Disclaimer: I do not own SVM universe, Charlaine Harris does and opened my eyes to a world and characters I never knew existed. She forever has my thanks. Now, to rearrange the cosmos. No copyright infringement intended.


Chapter 3


“What else have I fucking missed?” Eric growled at Pam.

A week ago he had awoken in tiny confinement of a sleeping space, where Bill fucking Compton’s smell still lingered.

What the hell?

Had been Eric’s first thought upon rising. One moment he was in his office, the next rising from under Sookie Stackhouse’s floorboards.

Eric prided himself on being ten steps ahead of the game, and in his violent world, he needed the distance for any and all errors. Lifting the trapdoor, Eric opened the closet door and was standing in a young girl’s bedroom which smelt of Sookie.

But how?

Eric was disoriented, for the first time since he first rose as vampire.

The door had opened and Eric whirled around, completely dismayed that he had not sensed the appearance of the intruder to this unknown space. He would get his fucking answers now or the blood bag would be his first meal of the night.

What if Sookie had been kept here for fuck only knew what reason. Perhaps she was being tortured or imprisoned to get his cooperation with fucking Hallow and her piece of shit coven followers.

Fangs bared he hissed, making the blonde girl jump back in surprise.

Not unknown girl, Sookie. She wasn’t hurt, not captured. He perused her beautiful body once more. Ready to pull her tight against him as he inspected the rest of her home. Just in case. Explains why the bedroom smells like Sookie.

You are in her home asshole, whose scent did you expect?

Another smell lingered in Sookie. His blood. Not a news flash, Eric knew that his blood was present inside his woman. But, no, his essence was stronger now. Very close to forming a bond. Maybe another sip or two is all she would need to solidify her new status.

How the fuck did this happen? Witchcraft? Sookie wouldn’t manipulate him like this, would she?

“Eric.” She whispered, her big eyes round and full of fear. Eric would have sworn that not a moment before she entered, his tie to Sookie spoke of pleased anticipation to his rising. Eric briefly searched the feelings that were now flowing from Sookie.

Wariness and grief.

Why is she so hopeless? Why do I care? When did she drink more of my blood?

“Sookie, how did I get here?” Eric demanded.

Eric blinked away last week’s problems with his soon to be human. Sookie was his. Pam had confirmed to him that Sookie and he were now lovers while she kept him out of sight during his cursed time. She had fought bravely and protected him during the Witch War. A debt he could never begin to repay.

Anyone else would have taken the opportunity to drain him and then leave his dying corpse for the dawn. Not Sookie, no, her self-preservation skills were horrendous. He was a memoryless thousand year old vampire and she still fucking took him in!

This would not do.

Not anymore.

First he needed to finish the Area 5 business and then he was off to see his savior.

Focusing his attention back to Pam, Eric refocused on her written reports.

“…research shows he is an assassin, as you suspected, Master. The question is, who hired him and why is he here.” Pam questioned Eric.

“I am sure we will find out soon. He is to be watched, let our people know. Whatever that fucker is looking for will lead us to his master.” Eric pushed his chair back from his desk. “Now, if that is all.” Eric stood and circled to the front of large wooden counter, passing Pam without another glance.

“Master, there have also been reports of varies Shifters and Were’s turning up maimed and dead throughout Louisiana. The shooter, or shooters seem to be traveling straight to us. Last report was Were-fox injured but recovering from the Natchitoches area. Before that, there have been incidents in Leesville, Sulphur, Crowley, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.”

Eric turned back to his child.

“Were these Shifter’s or Were’s high ranking?” Eric asked. Perhaps someone was taking out the power structure from within before the Were’s announced themselves.

Would not be the first time. However, this executioner was sloppy. An amateur with a vendetta, no doubt. But who? A vampire? No, why use a gun when a message through a few well-placed drainings would be more than enough.

“Nothing was listed in the report. But the packs are concerned that their civilians are being persecuted.”

“And what do the Pack’s wish us to do about it.” Eric was curious but could feel favors being piled up from the packs. He would certainly collect. Having the gratitude of Were’s and Shifter’s for ending a killer’s rampage was a tremendous bargaining chip.

Pam arched a brow, “Right now, they wish the menace to be stopped, apprehended and a trial though their system will be publically held. Examples must be made.” Pam’s fangs snapped down as she smiled her blood-thirsty grin.

Oh, how he loved his child’s tenacity. She would be the perfect vampire to track this killer if he didn’t need her here now as his second.

“Indeed.” Eric agreed.

