Pulling up to Fangtasia Eric is annoyed. If the groans of the steering wheel are any indication on my beautiful vette.

Irritated that he needs to see this pathetic minion of the new regime. I could have beaten Victor and his cronies when they surrounded Sookie’s farmhouse. For the disrespect alone, they all deserve a slow torture at the hands of Pam or myself. However, after finding out that Pam was also surrounded at the bar, it was better to fold and fight another day. Keeping all those loyal to me safe from the true death.

I wish to be home with my lovely bonded. Soon to be pledged. A conversation to have when I get back to her arms tonight. Naked, touching herself in my bed. Calling my name. Eric closes his eye a brief moment with that image. Hmm, my feisty fairy riding my cock while I lick and suck those beautiful breasts. Victor better make this fast, my patience is thin.

Eric strides into his office, not looking at the little weasel and sits smoothly in the desk chair. Leaning back, his elbows on the armrest and fingers entwined over his rippled stomach. A steely gaze is taking in every detail of DeCastro’s peon. Whose nostrils flair just then and his mud brown eyes widen just a fraction. Eric takes notice before they move back to a faux relaxed pose. He has been up to something and I need to figure out what, quickly.

“And how is the delicious Miss Stackhouse this evening?”

Gotcha. “My bonded is my concern alone.”

Victor looks shocked by Eric’s open display of possession and says, “I believe you mean the King’s telepath. Since I am governing this dreadful state in his absence, she is also my concern.” Getting comfortable in the chair across the desk he reveals a disturbing grin. “In fact, where is Miss Stackhouse? Surly you keep her secured for her own protection and your pleasure. I would keep that fragrant human tied up for when I had need of her. That of course being that she is human at all.” That bastard licked his lips at me. “No telling when she will find herself in trouble, yet again.”

Keep it together, he is baiting you. “Of course she is human, why would you think differently?” If I mention the obvious revolting fantasy he has of Sookie I will not reveal his true purpose.

Giving a serious look Victor stated, “Come now Viking, you are older than I but surly you have never smelt any human as good as Sookie Stackhouse.” Closing his eyes, “Like spun sugar on my tongue. Between her legs and blood on my lips,” he inhales again, “it must be divine.”

His lids flip back up with alarm. Eric realizes that he has started growling menacingly. Fangs bared and towering over him as he starts to cower.

Eric grabs his throat and lifts him from his chair so they are face to face. “Speak another word and I’ll give you an excruciating death. No king, gods, or pathetic rats will come between me and my bonded.” Tossing the shaky form back into the chair. Victor falls feet over head onto the floor, the chair tumbling after him. Eric stands taller and sneers down.

“Watch yourself Northman. If the king shall find out about this-“

“He would side with me, you know the law. The vampire in the bond is the only one responsible to answer to a king and not anyone else. If I so choose, there is nothing he or you can do to command me with Sookie. She is mine!”

Victor stood meekly, unsure how to proceed. Obviously his prior claims had no backing, Eric takes control of the meeting. Anxious now more than ever to get back to Sookie. “If that is all, I suggest-” Fuck!

A searing pain gripped Eric as he dropped to his knees, grabbing his chest over his undead heart.

Sookie? No, not Sookie. Thank fuck! The bond is humming away although now it is alerting her of Eric’s pain, he tries to block it the best he can.

Pam? Pam is closing in to his location but is well.


He…is…gone. Dead and gone at last. I feel the heavy chains that tie me to him as his child unlock, fall and shatter onto an unknown surface.

I’m free.

Shocked is more like it, after a thousand years of being under that miserable Roman’s thumb. After running as far as I could from that crazy asshole who was the worst kind of sadistic pedophile my vampire or human eyes have ever beheld.


But how? He was quite old, powerful, and cunning. Who could have gotten the upper hand on my now departed maker? Whoever or whatever has done this feat I must uncover, there may be a greater danger to me and mine.

