(A/N) Wow, the response for this has blown me away. Thank you! To answer a few of you. This WAS supposed to be a one-shot. But as it turns out I can’t write them. Maybe if the entire story went up the song would make sense. LOL! Or not. 🙂 Either way, I am happy you love this and I promise to not leave you hanging long….





I look up from my first failed arson attempt to see concern etched across Eric’s face. His raised, handsome brow and strong hands outstretched in a stopping motion. Not anger, it’s not rage that clouds his eyes at what I’ve done to his car. No, unreserved distress has colored his features and now fills the bond with apprehension. I don’t think he has even looked at the heap of metal and glass, now sitting battered and broken on the driveway. The creases in his forehead and his wide eyes tell me that his sole worry is…me.


Now, he is worried. I am so confused.

Every vampire has now left the party indoors to converge on the lawn, waiting with unneeded held breath to watch the crazy telepath loose her ever loving mind on her cheating bonded. My focus sharpens back on Eric, ignoring his feigned misery.

Like he really cares.

“You are mine, just as I stupidly thought I was yours! And you disrespect me like this?” I scream madly. My vision went tunnel and Eric was the only person I could see. Everyone else disappeared into the surrounding abyss. Standing stock still in his signature snug black wife beater shirt and tight dark jeans with motorcycle boots. Eric is a quiet menace, my quiet menace.

He’s not yours, he just showed you!

I knew he would do this. Cheat. Lying cheater of a forced vampire husband that he is. I said I trusted him so long ago, I meant it. This is how he repays my loyalty.

My love?

I am a fool.

My shoulders sag with the weight of my thoughts and I can feel Eric pushing his calm into the bond once more. I want to wrap up in it, but it’s an illusion that he wants me to believe. I straighten my spine, alert. Ready to fight him tooth and nail in front of God and witnesses.

“Don’t,” I hiss at Eric. The calm soothing wave suddenly drops and my mind is in a free fall…again.

God fucking damn it!

Felipe starts to chuckle as Eric’s jaw tightens, and I am shaken back to the realness of the present. Anger surges anew, he stopped when I said stop and I am so pissed about it. He won’t fight for me. I know I should be happy he listened the first time I said don’t, but I ain’t.

“How about for every slut you fucked since you bonded me, I’ll match you. Even Steven.” Saying in a voice that sounds like forced indigence. If Eric’s newly rosy cheeks could pale, they would have. He looks devastated by my outburst, I know he can feel my desolation by just speaking the hateful words. My heart clenches tighter, does it hurt him to think of me like that. Sleeping with every man in sight.


Maybe he should have considered his actions before he cheated.


Eric’s chin raises and quietly says, “I have taken no one.” His declaration hits the vampire crowd hard, gasps and whispers of surprise spread like wildfire. I roll my eyes, does he think I’m that naïve.

Please, you expect me to believe that? How stupid do you think I am? You love the game.” My voice is calm, subdued, it’s frightening even to my ears.

My arm points indignantly to his second story and my pointer finger extends to the beautifully trimmed window as I grit out, “I just fucking caught you. If I had been ten minutes later, I would have seen you fucking her. Not just feeding off of her.” My voice is horse, by the time I finish my shrill tirade. “This could have been forever. But it’s gonna go down in flames, because of you!”

I feel like I have been shouting at the top of my lungs for hours and the exhaustion of all these emotions hits me like a semi, causing my posture crumbles forward in defeat.

“That girl was bewitched, Sookie. I was tricked into drinking from her. Do you understand? I thought she was you. I would have never knowingly done anything to hurt you, my Sookie.” There is pleading in Eric’s voice.

Is it true?


“Please, put the lighter down before you get hurt.” His hands are in plain sight, placating me, as if trying to calm a wild animal. “Dear one you are covered in gas.”