The hunt and the thrill of a new mystery. Right now Eric was more curious about his own mystery. A missing week of time, spent at Sookie’s farmhouse. In her arms, her bed. His quest to make her his lover had been shrewdly taken from him.

Well, he would take her again and this time he would fucking remember.

Eric’s hands clenched into fists. Fucking Witches!

“Alert all underlings in the area to be vigilant. If I find that a vampire is responsible and now attempting to hide in my area, I will eviscerate them. Fuck what the Packs want!” Eric seethed.

Pam nodded and bowed her head in submission. “It will be done, Master.”

Sending pride to his progeny, he turned away from her. Opening his office door Eric stepped into the hall, walking towards the back exit of his bar. His child had done well while he was cursed. Pam had handled the business of the Area 5 without as much as a hiccup. Even the Queen had been unaware of the events until after he had regained himself.

And now that he was surmised of the past events, Eric could move forward with his plans.

First stop, Sookie Stackhouse.

Looking up at the twinkling stars in the black velvet night, Eric rose from the ground, starting his journey to the small hick town just north of Shreveport. Eric had been monitoring the tie with Sookie all week. It had become noticeably stronger since he had a woken in her home. They had obviously shared more blood and were well on the way to bonding.

Eric wondered if Sookie was aware of how much closer she was to being his. She had her recollections of the last week, she must have known some details of what his memoryless self was up to. It was possible that while cursed and still vampire. His stripped version of himself was manipulating Sookie to bond?

Eric shook his head at the thought. No, some traits were soul deep. His ethics and moral compass were in there, even if he could not recall that last millennia of his life. So many questions that needed answers.

Either way, Eric was claiming what was his. Tonight. Sookie belonged with him. Too many Supernaturals had seen them together, smelt their tie, given off comments and long looks. Even without the knowledge, Eric was sure the same thing had happened when he was without his memory.

Eric was determined to stop the speculation tonight. Exhaling uselessly in the cold wind, Eric geared up for the inevitable fight ahead. Sookie would contest his claim.

The idea was arduous and exhilarating. Could she not see reason and learn that his protection would keep her safe and alive?

Infuriating, stubborn woman.

Fear crawled up his spine, making the hairs on his neck stand on end.


Phantom pain laced through his shoulder. She was being attacked. Fear from her then the initial sting screaming in agony, followed by a deep crippling sorrow.

Eric was frantic as he pushed himself harder. He had been closing in on her location before the occurrence, but now he moved at his top vampire speed to protect his woman. His lover.

I am coming Sookie.


Hours later…

Sookie is snuggled into my side. Her left arm hugging my larger frame to her curved one. She is sweet and warm, smelling strongly of all things Sookie. Honey, sunshine in a summer breeze.

Inhaling her golden hair once more, Eric relaxed further into the mattress with his soon to be lover. Sookie has been passed out for a while now, the night had certainly taken its toll on the young telepath.

The death of Sam Merlotte was nothing more than a nuisance to Eric. The Shifter had been seeking Sookie to be his, but from everything Eric had gleaned from the small town, she never returned Merlotte’s affections. The bigger problem was that Sookie could have been the one lying dead in that fucking parking lot. The image sent cold dread through his un-beating chest.

Eric rubbed it without understanding why the invisible ache needled him so. Sookie stirred a moment and then burrowed deeper into his muscled chest and arm. Eric smiled and placed a gentle kiss to the top of her head. This shooter was a fucking menace. He would not lose her, not when Eric was just beginning to discover who Sookie was to him.

She was a gift from the gods.


He rubbed his face in disgust, when did he think such flowery bullshit!

Never, fucking never.

Eric decided he needed to get up, be productive before the dawn claimed him. Sliding his arm from Sookie, he eased away from her and stood over her. A v between her eyebrows formed again, Sookie’s arm reached where he had laid but a moment ago. Not finding him, the appendage wrapped itself around her knees as she drew up her legs to her chest. Sookie was curled into a protective ball.

“I won’t be long lover, rest now.” Eric spoke, watching in fascination as Sookie visibly relaxed her position and slid into a deeper sleep.

Eric rubbed the ache in his chest once more at the knowledge that his words had eased Sookie. Before he did something foolish like wake her and make love to her, Eric turned on his heel and headed downstairs to his living room.

While the human police had questioned Sookie, Eric had called Pam and Chow to track the killer from where he had sensed a presence in the woods. The wind had shifted as he approached Sookie’s location. He was sure that the asshole had smelled him and fled. Good thing too. Eric would have loved to make an example to his area and what it means to fuck with anything he had declared his.