Appius had never released Eric. Just sent him on my way one night saying that he would always feel Eric, find him and drain away any happiness he would ever find. Keeping Sookie was dangerous, for all of them. There is no telling what Appius would have done when he burst back into Eric’s undead existence.

But now. I can be a real Bonded to Sookie, do anything, go anywhere with no threat to me or mine’s continued existence. Pam will be thrilled, she hates Louisiana.

Breathing in deep, the smell of the worn leather on the couch and Sookie’s honeyed fragrance on Eric’s clothes and skin. This meeting is over, I have a sweet fairy to celebrate with. Gathering his bearings and preparing to stand when Eric is startled by burns. Silver is melting into his skin, he can smell his hair burning as more silver is wrapped tightly around his neck.

For a fleeting moment he thinks, Is Appius not dead?

No, I know he is no longer among the undead. The frayed ends of our once maker-child bond have scorched away completely. Nothing left of that evil bastard.

Victor is laughing as Eric brings his head up, reopening his eyes to see the absolute deviousness in Victors. Shifting his gaze lower to see a smooth wooden stake in Victor’s right hand and the end of the silver chains in other gloved hand.

“Well Viking, what an amazing opportunity I have. Sookie in my grasp and you about to meet your true death. Don’t worry yourself too much, I was defending myself from an insane Viking after all. Who would have guessed that the death of your maker made you snap?” Pleased with himself, he continues.

“I will take great care of Sookie.” Victor speaks her name in a low hiss. “Once I retrieve her from those mouth-watering fairies that is. You do keep interesting company, Eric. Did you think I wouldn’t find out about her fairy blood? It must be fantastic, but I will find out later tonight.” Licking his lips he gives Eric a wink.

Keep it up fucker! Eric is growling ominously, the pain from the silver is harsh but nothing compared to the feeling of having Appius’ bond burned out of his blood.

Victor sneers down at Eric once again. “Unlike you, I will treat her like a good pet should be handled. Keep her in a lovely iron cage, have her so starved she will beg me for scrapes and succumb to me when I feel the need. I feel it strongly now in fact.”

I will rip his dick off before Sookie is ever forced into his servitude.

“I will be a ruthless Master until she learns her place. Compton was right, you are weak.” He mocks. “It seems-“

Hands frame Victor’s head and sick twists follows. Incapacitating him without killing Victor, Pam snaps his neck. Falling to the floor with a thump with and a surprised look etched on is worthless face. My striking child is standing over him a cold smile that lights up her beauty. Brushing her hands free of invisible dust, smirks down at her prize. “It seems I got here just in time, asshole.”

Pam looks toward Eric, fear flowing in her eyes. “Eric!” She rushes over, grabbing a glove from Victor’s pants pocket she unwinds the silver from his wrists, forearms and neck. Ah, relief.

“I came when I felt your pain master, but I waited for my opportunity to catch Victor unaware. The pain I felt from you, does this mean…is Appius gone?”

Beaming with joy Eric says, “Yes, yes he is. We are all free.” Embracing his child who has let her blood tears of happiness escape. He holds her close and then kisses her forehead gently.

“Thank God, I was so worried about you and Sookie. I barely survived him.” She still carries haunted memories of that wretched time. She looks away from Eric and quietly murmurs, “I don’t want to think about what would have happened to you both if he was still on this plane.”

“It’s all right Pam. Everything is going to be better now.” Peering toward the heap of shit on the floor Eric revels his more authoritative voice. “Let us call the King and inform him of Victor’s plans. As an added bonus since he has interfered with a bonded pair. I will let you have your fun with him.” Pam’s fangs snap down and his beloved cold hearted killer is back. He looks her dead in the eye. Eric’s fangs have popped as well, ready to shred this pathetic vampire. “He said he had Sookie in his grasp. I want to know everything.”

Mischief. My beautiful child is full of future designs of torture for Victor. “Thank you Eric, I will make you proud.”

He kisses her forehead again. “You already do.”

