(A/N) Thank you for bearing with me while I got this story flushed out. Be expecting a few updates a month until the sweet, sweet end. 🙂

Caution lemons ahead!



Sookie had awoken to an adorable, albeit dead to the world, Eric Northman. He was curled around her with his face snuggled in to her hair. Had he been breathing, it might have tickled her awake. Lucky for Sookie, Eric felt like the cool side of the pillow and nestled into him further.

“Good morning, Eric.” Sookie giggled and kissed his slightly smiling lips. Huh, he must have fallen asleep like that.

The thought warmed her to think that her Eric was happy. Content, because of her. She was certainly over the full moon for him. The most recent events all but solidifying her total desire to be with him.

After wiggling free of her Viking’s arms and using the bathroom, Sookie’s next task was locating clothing. She was certainly not about to strut her stuff naked throughout the house, even if Eric would enjoy the view. She blushed at that salacious thought. They had been so vigorous in their love making these last few evenings. It was a revelation to be cherished and adored the way Eric did.

Returning to the bedroom, Sookie looked fascinated at the incredible vampire in their bed. Their bed.

Sookie squealed in absolute glee, “You, Eric Northman are in love with me. Me!” She jumped up and down in delight. Clapping her hands together and resting them under her neck, like a school girl. She was a smitten kitten.

“But I need to get my affairs in order, mister. You are distracting me.” Sookie scolded the sleeping Viking.

“Look at me having a conversation with you, like you can answer.” The bedside tale clock read 5:46 PM.

Oh shit, it’s so late. I better grab a shower before he wakes. 

Sookie crawled onto the bed to lean over and kiss Eric softly on the cheek, “See you soon, baby.” When she sat back up her stomach growled. I guess I should eat. When was the last time I ate? At least twenty-four hours. Ugh!

Shrugging on Eric’s discarded black tank top and her lacy lavender panties, Sookie made her way through the security coded door to the main living area.

Glad Eric decided to write down the codes before he went to sleep otherwise I’d never eat. Although, I could probably stand to lose a few pounds.

Sookie frowned and looked down. Her tummy was soft, it had never held any taut defined muscles. She knew she was strong, she had endurance. Hello waitressing. It’s hard living in a world where you are told that you need to be getting smaller. It does a number on a girl confidence.

Don’t worry about it, Eric doesn’t seem to mind. She reprimanded herself.

Looking into the steel faced refrigerator Sookie located all the fixings for chicken Caesar salad and started to pull the contents out. While creating her meal, Sookie reflected over the last few days. Shocked at how well she was taken everything in.

Bill was dead.

She was moving in with Eric, her bonded. They were creating a life together.

She was done being a small town server. Her journey now lead her to figure out her place in this world, this supernatural, magical world. Instead of merely surviving paycheck to paycheck.

Relief spread through her mind and down her limbs, then guilt barreled after. She wasn’t sure why she deserved this opportunity, because she fell in love with someone who can support her? Was that right?

“What are you thinking about, lover? Only you can wake me from my day rest with your emotions.” Eric smirked as he leaned against the entrance to the kitchen. Temporarily startled, Sookie jumped when she looked up to see Eric. He was standing in all his naked glory. Her mouth watered in unhidden want as her eyes traced the lean muscles of his chiseled form.

Eric’s feet were crossed at the ankle as he rested against the door jam. Trim calves and shapely knees follow the line to thicker muscled thighs that were spattered with light blond hair. A nest of blonde curls were a backdrop to a not so resting, gracious plenty. Eric shifted his hips slightly, triggering the considerable cock to sway and his balls below hung heavy. Sookie blushed, I wonder what they would taste like if I sucked on them.

A moan escaped before she could bit into her bottom lip. She tried to stop any other sounds from escaping, alerting Eric of the effect he had on her. Continuing her visual examination of his tremendous body she let her eyes follow the V from his groin over the flank of muscle that covered his hip. I’ll just use my tongue to follow that grove. Delicious!

The bright lighting in the kitchen showcased every defined sinew he had. Eric’s abdominals were distinct works of art. A masterpiece she wanted to kiss, every arch of muscle up to his pectorals before biting lightly on his nipple. He really liked that. From her curse of telepathy Sookie knew not all men did, but her Eric loved it when she bit him. To draw blood or just nibble, her lover liked kinky sex. Bulging arms crossed over his chest and his long blonde hair had a wonderful just been fucked and fell asleep impression.

Sookie sighed and then straightened her spine, “What did you ask me?”

Eric strolled around the breakfast bar toward her. She turned on the leather stool to open her legs so he could step in between them. Bending down he whispered in her ear, “You were absent from our bed, again.” Eric’s hands covered Sookie’s hips as he moved in tight between her legs and rubbed himself against her panties in just the right way.

“This is what you do to me. I am hard and aching. I need to feel you, lover.” Eric panted as Sookie’s hands reached to grip his cock. The tip had a small drop of dew waiting, Sookie brushed her thumb firmly over the tip and brought his essence to her mouth, sucking.

