For the Exchange Fiction Contest I decided a re-make of Definitely Dead was in the cards. The request for a stronger Sookie and a non-sappy Eric was hopefully met. Canon is non-existent other than some characters and places.



Sookie Stackhouse is weary of crying herself to sleep every night over the loss of Eric Northman. Grudgingly, she revealed their time together during his curse. After the Mickey fiasco, a wall of silence rose from Eric. The pain of his avoidance forces Sookie to move on. But try as she might, his presence is still alive and well within her heart. In an attempt to get Eric off her mind, Sookie consents to go on a date with John Quinn.  

Eric has heard every last detail from Pam and other trusted Supes from his Area, all about who he was when the witch’s curse was in place. Eric was meticulous in his investigation, how he acted while with Sookie and how his Telepath responded. Eric knows that Sookie is in love with him, or at least the watered down version of himself, and he admits to feeling the same for her. Eric intends to propose a blood bond for the first time in his long existence. Will Sookie accept?



Chapter 1


“…I can’t wait to taste her tits…”

Sookie strained to add yet another layer to her already tattered shields. She had been an absolute wreck since Eric regained his memories, and tonight was testing her strength.

Quinn was pleasant enough, minus his thoughts about her body and his imagination about what he would do with her. Not unattractive, Quinn was muscled like a pro wrestler, had some blindingly white teeth and a head Sookie was sure he had buffed to a shine every day.

She never had to pretend to have a good time with Eric, it was so easy. They were so easy. Sookie trusted Eric, even though he had left her high and dry once the curse was broken. Now here she was in a vain attempt to forget all about him. Smile, nod, pretend she didn’t want to see Eric’s long straight hair and handsome features staring back at her.

“I attended Tulane on a football scholarship. Top of my class. I won a few Championships for the U.” Quinn’s grin was wide as he vainly laid out his accomplishments. Not that there was anything amiss with that, but Sookie found his smugness boring.

Sure, Eric Northman was arrogant in his own right. But he never had to list his endeavors of glory. He had a quiet power to him that was more than enough to send even the more ferocious being scampering into the night. Eric was a force to be reckoned with.

“Where did you go to college?” Quinn asked. The image of her in his head assaulted her and quickly snapped her back to the present. His behavior, even silent was downright revolting for a first date. The newness of her slight attraction to Quinn wavered even further out to sea. At this rate, Sookie would never call him again.

Quinn was very well aware that Sookie was a telepath. Was he doing this on purpose?

Sookie kept a blank expression as she continued to sip her water. Quinn never saw her right hand slip across the surface of the table and fist the stem of her red wine glass. The dark crimson liquid exploded from goblet and landed with a shocking force all over Quinn’s shiny bald head. Sookie knew that the patrons, as well as the employees of the fancy steakhouse that surrounded them would take notice of his actions.

Setting down her red wine glass in an attempt at being lady-like, Sookie smiled sweetly at Quinn.

“We didn’t have money for college.” She answered, shooing away the fantasy of embarrassing him in front of a large group of people. “I’ve been working since I was sixteen to keep my Gran and me afloat.” Sookie responded conversationally. She was damn proud of herself to have been able to be the support they’d needed. Without her, Gran would have lost the farmhouse and been forced to live with Jason at her parents old place.

Sookie couldn’t imagine that scenario going over well with her very self-absorbed brother, Jason.

Quinn frowned. “Well, now that you work for vampires the money you earn from those damn blood suckers should supply you with a better living.” Quinn didn’t hide his negative assessment of her clothing, he thought that she probably dressed herself in thrift store rags.

Sookie held her tongue, her patience was wearing very thin but she was determined to be the bigger person and not fly off the handle.

Quinn gazed was back on Sookie’s face as he continued eat his foot. “You know Sookie, you should really upgrade your current standards. New clothes, perhaps an education. Although with your GPA,” he chuckled. “I can’t imagine what school would accept you. But that is where money can come into play.” Quinn paused again, his brow furrowed as Sookie seethed silently across the table. “Unless, of course you blow through your paycheck on frivolous things. Too much ice cream, maybe.”