I blink a few times to will away my tears, trying to process everything quickly. Could he not tell the difference? How was she bewitched? I hate witches, they have done nothing but fuck my life up! Eric must feel the same. Can I trust his words? His actions may not have been what I thought, but I need some serious fucking proof right now. When I blink a few more times I notice Eric slowly taking steps toward me.

“Stop, don’t. You don’t get to be near me anymore.” I sob, embarrassed that my wayward tears have now made an appearance. If he touches me, I will never be able to let go. The world has become very real in just a few seconds from my numb, angry outburst and the public display of emotion is humiliating.

Earth, please swallow me up.

I try, in vain to wipe my face with the back of my bloodied hand. “There is no proof that you were bewitched. This is a trick Eric, and it’s cruel.” I whisper with a sense of overwhelming sadness.

I only manage to smear more blood, salty tears and probably black mascara around. Adding to my miserably insane trend of the evening.

“Eric.” I murmur out with a distraught tone. “I am so alone and cannot see the light here. Don’t lie to me anymore.”

Fool, I scold myself.

Stop talking.

Was the high of his love worth the pain?

This shit needs a baptism, stat.

With my head down and away from his brilliant blue eyes, my helpful hand opens in a flourish, revealing my forgotten lighter. Time to finish what I started.



“Stupid, fucking piece of shit.” I stomp my foot as I curse.

Eric is only a few feet from me, the worry lines have set on his handsome brow. “I love you,” he breathes.

“You can feel that. You have felt my feelings for a while, hear my words and sense my honesty. I know you also felt my lust for you before you arrived and the Fae magic. Look into the bond and know the words I speak are truth,” He murmurs beseechingly.

His low tone implies that he wants only me to hear his declaration. I wish we were alone, no spectators either, but I guess that was shoot to hell when I had threw a hissy fit on his Corvette.

My thumb stops stroking the flint of the lighter and close my eyes for concentration. The bond is flowing deep and wide inside of me, hurt, longing, love, and honesty.

It’s there.

But there is also an echo of something trying to penetrate the bond, surround it to muffle the feelings and the knowledge I have of Eric and what was actually happening.

Fae magic.

Yeah, it was there. A sticky pink fingerprint was all that was left. Inside the smudges I could see the replay of what happened before I arrived.



The girl was talking to someone outside, someone with short dark hair. He sprayed her multiple times with a perfume bottle. Taking care to not let the bouquet touch his clothing or skin. The moonlight reflected the thick glittery mist that soaked into her exposed skin. The stranger sprayed again, higher. Making sure to douse her hair and neck. The stupid girl tipped her head back and parted her lips to taste the potion, causing her drunken state to intensify.

Satisfied, the dark stranger caped the crystal bottle and pointed toward Eric’s home. Uncertain steps took the girl through the wet grass in stilettos she could barely walk in. Once inside she turned every vampire’s head, every supernatural creature sniffing dreamily in her direction. Then Eric saw her and he was powerless.

Eric was midsentence with Sandy Seacrest, from Nevada when he became enchanted. His pupils dilated and he tried shaking off the feeling before a shiver ran up his body. Stilling any further attempts to shake off the feeling of magic. He followed her mindlessly through the house, watching her as she dashed upstairs with more grace then I thought a drunken girl would have. She then slid into the bedroom with an obnoxious barking laugh.

“Mmm, Sookie. I love it when you run from me.” Eric’s fangs snapped down as he staggered after the enchanted girl. Bumping into the wall once and gripping the railing. Reaching the landing, Eric rushed to the bedroom. Shutting them in together, Eric made his way to the bed, sat obediently and waited. She climbed into his lap, pulling her hair off her neck.

“Drink me, sugar. That guy said, it’ll fix everythin’.” The slut giggled out her request in a high pitch tenor.

Eric blinked, as if not understanding the unfamiliar sound. He shook his head in the negative and began to move her off of him.

The hussy’s eyes widened at Eric’s movement to remove her, she hung to Eric’s shoulders by her fingernails. Singing out. “Sookie wants this.”