Sookie moaned at the flavor as Eric purred and rocked his cock into her other hand, seeking friction. “You taste delicious, I can’t stand the thought of you aching. Let me take care of you, baby.” Sookie smiled and batted her thick eyelashes. Eric moaned at the loss of her warm hand, she stepped down and off the stool and pushed Eric back against the one next to her.

When he sat, she was at the perfect level with his eyes. Not needing to look up and strain her neck. Moving her lips down his neckline to his collarbone, Sookie left sharp nips and wet kisses. He hummed when she sucked his nipple hard and then bit. Pinching the other with her thumb and fore finger, Sookie was rewarded when Eric arched off the chair with a groan.

“Like that, baby?” She whispered, making her way down his long torso to his straining cock. It was magnificent, everything a dick should be. Thick, long, exactly what she saw herself riding to bring them both unimaginable pleasure, Sookie blew lightly up his shaft and flicked her tongue against the slit of his cock to taste more of him.

“Sookie,” Eric was breathless, which for a vampire was quite the compliment. Taking his cock head into her warm mouth, Sookie sucked hard. Again she was rewarded by a round of words in another language leaving Eric’s lips. The cadence was surprised enchantment.

She smiled around him. I wonder what he is saying. It’s probably something like, don’t stop sucking me. Best do what my man wants. Sookie hummed as she swallowed as much of Eric as she could.

She bobbed up and down with gusto, running her tongue along his length before twirling it around his tip and going again. The rhythm was maddening. At the angle she was, Sookie could see his toes curl and his balls were getting tighter. He was close. Real close. No more teasing, Sookie massaged his ball sac and kept her punishing tempo.

An added layer of stimulation was the key to her release, and she knew that Eric was the same. His hands twisted into her blonde locks, demanding to command how she took him, which was an incredibly powerful turn on.

“Yes, Sookie!” Eric pressed the back of her head down hard as he emptied himself against the back of her throat. She was so wet, feeling her arousal slid down her inner thighs. She could feel her swollen pussy clench as she licked up Eric’s cock, swallowing any remaining cum that she missed. Sookie was always amazed after Eric would come. To be able bring this amazing creature to such a satisfying end, she was in awe.

Eric’s head had been thrown back when he came, recovering quickly he swallowed and tiled up to see her. His eyes were bright with renewed need. Sookie straightened, feeling the cotton of his shirt rub against her nipples. She was on fire for him. Eric reached the shirt and ripped in two. The material fell off her shoulders, leaving her in nothing but panties. She shuttered at the look he gave her.

It was carnal, taking in her breasts down her belly to where her glistening thighs reveled the truth of her need. Eric’s nostrils flared, smelling her arousal.

“On the rug, my lover.” Eric’s voice was raw. Without hesitation, she rushed to the bear hide and fell to her knees. He had not said how he wanted her but she was ready to be taken and no better way than this. Sookie braced herself on her palms and looked behind her for Eric’s approval. He was standing right behind her spread legs, stroking himself.

Sinking to his knees, Eric ran his hands up the outside of her thighs toward her hips. Squeezing her ass and then tracing back down her legs with only his fingertips. Shivers ran up her spine to her neck and she moaned.

“Eric, please. Please I need you.” She begged.

“Tell me what you need.” Eric leaned over her, his mouth to her ear, his cock pressed between her ass cheeks. Only the thin cotton material of her panties separated them.

“I need you inside me.” Rubbing her backside up and down his cock, she heard his fangs descend.

“Hmm, I like you like this.” He kissed her neck and scrapped his elongated canines against her. “Desperate for me. You would allow me anything right now. Just to come. You naughty girl.” Eric grabbed her waist, slipped his fingers down through the lace on both side of her hips, and the panties fell away. Leaving her bare.

The cool air on her heated tissue was a shock, she moaned, “Eric.”

Eric pulled away from her to lay down beneath her spread legs. He pushed her knees further apart so her pussy landed right upon his awaiting mouth. He kissed her and ran his tongue up and down her folds. Swirling her clit and the fucking her with his tongue. Bucking her hips as he did, riding his face in this new way was erotic.



Eric slid two fingers inside and stroked her sweet spot while flicking, then sucking on her clit with more force. Sookie exploded with an orgasm that went on and on.

She was utterly exhausted. His kisses brought her to the other side of her bliss, backing off as she hovered above him twitching.

“Don’t move.” Eric’s voice was low, authoritative. Her hips were where he had left them. Open and wide. Her fingers clung to tuffs of hair of the bear skin. The thick hair tough but smooth in her grasp. Eric positioned behind Sookie once more and thrust into her. Sookie moaned, her arousal springing to life anew.

His name fled from her lips as he fucked her harder and harder, getting close to vampire speed before she came again, followed by her lover. Her knees gave way, sliding down to her belly. Eric followed, still buried inside as their orgasms subsided. She must have passed out from the intensity Eric had shown her because she awoke with him snuggling beside her, under a blanket. The warmth of the crystal orange fire burned in front of them.

“Welcome back, did you rest well?” Eric asked, nuzzling her neck.

