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Waking with a start, Sookie is in a dark room, but does not feel the least bit frightened.

She stretched her arms and legs slowly, feeling the silk sheets slide around her like a sheet of water under her body. The cool fingers of Eric Northman gently caressed her belly and then up to the valley of her breasts. Leaning on his left forearm over her but not quite touching her with anything other than his fingertips.

Sookie realized she was only wearing her black lace thong. Oh, that’s why I can feel so much of the bedding and Eric. Mmmm. He looks like he needs to be rolled onto his back while I attempt to warm him. Hmm, how to warm him?

Sookie chuckled as she ran her gaze up Eric’s muscled forearm to his large lean bicep, which radiated a light blue glow in the darkness. Fascinated, Sookie touched his shoulder and followed his smooth skin to his collar bones and up the center of his throat.

Her delicate fingertips swept up his slightly scruffy beard over his chin to his chiseled lips. To which he laid a quick kiss as Sookie brushed his cheekbone and around his heated artic stare. Meeting his intensity with a look of her own, Sookie murmured in a low voice, “Hi.”

“Hello, my Sookie, how do you feel?” Eric purred as he looked down her body. Lingering on her chest where his long fingers stood still as if gaging her reaction. I wish he would stop teasing and touch me. I bet those fingers are absolutely sinful.

Sookie’s nipples hardened when he gazed longingly at her breasts. He groaned as she shuttered beneath his barely there touch. Ignoring her rising lust for a brief moment, Sookie considered Eric’s question about her body, it was 98% better. Maybe a bit sore on her back but almost fully healed. Alright, glad you figured that out, dimwit. Back to the sex god. Don’t keep him waiting. I beg of you!

“I feel amazin’, your blood is incredible.” She grabbed the nape of Eric’s neck and kissed him hard. He growled in response to her brazen behavior, and Sookie used that brief moment of surprise to her advantage to taste him with her tongue. It was her turn to hum happily when she felt his body cover hers. His erection rubbing into her thigh as his hips began to rock. He’s naked! Yes! See, he wants this as much as we do!

His kiss scorched her soul, his cool skin should have stifled her rising temperature. Instead she felt hotter, liquid, molten lava flowing down a slide, just for Eric, her Eric. She moved her legs apart so he could nestle into the apex of her thighs. When his cool cock pressed near her heat, they both moaned in anticipation of the reaction to come.

“Oh Eric, I have wanted you for so long.” She sighed as he began to kiss and nibble across her jaw down her neck. His fangs scrapping and nipping as his head lowered to her chest. His long blonde tresses were free of their leather tie and tickling her skin as he kissed every bit of her that he could find.

She giggled until he found her nipple with his fangs. Almost nicking her flesh and then soothing the tip over with a wet, raw lick.

Sookie was in heaven as he repeated to the other side. Twisting and tugging with his touch, she could feel her the coil in her belly clench tighter and tighter. She was so close, already, and they hadn’t done much at all yet. Told you he knew how to please a girl. Oh God!

Eric trailed kisses to her ear as his hand traveled down her hip and eased under the thin lacy panties, rubbing up and down her slippery pussy. His clever fingers found her core utterly soaked, he chuckled darkly, “So wet, my lover.”

Before she could respond with a lustful plea, his long finger entered her in hard thrust. Exactly what she needed and yet completely taken by surprise.

“Yes, very ready.” His voice was husky with need.

“Yeah, oh! Don’t stop!” Her head fell to the side has he fucked her with his finger, then added a second. Sookie was riding his hand while panting uncontrollably, when he circled her clit with his thumb. Circled again, then pressed and repeat with added pressure.

His bedroom skills were incredible and Sookie was hanging by her finger nails off the edge to oblivion, in no time at all. She called out. “Oh God, bite me!”

Eric’s fangs sank into her neck as Sookie’s orgasm exploded in wave after wave of flashing lights. Pink, purple and blue orbs swirled and popped behind her lids as her release over took her. Eric licked her neck slowly as she came back to herself, feeling another wetness on her leg she smiled wickedly. What would total abandon, wild sex be like with Eric? It would be fan-fucking-tastic, that’s what!

Waking up again a little while later, Sookie was pleased to see that she was still in Eric’s bed. The second wakeup call was just as wonderful as the first. Attempting to roll gracefully out of bed, to locate a bathroom, she was tugged back in the warmth of the bedding when Eric’s arms gripped her tight.

“Good evening lover.” Smelling her neck and then leaving a light kiss on her neck. “Where do you think you are sneaking off to?” Eric murmured in her ear.

“A bathroom, please tell me you have one?” She giggled against him as he tickled her neck with his lips and confirmed that he did indeed have a facility she could use.

“Let me up you brute, the sooner I go, the sooner I’ll be back.” With a growl, Eric released her. As she stood up, he gave her bottom a little smack.

