Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, HBO and any other interested parties own SVM/True Blood. I just love making them kiss when the powers that be are not watching.

Also, I was feeling a bit more lemoninity. Yes, that word is mine. @ For those sensitive to crude language, sexual situations and the like, please steer clear of this chapter. For everyone else, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chapter 8

Awaking from his rest. Eric could feel Sookie close by, but not in bed with him. The bond revealed her happiness, satisfaction and peaceful demeanor. I better go and greet my beloved properly. After a few more spectacular rounds last night, Eric knew Sookie would sleep the day away after their exertions. He liked the idea that she was too worn out by him to do much today.

Eric got out of bed, the sheet that Sookie had covered him with fell from him like a black silk waterfall. Dangling over the side of the bed in a foolish attempt to coax him back to bed so the heavenly fabric could caress him once more.

Steam rolled out from the bathroom’s open doorway. His Sookie was lounging is the large tub, eyes closed and a serene expression on her face. One beautiful tanned leg moved slightly then water sloshed against her breasts as she rested her calf over the edge to stretch her delicate foot.

“Why don’t you join me?” Her right hand left the edge of the marble to her knee and down her thigh until she touched her soft skin under the warm water. Sookie moaned as she opened her eyes to look at him, longing rippled through the bond as she touched herself.

Eric’s fangs were down before he entered the bathroom, but at this glorious sight they were throbbing right along with his cock. Both begging to be deep inside her. I love you, he thought as a rumble escaped his throat.

“I need you.” Eric’s voice was deep and cracked with want.

Sookie smirked back, her pupil’s dilated with lust. “Then come here and take me.”

Eric huskily replied, “Stand up, lover.”

Without question she obeyed. As she stood from the white oval bath, he watched the heated water dribble down her breasts, soft belly, and her curvy hips before splashing into the water below.

“Beautiful and mine.” Eric held his hand to help her step out onto the matching marble floor.

The temperature drop of leaving the warmed water to the cool air made Sookie’s nipples tighten. “Can you please hand me a towel?”


“But I’m so wet.” She moved her arms around his neck loosely and smiled wickedly. “I don’t think you would like me…wet.”

Growling, Eric gripped her hips and tugged her tightly against him. His cock pulsed between them as his mouth descended toward hers. The pressure started sweet and turned primal as he started to devour her moans and explore her mouth with his tongue.

“I adore you wet, primed and ready for my cock. But let’s see if what you say is true.” He grinned down to her as his fingers swept passed her pelvis, through the trimmed hair to her slippery soft slit. He dipped two fingers in as she gasped in pleasure of his invasion.

“It seems you tell the truth, however I need further proof.” Removing his fingers he picked her up bridal style and walked with her toward the cream colored chaise lounge opposite the bath.

Setting her down in front of the furniture, he growled, “Knees on the cushion and hold the back of the chaise.”

Her arousal filled the air anew as she followed his instructions. His nostrils flared and his cock ached to have her, hard. The angle she knelt in left her ass out as she waited for him. Eric trailed his hands down her arms as he moved in close. One of his knees bent behind her and the other stayed on the marble for support. He reached forward and caressed her breasts, pinching her tight nipple making Sookie hiss and beg for more. He slid his cock against her behind, then glided under her, soaking up her slick need. Eric rubbed himself over her clit and past her slit a few times, just to hear the cries and frustration for him to continue.

“God, please Eric. Please, fuck me.” The bond was going wild with desire and love. Ready to become one with his bonded, Eric penetrated her with just the tip of his cock. The pressure enough to almost send him over the edge. With all the teasing he had been doing, he had almost lost himself to this vixen.

Grunting he whispered in her ear, “So eager for me, Sookie. I am going to fuck my fairy right out of her mind.” He thrust in to the hilt when he said, mind. Sookie moaned out to the ceiling as he stilled for a moment. Then he started pumping, pounding into her.

Eric leaned over her body kissing and sucking her neck as she cried out for more. Harder, faster. His fingers found her clit and started rolling it until it was straining, her whimpering grew louder until he bit down on her vein. Drinking deep, as she came screaming his name. He was blind with his own orgasm. Her pussy fluttered rapidly around him as he drove through her orgasm into another.

Drinking her fairy-laced blood was decadent, never in his thousand years had he found its equal. Licking her wounds closed but leaving the puncture marks, he picked her up and moved her to the bed. He positioned her back on her knees and kept her chest down on the mattress, moving her hair to the side so he could see her face. He rode her again.

“Mmm, Eric.” A light sheen of sweat from the tub and their activity shown on her skin in the low light.

“Yes, my Sookie. Feel all of me. You were a naughty girl to touch yourself.” He pulled out, enjoying the view of her ass as she whimpered at the loss of him. He smacked her ass firmly, not enough to leave a mark, just to get her attention.

“My lover needs a lesson in patience.” Flipping her over to her back. Eric tugged her nipples into his mouth, alternating bites with his blunt teeth and licking the hard points with his tongue. Massaging the twin swells, Eric murmured, “You have the best breasts I have ever seen.”

Kissing his way across her belly he continued playing with her nipples. Pinching them further and driving her wild. Reaching the apex of her thighs he spread them wide to revel her glistening pussy. “Looks like I am not needed here.” Eric blew lightly on her sensitive skin, causing goose bumps to ripple down her legs.

“Please Eric, I ache.” Sookie pleaded, she opened her eyes to beg Eric for leniency. With a snarl at having her wet and begging for him, Eric set a quick pace on her clit. Swirling, then sucking. Flicking and nibbling. Keeping Sookie panting with unfulfilled need.

“Oh fuck, Eric!” Sookie cried as he shoved two thick fingers deep inside her while continuing his assault on her clit. Eric started humming, knowing at any moment Sookie was going to cum all over his face. He couldn’t wait to see his lover fall apart due to his attentions.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmm.” Eric purred until Sookie wailed her release. Tensing and then relaxing, turned into spasms, then twinges, her heavy eyelids remained shut and she gulped air into her lungs.

Sookie lay almost passed out from what he could only assume was unfathomable pleasure that Eric had given her. As she stirred he moved up and between her legs, positioning his cock at her now soaking pussy. Pushing in to the hilt, Sookie moaned and wrapped her legs around his thighs while Eric drove harder.

His voice rasped, “So tight, my lover.”


This is best.”

In, out, in.

“This is right.”

Out, in, out, in, out.

“This is forever, Sookie.”


Eric found his rhythm as Sookie grabbed his neck and he looked deep in her bright blue eyes.

“Forever,” she whispered. “I love you.”

His chest clenched and she pounded faster into her. “And I you.” The words were almost too hard to say. Almost.

“I love you, Sookie.”

She panted in his ears as his pace intensified and then he struck her jugular, sending him over the edge in a kaleidoscope of color and sensation. Her blood hit the back of his throat in a hot, sweet rush.

Sookie’s delicious pussy clenched around his cock carrying her off to another orgasm. He bellowed out his final release to the heavens and then lay next to her, pulling her close to his chest. He could not bear to be parted from her yet. So he kept them joined as he held her tight.

Utterly spent, Sookie fell into a deep sleep while Eric nuzzled her neck, closing the twin marks with a lick and a kiss.

“Sleep, my lover. And, dream of me.” Eric breathed in her ear.







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