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This is a two part story. For all of you Sookie and Eric devotes who remember CH’s short story of Dracula Night, this is my re-write. I do not own these characters, Charlaine Harris does. I just like to think they would have actually acted this way. I also am psycho enough to believe they would reject being included in tacky plots and not nearly enough smut.

Anyway, Eric and Sookie all the way and some unsavory guests join them at a celebration at Fangtasia. What could go wrong? What could go right? You are cordially invited to find and out review.

Big thanks goes to my partner in crime and BETA extraordinaire MySecretOFanFiction. I highly recommend you check out her site.




I will stop thinking of him today. This minute. Sookie closed her eyes and tried to wipe Eric Northman from her mind. This second. With a sigh Sookie realized it wasn’t working.

His smile when he laughed, his frosty blue eyes when they looked at her. The way he held her after they made love. It was truly heartbreaking for Sookie to be the only one to remember what they meant to each other. Why couldn’t he remember? Why can’t I forget? Opening her eyes she focused back on the road. Every song reminded her of him. Thanks a lot Neko Case.

Sookie cursed herself under her breath. Maybe the witch’s true intent was to curse me, because this is pure hell. If that goddam witch were still alive I would kick her ass or at the very least beg her to be released from this torture. Sookie had sadly made the realization weeks before that to have Eric not return the love she knows is locked inside him will destroy her. She rubbed her sternum up and down to ease the ache.

Pulling into her smooth driveway, thank you Eric, Sookie shifted her old car into park and set the emergency brake even though the pavement was level. Turning the key off but leaving the metal inside the ignition Sookie sat for a minute to gather herself before stepping out of the car. You can do this, you need to move on or at least get the groceries inside. She couldn’t tell if the voice was hers or her annoying angel trying to make the best of things. It only made her exasperated.

Popping the inside door handle she threw her legs out to the sponging tarmac she now called a driveway and stood up next to the car. It was a beautiful sunny morning in March. The air was crisp and clean, birds were singing in her trees with the promise of spring. The sun warmed her cheeks.

Sookie marveled at how the world around her could be in such contrast with the gloom she carried inside her. Hugging herself as a chilly breeze blew past she looked down at her beautiful cranberry coat and was yet again reminded that Eric cared for her. You could just tell him that you want to start something. Her not so helpful conscious pointed out. Or better yet, tell him what happened while he was cursed. What is the worst that could happen?

The worst, was that he would laugh at her or rebuke her entirely probably in front of the entire fang banging community of Fantasia. That is just your naked, late dream making an appearance. Be Brave!

“Shut up!” She screamed and put her hands over her ears.

To get on with her day, Sookie took a short stroll to her mailbox where she knew there would be nothing but bills and ads for the recycle bin. She groaned when she reached the rusted tin box brushing past the burnt orange flag that she was sure used to be a vibrant red.

Looking down the road both ways gave her nothing but a view of the worn out street that made up Hummingbird lane. Shifting her gaze to the mailbox she braced herself for the inevitable responsibility and how hard she would need to work to pay it off. Gripping the stack of mail she pulled out she exhaled. Sure enough ads for Wal-Mart, Best Buy and JC Penny. However, tucked past the junk was a thick envelope.

Excitement ran through her veins. This is not a bill. Sprinting back toward her home she took the porch stairs two at a time. Reaching the front door, Sookie unlocked it, opened the old entrance, and slipped inside.

In a rush toward her desk, Sookie grabbed a letter opener from the drawer. Breathe, calm down, and don’t get too excited and rip it. Sookie’s inner voice warned. She inhaled and walked carefully to the living room couch and sat.

The outside of the envelope was engraved with elegant calligraphy that said her name and address. Sookie sliced through the thick parchment with the letter opener, pulling out the contents:


Eric Northman

Requests the honor of your presence

At Fantasia’s annual party

To celebrate

The Vernal Equinox

On March 20, 10:00 p.m.

Dress Formal RSVP


She couldn’t believe it. Had I thought about him so hard that he sent me this invitation? It was Saturday, a week from the party. Sookie needed to get a dress that would make her look hot, irresistible. Maybe this is my chance to see him and talk to him, it’s a long shot though. She looked around her worn down home. What did a poor, uneducated waitress from nowhere Louisiana have to offer Eric-the-melting-panties-off-women-for-over-a-thousand-years-Northman?

Remembering the groceries, Sookie hastily threw them in the cupboards, and then was back on the road with a single purpose. Find a dress to make Eric notice me.

