mean vampire speed. I’m mesmerized. It was like someone hit the fast forward button on him and I marvel for a moment how wonderful it would be that efficient.

I turn my attention back to my cooling meal, a little more than half my food is gone and I’m officially stuffed. Packing up the remaining containers and then set them next to the too small trash can. Pam enters a moment later, just as Eric is signing the last document.

“Everything is prepared Master.” Pam inclines her head. “But we have an annoying little fucker making noise out front.”

Eric raises his brow in question and then smiles. “You don’t say. And who, pray tell has dared disrupt your evening Pamela?”

Pam rolls her eyes and huffs, placing her hands on her hips in annoyance. “Compton. He is demanding to see Sookie. Now. He and that mangy Shifter have their panties in a twist since she,” Pam thrusts her thumb in my direction, “hasn’t been at home last night or today.”

“What business is it of theirs?” I interrupt, equally annoyed that my boss and my ex-boyfriend are stalking my movements. What the hell? It’s my day off and I don’t owe anyone an explanation for what I do and who I do it with. How did Bill even know about my date with Quinn?

“They seem to think, you are their business Princess.” Pam smirks at me. Is this what Eric meant by my friends playing me?

I open the matching gold clutch for my cell phone. Just as I thought, it’s dead. And why wouldn’t it be, I had no idea that I wouldn’t be returning home after I left Quinn at the restaurant. Still, what I do on my own time is none of their concern!

“Like I go around and report all my dates to my ex.” I deadpan. Pam laughs as Eric rises from behind his desk and approaches me. “Eric, I never told Bill my plans. How did he even know?”

“A question that I would like answered as well, my Sookie. Let us not keep them any longer.” Eric helps me from the couch and pulls me to his side, giving me a gentle squeeze before we exit his office.






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  10. I love that they are talking about things honestly instead of her running away every time things don’t go as she expects. I’m pretty sure Eric will get her a ring to rival the crown jewels if she’s not careful, or specific! 😀


  11. Sookie needs to understand that Eric has been a vampire for a thousand years and those customs are important to him. Even his customs from when he was human are not the same. Eric also needs to not trivialize Sookie’s human customs.

    I can’t wait to find out how Bill knows about Sookie’s date with Quinn and why are they at Fangtasia looking for her? Sounds like trouble.


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