“Excuse me.” Sookie spat. Putting a stop to Quinn’s offensive innuendos on her lifestyle. “You don’t know me or my life. Don’t sit there and judge me because you have some fancy college degree. Whatever they taught you at the school, it most certainly wasn’t manners.”

Quinn’s eyebrows shot up in actual surprise. Sookie scowled in his direction. Did he really assume she would sit here and be treated like a doormat, no wonder the weretiger was still single. At least Quinn had the decency to look ashamed for a moment.

“Sookie, I’m sorry, okay.” He rubbed his large paw at the back of his neck and over the top of his head. Was he petting himself?” Sookie shuttered, she would never pet a cat again. “I assumed you liked my honesty. I don’t know any other way.”

“Explains then why you are single.” Sookie spoke her previous thought as leaned over to the other chair and snatched up her gold sequined clutch.

Damn it, another let down. Why was every guy she ever met some kind of loser, stalker or completely unavailable?

“Wait, don’t go. Forget I said anything.” Quinn grabbed her wrist in a desperate plea, Sookie stilled as the face of an unknown male vampire appeared in Quinn’s mind.

“…find out what Sophie-Ann is up to. Everything! Now I hear reports of a telepath in the Viking’s area…get her to heel…I wish to avail myself of her talents…don’t give a fuck what Northman will do…he’ll meet the true death come the take-over…”

Sookie gasped and tried to break free of Quinn’s touch, she couldn’t stand this charade anymore.

“Let go of me.” Sookie whispered in a sharp tone that brokered no argument. Quinn released her and sat back in the leather booth, his mind scrambled for something to keep her happy.

“Don’t call me again, ever!” Sookie stood, sending her chair screeching backwards against the wood floors. She needed to get out, get away from Quinn. He was dangerous. Not only to her and this mysterious vampire with dark hair but to Eric.

Sookie all but ran to the lobby and toward the front doors. Keeping her head high she heard Quinn curse after her. The last thought she got from him was fear that De Castro would kill him, or stick him down in the pits to fight again for losing a foothold on Sookie’s cooperation. Then Quinn’s brain pattern changed into a more devious thought process. He would spin the story of the lost telepath to someone else being to blame, but who?

Finally through the smoky glass doors Sookie was whisked into the cool night. It was the end of August in Louisiana, a time of cooler late night breezes easing off July’s humid temperatures.

Shit. Sookie hadn’t driven here, Quinn had brought her. Looks like she needed a ride. Sookie groaned, a taxi would cost her a pretty penny. Jason was out, probably drunk by now. There was no way she would call Bill. Sookie glanced around the almost bare parking lot, she was in Shreveport. Maybe Pam or Eric could…


Don’t go there. Eric was no longer interested in her. He had been absent in her daily life ever since she told him about their time together. Sookie inhaled the night air to clear her head and took out her cell phone to find a taxi company.

“Hello, Sookie.” Eric’s smooth voice floated behind her. She closed her eyes and exhaled, closing her cell.

“Eric, what are you doing here?” Even in her most vulnerable times, he was there. Waiting for her. Sookie turned to see Eric standing next to a large tree. His silhouette showed nothing but his extraordinary outline of a vampire in control. His arms across her chest, as if he had been waiting for her.

“Waiting for my beautiful telepath to come to me.” He spoke, his words measured and resolute.

Was he serious?

“Who are you calling?”

“Oh,” Sookie looked down at her cell. “A cab, I can’t very well assume that handsome Sheriff’s will always be around to save the day.”

“Hmm, and what do you need saving from this time, my Sookie?” Eric questioned.

That was the second time Eric had said my, maybe it was her imagination. Sookie was still shaken up about how to tell Eric about Quinn’s thoughts.

“A ride from the heel, toe express.” Sookie replied seriously, she kept her face blank so as not to give away the joke.