At the mall, she wandered a bit until she laid eyes on a shimmering deep peach gown in a display window. Actually it was the color of a sun set over a mountain, the color was so intense. In a word, the dress was spectacular. Quickly entering the boutique she grabbed the soft gown and made her way to a fitting room covered in velvet black curtains. Once it was on she turned to appraise herself in the mirror. The dress had no sleeves and the left shoulder was twisted to hold her large breasts from everyone’s sight, the chiffon bodice flowing into silk crisscrossed to her hips where the remaining dress slid over and hugged her thighs, which would allow everyone to see she did indeed have an hourglass figure.

The dress ended a little lower than mid-thigh, which was formal but playful in a sophisticated way. To add to the allure a train cascaded from the back of the waist, that in any light looked like the sun’s rays streaming down with orange and yellow flickers imbedded in the fluffy chiffon. It was fun and sexy.

Yes, this dress would send the message that I am a lady. Looking back down at her legs, Sookie happily realized she needed to find some smoking hot stilettoes to match. She didn’t have to look far, when a pair of last season’s clearance sparkly heals caught her eye. Her breath caught, quickly glancing from side to side. This store has Claudine’s stamp of approval all over it. Had she popped in and dumped her purse filled with fairy dust all over and then popped out?

Sookie checked over her shoulder one last time just to make sure. Nope, the coast is clear. Scooping up the ensemble and paying for what was now 60% off, Sookie drove home with a huge grin and thought. I need a plan.

I wonder why Eric celebrated the vernal equinox. He could celebrate New Year’s or Halloween or even something as silly as Dracula’s birthday. If he even existed. She was a firm believer that Dracula was myth that vampire’s leaked to test the humans at large of their understanding. Maybe I should call? The invitation did say RSVP. Yes, I’ll call tonight.


Later that night…

 After being transferred to Eric’s office, Sookie waited for him to pick up.

“Hello Sookie.” Eric purred, the phone must have disintegrated because Sookie suddenly felt her panties dampen.

“Hi Eric, I got your invitation today. I’m callin’ to let you know I’ll be there next week.”

“Good, I was hoping you would be able to fit me in.”

She shivered at the obvious leer in his voice. “Um, okay. How are things? I haven’t seen much of you since, well, for a while.”

“Things are fine Sookie, if you really wanted to know how I am, you could have come to me.” Eric continued his sensual word assault.

Alright, plan B. It’s dangerous to let him know I’m head over heels for him.

“I could have but then I would need to wait in line to stare at the untouchable Eric Northman, like the all others do.” She paused. “I don’t have the time to waste on that ticket.” What are you doing? Stop playing games. Sookie exhaled and shut her eyes, disappointed at her cowardly behavior.

“Trust me Sookie, you are the only one I would allow to touch me.”

Wait, what?

Eric continued, a bit more force in his voice, “I do have a business to run. Since you refuse to grant me an audience with your time, I will see you at the party.”

He hung up. Did I hurt his feelings? Maybe Pam told him more about our time together. She would know, she could feel him. Maybe he can feel me through our small tie. But if he could, he would feel my deception with my jealously, right? I wonder.


 Party night arrived and Sookie paced in the parking lot of Fangtasia in her glittery shoes. It had already been twenty minutes since she arrived. Go in, see him, and apologize. Tell him everything! Sookie’s inner voice was on her last nerve. To shut that nosey bitch up she walked to the front entrance. Three feet from the building, the door flew open revealing an extremely pissed off Pam.

“You!” She pointed an elegant index finger toward a startled Sookie. “Get the fuck over yourself. If you do not put my master out of his misery this instant, I will end you.”

Oh shit!

The petite vampiress was in her element, dressed in a purple form fitting cocktail dress with elbow high black gloves. Glittering diamonds wrapped around her neck, wrists, and dripped from her earlobes. If she thought the compliment would have been welcome Sookie would have told her how dazzling she looked.

Gulping but trying to look indignant Sookie drawled, “Nice to see you to Pam.”

“Cut the crap, you want to play victim go somewhere else. You are being a heartless, spineless bitch. Playing with vampire emotions is dangerous Sookie, were it not for the affection Eric holds for you, you would be no more.”

“Are you threatening me?” Anger seeped into her voice.

“Yes, write this down. The shift I’ve been working to keep quiet and wait for you to woman up is over. I am not being the fabulous child I am to him and doing no favors as a friend to you.” She cocked her eyebrow and crossed her arms. “All the talk of your southern manners seems to be just smoke and mirrors. You can’t even be decent enough to tell him the truth.”