* * * *


Where is she?

Bill has been standing in the cold near Sookie’s house like a rat without a nest most of the night.

I have been waiting in the tree line all night. I need to grab Sookie now before she makes yet another fault. I have sacrificed so much for her, my pride, my rank. Why does she not see this? I could, no, should have been king by now. Yes, with Sookie as my telepath fairy queen. No one would touch me. I could use her status in the supernatural community to keep everyone at bay. Especially Eric!

Roused from my musing I hear a car in the distance, I know it is Sookie’s old clunker. I could have assisted her into a better vehicle, but that would not make her beg to be mine. Seeing her struggle through her ancient farmhouse burning to the clear security issues has been an utter joy. Not that I want Sookie to suffer too greatly, but just like other human women who seek security I knew it would not be long before she would be back in my bed. Still too proud to plead but would submit nonetheless. Makes my dick hard just thinking about her on her knees, too ashamed to look me in the eye while I circle her. Focus! That will come in due time.

“That just looks pathetic.” A voice startles me from behind, turning I see Neave smirking toward my crotch.

“I thought all vampires were supposed to have a boundless sexual prowess, not jerk off to memories in the bushes.” She must have blocked her Fae scent to keep me from attacking, and attack I would. I hate turning to these damn water fairies but how else can I eliminate Northman?

Her face becomes stone, turning serious. “I see the mutt has arrived and yet you have not subdued her. Get to it Compton. Time is of the essence if we are to get to the portal unharmed. I can smell the Northman all over her.”

Wait, what? Am I too late? Did he already pledge to her. No, my spy would have said something about a public vampire marriage. I need to act quickly and get this fairy off my back until I can kill her. I will enjoy draining her and then fucking my Sookie near her corpse.

Annoyed I spit out, “I’ll meet you at the portal. Then you can contact Niall for your ransom and demand that she be released into my care instead of returned to Faire.” I narrow my eyes at the delicious monster, “Remember, she should be scared shitless. I want no doubt in her that I am her only way out from her perceived capture and double cross from you.” I smile ruefully. I am brilliant.

When Locklin and Neave approached me in the same tree line we stand in. Northman was fucking Sookie in his pitiful amnesia state. I thought I was alone while I pleasured myself outside of her window, imagining myself in Eric’s position, when the fairies appeared. The least they could have done is let me finish. Pissed at first, they gave me the opportunity I needed to get Sookie back.

I had a few setbacks along the way. Quinn, Rhodes. If I had acted faster, she would have never been bonded to Northman, his putrid blood would have eventually dissipated and she would be mine, forever. Northman is a fool to have waited so long to make Sookie his. He could have had her when we first arrived at Fangtasia.

If I had not had my blood in her when we presented ourselves to Eric’s dais, it could have been disastrous. Using my influence to suppress the obvious attraction between them into suspicion was the only way to keep her controlled. She damn near would have sat on his lap and presented her neck for marking. I would have lost her then. Soon, she will be mine forever.

Lucky for me I had the upper hand every time they both were near each other. I don’t understand Northman, to have all of his power, strength, and leadership and yet demean himself to live on display like a castrated lion. He is weak. He is unworthy to have existed so long. He should beg me to end him.

“Hurry Compton.” She leaves with a pop.

I turn and stride for Sookie’s house. I hear her singing happily off key in her bedroom. From the window it looks like she is packing…everything. Where is she going? This is good, maybe with her packed bags it will look like she was leaving anyway. I’ll have to remember to come back from the portal and grab her luggage to store at my home.

Two large duffle bags opened, spilling over with clothes, toiletries and a framed picture. On closer inspection it is photo of her and Northman. My fangs snap down and my hands curl into fists. I am putting an end to this charade now. Calming myself I vamp to her window and knock on the frame. “Sookie, it’s me.”

Startled, Sookie whirls around to face me, her long blond curls twirl around and sway slightly against her back.



