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Sookie was exhausted. So much drama had filled the hours since the Maenad had attacked and poisoned her. Bill was a real asshole, not a dreamy idea of what first love could have been. She had demanded Eric’s blood and ultimate protection, which were both amazing.

Why, had I fought this for so hard against them?

Most of all she was beyond hopeful that soon she and Eric would finish what they started in his resting place. Eric was still downstairs assisting Godric and Isabel in returning Amelia to the queen, safe and sound as Godric put it. He still seemed out of sorts, but possibly being depressed and then Hexed might do that to a vampire.

I would have just killed that bitch! Fuck her! She tried to hurt your Eric!


The thought of the tall Viking made her squirm in the warm bath she was slowly pruning in. The steam drifted heaven bound off the top of the cloudy surface of the water. Jasmine filed the air as Sookie inhaled the sweet scent to calm herself.

Finally, she had used this curse of hers for good. Not just random thoughts of her small redneck town and how badly they thought of her. She was able to hear the loud broadcastings of that hateful bitch and stop her deadly designs on the King of Texas.

And now you have protection from Eric and Godric. Quite the fan club you have built. It seems that this queen of Louisiana had no idea who she had messed with.

Sookie frowned and thought about Godric. He was handsome to be sure. All she knew about him was that he obviously cared for Eric and the people he ruled. Otherwise his depression might have already gotten the better of him. Sookie shuttered, a world without Godric was not right.

Eric needs his maker and Godric’s time is not up.

Where the hell did that come from?

Sookie felt the words wash over her and knew they were true. But how to ensure that Godric stays around? Unsure, Sookie thought about what a vampire King would be able to control. Silly, probably everything in his state or influence beyond the state?

There was an authority, remembering from that witch’s thoughts. Were they like Godric’s bosses? Would they see tonight’s events as a crack in his foundation? Or just vampire royalty vying for more power by any means necessary?

After Isabel removed an unconscious Amelia from the room to get ready for her arrival back to Louisiana. Godric had informed Sookie and Eric that Sophie-Ann kept propositioning him with a marriage contract. Eric was horrified, not about marriage. But that a worthless, spoiled brat like Sophie-Ann could ever reach the same level as his beloved maker.

Godric said the last time Sophie-Ann spoke to him about aligning their states was at a conference six months ago. Stan had just been removed from a coffin of silver for a month, after he killed a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. He had claimed the human had looked at him wrong. Godric set the example that concerns or disputes involving the anti-vampire group were to go through him first so that he could decide what action, if any to take.

Sophie-Ann wanted access to a rich oil state like Texas to cover her IRS back taxes and current debts that were in the millions. Godric was not willing to take on a problem state, he had said he had enough issues in his own to deal with. He had closed his eyes and said, “I needed to find a way out of my own melancholy, a loveless marriage would only exacerbated that.”

Inspiration hit, he needs blood. My blood.

Before Sookie would act, she would need to discuss this with Eric. Make sure he was on-board with her plan first.

That is why I feel something for him, he is in pain and needs some relief. My blood can do that for him.

Yes, yes! You got it now!

Deciding it had been long enough, Sookie flipped the toggle to drain the tub and stood up. The chill in the air hit her body made her nipples harden. She stepped out of the grand tub and grabbed a large white towel from the dove gray wing-back chair and wrapped herself up.

The guest bathroom, in a word was decadent. Sparkling white stone floors and dark wooden planks for walls were crafted to protection. A glittering crystal chandelier was hung in the middle of the room for an elegant look, but the space also had recessed lights set on a dimmer. It was so romantic. Without a certain Viking to share it with, the room seemed wasted.

Well, almost wasted. Sookie was relaxed with new purpose to assist Godric in living a healthy undead life. She could hardly wait to share this with Eric.

Sookie was drying her hair with another towel, and started singing slightly off key before leaving the bathroom.

“Hmm…I’ve got a love and I know that it’s all mine, oh, oh, oh. Do what you want, but you’re never gonna break me, sticks and stones are never gonna shake me, oh, oh, oh-Eric!” Sookie gasped.

Propped against a mountain of downy pillows rested Eric, hands behind his head, legs crossed at the ankles and a smirk on his beautiful face. His eyes blazed as he took in my appearance.

“You startled me.” Sookie laughed and then threw her damp hair towel at him. The white cloth flopped and stuck on the edge of the bed. Never touching the Viking sex god that was Eric Northman, he chuckled darkly at Sookie’s non-existent skills as a pitcher.