And Sookie was his.

Eric had the presence and danger factor going for him, however it never hurt now and again to show his dominance over any possible usurpers. Those acts guaranteed additional quiet for another century.

“Thanks for taking the time to join us.” Pam spoke sarcastically as Eric strode into the room. She had a deep frown in place on her youthful face as she continued using a lint roller on her latest designer ensemble.

“This was a one of a kind from the Spring Collection, Eric. I look forward to putting a dent in your accounts.”

Eric growled at the insubordination. He could give a fuck if Pam was in the nude as long as she reported back what he needed to know.

“Where the fuck is the shooter?” Eric spat.

Pam stood straighter, dropping her arm with the sticky wand to her side. Her eyes widened a bit as she looked Eric over. His reaction confused her. Sookie was a valued breather telepath and her friend, Eric’s reaction was one of possession.

Chow had been leaning against the great stone mantle of the fireplace before Eric thundered into the room. He set upright, stock still, hoping he wouldn’t lose his head this night at the hands of his Sheriff.

Pam bowed her head before relaying her findings. “Master, the perpetrator was long gone when we arrived. The scent indicated an older female. I would say mid to late forties.” Pam spared a glance at Chow. “She headed north toward a back road where her scent was no more. Fresh tire track suggest she had a car waiting.”

“We have her scent now, Master.” Chow spoke up. “If she appears, we will know and can apprehend her for your justice.” Chow bowed his head to match Pam’s stance.

“That’s it!” Eric seethed. “When the bitch shows up again it could be to finish Sookie off! What the fuck is happening. Your Sheriff demands that you track and bring this piece of shit to me and all I have are excuses.” Eric roared, his fury spiraling out of control.

“Get the fuck out, both of you!” Pam and Chow recognized the danger they were in. An ancient’s pet almost killed and no one is currently held accountable meant that everyone would feel Eric’s wrath until the killer was caught.

After his underling and Child had left, Eric did his best to rein in his fury at the maddening situation he was currently in. Eric recognized that he was out of his element, at that notion pissed him off further. Ever since he had met his beautiful Sookie, the world seemed to tilt out of his control.

How to rectify that?

He chuckled at the absurdity of his thoughts. Ten steps behind is where he would find himself if he didn’t watch his back. One more sigh before Eric mounted his staircase, drawn by the intoxicating allure of a stunning girl, a girl he fantasized about for months, now asleep in his bed.

Entering the Master bedroom, he padded over to his fur covered bed, stripped and slid in beside his warm telepath. This felt so right, holding her here. Providing for her security and needs. Eric knew this bubble would pop soon. Sookie was in shock. Seeing death was not something she was used to being a part of on a regular basis.

Wishing not for the first time that he could shield her from the realities of their world. Eric knew that would only hurt her potential as a powerful being. Eric loved Sookie when she was cheeky and stubborn, all she needed was more information to make informed decisions about her life.

Fucking Compton, what a fool he had been not to see Sookie for who she is. His loss and now Eric’s gain.

Eric twined their legs together, enjoying the softness of her skin as he wrapped his arm protectively around her waist. His home was a fortress that no one could enter without some serious artillery, so he knew she was safe when he died for the day. His instincts were screaming to make sure she was flush against him.

If dawn had not be imminent he may have been persuaded to wake her and show her just what she meant to him.

“Later,” he chastised himself. She needed time to feel through what the night’s events meant. “But soon, my Sookie.” Eric kissed her cheek and slipped into his rest for the day. A slight curve of a smile graced his lips as he thought about what was to come.


(A/N) Don’t you just love EPOV? He has the best thoughts and believe me he still has so much more to do and say. Reviews get my pretty little muse away from her canvas. 🙂






52 thoughts on “A Brush With Death-Chapter 3

  1. So much love.. I had to go back and check, then I caught on quickly on what is going on. It’s late and I am dealing with a banner for a story that is not being kind.

    Eric is awesome to write. No matter how you write him. And he has so much potential that you can write him anyway and be right. Thank you Alex for showing how versatile that Viking is!!!!!

    Thanks for the update. As you can see, I jumped right on it!

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    1. Amen! Eric is a god! I’m glad you jumped right on it. Sometimes you need a beautiful distraction (Eric/Alex) to help move your work along. Hope he helped you! 🙂 He certainly turns by bad moods into pure sunshine!