Eric was confused, the vampire gazed down Sookie’s bare tanned legs to her black peep toe pumps. Then just to be through, his scrutiny simmered back up and over every inch of her body, finally coming to a rest on her face. His eyes were smoldering and then surprising Sookie for the second time tonight, he threw his head back and laughed heartily.

He was stunning. Golden hair blowing in the slight breeze. A dazzling sapphire button up shirt was open at the collar and tucked into a pair of snug fitting dark denim. Black boots encased his large feet as he shifted from his outburst. Eric would give a GQ model a run for his money in the looks department. He was utterly divine.

“Well, I would hate to have you injure those delectable legs of yours in pursuit of…home. Please allow me to escort you.” Eric smiled and walked to Sookie. Holding out his hand to her, Sookie took it gratefully. Their connection sent jolts of lighting and awareness through her hand and throughout her body. Sookie had never been effected this way by another person.

Eric may have saved Sookie from taxi fare tonight but his cool touch refreshed her with so many memories of their easy rapport. She needed to remember that Eric wasn’t anywhere near the ballpark in her emotional level for him. He liked her, sure, that was easy to see but what was after that like for him? Sookie hadn’t a clue. And just like a guy, she was sure that he didn’t want to be recapped of the matters that faced them and their very complicated relationship.

For now, Sookie would accept a ride in Eric’s beautiful blood red Corvette and dream of the moment she locked out the outside world slip into a relaxing hot bath. A place where she could wash off the bad date with Quinn and find her equilibrium once more.

Sookie would reflect on Quinn’s revelations and how to approach Eric of the possible danger, he absolutely needed to know, but not tonight.

Making decisions about your life, Sookie discovered, was always easier when you started at ground zero. And that place happened to be her 1920’s claw foot bathtub. Maybe she was running away from another complication or maybe she just needed some direction. Some assurances in her life.

Vanilla scented candlelight called to her. The heat would dance around the bathroom as slow sensual music engulfed her remaining senses and then she would wash away her troubles down the drain.

“I can’t imagine what you are thinking of but I hope it’s me.” Eric bent down and purred in Sookie’s ear. She had caught herself a little too late in the unintentional sigh of her relaxation time. Without any thought at all, Sookie had settled nicely against Eric’s side. Sookie thought that she needed to play this right with Eric, but her evening with Quinn left her a bit raw.

Sookie knew some familiar flirting with Eric Northman would bring her self-esteem back to rights.

“Oh, you know. Ready to wash the night’s bad date off and slip into a nice relaxing tub. Do you ever do that? Just drown your cares away?” Sookie smirked as they continued to Eric’s car which was parked around the side of the restaurant away from packed lot. Heaven forbid they dent or scratch the finish, there would be hell to pay from a very ancient Viking vampire!

Eric unlocked the doors with his key fab and opened the elegant sports car’s passenger side door. “I can’t say that I have, but you my Sookie could turn me into a believer.” Eric wiggled his eyebrows and assisted Sookie into the low slung seat before closing her door.

Settled quickly, the engine roared to life and they were off into the night. The power of the Corvette vibrated Sookie’s ass and thighs as Eric picked up speed when they merged on the highway. It was exhilarating. The world zoomed by, leaving the occupants in the vehicle exactly where they needed to be.

With each other.

Sookie giggled.

“Something amuses you, lover.” Eric asked. The name sent a stone dropping deep her belly.

Calm down, he had call you that once before the curse. It doesn’t mean a thing. You got mad at him, but we both know you loved it. So just relax!

Sookie cleared her throat. “I was remembering when you drove me home before and how your skills were less than desirable. I thought you were gonna kill me in a head on collision or something.” Sookie laughed.

Eric raised one brow and looked over at Sookie. “And that charming thought…pleases you?”

“No, not at all. I was just thinking, I’m twenty-five. What a Grandma thing to say! I am sitting next to the most powerful vampire in all of Louisiana who would absolutely protect me against something as trivial as a car wreck.”

Sookie smiled and nestled deeper into the buttery leather seat. She loved this car. It was flashy, full of zip and matched its owner to a tee. Hmm, probably because she was in love with the said owner.