She’s right. Sookie hung her head in shame and tried to blink back tears. “You’re right,” Sookie said in a small voice that only a vampire could hear. “My Gran would beat me with a hairbrush at the way I’ve behaved.” I should go, I’ve made this party all about me when it’s Eric’s party.

Before Sookie could speak up, Pam got in her face, a tight grimace making her lips into a tight line. “Don’t even say you are going to leave.” Her baby blues quickly look Sookie up and down. “I love those shoes, I have a pair myself.”

Sookie sighs, “I’m sorry Pam. This has not been fair to put you in the middle, it just got so big, so fast. I didn’t know how to deal with his response. Is Eric busy with his guests, can I talk with him?”

“Apology accepted.” Pam smiled wide and went on, “He has been in a mood all week thanks to your little jealous rant. Really Sookie, comparing Eric to a freak show. Do you really think so little of him?”

“No, I’m scared. I have the most to lose here. Eric can go back to his life like nothing ever happened. I can’t and I’m obviously not handling it well.”

“There is much you are not handling. Pull your head out of the sand and deal with it, tonight.” Sookie nodded and Pam turned back toward the bar. “Now, since you are only fashionably late, this will be to your advantage.”

“What do you mean?” Sookie asked behind her.

Pam paused and murmured low looking at Sookie over her shoulder. “Follow my lead, hold your head up high and be the woman your gran raised you to be. Understand?”

Sookie blinked in response. What the hell is happening tonight? Is it a full moon?

Pam opened the red leather tufted door and Sookie stayed behind her as she glided through the partygoers who were laughing, drinking, and genuinely having a great time. The DJ played a Lady Gaga song as she encouraged the bar to “just dance.”

The tables were decorated with white and gold linen. Atop each one was a giant glass vase holding large bouquets of white roses, spindly wooden branches, soft green hydrangeas, and snowdrops, a six-petal flower. They start to bloom in mid-March, and Sookie had read once that people in Scandinavia believe it to be the first signs of spring coming.

Banners and tapestries of people in ancient celebration transformed Fangtasia into a bright spring day or night as the case was. Wow! Where did he get this idea, it’s so beautiful.

Making their way toward the hallway leading to the offices, Sookie placed a hand on Pam’s arm. “Where is Eric?” She looked around waiting for the vampire she loved to come traipsing into view.

Pam didn’t slow but simply said, “Follow me.” Down the hall to Eric’s office door, she paused. She knocked once and then walked inside, moved her body around to make enough room for Sookie to enter, and then left.

At first Sookie thought she was only waiting for Eric to appear from somewhere out in the bar when the black leather desk chair creaked and Eric stood.

He faced away from her, which was why it took her a moment to realize why she didn’t see him. From behind, she could see he was wearing a fitted black tuxedo. His long blond hair was braided down his back and his hands had just settled in his pockets.

“Good evening Miss Stackhouse, I’m glad you decided to join the party.” Eric never turned around. He simply faced the pale painted brick wall that held a very large, very old looking sword.

“Thank you for having me, Eric. I am sorry to be late, it looks like your party is a success. Why are you back here? Did you have business to take care of?”

“Yes, the party is in full swing from what I hear.” Eric turned to face her. His features stayed blank but she noticed his blue eyes discreetly take in every inch of her. “I have business with you. As un-festive as it makes this occasion, I cannot go on any further until we resolve this matter between us.” He was 007 handsome.

Trying to stay focused Sookie asked, “Matter?”

Eric gave an annoyed look. “You know exactly what happened while I stayed with you, every moment. I can only guess. I have interrogated Pam, others have made comments.” His voice almost cracked with a plea but held strong to a commanding undertone when he went on, “But I ask you for the last time. When I was cursed, what happened between us?”

Okay, now or never. “Everything you can imagine happened that week.” Sookie took a step toward Eric, wanting nothing more than to close the distance as quickly as possible. You don’t have the right to break his heart when you can do something about it. Sookie nodded to her inner musings and her shoulders relax as she looked at Eric’s beautiful face. “We fell in love, like we were always meant to. I protected you from the witches by keeping you safe in my home. I saw the man underneath the vampire and to be honest,” she said, taking another step toward him, “I loved you well before that time. We made love, laughed and got into trouble.” She smiled.

