A/N I was informed of some mistakes that I hope I have fixed including some continuity in what Sookie was eating. Oops! Sorry, I’ll try to be more vigilant going forward. 🙂




“Who did this to you?”

Sookie looked to Pam, then back to Eric in bewilderment. “You have been missing for two weeks. And now you’re a vampire.

What the fuck? He looks…good. Happy.

“Bonefide. Now don’t go looking at my maker and grand-pappy that way. They be sensitive.” Lafayette chuckled and strode up to Sookie, flicking his hand toward Pam and Eric who now stood stoically watching Sookie’s reaction.

Lafayette stopped short a few feet from Sookie, utterly serious in his tone. “I wanted this Sook, my choice. I asked for this when I was caught selling V. Eric thought it over, but Pam,” he paused to look back and gave his maker a nod, which she returned. He turned his attention back to Sookie. “She is good to me, real good. This is the life I was always meant to lead. Can you be happy for me?”

Sookie’s mouth opened, then shut. I need to process this. Selling V? Oh Laf, he was into too many things. Although, he still had his signature style. Perfect mascara, glittery earrings and low slung bedazzled jeans. All screamed Lafayette.

Her friend was still as fierce as ever, now more than ever with some added vampire flare. Sookie realized with a smirk, this life did fit him like a glove.

“Course, I am.” She lunged forward to hug him tight until he started inhaling her hair a little too much and Eric growled.

“Sorry, sorry.” Lafayette stepped out of Sookie’s hold as Eric grabbed her possessively around the waist.

“Goddamn. You smell real good Sookie. Too fucking good.” He closed his eyes as if trying to remember her scent. “It’s unnerving. How about you stay over there so Eric doesn’t stake my newborn ass.”

“Oh, alright.” Sookie said, patting Eric on the chest to let him know everything was fine. His eyes blazed and his deadly fangs were bared toward the newest progeny. This shouldn’t turn me on, but it does.

Eric moved Sookie behind him as Pam stepped in front of Lafayette. A hiss escaped her toward her beloved maker, Eric responded with another deep growl. And just like that, the posturing ceased. Eric nodded to Pam, then turned his back to his bloodline to touch Sookie’s cheek. “Are you ready to eat?”

Vampires, so territorial. So fucking hot.

“Yes, please.” Sookie whispered.

“Foods over there Sook, soup should be just the right temperature now.” Lafayette tilted his head toward the steaming bowl and plate and he drank down his second True Blood of the evening.

“Thanks Laf.” Sookie grinned back, then walked to the other side of the bar with Eric. The large booth had her food laid out on the table, along with a foggy cold bottle of water and a recently poured soda. Sookie sat next to Eric and ate happily, smelling the home-style cooked meal with slow deliberate bites. Home cooked meal by Lafayette. Sookie had eaten his food so much over the years that it was as familiar to her as her Gran’s fried chicken and biscuits.

When she was halfway done with her meal, Sookie noticed Eric was quiet, almost distracted as he stared off in space.

“Is everything okay?” She whispered.

Eric blinked and looked up from the empty dance floor to Sookie. “Yes.” I’m not buying that.

Feeling her concern override any remaining appetite, Sookie set down her utensils and crossed her arms over her chest. “I can wait all night, and day, Mister. What’s wrong?”

Eric chuckled and shook his head at her stubborn nature. He muttered something about Fae being tenacious. “My Maker has closed off his connection with me. I know he lives, but not what his well-being is.”

Perplexed, Sookie asked, “It this a new development? Do you think something happened to him?”

“I am unsure, he has been…depressed for a while. I could not begin to say why. He may have felt my growing concern and shut me out.”

That sounds horrible. How could a maker do that?

“Does it hurt you?” Sookie scooted closer to Eric taking his hand in hers, she rubbed it soothingly.

Eric’s brows raised as if he was surprised by her question. “Yes, it does. How did you know that?”

Sookie shrugged. “I guessed, my Gran and I were close and when she died so did our connection. I know she is in a better place. But without being around her, I feel the pain of her absence. I am so sorry that you do too. Can I do something to help you?”