“Go faster woman, the bed grows cold.” Eric complained. Sookie turned and smiled, gave her hips a shake and skipped quickly to the bathroom door. Shutting it firmly, she took care of business while she marveled at the clean white marbled bathroom. It was refreshing, and surprisingly warm with all the rich veins of gold and silver running throughout the stone.

Washing, then drying her hands, she thought back to last night. Bill. Fucking bastard. He used me. Took my virginity under false pretenses, was going to sell me to a vampire Queen. Did Eric know? Did he suspect? He must have at some point, but I don’t know when. He never let on anything before last night. Is he playing me now? I jumped right into his bed, oh my God! Well, actually, he took me to his bed after he healed me. Eric’s blood. Bill’s blood. Am I being controlled by vampires?

Taking a breath, Sookie closed her eyes. Come on rational, I know you are in there. You felt this connection to Eric before his blood came near you. How did you feel about Bill? Oh, right. The words permenate friend zone come to mind.

Opening her eyes she saw herself in the mirror for the first time since the attack in the woods, by that creature. She gasped, her eyes were a deep sparkling blue, and her blonde hair was thicker, shinier, streaked with fresh highlights. She was standing naked, just taking in the sight of herself. When did he take off my panties? Crafty Viking!

She smirked, her breasts were full, her waist lean and hips rounded perfectly to her ass. Turning slightly, she could not see any angry shredded marks on her back. Sookie knew without a doubt that they were there last night, based on the pain she felt.

“Beautiful.” Sookie half shrieked, seeing Eric leaned against the now open door frame of the bathroom in nothing but black track pants that hung low on his hips. They showcased the v of his hips with sculpture like quality. He shrugged, “I was worried you fell in.” Sookie laughed at his human joke, then her tummy growled.

“Come lover, I have just thing you need upstairs. How about some fresh food?” Sookie looked confused.

“You mean like fruit from the bar and nachos? That’s not a meal.” She scrunched her nose distastefully. That would certainly put her stomach off the whole day.

“Nachos?” Eric questioned. “No, we do not sell those types of foods here. Maybe you can suggest a menu fit for my establishment, at a later time. I have a better surprise for you.”

Curious, Sookie followed Eric back to his room where he gave her a red Fangtasia logo shirt to wear. “Until Pam can bring you some more suitable attire. Although I have to say I like the access with no panties or bra to get in my way.” Eric smirked.

Sookie returned his smirk and threw the shirt over her head and pushed her arms throw the sleeves, much to Eric’s obvious disappointment. “Thanks. How did you know Bill was working for the Queen?” In for a penny, time for a conversation change.

“I suspected something when he made a hushed phone call and sounded more concerned about his neck than your well-being. It was well known in my world that he is the procurer for Queen Sophie-Ann. When you presented yourselves that first night and claimed to be his. There was little I could do. You had clearly had his blood and his influence was thick.”

“So your blood can influence me?” Sookie was frightened and a bit pissed at those thoughts.

“No, Sookie. When I say influence, I meant Bill already began his seduction on you to trust him. Playing a devious role around your neighbors, your family, it was safe to believe him. Which makes his betrayal sting the most.”

Baby, you ain’t kidding!

Sookie thought about that harsh revelations this evening. Yes, he certainly is quite the actor and I was stupid enough to be happy that I couldn’t hear him. Foolish!

“You can’t influence me through your blood?” She asked, pretty sure she knew the answer.

Eric quickly responded. “You will dream of me, if you have not already, but you will control what happens based off my intentions laced in my blood that is now happily mingling with yours. If you think me evil, you will have frightful dreams. If you think me worthy, only wonderful, passionate visions.” Eric grinned. “I hope for the latter.”

Sookie blushed, looked down at her hands while Eric continued. “You cannot be glamoured, I can attempt to send you feelings but they will be easy for you to interpret. I would wager the same way you read other’s minds. You know their thoughts from your own, it may take you a few tries to get the hang of it.”

Sookie thought his explanation that made complete sense, her curse did take quite a few years to learn how to shield herself. This could be useful and lucky for her it would only be Eric’s feeling, not everyone around her. I can handle that, probably enjoy the fuck out of it! “Okay, what feelings would you send?”

“Say we were in a tense situation, with the Queen for instance, who was threatening me with removing you from my protection. I would send you calm, peaceful feelings, so then your fear would not be scented.” Eric explained.

“Or say we were at a family get-together, like Thanksgiving. I would send you lust and meet you behind the trees away from the farmhouse, so that I could love your luscious body in the moonlight, while the party went on without us.”

“Eric! That’s not funny.” Sookie admonished.

But pretty hot! Let’s do that!

Tilting his head in mock concern, “It wasn’t supposed to be. It was a sensual fantasy…come to life. Your legs wrapped around me while I thrust into your hot-.”