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  2. a pissed off Eric is a very sexy Eric. of course you’re gonna have to dodge for cover if you wanna survive. i didn’t expect the shooter to be female. i like that twist. sounds like this is a very personal vendetta against the weres and shifters. very curious. 🙂
    loving it!!!

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    1. Thanks! He is very territorial right now. Couple that with coming down from a witch’s curse and the puzzle that is Sookie. I always wanted Eric to take the telepath by the wings (LOL! Not Bull by the horns) We’ll see how much Sookie enjoys his high-handedness. Thank you for reviewing!

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  3. I just hope Sookie doesn’t react stupidly (and ungratefully) when she wakes next to a naked Eric! Ok, maybe stupid isn’t the right word because I’d be ga-ga in the same situation 😉 Maybe I should have just said rudely?
    Loved the update. Can’t wait for more 👍

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    1. I’m pretty sure ‘stupid’ is the correct term, because the only intelligent response is jumping all over that naked Viking ass and grabbing it with both hands! 😉

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  4. Chow died in the war against witches, have you recovered him for this story? Chow was a character with great potential who CH killed to introduce the Pirate Charles.

    Eric has not yet realized that the road to get Sookie is through the heart? Of course, to get someone’s heart, you have to give yours in return, and he is not willing, consciously, to deliver his.

    Hahaha, it will be quite an explosive reaction when realizes that he loves her.

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    1. Yup, I did. Chow did not die in the witch war. He survived to fight another day. Let me tell you why. He died for no good reason and was treated like an invisible man, or vampire. He still had use and he is very loyal.

      Eric may be more wiling to give his heart than he is currently spouting. It’s kind of obvious that he already wants to, his mouth may give way before his head is ready. But that is half the fun! Thanks for reviewing!


      1. That’s OK, CH killed Clancy in Witch War too, and he came back later and fought in the Fairy War and died again. Perhaps like cats, her vampires have nine lives? : )


        1. Hahaha! Vampires are like cats! I love it. I just look at the series and think everything is up for changing. Including bringing back people who die stupidly or changing the order of cannon events. Either way, there is so much material here. 🙂

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          1. Too true! Regardless of how one may feel about CH or AB, they certainly provided a wealth of material to build upon! I love all of these minds at work creating more out of what they started! Some of its better than the original!


  5. I loved Eric’s POV…he’s so sweet and I guess he ISN’T used to have feelings!
    I agree with ericluver I hope that Sookie won’t react badly when she wakes up with a nude Eric by her side.
    Thanks for this.

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    1. Eric’s POV was a lot of confused and pissed off alpha male…until Sookie is in the vicinity. Then he becomes caring, protective and dare I say, loving. Poor Eric is out of his element, let’s see what he does with that. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing!


  6. I am glad Chow is still around. This story is on a different track from the book. A dead Sam has greater ramifications than a wounded Sam. People will lose their jobs unless someone else buys the bar and keeps it open. Of course Eric has other things to deal with, like an undead pirate with unknown motives. It does appear that he is being checked out. Great chapter. I hope Sookie is rational when she wakes.

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    1. Agreed. Sam’s death will effect so many, like a stone in a pond. The ramifications are still unseen. Eric is being spied on, for sure. But does Charles know that Eric has caught on? Probably not. 😉 Thank you for reading!


  7. Enjoying this story very much and love reading Eric’s pov! Can’t wait to see Sookie’s reaction to waking up in his arms! Hopefully she won’t do anything stupid, sigh.

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    1. LOL! Thank you! I’m glad you love Eric’s side of the night. He is so much fun to write. Sookie? Do something stupid? Who do you think I am, CH? LOL! If I had her one time following, I could guarn-damn-tee that I would have wow-ed the pants off of people. 🙂 I hope I can do that now. Thank you for reading!

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      1. You are neither CH or the TB writer staff! Pardon my unintended offense, don’t know what I was thinking! LOL


  8. Loved it! Loved the peek into Eric’s head at the time he woke in Sookie’s house. Hopefully Sookie reacts well when she wakes up with a naked Viking wrapped around her. (I certainly know how ‘I’ would react! Lol)

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  9. pissed off and confused not two things Eric deals with well. I am sure once Sookie starts to explain things to him he may find out more about their time together. looking forward to how Eric goes after the shooter. KY

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  10. I was a little confused at first on what was happening. I thought I was in the wrong story for few seconds there. LOL. I always love hearing Eric’s thoughts and I love his flowery thoughts. 😀

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  11. Eric’s POV is always fun to read, and his character is a delight to write! I think it’s due in part to how much joy the original character seemingly derived from just life itself. He loved being a vampire and all it entailed, yet he had retained enough humanity to be able to sustain his existence for so long. He was fun, and he was playful and funny with so much of it, but he still did all he needed to do. Such a great character!