Eric shook his head again, his brows furrowed, trying to understand the situation. His mind was trying desperately to hang on to sanity. Failing when that fucking ho-bag rubbed her forearm across his upper lip and nostrils. Closing his heavy lids, he inhaled the fairy tainted fragrance.

“Sookie.” Eric’s voice sounded wistful. “Sookie wants this.”

The skank moved quickly, sensing that her time could be up at any moment, she pressed her bare neck back to his mouth. Once again became in a zombie like trance Eric inhaled, eyes still closed and murmured my name with longing.

Eric pierced her neck and began drinking.

This was harder than I thought it would be, to watch. Eric was actually drinking from another. Someone else. It’s not like I had been proactive to make sure he was feed. Instead I avoided it, so afraid to know the answer.


But to see it, the realness made me sick. It should be me that provides for him, me!

Through the fog of jealousy, a light bulb turned on over my head. Is this what he feels like when I turn him down for even the most practical of gifts?

The driveway.

The offer to purchase a new car.

The argument about turning some space in my home into a light tight space so he could spend more time with me.

I shook my head in disbelief. I gave him such a hard time for gifting me anything or ignoring his attentions all together.

It was wrong. Gran raised me better than this.

In my inner musings I had not looked away for a moment, even though the view was gutting me.

No other touching happened, he kept his hands on the bed beside the outside of his thighs as that disgusting little skank moaned and touched herself. Seemingly trying to entice him into further activity with her.

Eric’s eyes were still closed, almost in a hypnotic state. There was a subtle rigidity in his form while he fed that I never felt from him before. He was always so tender with me, searching for more contact. Massaging my back or my arms, to calm me while he feed. Hell, there were plenty of time we had just given me an amazing release while he did drank. We had made love so many times while he fed. I knew his moves, his beautiful way he treasured me.

Not her. She received no Sookie treatment. His mind was mush but his body knew it wasn’t me.

I was a fool.

Here, with her, he allowed only his lips to form a suction to take her blood. And that bitch saw the opportunity to get off while in my Bonded’s unknowing lap!

I am gonna kill her!

Pushing rage aside for the moment, I then saw myself burst into the room. Shock and anger painted my face as I took in the sight. Looking at the reply now, with new eyes, I saw Eric’s confusion in a whole new light. It wasn’t a, “what has her so upset. I’m eating here” confusion. No, he was disoriented about how I was now on the opposite side of the room shooting daggers his direction, when he had just been feeding on me.

With blood dripping down his chin due to my replay’s interruption he looked down at the girl, his brows raised in unguarded surprise. He nudged her away from him, like you would a piece of old gum off your shoe and stood to face my pissed off posture.



He really did not touch her, past drinking from her neck. She was the one touching herself, sure. But not from his direction. Did that dark haired stranger engineer that too?

This is torture.

I had read this situation all wrong.


What have I done?

I blinked rapidly, willing the tears to stay put. “But, but the others…y-you need to feed-.”

“True blood and you.” Eric’s tone was stern but his eyes beamed sincerity. “When you have made yourself available to me, I can take pleasure and strength in your gift. No one else is welcome in here but you.” Eric gestured his hand over his heart.

I melted, smiling as the tears oozed down my checks. “Oh, Eric.” I sobbed and threw myself in his arms. The plastic lighter dropped from my hand as I moved. He enclosed his great frame around me and pulled me to his chest. Picking me up off the ground, he ran his large hand on my back in a soothing up and down pattern.

“Shh, my lover. I swear to you, I have not dishonored our bond. Our love” The low tone in Eric’s voice sends a shiver through my body and I know what he says is true. We have both been wronged. I haven’t heard Eric speak of his love for me often but when he does, it fills me with light. I can feel our bond overflow with the peace from his declaration as well.

Its home. He is my home.