Eric opened his mouth to interrupt but Sookie shook her head, silently asking him to wait. He closed his mouth, took an unneeded breath and nodded for her to resume her tale.

“I could tell you the particulars of the witch war, the spell, how others responded to you. But I think Pam has already filled you in.” He nodded, confirming what she already assumed. “You and I,” she took a deep breath and yet another step forward standing in front of Eric’s desk. “We were one, we shared blood and our bodies. You told me I was the best you ever had and you proposed marriage to me.”

To his credit Eric didn’t look shocked but his eyes searched Sookie’s almost trying to conjure up the memory. “Does this surprise you?” Sookie asked.

Eric opened his mouth to answer but she shook her head. “No, wait. That wasn’t fair, let me to continue.”

Eric stared at her and answered, “Please.”

“I wanted to say yes. My heart broke when you asked me to marry you. You didn’t know what we had before. How could I let that charade go on? What if you came out of it and were furious years later?” She grabbed the bridge of her nose to ward off the painful memory but knew she needed to finish. Eric will decide and we can both be free when I get this out.

“It was a dream-shattering blessing that you woke the next evening after the witch was defeated. You were you again and I was caught off base.” Sookie took another step around his desk, getting closer to her heart’s desire.

“These last weeks have been torture to know, have felt, and lived without you, when you were mine. But I didn’t tell you, I didn’t come to you because I was stupid and scared if I told you all this, t-that you would laugh at me and banish me altogether. That would hurt me worse than if you never knew at all.” Two more steps and Sookie stood before Eric, looking up into his crystal blue eyes so full of confusion and hope.

Sookie continued with the final push of her tale. “Gran read fairytales to me every night at bedtime and do you know the one thing that always broke the witches’ spell?” Eric shook his head, his frosty blues captivated by her movements toward him. Sookie smiled as bright as the sun itself, “A true love’s kiss.”

Sookie pushed up on her tiptoes and sealed her mouth over Eric’s. She kissed him as if it was the last they would ever share, full of love and hope. If he leaves me now, at least he knows the truth. Tears stung her closed lids as she pulled away from his lips. Her voice cracked, “I love you Eric. You have been the best thing in my life and I hope one day you can remember what we had. Because it was once in a lifetime.”

Back on solid ground Sookie took one last look at her beautiful Eric, whose head looked like it was spinning. It’s a lot to take in, I don’t know how I would act if I were him either. I’m an idiot! I should have done this that night. I better leave before he says something sour I’ll never forget.

She spun away, ready to make her escape via his office door. But before she could take a step Eric grabbed her arm and swung her back toward him. His mouth crashed to hers and he moaned low, making her toes curl. His other hand twisted into her hair at the nape of her neck as he deepened the kiss. Sookie threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back for all she was worth. Eric pulled back, placed small caresses with his lips to the corner of her mouth and jaw, and then he hoarsely whispers, “My lover.”



26 thoughts on “Unforgettable-Part 1

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Ideally she would have but I can almost (almost) understand why she was gun shy. She no longer is shy or stupid here. I’m glad you liked this little two parter. Now back to Dead and Loving It!


  1. Hmmm…did the fairy’s kiss break the spell on Eric like it did in the books with Dermont? One could only hope so –and maybe without the take over happening? Hmmm….this could truly be a fairy tale HEA of epic proportions if that happens? Can’t wait for the update!

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    1. Exactly! Seriously you can’t put that in CH if you don’t use it evertwhere. Sookie has the essential spark which to me means she’s a fairy. The exact measurement is of little consequence. I can’t wait for your reaction to the next part!! Definitely an HEA!

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  2. Sookie always has to torture herself & those around her. Honestly. Really impressed with her declaration of love to Eric. Nicely written. Looking forward to reading Part Two.

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    1. He did remember! In the books they kiss a few times before they bond in book 7 and I always thought it was CH’s missed opportunity. Then when she kisses Dermot to break the spell I was screaming, “she has no magic power but suddenly magic power! Come on!” At least I think it was her, maybe Claude kissed him. ?? Either way, my way is better. If I may be so bold. Thanks for reviewing 🙂


  3. Oh I’m so glad Eric is starting to remember!
    This is the right way to tell him what happen between them…
    Loved Sookie’s dress and Eric’s 007 tuxedo…

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  4. This is juicy on so many levels. The perfect start to the making of an awesome story. Please tell me theres a part 2!!!!!! Did her kiss bring back his memory of their time together? I’m dieing to know lol


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