Eric inhaled sharply and then answered. “Come with me to Dallas. I can meet with Godric and see if he is in need. I can also protect you from Bill’s ridiculous plans with the Queen. We need a strategy to deal with them, and Godric has a strong mind for thinking three moves ahead.”

Meet Eric’s maker? It’s like meeting his parents…only better. I hope Godric is okay.

“Alright. When do we leave?”



Their flight left late that afternoon from Shreveport to Dallas. Eric was transported in a travel coffin, while Sookie drank some adorably tiny bottles filled with Gin on the flight. A car was waiting in the hanger when Sookie disembarked.

Eric rose from his travel coffin and vamped over to her side. Giving her a toe curling kiss, he entwined his fingers through hers and led her to the black sedan.

“Was the flight uneventful?”

“Sort of. I missed you.” Sookie smiled softly and looked at their knotted fingers.

Two of Eric’s fingers tipped her chin up to make sure they were looking eye to eye. “And I you, my Sookie.”

He opened the door for her and Sookie slid onto the cool leather seat to make room for Eric. He was quiet most of the drive, but kept a tight hold on Sookie’s hand while periodically glancing out the windows. The air was thick with anticipation and it set her nerves on edge.

“So, what is Godric like?”

Eric faced her bemused. “He is ancient.”

That is not a description.


“He is one of the few people I trust unconditionally. Besides you and Pam, not many fall into that category.”

Well, that is something. But Sookie guessed that a Maker would not ever want to hurt their child. That would be unbelievably cruel. Unless a vampire got off on that. She shuttered. If she was ever turned, she hoped Eric would be her Maker.

Wait! What the fuck! Where is all this coming from? Did she want to be turned? Yes, one day. By Eric. Just the idea, made Sookie rub her knees together.

Eric sniffed the air subtlety, smirked and leaned over to Sookie’s ear, whispering, “Why Sookie, what about that sentence was so arousing to you?”

His right hand stroked over her clenched knees and eased under her red checkered sundress, tracing his long fingers up her thigh.


He placed her left hand on his erection. She grasped it instinctively and Eric hissed in the pleasure of Sookie’s touch. “I trust you, my Sookie. With my existence, my happiness and,” Eric arched his hips, “with my cock.”

Sookie purred. “I feel the same way, Eric. It’s a little shocking.” She continued to stroke him as Eric made contact with the outside of her damp panties. Her breath caught in her throat as Eric increased the pressure of his fingertips. Rubbing up and down her drenched covered slit. Eric very effectively keeping Sookie off balance as she moved her hips to his rhythm.

Before she lost herself completely, Sookie asked, “Why do I feel this way Eric? I feel like I went from cold to hot with you. I don’t want to swing back to cold. Ever.” Eric’s hand slid back down to grip her leg above her knee.

“There is something about you, my lover. You have a fire inside you have is brilliant. I have not seen it’s likeness in another human.” Eric hesitated. “I’m not convinced you are merely mortal, there is something else in you.”

Sookie laughed, “What like a vampire? How about a mermaid, I hear they are pretty magical.”

Eric smiled but said, “There are many creatures on this plane you have yet to meet. If I had to guess.”

He considered something before declaring, “Fairy, that would explain your sweet taste and smell. It must be a distant relation for any vampire to have not drained you.”

Sookie gasped, appalled. “Drained!” She tried to move away from Eric. Was she safe around any vampire talking about draining. Eric stilled her with a hug before she could move an inch.

“I will never hurt you. Ever!” Eric was adamant, fierce as his voice grew low and sure. He is telling the truth, he would never hurt me.

“Well, then don’t say drained! I’m not looking to die by blood loss.” Sookie’s eyes were still wide but her pulse was calming down as she realized her still, small voice was right. He would never hurt me.

“I do not wish that for you.”