“We will need to refine your aim, lover.” He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the California King sized bed, “Come here.” Eric purred and gave her a sensual smile.

Like a moth to a flame Sookie padded over and stood between his spread thighs.

“Hi.” She whispered staring into hungry, lust filled blues that made her desire for him curl tight inside her belly.

“I need you.” He said huskily. Eric nodded toward the terrycloth still wrapped around her, “May I?” She nodded her consent and he removed the towel revealing her body.

Sookie shuttered under Eric’s electric half lidded gaze. His hands lifted to her round hips and gave a slow squeeze before he followed up the curve of her figure to the sides of her breasts. Sookie’s breasts felt heavier than usual, anticipating his touch as she rubbed her thighs together in a silent plea.

Eric’s cool hands felt like heaven against her heated skin. Her palms wrapped around his tight forearms and made their way over his muscled biceps to his smooth, heavy shoulder. Sookie stepped closer to encircle her arms around his neck. He was so close, but still not close enough.

Eric’s lips kissed the right nipple and then then licked the underside of her swell causing Sookie to moan. He returned his attention to the other breasts but this time he starts to nibble and pull, elongating her nipples. It strikes Sookie right to her groin and she lets out another whimpered plea.

His long finger slips right inside her pussy hard. Eric’s inhaling her arousal as Sookie continues to beg for more. “Oh Eric, yes. Please more” He continues to thrust harder, rubbing the walls of her special spot for an added jolt of pleasure.

“I must taste you. On the bed, now.” Eric rumbled.

Sookie complied, falling forward on her hands and crawling toward the middle of the bed. Eric slaps her on the ass lightly and she turns onto her back. In the time she has moved from her standing position, he has ripped off his clothing and is standing gloriously naked, fully erect and ready for her.

She opens her legs without the request leaving his lips. Inviting him to taste her as he wishes. “Please Eric. Love me with your mouth, your tongue, y-your fangs.”

Without any hesitancy Eric is done observing Sookie through his hooded sapphire stare and is nestled face first into her pussy. Licking and sucking her slit, avoiding her clit entirely. She leans on one elbow to watch his progress. Amazed at how erotic this action makes her feel.

Using her other hand, she threads her fingers through Eric’s hair to hold on. The illusion of taking control, is a heady cocktail, even though she knows Eric is on total control of her body. She revels in the possession.

“Ahh, yessss!” Eric took her from her thoughts and started to tease her clit. Flicking, flicking, flicking. Hard suck and then a slow delicious lick. Over and over, he kept his rhythm up until she detonated around his talented mouth. The walls of her defenses blown to smithereens as she came.

In a haze of understanding, Sookie registers that Eric is kissing up her body as he moves up to face her.

“Mine.” Eric breathes, slowly sinking into Sookie with his thick cock. Sookie reveled in the feeling of fullness. His pubic hair tickled where they were joined. He retreated only to push in deep again, once, twice, three more times. Heaven and hell rolled into one.

Eric’s rhythm increased and he ran his fangs up Sookie’s neck. “All mine. Say it Sookie. Who does this pussy belong to?” His voice is deep, commanding and sent a primal call to Sookie.

“You, yours Eric. All yours. Ah!” He felt so good, power meets unassailable and the combination made Sookie start to come again. Sensing her impending orgasm, Eric stopped and flipped Sookie over to her stomach. Eric spread her thighs wider, impaling her with a growl at her tight fit.

“I say when you come. Do you understand?” Eric demanded through his fangs.

Sookie nodded and purrs out a yes, her face pressed firmly against the mattress. Eric grabbed her wrists and pulled them to the side of their bodies while he continues to fuck her. Sookie moaned uncontrollably when Eric left her body and rolled Sookie onto her back.

“I can’t get enough of you. I want you every way that exists.” Eric groaned as he slid easily inside Sookie.

He is so big.

“And there are an infinite ways to make love to you, my Sookie. But first, I need you to come on my cock.” Sookie was mewling, Eric’s naughty words tightening her belly to the point of another climax fast approaching.

Pushing harder, he found her clit with his capable fingers and began to rub circles into the sensitive bundle of nerves. Sookie was thrusting in time with Eric, getting closer and closer when Eric surprised her by pinching Sookie’s clit perfectly. Her orgasm crashing over her in great waves.

Eric follows, bellowing Sookie’s name before sinking his fangs into her breast. Drinking, then licking the soft sensitive skin sends another wave of pleasure washing over Sookie. A smile and utter contentment were her last thought before sinking into a restful oblivion.