Don’t go there!

Eric picked up her hand, bringing the back of it to his mouth. He inhaled, his brow furrowing a bit before he kissed it gently.

“You are safe with me Sookie. I will do everything I can to keep you from harm.” Eric spoke with such conviction, his words spread a sweet warmth through her chest.

“Thank you, I appreciate all you have done for me. It’s more than I could ever repay you.” Sookie said sincerely. In the past, she may have been childish and snarky toward Eric and his gestures. Lord knows she was still all those things. But Gran raised her to show gratitude and damn it, she would prove to Eric she was not an ungrateful child.

Eric’s large hand squeezed Sookie’s. “The pleasure is all mine, however there are several problems I need to solve to ensure you remain out of trouble. At the very least, most of the mischief that plagues you could be completely curbed under my protection.”

“I don’t understand, what are you saying?” Sookie asked. Eric placed her hand on his thigh, covering it with his own he gave it another squeeze in reassurance.

“Before the incident with Hallow and her coven, I was deep in making arrangements.” Eric paused as if looking for the right words.

“Sookie, I have never felt inclined to ask what I am about to ask you. Long ago, before the Great Revelation if any inclination over something I wanted surfaced, I simply would have moved forward and taken it. Instead I have been patient. Please, all I ask is that you consider what I say before you respond.” Eric turned off the highway, heading out toward the lake.

“I have no idea what you’re getting at Eric. Just spit it out.” Sookie coaxed.

The Corvette pulled to a stop under a large Oak tree, illuminated by the half-moon. The leaves and branches looked like a pixie had outlined the shrub with silver paint. It was lovely and peaceful.

“Let us walk, it is a good night.” Eric said before opening his side of the car and easing out. For such a tall guy, he moved with a dancer’s ease. Graceful. Sookie opened her door and swung her legs out. Eric was standing there, reaching out for her with an upturned palm.

Something was different about him tonight, Sookie thought. Eric was, as always drop dead gorgeous. His killer smile, blue eyes and that golden mane of hair. Sookie’s finger itched to run her hands through the strands. Power and agility oozed from every pour and hovered around the vampire like a faithful follower. His eyes gave away a hint of uncertainty when Sookie did not immediately take hold of his offered hand.

Eric was nervous.

By God, what in the world could he have to say that could make him act so out of character? She was used to Eric being cocky and high handed. Not that he had lost any of those attributes but here was suggestion of just how much this conversation meant to him. Why had he really been there at the restaurant tonight?

To be honest, Sookie assumed he had followed her. Maybe he had. But she was not about to throw a tantrum in front of Quinn, he wanted to talk….with her.

This was good. Eric’s usual M.O. was to come around and demand the use of her telepathy or a not so delicate clue that he wanted to fuck her. Sookie’s heartbeat raced a bit. Whatever happens in this conversation could change the rest of her life.

Alright, cool your jets. For all you know he has another job for you.

Clasping Eric’s offered hand, they walked in silence through the brush and branches of the thinner trees. The summer had been very dry. Turning most of the plant life from a lush green to golden. The moonlight gave the surrounding underbrush an even paler lime color. A clearing opened before them as Eric led her to the sandy shoreline where the lake lapped lazily at the beach.

A quilt of soft looking fabric had been laid out, tea lights surrounded the edges and danced with the wind. Looking up at Eric with a questioning brow Sookie didn’t want to ask the obvious question. But how could she hold back?

“I am setting a tone for us.” Eric said with a serious look in his eyes.

“Why not my home. Or your place?” Sookie asked with a touch of curiosity.

“I did not want to risk that I could anger you with my words. Allowing you to rescind my invitation before I explained myself fully.” Eric spoke in a measured tone, gauging Sookie’s response.

Sookie gasped. “I wouldn’t have done that.” Eric raised a brow to that comment and Sookie closed her eyes, remembering a time when she had done that very thing.