Sookie thought about Bill. Fucking Bill. That guy was a rat, how could she be so stupid. Did he glamour Gran to like him? No, she would have been able to tell right away. But the thing that nagged at her the most was Gran’s death. The timing of it, looking at it dispassionately her end was pretty convenient. Bill had time, opportunity and could even glamour Rene to do it.

The Queen, that would have been the next step after taking her virginity, place her with the queen. Why didn’t he? Killing Long Shawdow, Jessica surprise announcement that he had made her while he was away. Another nail in the coffin of guilt that Bill hated being a vampire and had to turn Jessica because of Sookie. A 17 year old good Christian girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sookie closed her eyes. Get a grip Stackhouse. Bill turned Jessica to keep his cover. He could have said at any moment he was on a mission for the Queen and probably gotten out of it. He is such a manipulative bastard!

“I wish this Bill thing was over.” Sookie tone lowered along with her head as she fidgeted with the seat belt.

“It will be soon, Sookie. Godric has a mind for strategy, he will have some insight to assist us, I am sure.” He is so confident in his maker. I like that.

“What does Godric do in Dallas?” Sookie asked.

“He is the King.”


Eric smiled, amused as Sookie took in that information. “Would that make you a prince?”

Eric snorted, “Hardly.”

“Why not stay in Dallas with him? Why Louisiana?”

Eric turned his gaze out the window, closing his eyes to the black expanse before breathing out his reply. “I felt a pull to be there. Louisiana. Something…instinctual told me to stay until I felt ready for the next step in my destiny.”

Sookie absorbed yet another piece of the puzzle that was Eric Northman. Unaware he was facing her once more, he grabbed her hand, turned it over and placed a gentle kiss on her wrist. “I know now that I was waiting for you.”

Shocked, Sookie blurted out, “How long have you been in Shreveport?”

“Twenty five years.” Eric answered, his solemn response had shaken them both.

Stunned, she murmured. “Since I was born? I don’t understand.”

“That is how magic works sometimes. You have to follow a feeling until the truth is revealed. Until the purpose is uncovered. Once that mystery is resolved, the rest falls into place.”

That made complete sense to Sookie. She never felt more right than the night she met Eric. She couldn’t define it then but it was like she knew him. Something clicked into place that night.

“I fell it too.” Sookie revealed a sweet, loving smile to Eric.

“That is good.” The lovers kissed briefly before Eric muttered against her cheek, “We are here.”


Thank you all for reading, the response to this story is over whelming but I am doing my best to update as soon as I can.

So how do you like my version of Lafayette as a vampire? He is awesome and yet another TB character that was under-used, just like Pam. No worries, they have work to do in this story. 🙂




59 thoughts on “Scratches-Chapter 3

  1. Sabía que Lala haría que Sookie viera otra prespectiva de su propia vida, teniendo en consideración otros factores que antes no podía ver. Espero que todo vaya bien con Godric y que el as que se está guardando Bill bajo la manga sea revelado pronto.

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  2. So Pam did turn Lafayette!
    I agree that Lala would have been a magnificient vampire but the show didn’t I guess…
    Love how Sookie and Eric are getting closer…
    I hope Godric isn’t in the hands of the FOTS…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since they have been childhood friends, she knows all about his struggles…also she is a telepath. Yet another fact that True Blood and CH forgot. Why waste a gift like that? Don’t you want to see how it works? I do. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing.


  3. I always thought Lafayette would make a great vampire. I hope Godric isn’t suicidal, or is willing to be helped. I look forward to him meeting Lafayette. The growl conversation between Eric and Pam was fun.

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  4. Lover this version of events! Lala is a great character to be a vampire and really want he and Godric to meet. I hope your Godric isn’t wanting to die or if he is will be talked out of it when Eric and Sookie get there. Looking forward to updates.