Tears are streaming down my face and I cuddle into his chest. Feeling the hardened planes of muscle of his back through his shirt, sends me unimaginable comfort. Through the bond, I send him my love, acceptance and anger that he has been manipulated by yet another witch. Or heaven help them, a fairy.

“I’m sorry Eric. I’m so sorry. I didn’t believe you. I have let everyone else talk to me about you, how you are. What you want. And I never, ever asked you. I’m sorry.” I wailed. Angry with myself. I let Bill, Amelia, Tara, Sam, and countless others tell me who Eric is. When I already knew he was none of the hateful things they thought. They all had their own axe to grind and in my fear, I let their judgment become my own.

How has he put up with this? He must have felt so alone, abandoned by me. Here he finally gets his memories back and we are working on being together. In reality I was keeping him at arm’s length. Never letting him get to close. My behavior over the last year toward him shamed me.

Eric set me on my feet, and turned my face up to his with his hand. “Sookie. We will work this all out.” His brow creased in confusion. “There is much more we need to resolve, more than what has happened tonight. I swear we will do this. Are you with me?”

“Yes.” Answering with no hesitation, “Yes, I want that. Let’s get all ours cards on the table. I’ve been wrong about so much, but I know I don’t want to mess us up. It’s not too late, right?”

My voice quivered with fear that it was. Even though he just mentioned clearing the air. I hope that didn’t mean a break up. Eric sent me a small smile, his long blonde hair falling forward, giving the illusion of privacy.

“It will never be too late for us, lover. No matter the circumstance, you are always mine. As I am forever yours.” Sealing the promise with a long chaste kiss.

“Sookie. Please tell me that we will be rewarded with your remaining theatrics! You put forth quite the buildup and then pull the rug out, right at the climax.” Felipe laughs, interrupting my moment with my Eric. The King tuts his tongue in mocking disapproval shaking his head. Looking over his shoulder at his Nevada entourage who are chuckling along.

Turning back to Eric and I, he exclaims, “You had the Viking by the balls and I was sure we would see his whole world go up in flames. Don’t disappoint us now.” His cape swirled around him like Dracula just landed from his creepy castle.

Eric sends caution through the bond, I understand that he is taunting me, I’m not going to fall for it. I’m coming down rapidly from my crazy high and I all I want to do is collapse further into Eric’s embrace.

We turn at the same moment, ignoring the King without too much direct disrespect as Eric escorts me to my car. Incidentally, farther away from vampire earshot. This should be a not so subtle hint that the show is over and the crowd can disperse. I cross my fingers and feel my checks heat with embarrassment.

If I had known that I could see the remnants of Fae magic or even visually check our bond. I wonder what other misunderstandings Eric and I have had that I can review. Something to think about once this scene settles.

“Since the Viking is not keeping my telepath happy, it shall be my pleasure to have your mood lifted…in Nevada.” My head jerks with Eric’s at the King’s last phrase. De Castro looks pleased to catch us off guard and continues. “Don’t bother packing Messsss Stackhouse, I’ll provide everything you will need at my palace.”





43 thoughts on “Boys only want love if it’s torcher

  1. Dang, Felipe hasn’t learned a thing. I’d say he needs a ‘come to Jesus’ from fairy Sookie In the book, I think Sookie had broken the bond by then, but I might be wrong. Anyway, I’m glad they still have it in this story. And that you didn’t stop with a one-shot. That would have been cruel. I’m suspicious of who that dark haired vamp was who sprayed Kim. More, please.

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  2. She finally really listened and figured out the truth..but her meltdown in front of Felipe was a horrid mistake..Glad you decided to continue this. Sookie was not a pleasure to read toward the end of the series. Your point to change that is a good one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was having a moment(possibly while singing along to Blank Space)that Sookie really needed to act out. She has been immature but no real growth along the way. Just more immaturity. That is no way to live. So I went way, way, way over the edge. Only then can she come back to reality and sanity and move forward. With Eric. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      Note: This may or may not have happened to a cheating ex of mine….