After Eric and Bill had saved Sookie from all those Weres who were hell-bent on capturing her and ultimately killing her. In Sookie’s defense, she was over-cooked from the recent fall out that had been her relationship with Bill.

But rescinding their invitation after defending her was probably considered rude in most circles.

“Okay, I get why you are doing this here.” Sookie acknowledged with a slight nod to the comfortable looking blanket. She didn’t feel the need to apologize to Eric for her previous behavior. At the time, Sookie had felt justified for rescinding both Bill and Eric’s access to her home. Sookie was determined to move forward, not rehash the past.

An easy smile spread over Eric’s lips. If he expected an apology from Sookie, he sure didn’t show it.

“Come, sit.” Eric tugged at Sookie’s hand as he helped her sit down on the quilt. No sharp bumps of rocks or poking little sticks jabbed into her behind. Eric had gone the extra mile and padded the quilt for additional coziness. A very wise man indeed.

“Would you care for some wine? Chocolate?” Eric asked, producing a dark colored wicker picnic basket.

Sookie laughed, “My, oh my. You have come prepared tonight.”

Eric preened under Sookie’s praise as he handed her a glass of Cabernet. “To your health, lover.”

Taking a sip, Sookie closed her eyes and savored the bold fruit flavors that glided along her tongue. Eric had done well. Extremely well, Sookie made a note to not underestimate his plans.

Opening her lids halfway, she felt like a satisfied cat. All Sookie required was a good stretch and then she could curl against her Viking for a long peaceful sleep. Screw that bathtub, there was always tomorrow.

Sookie grinned as she watched Eric smirk turn predatory. “Good?” he asked huskily.

“Mmm, hmm.” She responded.

“Excellent, now try this.” Eric held up a large chocolate covered strawberry and proceeded to feed her from his hand.

Sookie was captivated, nothing this romantic had never ever remotely happened to her. His level of seduction was epic. Is this what Eric Northman with his memories was all about?

Sookie leaned over, meeting the delicious smelling treat with her parted lips. Slowly, she licked the tip with her tongue, Sookie loved chocolate but seeing Eric’s pupils’ dilate at her antics made chocolate fade into a memory as another need spread through her. Another tease against the hardened shell before Sookie used her teeth to take a good bite.

Never breaking eye contact from Eric, Sookie felt strawberry juice ooze from the corner of her mouth and slip down her chin. Before she could wipe the sweet liquid away with her fingers, Eric was there.

“Allow me.” he licked the nectar from her skin. Slowing the upstroke with his tongue and left a kiss on the corner of her mouth. Sookie sighed against the rush of lust that flooded her veins, she closed her eyes to savor Eric’s tender touch.

Sookie was ready to jump Eric and end his torturous seduction plans for the evening. He clearly had set this up and had her right where he wanted her. The question was, how was a Southern woman to respond?

Inspiration struck as Eric pulled away to lick his own lips of the sweet strawberry flavor, Sookie took the opportunity to lay a sweet kiss on his surprisingly soft lips.

They explored each other in a fierce moment of passion before Eric reluctantly pulled away with a groan.

“You are very distracting lover. Beautiful, enticing. I fully intend to avail myself in you tonight.” His coal black pupils were enlarged, leaving only a trace of electric blue, they were full of carnal promise.

“However, we must reach an understanding first.” Eric’s gaze firmed. Sookie knew without a doubt this would be a night she would remember the rest of her life. Dear Lord, she hoped it ended with the two of them back together.

Recalling that she also needed to have her own discussion with Eric about Quinn and all she had learned about his true nature just a short while ago. Eric had a spy to deal with. And judging Eric’s expression, that was a conversation for another time. He showed no outward signs of what was brewing underneath that stunning Viking exterior.

In an attempt to get her playful vampire back, Sookie pretended to be more interested in her nails.

“You don’t say? I was sure we could fool around a bit before you turned all serious on me.” Sookie fluttered her eyelashes.

“This is serious.” Eric growled. “Sookie, I want you to be mine. You have been mine before, there is no denying that. Since I was unfortunately unaware of those circumstances, I wish to formally claim you as mine, tonight. Forever more.”