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    1. Thank you! I hate stupid Sookie. “I’m from a small town in the South, which means I’m stupid!” Give me a break, no one believes you. Maybe, maybe if she was not telepathic…maybe. But also, if she was this stupid, she would cling to Eric to protect her and listen to everything he said. She would be utterly dismal. I want street smart Sookie who sees the worst humanity and vampires have to offer and relies on her wits and southern manners to cut it. My Sookie has this, don’t you worry. 😉

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  5. I love Lala! I’m glad he wanted to be turned. I loved the confrontation between Pam and Eric, each protecting their own. I hope the meeting with Godric goes well and that they can help him to be happy again. 🙂

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    1. I remember when I first saw that epi where Lala asked to be turned. It was the foreshadowing I was sure they were going to act on….like everything else Alan Ball…how wrong I was. But where they messed up I can write hopefully perfectly. (Too many ly’s) LOL! Thanks for reading!

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    1. (Spoiler Alert) The whole, Eric was punished for having sex in a remote village with a girl in France, outdoors…was utterly stupid. Also, also, Godric was still alive and very much Nan’s elder. He should have been there to slap the shit out of Nan, the authority…I digress. I choose to believe that a vampire of over 1000 years can pick where and when he wants to go somewhere, no matter what! But when something calls you, deep in your soul. You must listen. I always listen to my heart and it has never steered me wrong. Whew, that was a novel. Sorry!
      Thanks for reviewing!

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  6. This was so good. I hope Godric is ok. Love that Sookie thinks before she blurts out everything she feels. She seems much smarter in this story. Always one of my pet peeves. She hears life in the minds of most people, she should be smarter than she is normally written. Like “street smarts.”
    I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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    1. Oh, completely agree. CH disregarded the fact that Sookie was smarter than she looked or acted. Her acting rashly does not sell books. Sookie gets a pass on one or two whoopies but ALL THE TIME, no. Just no. Thank you for reading!


    1. Don’t you worry, they will help Godric….
      Magic is a huge part of this world and yet sometimes it is hardly mentioned, you won’t have that problem reading my story. 😉
      Thanks for reading!


  7. Who wouldn’t fall for this more open and honesty Eric? And Sookie’s line about the pixie dust being scared out of her was priceless. Lala as a vampire still makes me smile, growlie territorially vampire conversations make me giggle, and Godric as King?! Hopefully that means your storyline for him in this is different.

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    1. Thank you! Vampires are pretty animalistic and even though we all know Eric wouldn’t really hurt Pam…It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t protect what is his. Godric, oh Godric. I love him, and respect his character greatly. please keep that in mind…
      Thank you for reading. 🙂


  8. Lafayette will make a FABULOUS vampire –and he’ll be the kind to sparkle as well 🙂 I do hope Godric is not depressive in your story and that he’ll continue to live century after century. I hope he comes up with a way to save Sookie from Sophia Ann and re-kindle his relationship with his son, Eric….

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    1. Lala will be fantastic, sparkly, full of life. He will be keeping Pam entertained and happy as well. Be immortal I would think you could sway in and out of all emotions. Extreme joy, utter disappointment. But I would think that living and seeing as much as Godric does that he knows depression is a passing phase….but we shall see…
      Thank you for reviewing!


  9. Love the story so far! Am really hoping to see a lot of Godric in the coming chapters since well he is my hands down favorite vamp in the TB series. About the only thing I can point out that could be improved is continuation between chapters…you had Sookie smelling grilled cheese and tomato’s soup last chapter and presented her with fried chicken and the fixings in this chapter LOL


    1. You will defiantly see a lot of Godric…in fact it may not be a Godric you are used to. I can’t believe I messed up the food. Super duper oops! Thank you for letting me know. I’ve changed it and so now the continuity makes sense. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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    1. Just because he is a vampire of a few weeks, doesn’t mean he hates cooking. It probably is just a human habit he will eventually grow out of. Maybe he will grow into high end couture shopping with Pam. Couldn’t you see these two in New York during Fashion Week. Awesome-sauce! Thank you for reading!

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    1. Kings who are suicidal are not good leaders and I always thought Godric had a higher calling than to “let go” so stupidly. Leave it to True Blood to have a deep, interesting character and kill him before they really get him going. Oops, how did I get up on this soapbox? 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  12. I am so loving this story 😍 This version of events seem way more probable than what we’ve read in the books and saw on t.v.. I like how you gave Lafayette another purpose because he truly deserves more than Bon Temps. Can’t wait until next update!