“Enough!” Sookie jumped to cover his mouth before he finished his dirty story. He licked her palm and she laughed at his boyish antics.

“Okay, I get it. I just need to learn how to read your feelings or intentions. With practice that should be easy enough.” Sookie’s tummy rumbled again.

“We will discuss more after your meal.” Eric wrapped his arm around her and kissed her forehead lightly. Ascending the stairs together, Sookie felt lighter, happier. No doubt some of that was Eric, but she knew it was her feelings too and she wasn’t going to fight herself. What was the point?

Entering the main bar again, Sookie smelled grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Her mouth watered, but who? Ginger? No way, that crazy waitress was scattered-brained by a stiff breeze. Just then, Sookie noticed two voids voices coming through the door located behind the bar.

“It smells like shit. Are you sure you are not brain-damaged?” Pam complained.

“I knows exactly what will make a hooker feels better. And this, bitch, is it. Now excuse me!”

Wait. It can’t be. “Lafayette?” Sookie whispered.

Holding a tray with the delicious smelling food and a coke was indeed, Lafayette. The baby vampire.

“What the hell?” Sookie exclaimed.

“Hey Sook.” Lafayette smiled, now showing a hint of fang.







50 thoughts on “Scratches-Chapter 2

  1. Holy Molly!
    i sure wasn’t expecting that!
    Lala a vampire!
    Did Pam turn him ?
    This story is getting better and better…
    P.S. Was the first part of the chapter Sookie’s blood bond dream?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, you liked that huh? (Evil laughter)
      Well, my dear, expect more!!
      Lala is a vampire! YAY! Yes, Pam is his Maker. Because let’s face it everyone, Tara was a shitty charctor in TB that should have been killed off in Season 4. There I said it. I can’t honestly tell you, she will make it past chapter 10 in this story, but we will see. That “friend” of Sookie’s just pisses me off.
      P.S.S. No, that was not a blood bond dream….it was very real. 😉
      Thank you for reading and reviewing, this makes me day!

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    1. Look, she was feeling good and being petted by a drop dead gorgeous Viking, that she has been suppressing her attraction too. What is a telepath to do? Lala the vamp, This should have always happened. Pam and Lala are together all the time, then Season 4 happens and nothing? Bullshit! Now he will be part of the Godric bloodline forever! If you like Tara, I’m sorry to say this but she was never worthy of immortality! Thank you for reading!


    1. Good, I’m glad you think so too! I’ve read some stuff where there is no interaction and suddenly they fall into bed. I like those but, I want some semblance of what would make me fall into bed with Eric…not that it would take much. 😉 Thank you for reading, I will update very, very soon!

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  2. Lala will be such a better vampire than Tara. Never cared for the TB Tara….
    The one liners between Pam and Lala – the mind boggles!!!
    I like this version of Sookie and Eric, their interactions seem so real and right.
    More soon? Please and thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, yes. I mean look at Lafayette. His personality, hidden heart, tough exterior. He was always meant to be vampire not just match him up with some random no one at the end of the series and never talk about him again. UH! Thank you for reading and reviewing. It makes my heart sing and my muse dance around. 🙂

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  3. I really enjoyed the chapter. I’m curious about the voice in Sookie’s head, is it her inner thoughts or something more? LaLa is a vamp, very exciting I didn’t it coming either. This story is fun and exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope, not a dream. I will always try to let you all know what is happening without too…many cliffhangers. But I can’t promise NO cliffys. I love a good one. Thanks for reading!


  4. I love Lala and am so happy to see him as a vampire. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in a story before. Great chapter- lots of yumminess!


  5. I love Lala!!! So excited you seem to be bringing him further into this. Is your Eric free for thanksgiving this year?!

    So your next button is a tease. It’s sitting there all innocent like it belongs and then when I click it nothing…. Sigh thanks for the update, you have me hooked!

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    1. He may have plans, depending on how good you are. He likes a good review 😉

      My little tease will not remain that way for long. Hang on to something, because shit is about to get real. I’m happy you are hooked! Makes my day!


  6. Lala convertido en vampiro tiene posibilidades de hacer que Sookie se meta en menos problemas. Si hay alguien que puede hacer que Sookie escuche, en lo que a normas de comportamiento corresponde con vampiros, ese es Lala. Un muy buen cambio de dirección en la historia de True Blood.

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  7. OMFG you just made my day!!! Lala as Pam’s child pmsl, what a perfect pair – they’re going to bankrupt Eric lol. I so wasn’t expecting that but it’s a very welcome surprise! Brilliant follow on chapter and I really like the way your mind works!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I don’t think Eric has any idea what he is truly in for. Haha! Thank you for the awesome compliment. 🙂 My muse is very satisfied in her chair as she flicks her sparklers and sips her wine. I have more written but I need to go through and finesse/edit, edit, EDIT! 🙂

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