Sookie’s ears were ringing with Eric’s proclamation.

Was he serious?

She tried to swallow and slow her pounding heart rate. Did Sookie dare to hope? She was aware that her mouth was open, all set to catch a few nighttime flies, probably not the most attractive stance. But he had truly caught her off-guard.

This sudden announcement was a surprise, Eric had to know that. Sookie was in shock, astonished at his veracity. She couldn’t believe Eric had just laid everything on the line, to her. Sookie exhaled a breath she didn’t realize she held and took a deep, cleansing sip of wine.

“Forever.” Sookie tested the word as her other hand smoothed out the nonexistent wrinkles of the quilt. The blanket was set in an intricate red and blue stripped pattern. Three different shades of the two primaries crisscrossed the padded ground where they sat.

This quilt was the perfect blend of their favorite colors. Eric had an eye for detail, she’d give him that.

“Forever?” Sookie questioned with a furrowed brow as she stared helplessly into Eric’s eyes.

“Yes, forever. I want you to become my Bonded.” Eric spoke with low soft words that soothed and caressed her ear drums.

“Bonded?” Sookie asked, the spell broken into more confusion over a simple word. A word she was sure meant something deeper in the Vampire world.

Eric was providing information, probably secret information. How could she not ask? Sookie had grown weary of being left in the dark when it came to Supernaturals and their never-ending secrets. Whatever problems arose, Sookie had the distinct feeling that if she had known more about a certain species or rituals the whole issue could have been resolved without her ever being injured.

Her thoughts floated back to the time she was recently involved in the race for Pack Master. Sookie shook in furry over that little outing. If Alcide had been honest from the beginning, she could have been prepared for what she had witnessed. Not walk into a trap. That is where she met Quinn for the first time. Damn him!

“It’s the vampire word for mate, my Sookie. It would make you almost untouchable by most vampires, weres, shape shifters or demons.” Eric was agitated as he spoke off the list.

“So…you want me to be Bonded…to you,” Sookie wasn’t sure if she had used that term correctly. “…so that no one else can date me?” Resentment was rising in her chest.

How dare he! She was not some prize to be won and then shelved.

Before her mind could truly go buck wild with all the ways that Eric Northman would use and leave her, again. Eric interrupted with a shake of his head.

“Fuck no! We would be Bonded, you are mine as I am yours. As it should have been since the beginning, my Sookie. I will be your Bonded, your Mate. I will provide, protect and adore you.” He scowled, “Dating, as you say, anyone else is out of the fucking question. Once my claim is in place no one is to touch you. Others of our world know this sacred rite and use your ignorance in vampire ways to play with your emotions.” Eric reached out and stroked her cheek with a gentle touch.

Sookie scoffed at the ignorant remark but melted into his palm seeking more of his coolness. Eric smiled in approval as Sookie snuggled closer to him.

“To be clear lover, you are witty and intelligent. Eager for knowledge. A fine quality in our world, one that is as rare as your beauty. What Compton, Merlotte, the wolf and that fucking Tiger have been doing is playing with fire.”

Eric’s voice was murderous, “My wrath. They seek to use you to manipulate us both. You know just enough vampire protocol to attempt to shame me publicly and they know it. This is my fault, I have not taken the necessary time to tell you what you need to know. It is why I have been unwilling to retaliate.”

“Retaliate against me?” Sookie’s eyes were wide with fear.

“No and yes. I would never hurt you. Ever. The very idea of you afraid of me is repugnant. Those cowards are the ones I seek retribution from. They hide behind you, taunting me and filling your mind with doubt about me.” Eric exhaled and ran his fingers roughly through his hair in frustration.

“They damn well know that if I hurt any one of them, you would be upset.” Eric stated with exasperation. Sookie was very sure this was the first time Eric had not acted when he felt the need and that hurt his ability to rule. She couldn’t let that stand, Eric also needed to be himself. Like it or not, he was Sheriff and he needed to be able to extend his power of all those in his territory.