  3. Oh how stupid you are Felipe. I like what you added and I can’t wait to see how the rest plays out. I totally think it was Bill who sprayed that girl because he would so do that being the douchebag that he is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just like a vampire king to play his hand. Sookie is under his protection and he does have some rights. How well do you think Eric will take it? I’m not thinking great either. 😉 Thanks for reading!


  4. Silly vampire king, I don’t think he’s prepared for what she may dish out, with the mood she’s in this could go south pretty quickly and Eric certainly won’t stand for it either. Who was the dark haired man??? Bill, Victor, some fairy??? Glad you continued and can’t wait for the next update!!

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    1. I believe you are right. Felipe might expect some fight with Eric but Sookie is only a telepath, a weak one. Surly he can just take what he wants. He has taken Louisiana and Arkansas with little resistance. Thanks for reading AND I have fixed the button issue on Dead and Loving it! 😉


  5. so i really like this, but can I just say i’m a little unnerved by Sookie’s bit of crazy? Not avoiding is one thing, she managed to get twitchy-unhinged here…is she ok? I would actually be concerned about her.

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    1. I am a firm believer that everyone has moments of being crazed. Life piled on too high, too fast. The straw that broke the camels back and such. What is important to know, is that you can always come back from crazed. You will have consequences for your possibly insane actions but you can reclaim yourself. So, no worries. 🙂 Thank you, that was very a very insightful comment.


  6. dang, Felipe thinks he has them by the balls but i am sure they will get out of this as a team. but damn, she almost killed herself because of the spell. someone is not going to be happy she figured it out. KY

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  7. Wow! I’m so glad she was able to see what actually happened to Eric. For Felipe’s declaration, when hell freezes over!! I can’t wait to see where you take us next in this adventure. It’s Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Thanks for the quick update!
    Oh no! Felipe you dirty old creep! Sookie will never be yours!
    Loved how Sookie managed to see what really happened and how she admits how she always treated badly Eric …
    I wonder who was that dark haired man?
    Looking forward for more…

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    1. Thank you fore reading! I believe this is part of Sookie’s growth, she is not always in the right. She has been wrong and treats her alleys like crap. She needs some accountability. More to come!


  9. Hm, a spell…convenient when DeCastro is there. Wonder what would happen if Sookie just turned down DeCastro? Probably kill everyone that matters to Sookie. At least Sookie and Eric got this all figured out before DeCastro started his shit.

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    1. Yes, these two were so lacking in a good old ‘hash it out’ or ‘come to Jesus moment’ in their relationship, during the series and the show. And we all want to read, see and imagine how that talk will go. Sometimes the best break through in relationships happen on the tails of great drama. Thank you Sookie for beating on the Corvette. Or thank you Eric for being enchanted to drink from someone. Now he is forced to revel his hand verbally. There is no one else for him. Just because he is a Viking Vampire Sex God, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to be faithful to Sookie. She needs to know, obviously. LOL!

      Oh my, easing off my soapbox now.

      Thank you for reading, I enjoy the convo about what your reaction was to my little tale. 🙂

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  10. Hopefully Fae GrandPoP will pop in and wag his finger at Felipe saying he takes Sookie against his will, he’s inviting a war –apparently a notice Eric had given Madden when the take over happened at Sookie’s house and either Madden didn’t take seriously or didn’t pass the word to Felipe. A little “come to Jesus” with Naill may be just the ticket…..


  11. If that creepy caped want to be thinks he could just swoop in and take Sookie, he has another thing coming. Eric is just not going sit by and twiddle his fingers and let that happen…..no, not the Viking. Great chapter! Looking forward to the next update.


  12. That was pretty handy new party trick! Imagine all they could have avoided… How stupid is the Caped Creeper? He just watched Sookie flip her shit & almost blow them all to Kingdom Come & he thinks that’s the perfect time to interrupt? Who made him king?


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