Sated, Sookie rolled over from her left side to face a gorgeous, naked Viking. Who just so happened to be drawing invisible patterns into her upper arm. Eric smiled sweetly at her. Sookie mirrors his sentiment eagerly.

We belong together, it’s so obvious.

Just say it!

“I think we are…I mean…I believe…” Ugh! You have the grace of an elephant.

“Yes?” Eric smirked at Sookie who was currently at a loss for words. Something that Eric knew well, hardly ever happened.

“This may seem quick to you, considering you are over a thousand years old and have so much experience than me. I mean, what can I do for you that is as exciting as what you’ve seen in your whole, long life?”

You’re babbling, spit it out.

“Sookie, take a breath.” Eric encouraged, tenderness reflected in his clear blue eyes.

See. Listen to him.

Alright, alright. Sookie inhaled and exhaled slowly. Willing her heart rate to calm.

“Good, now please, speak your mind.”

“You are my happily ever after.” Sookie paused to see his reaction, which had morphed into an impassive expression. Not wanting to lose her nerve, she pressed on.

“I know it. I can feel it. When we first met, whenever I saw you, when you gave me your blood.” She blushed remembering their first time at Fangtasia. “When we make love. This is real, can you feel it?” Sookie was exposed, sitting on the edge of a knife, waiting with hopeful anticipation that Eric wouldn’t crush her.

Shit. What is he thinking? What a time not to be able to read someone.

A thousand deaths later, Eric answered. “Yes, it is the same for me. I have been wanting to claim you since I met you at my club. But it’s more than that, I feel challenged by you. In a thousand years no other woman has come close to meaning what you do to me.”

Sookie let out her long held breath, relaxing back into Eric’s arms. “So you don’t think this is too fast?”

“No,” Eric kissed her hand in his. “We are moving at the speed of us.”

Trapping Sookie underneath him, Eric looked deep into her eyes as his large hands cradles her angelic face, “Our beginning has happened, now onto the adventure of our lives, together.” Sealing that promise with a deep kiss. Sookie melts into Eric. Feeling her bones glow with love.

Eric pulled back and said, “I want to so a second blood exchange.”

Sounds good to me.

“Okay, what does that mean? Does it have something to do with bonding?” Curiosity filled Sookie’s mind as she brushed her fingers over his carved cheekbones down to the corner of his perfect upper lip.

Eric rolled over to his side, taking Sookie with him. Nestling her under his chin he wrapped his long limbs around her body, “We started a blood bond when I removed the poison from you. It was not intentional, but that amount of blood coupled with you drinking mine was enough to start our connection.” Eric explained.

His fingers trailed lightly up and down the curve of Sookie’s body as she absorbed the complexity of what he just revealed.

If I had let Bill take my blood and give me his, I would have this connection with him and not my beautiful Eric. That would have been all sorts of fucked up.

“I can feel you now, our link. It will get stronger with the second exchange and then the third exchange will make the bond permeate. At that time, you will be able to feel me as I do you. The bond is a sacred union to my kind.”


“Like marriage? Do you want that, marriage? With…me?” Sookie was astonished at his explanation.

Of course I want this bond with him. And he really wants this too?

“I believe we have already established that I do. I want you very much.” Eric whispered with a wolfish grin and then in a second turned serious saying, “Forever.” His luminescent blues stare into Sookie’s, making her feel calmer, safe.

“I want that too. Will you turn me vampire?” In for a penny.

“Yes, soon. I want you by my side. My ancient blood will slow down your aging considerably. You will be my bonded child. It seems that being my child is something you have already considered.”

Well, duh.

“I have, I knew if Bill had ever asked I would have said no. But you, I want an eternity of you.” Sookie blushed as she felt his erection rub into her belly, causing Sookie to whimper in longing for their connection.

Eric stopped rubbing his length against her. Eric was restless, his eyes examining every part of her features. Nerves caused his question to come out shakily, “What about the sun? Children? My turning you, will not give you those things.”

He’s afraid?

“I do love the sun, I like tanning and gardening and feeling the warmth on my face. But the sun is hardly a reason to be without you.” Eric chuckled in relief, and moved his nose down to nuzzle her slender neck.

“Children, have you never wanted to be a mother?” The tension in his voice told Sookie that this question was a bigger concern for Eric.