“Okay, why not tell me all this before. Come clean about Bill, Sam or even Alcide. Quinn is new to me, even though he is someone I have no loyalty to. Why not throw me a bone and fill me in on what they were doing. I hate being played for a fool, Eric, and it sounds like that is exactly what I’ve been to all of them.”

“Would you have believed me?” Eric raised his brow in question.

Well hell, he had her there. Sookie would have thrown a royal fit if Eric had pointed out her friends many sins. Probably would have told Eric he was being a manipulative bastard and ran back to Bon Temps while cursing him out.

Sookie closed her eyes as she thought about such childish behavior. She would be quick to point out the same fault in anyone else but was being blind to her own juvenile actions. Weren’t we all? It was mortifying to think that she was very capable of being highly irrational over something so important like her own life.

“Maybe not, but to be fair. You always coated everything in a thick layer of sexual innuendo. It’s hard to read your true intentions sometimes.” Sookie shrugged.

Silence descended for a moment before Eric broke the calm. “I was not ready to share my true self with you, not yet. I was taking my time when I knew.”

“Knew what?”

“I have felt this pull to you for so long. Once Compton was out of your life. I intended to make my move, tell you my intentions and go forward with our future. And it is our future my Sookie.” Eric eyes sparked in rage.

“Then fucking Hallow came into my bar and fucked up my plans.” He growled deeper, still seething that a were-witch could screw with his life so royally.

Sookie reached over and caressed Eric’s cheek in an attempt to soothe his beast from within. A lion would be scared shitless at the sounds Eric was producing and yet they called to Sookie’s heart. Called her to ease his mind, his instincts.

His soul.

Her touch must have worked because as Sookie worked her thumb across the apple of Eric’s cheek he closed his eyes and hummed in pleasure of her fingertips petting him.

“I’m pissed that the people closet to me seem to only want to use me as a pawn. I thought those days were over, but it looks like I’ve been wrong.” Eric opened his eyes and the look he gave her wasn’t of pity, but understanding. He knew exactly what it was to be used. Disregarded but for someone else’s purpose. How strange to think this powerful old vampire could be coerced into anything, especially by a part-fairy barmaid.

“But Eric, I don’t want you hurting them.” Eric growled his disapproval. “Hush, let me finish.” Sookie spoke softly as she placed her fingertips over his cool lips. Eric nipped and then licked her finger to pacify the slight pinch.

“Sure, Bill is an asshole and Quinn isn’t much better, but Sam and Alcide are my friends. Or at least I assumed they were.” Sookie protested even as confusion clouded her resolve. She wasn’t sure what Eric had in mind but she figured that if he felt that his position in the vampire community was weakened, he would stop at nothing to right his view to the outside world.

“Now that I am fully aware of their true loyalties, I can protect myself from them. From now on, their opinions mean nothing to me. I won’t have them influencing my life when they don’t truly want me happy. And I am happy Eric…with you.”

Eric kissed her gently on the mouth. “I am happy with you too, Sookie. I look forward to being blissful. Deliriously so.” He smiled a genuine “Eric the Northman grin” for a long moment as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“I will not go looking to settle old scores with your past lovers. But know this. From now on, if any of those bastards step out of line, my justice will be swift. Examples must be made going forward. Once you are all mine, there will be no second chances, for anyone. They know this, in fact I have it on good authority that they have been going out of their way to stop us.”

“Come on, Eric. That sounds a little paranoid.”

“I only wish it were. Please trust me when I say that with your friends, you have as you say, misplaced your loyalty. I do not say this lightly. It fucking pisses me off that you would be used in such a fashion.”

Sookie frowned, she knew what Eric said was true. She could think of a dozen instances and conversations that were giant warnings. But she ignored them, so desperate to fit in. Even though their regard hurt her deeply. It wasn’t Eric’s fault she was surrounded by users.

Why did they hate Eric so much? He was beautiful and powerful. Was it the classic Beta-male envy? Maybe it was a more complicated Supe thing. Whatever the reason, she didn’t understand their hate for Eric. He was sweet with her, understood her on levels that no one had ever tried.