Sookie smiled and turned to look into his bright blue eyes. “Yes, you?”

Eric smiled. “I did.” Then he frowned, “That is until my phone alerted me to a message that I needed to take. I just called back the Queen of Oklahoma.”

Sookie sat up, shocked and a bit scared. “What did she want?”

“Shh, Sookie, it’s alright.” He pulled her to him and ran his fingers through her hair. “She called to say that my maker met his true death while in her queendom.”

Sookie pulled back to look into his face. “Oh,” what do you say to that? Not sorry. “Did she say how?”

Eric nodded, “Appius had made another vampire, who is severely damaged. His transition to vampire never took the proper hold and make him stable.” Eric turned away and then shook his head. “It was Alexi that caused Appius’ end.”

“Really? I thought younger vampires couldn’t kill older vampires. The whole, stronger the longer you are around, thing.” Sookie asked.

“Normally, yes. But Appius was not acting like he did when I was by his side. It seems he has gotten indulgent with his newest child. Which much to my glee, made him sloppy.” Eric ran his hand through his hair as he sat up, taking Sookie with him. “It is surprising that he remained undead for as long as he had.”

Eric’s gaze reaches Sookie again. “I must leave for Oklahoma, my brother has gone on a rampage throughout her territory. Killing many innocents. This could be bad for all vampires, if the local or national media gets wind of it.”

“Why doesn’t she take care of him, it is her queendom. Let those vampires clean up the mess. You don’t owe her anything.” Sookie was confused why Eric would feel any obligation to a maker he clearly didn’t mourn. She shivered, what he must have been like for Eric to find such joy in his death. Was his brother the same vile animal? No, he can’t go alone. Too dangerous.

“He is part of my bloodline, Sookie. If he continues this destructive path and kills more humans…publically. I may be held responsible for not intervening. Same rules apply for Pam’s unlawful behavior. Vampire law states that first responsibility of misconduct is to the bloodline, if none remains then it falls to the owner of the land where the transgression was committed. This may be an older way of thinking.” Eric pauses to consider something. His thumb stroking the stubble of his chin.

“Okay, when do we leave?” Sookie enquired.

“Not ‘we’, just ‘me’.” Eric’s brow creased and he touched her cheek with his hand. “I will not risk your safety with an unstable vampire roaming free. There is also the matter of the Queen, her motives are as of yet unclear. I know not of the arrangement she had with Appius, but I will find out. If you were to be captured…” Eric trailed off and closed his eyes against unseen pain. Sookie gripped his hand in comfort.

“Eric, I can help. Having a willing telepath may come in handy.” Sookie tried a small joke to lighten the mood. It did not work.

Eric’s lids pealed wide with conviction, “No. I need to know that you are safe, protected. Pam and Thalia will watch over you.” Eric was pleading, it made Sookie blink back in surprise. He needed this.

Sookie huffed, crossing her arms annoyed with his high-handiness. Who was he to tell her what to do? “And who will take care of you? I can help, ya know. I’m not just some girlie girl who won’t get her hands dirty.”

“I know,” Eric smiled, “you can be very useful, lover. However, I will need to keep my full attention on the matters at hand. If you are there, I fear that I may not be as alert to all the variables.” Eric sighed. “Please Sookie, can you do this for me?”

Eric did not beg, hardly ever said please. How could she not honor his request? Tightening her arms over her bare breasts and pursed her lips in disapproval.

“Fine. But I want the record to show that it’s not a great idea. You need back up.”

Eric smirked, “Noted, you would make a fearsome backup, little fairy.”

She swatted at his shoulder, “Yes, I would! I do, ass!”





40 thoughts on “DALI-Chapter 9

  1. Oh boy I’m scared for eric with this contract between his maker and the queen of okalahoma and what she’s up to when get’s there hope next post is soon.

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  2. Uh oh–what was the Queen of Oklahoma and Appius up to before he met his final death. Will the Queen try to leverage Eric into a marriage to cover up Alexi’s numerous death…..? Then…she’ll have a pissed off fairy to deal with!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, Eric is smarter here too. Also, to be fair, Eric really does try to share everything with Sookie. Sometimes he thinks he knows best but relationships are a two way street. It’s a learning curve for both of them. Thanks for reading!


  3. Not happy about Eric going to Oklahoma. Hope he takes back-up. Why didn’t Eric feel Appius’s death through the Maker/Child bond? Just wondering. 😀

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    1. Me neither. Eric felt it in chapter 3. He was with Victor when the connection was cut and then Victor took that moment to make his move and capture Eric in silver. Did I not make that clear enough??? Oh No! I will need to go back and read….


  4. My only question is why Eric didn’t feel when his maker was ended? Normally the child can feel the pain. Great chapter. Sookie can be so impetuous most of the time. I hope she listens to Eric and stays out of it for once. Probably not though. 😦

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    1. Hi, back in chapter 3. Eric fell to his knees with Appius death. His first thought was Sookie, then Pam. Both were fine and he knew it was Appius meeting the true death. I hope I made that clear enough in previous chapters….hmmm. That is worrisome for me, going forward.


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