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    1. Why thank you! *preen* I like to read and write exactly what would have made these stories better. Adventure, Sci-fi and red hot romance. And seriously, who doesn’t love Lafayette! 🙂 Thank you for reading…I hope you like where this story goes next.


      1. I just finished reading this chapter again and notice a slight flaw. You start by saying Sookie smells grilled cheese &tomato soup with lala coming out with a tray of this plus a coke and then
        Lala says she has fried chicken, greens, and mashed potatoes for her after there greeting hug.


        1. Hi, thank you for reminding me. Another reader also pointed out my mistake and I forgot to fix it. This is what you get when I stop and follow another story. Sorry. I’ve updated both Chapter 2 and 3, so it should all be cohesive. Thank you for reading. 🙂


  13. Oh I knew Lala would be even more awesome as a Vamp – a male Pam (the best bits of Pam before TB ruined her character)! Lafayette is one of my favourite True Blood characters but then I could never understand why CH didn’t expand on him as she made him intriguing in the first book – such a wasted opportunity but glad AB saw the value of him. My favourite comic characters in TB are Lala, Jason and Andy – they have had some priceless lines, just a pity most of TB went to hell in a handbasket! Tara drove me nuts and it’s a shame as she had great potential in the first series – I was actually pissed off Pam turned her (it was so time for her character to die) although it could have been a good thing if they’d used it right. I like how you’ve brought in the fate angle, can’t wait to see how Godric is in this one.

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    1. Thank you!!!! Seriously, your comments are making my fucking day! And it’s the 4th of July! Best day ever! I had some real issues with CH and AB with what they did with my characters. Yes, mine! Once they have been released into the wild anyone can run with them. And I can keep up like no ones business. 🙂

      Tara and Pam were a fleeting great idea that went NOWHERE! (Annoying) But Lala and Pam, pure gold. These two can be BFF, Frenimies, lovers, rivals and family. Perfection and comedy. Keep reading, more to come. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think CH and AB forget they made them the fans characters too! You’d think CH would have been flattered she’d made Eric into something larger than life instead of whining she doesn’t understand what people love about him! I will always believe Eric is based on someone in her life she came to hate.

        Yes, Tara and Pam should have worked brilliantly but were a total let down. Going by Tara’s past she should have felt like she finally belonged somewhere. I have to admit I think Lala is the perfect child for Pam and he’d drive Eric insane! I can just see them ganging up on him over his wardrobe lol. Life is boring without comedy, thankfully I live with two wannabe commedians!


        1. I think that it is a real possibility about Eric in CH’s life. WOW! Probably her ex-husband. Sorry, but she is one big cliche, and extremely easy to read.

          I would have been over the moon to see people react to a character I created. I mean there is a faithful following to Eric and Sookie. Why not embrace it? CH certainly cashed in on it, why not go all the way? Guarantee more of us would be reading her books today. Sad for her.

          I love TB’s Lala, Brilliant actor and the writer’s get some credit. LOL! It’s the actor who brings these characters to life. The words are about 50% of that whole. Good thing you are surrounded my comedians, life is boring as sin otherwise. 😉

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          1. Yes, she really fucked up with her fans. I would have bought another of her books if she’d ended SSVM differently but now I never will and I’ve seen similar comments from many, many fans. I’m amazed she didn’t change her mind after seeing AS bring Eric to life though!

            Yes the actors did amazing jobs with the characters. They were given a lot of creative leeway – although AS and KBVS begging them to change the releasing scene didn’t work lol. The actors are what kept us watching I think – lets face it some of the plot lines were awful! They stuffed up from Season 5 – the potential with The Authority and Roman was huge and they wasted a huge opportunity there. You’d think the writing team would have seen the potential of The Authority and a character like Roman.

            Living with fibro makes a good laugh essential! My son has a very sharp wit which he hopes to use for script writing in the future.


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