***After the Maenad attacked Sookie, Eric offers his blood to heal her once the poison is removed. Bill fights a losing battle to keep Eric away from her. Fairy Sookie makes her presence known. With Bill’s blood no longer in her system, Sookie desires Eric’s blood, protection, and love. However, will Eric protect Sookie from Bill and his Queen and the other dangers of the supernatural world?***




30 thoughts on “Scratches

  1. Liking it so far :). Can’t wait to see where this one goes.
    You might want to rethink the Title though: the first story that came to mind was Scratches, the missing scenes by TexanLady and it covers the same time period although it definitely is only a one shot and goes in a very different direction.

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    1. Oh no! So I checked out Texaslady, who is one of my fav authors. Her story isn’t called just “Scratches” and it has a completely different feel and destination than mine. I realize that this particular time in the TB/SVM is covered alot in ff, but it’s becuase all those powers that be messed it up! 🙂 also, thank you! I had no idea I was missing all her one shots. This was totally new to me. I hope you enjoy where I take my Scratches! Thank you for reviewing!


  2. Awesome! Eric can just kill Bill right now since that is Bill’s condition to Eric healing Sookie! Lol
    Can’t wait for more!!!


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