I was so creped out by Bill. I never want to channel him again. But I know I will….and soon. Ugh! Any thoughts on Appius meeting his death. I just didn’t want him ruling this story…however his legacy is still a very real threat…hope you enjoyed and I will be posting chapter four…soon..ish! 🙂




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  1. So happy that Appius is dead. I think that’s the only good thing that happened in this chapter. It was a good chapter don’t get me wrong, but I hate that Victor silvered Eric and now Bill’s going to try and kidnap her.

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    1. Yeah, lota violence in this one. Not gonna lie, I love me some action packed stories. I guess you can tell. I love it when the bad guys get what they deserve. And rest assured, Victor and Bill have it coming. I hope you like it once I get there…probably a chapter or two away…Thanks for reviewing and for the AMAZING banner. You’ve got mad skills! 🙂

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  2. I hope Eric can get to Sookie before she is taken to the portal. Better yet since she just had Erics blood again she can take out Bill herself with her fairy side. I don’t care who does it I just want Bill to suffer and meet the true death. I hope you can post another chapter soon. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I have plans for Bill. I’m gonna do bad things to him. (evil laughter) Writing him was a process to which I needed a shower to wash off the ICK! You are right, Sookie could probably take out Bill with her Fae powers but I’m not sure she is mentally ready for that, hmm. I have an ex I don’t care for but hurt him? Eh, another story. Thanks for reviewing!

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  3. its good that you killed Appius early on and i am hoping Felipe sides with Eric about Victor. But Bill is another natter, i am hoping Sookie is smart enough not to let Bill in. And Eric feels her distress early on before the twins get a hold of her. KY

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    1. Sweet God-ric! I hate Appius. I’m happy you agree with me as well. I did not want his presence to cloud this story but his existence will have repercussions for Eric. But do not worry, if anyone can defeat him, it’s Eric and Sookie. Wait and see. 🙂 Thanks for reviewing!


    1. Pam did uncover Victor’s alliance with Bill while using her torture method. Love Pam for that! I can’t stand Appius but he had a role to play here, his death. 🙂 If you hate Bill as much as I do…stay tuned. He has a not so great surprise in store. Thank you for reviewing!


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    1. Thank you! God-ric! I HATE Appius. Single worst character created by CH. He was good for the contrast but really? Eric’s maker is the devil himself? Victor and Bill will gift a dose of karma…soon. 🙂 Eric is definitely hot on her heels to save the day, don’t worry about that.


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    1. Ah! Another Appius hater! Hello and welcome to the club. He was such a bastard so I used him for my purpose instead of Appius calling any shots. I also think you will greatly enjoy what happens to Bill and Victor. Thank you again for reviewing, it makes my heart happy!


  7. I hope Sookie has had the sense to rescind his invitation to her house, and the good sense to stay inside…at least until Eric can get to her! (But knowing Sookie, she probably won’t do either of those things…lol!)


    1. I think in this case she is too caught up in Eric and what’s happening to play it safe. Being reckless here is going to get her in trouble but don’t worry she is a learning creature so less and less slip ups over time. Thank you for reviewing!


  8. Appius made my skin crawl so I’m glad he’s already dead whatever problems it’s going to cause. CH claims she always disliked Eric’s character so to me that makes the creation of Appius even sicker – and follows that up with whoring Eric out for 200 years. And she thinks fans that wanted Sookie with Eric need their heads examining!

    I’m amazed you didn’t need brain bleach after writing Bill lol. I like it when Bill is the out and out villain – I prefer him to be more in line with Book Bill as I could never see a redeeming quality in him. I think Alan Ball must have been high as a kite when he read the books if he saw a hero figure from what CH wrote. Considering some of his True Blood plots you’d think he took a trip with LSD! I’m glad to hear he will be suffering – nothing like a bit of Bill bashing to make me happy!

    I really like your EPOV’s – you have a unique style and it brings something new to them, sort of like glimpes of Book Eric’s mind workings.


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