A New Year and A New Me

Happy New Year everyone!

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What a year it’s been. Personally and professionally, it’s been a wild ride. Babies, hospital stays and school. Thank the good Lord my hubby will be out of school come May. He’ll take the BAR in July and onto the new world of employment. LOL! My babies are getting bigger by the day! I’m thrilled and sad by this, also their growth allows me the time I need to write! Hooray! Starting next week is a writing schedule in place.  know this last year has been hard on you beautiful readers. I left so many in hiatus and that is just plain WRONG! My apologies. I think about Eric and Sookie everyday and my New Year Resolution is to finish every single one of my tales this year! What that means for you, the reader? More updates. I have each of these stories mapped and ready to be edited, which let’s face it is the most fun. And time-consuming. I hope my letter finds you all well and happy. This is going to be a fantastic year and I have nothing but positive rainbows of love to send to you all!

Stay Tuned

Much Love, FairyTaleAmber

15 thoughts on “A New Year and A New Me

  1. Sounds like you have had your priorities exactly where they belong. Babies and hubby, the things that matter the most. It will be lovely to get new chapters for your stories once you are ready to start posting again.

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