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    1. Yes, I completely agree! Eric Northman is a joy to write. He is the epitome of life, laughter and seizing the day. Now if only CH had written him closer to my version. 😉 Thanks for the lovely review!

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    1. Don’t you worry, Sookie is a very smart cookie. I’d like to think that she was in shock when Eric rose and forgot everything. I might be too. But after a week of living in hell without him, she was more than ready to lay it out and tell Eric all the dirty details. Sam dying had little to do with it, she was planning on seeing Eric anyway. The greatest story written. That is such a wonderful compliment, thank you! I will do my best to bring the goods! 🙂


  12. The beginning caught me off guard but got in the swing oretty quick. Always like that Pam. Sassy and keeping Eric in line. Great gal. Now if he can move from love hound to lover!!

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    1. Oh good, I was going for the…wait? Where am I kind of chapter. Lol! Eric just nosed right in and wouldn’t leave me alone until I started telling his side. And oh boy, he has opinions. This next chapter is going to be a doozy! It may take him a moment to come to grips with his feelings before he is allowed to be her lover. Stay tuned. Thank you so much for the review! 🙂

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  13. It’s always refreshing to read a different twist on canon. I agree that a dead Sam has a bigger impact on the SVM world than what happened in the book. And from a purely selfish POV, it means Sookie won’t be having puppies with Sam while Eric is forced to fulfill that horrid contract. I enjoyed his emotional roller coaster here, poor Pam and Chow really got the brunt of his negative feelings about what happened. But of course Sookie is there to calm him, even in her sleep.

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    1. Thank you! I love changing up canon. Especially when I have to acknowledge that the series went past Dead in the Family. That is where it all ended for me. Sookie and Sam? No fucking way! Eric sold as a sexual, political slave? Ha! Double no fucking way!!!! Eric is still himself before the witch’s curse so he is not as tender as we all want him…yet. Which is really frustrating, but I have every faith that he will get there. Thank you for the review!


  14. I have been wandering around the internet with my finger in my ear, out looking for SVM writers for what seems like ages. I got so spoiled by such amazing writing on fanfiction,for so long… That when everybody started disappearing… I was seriously confused. How could ff be so horrible, to just yank stories off. How was I going to live without all of you wonderful people who generously share your creativity. I am a tech retard and never paid much attention to Facebook, contest, blogs, etc. Now I wish I had. But it seems that you writers realized their are people like me out here lost in the ethers and left a trail of bread crumbs back to you.

    I have not read you before… So finding you is a treat. Your writing is brillant. I would even say perfect, but I know you would not believe me. So I will just tell you that you make my day to day life so much better, by letting me escape it. Slipping into your writing is a balm for my soul. Thank you.

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    1. Hello there and Welcome to my little corner of the fandom! Get comfortable on my cushy white lien couch (All Godric inspired) and grab some wine, plenty of chocolates are here too! You have seriously made my day! No lie. I write for me because I believe there are many “me’s” out there looking for awesome writers and stories to distract us from the wariness of real life and the sometimes downers that can befall us all. Your high praise made me jump straight up to the moon and so I left it a little kiss. 😉 Thank you!


  15. OMG. First of all, I had no idea I wasn’t following you. This situation has now been rectified. Second of all. This story is absolutely amazing. I NEED MORE! I love your Eric, you write him so freaking well. And a Sookie who is willing to give Eric a chance, le sigh. Thank you so much for starting this story. I’m very excited to see where it goes. 🙂

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    1. Why thank you! I think it’s a WP thing. I swear I am following someone and then no update but then I see an update in a message board. It’s like I get kicked out every now and then. LOL! I am writing my little heart out so that you may be updated this weekend. I adore your work so this is my fangirl moment!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you so much! 🙂

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      1. Aww shucks!!! Thanks. I also started on scratches, so now I have two updates I’ll be looking for from you!!!

        Yeah, it read funny I saw the review of that story by kittyinaz and I was like oh I should check out this story. Then I looked and saw I wasn’t following you and read like well that’s just not right!

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  16. I love the SVM and True blood until they got all messed up at the end. That is why I love the world of fan fiction. I love that so many of the authors are still writing new stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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