“I considered it, I think everyone does at some point. I do not believe I am meant for motherhood. I love children, they are beautiful and innocent. But I don’t see my life filled with anything but danger, that life is no place for a child to thrive.” Eric gaze had found Sookie’s as if probing her truthfulness in her responses. Satisfied he leaned down to kiss her, only to be stopped with the gentle tips of her fingers.

“If you were a human and could not get me pregnant, would I leave you? No fucking way! I will not settle for some why bother man, just to have a child. That would be society talking. They do not, nor have they ever known what I need. Now that I’ve found the love of my life. That is what matters to me.”

Eric sighed in relief, a very human reaction and brushed his lips against Sookie’s. “So be it.”

“While we are on this blood subject, I need to ask you something. When has Godric last fed?” Eric looked thoughtful and shrugged, confirming he has not witnessed a feeding tonight after all the drama.

“He doesn’t look good Eric. This may sound extra crazy, but I think I need to feed him.”

Stoic Eric had made another appearance but asked carefully, “Do you want Godric?”

“No!” Sookie responded, almost exploding from the bed. “Nothing like that. There is something in me that he needs to make him whole again. I feel like only my blood can give it, I think it’s a fairy thing.” Sookie shrugged.

Eric considered her reasoning a long, long moment before replying. “He is my maker, I would deny him nothing. But you, I don’t want to share you. In another life, with him, maybe.” Eric concluded.

“If that life comes around, we will make that choice, together. I’m pretty certain there is magic that you have awoken in my blood when you feed me that will heal Godric. Maybe his soul. It’s like my blood calls to comfort him.” Sookie pauses, uncertain of her own words not offending Eric. “Does this makes sense?”

“I understand, I can feel your light as well. It’s beautiful. Seeing Godric hopeless is too much to bear.” Eric shook his head as if trying to clear the image.

“So, we’re okay?” Sookie didn’t want to send Eric mixed messages about feeding Godric. This was important to get right.

Eric kissed her forehead. “More than okay. You wish to care for my beloved maker in a way I cannot. I am in awe of you, my Sookie.”

Their passion ignited again, all thoughts expect for one another gone until the sun rose, pulling them both to rest.






45 thoughts on “Scratches-Chapter 6

    1. Eric loves Godric on a level I’m not convinced I can write about. He adores Sookie on that same level, to have his two words intersect so seamlessly is something that I don’t think many people ever get. But it’s amazing to write. Thank you for reviewing!

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  1. I loved it! I’m shocked that they would be so open so quickly, but it’s nice to see a Sookie who is not afraid to take the leap! Now to convince Godric without HIM wanting her. We know how she feels, but on the other hand, when someone is with her/near her/drinks her blood they are hooked. She’s like vampire crack. LOL Great Chapter. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yes, I agree. I’m happy to see Sookie have discussions with Eric before shit goes down. Makes them seem like they want the same things. Our little fairy vamp-nip WILL have an effect on Godric. Thank you for reviewing!


  2. Just beautiful…I’m shocked how Sookie is so willing to share eternity with Eric…
    It’s nice that Sookie wants to feed Godric too!
    But will Godric agree?

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    1. I was shocked as well, but when you know. You know. She went head first with Bill and she didn’t feel half of the love she has for Eric. I like my Sookie, smart. Mellow. LOL! Well as mellow as a part fairy can be. Thanks for reviewing!

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  3. Beautiful chapter. I hope Godric will be easy to convince with taking her blood. I was hoping for details of how Amelia was sent back to Sophie Ann. I agree with Eric not wanting to share her, but just one feeding to heal his soul would be acceptable, to have him whole.. Loved it..

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    1. Thank you. I blame my hubby for that line. It was his response to my question, “Isn’t this happening too fast?” I married him ten months later…now it’s been thirteen years and one daughter later. 😉 Off topic, sorry. Thank you for reading, I LOVE your work!


  4. Something is telling Sookie that her blood can help Godric and I think she should listen. I’m wondering what that is telling or talking to Sookie? Most likely Fairy Sookie. Can’t wait to find out Sophie Ann’s reaction to Amelia coming back or if Godric shows up too!

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  5. The perfect line & reply:

    Sookie breathes out, relaxing. “So you don’t think this is too fast?”

    “No,” Eric kisses her hand. “We are moving at the speed of us.”

    Made my little heart do flips.

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  6. There’s obviously something else going on in Sookie’s head, she appears to have an ancient being inside her mind – intriguing! That love scene was pretty hot and very Eric! I hope giving Godric her blood doesn’t turn into anything more.

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