Shaking off her sadness over being played by people around her, Sookie refocused on Eric’s face. Her evening had already been marred with Quinn and his inappropriate behavior, she was in high hopes that the remaining evening with Eric would be far superior.

A girl could hope anyway.

“Okay back to this Bonded thing. Would I be considered your girlfriend? Fiancé? Would we be like, I don’t know, getting married? Is this Bonded arrangement stand until I die?” Sookie’s throat chocked a bit at the thought. She never wanted to leave Eric, not if he was truly wanting to be with her.

“Good questions, lover. In human terms, being Bonded is more closely linked to fiancé. My promised one.” His eyes glittered with satisfaction. “When we Pledge with the Knife, that moment will be the beginning of our everlasting marriage.”

“Holy shit! You are serious about us. I mean…me? Why?” Sookie asked curiously. “Last I checked you only wanted in my bed, did I miss the part where you wanted more? Like a whole lot more?”

Eric chuckled at her rambling. “Ah, you think me shallow. Perhaps that was my error in the beginning. Allowing you to believe I was indifferent about our continued involvement. In truth lover, I have wanted you from the moment I saw you. I could have sex with anyone, but I wanted you. In all ways.” Eric vowed.

Eric paused, allowing Sookie time to absorb that truth. “I have many secrets, Sookie. Some I may never be able to fully divulge to you. Please know that the only reason I will not share is that they are not only my secrets. Surely you understand what I mean.”

Boy, did she ever! Some people had thoughts in their head that were spoken as if they had said the words aloud. Others thought were a comic strip in pictures or a string of babbling. Secret fantasies, truth spoken in anger or frustration. Past sins living like dreaded apparitions in their minds.

Could she tie herself and live with a mysterious vampire?

“You need to promise me something Eric.” He nodded for her to continue. Not really saying he would promise but it seemed that Eric was willing to listen to Sookie’s request.

Sookie cleared her throat, this was not going to be easy. “What you say about the Bonded thing sounds unbelievable. Fantastic, actually. I want it, I want you. I would love nothing more than to build a future with you.”

Eric beamed a beautiful smile. Pride and love shown through his artic blue eyes, warming them in the glow of the moonlight.

“But, when you get tired of me…promise, please promise me that you won’t cheat. Just end it, Eric. Put me out of my misery.” Eric hissed but Sookie pushed on. “Bill’s behavior was hard for me to get a handle on. I know now that I would never be able to get over you or your unfaithfulness. That will devastate me.” In a lower voice she added, “This last while without you has been…difficult.”

Sookie hadn’t looked back up to Eric since she saw his triumph in her previous words. Before she lost her nerve she continued.

“I guess what I’m asking is…don’t lie to me about our relationship. About what I mean to you or how you feel about me.” Sookie inhaled, stealing her resolve to take a peek at Eric’s reaction to her vulnerability.

To Sookie’s complete surprise, Eric’s eyes still held the loving devotion with hints of frustration as his jaw bulged. It was as if he weighed his words before speaking.

Eric’s great hands clasped Sookie’s shoulders, kneading lightly then caressing with such care. Such tenderness.

“Leaving you for another will never happen, ever. To me, no one is your equal.” Sookie’s eye widened at Eric’s assertion.

“What I am purposing Sookie, is stronger than a Maker/Child bond. We will be everything to one another. The mere notion of allowing you liberation from my side is abhorrent.” Eric’s fangs made their first appearance tonight as Sookie’s gaze was entrapped by the twin razors. They were dazzling white against his pale skin and pink lips.

“Get used to being mine Sookie, from now on there will never be a time when you will not belong to me.” Eric promised.

Pleasure surged through Sookie at Eric’s impassioned declaration. It was the first welcomed ray of sunshine circling in her veins since he had left her. Sookie leaned heavily into Eric’s body. She could feel his muscled chest and rippled abdomen as he wrapped his arms around her, easily securing her into his embrace.

“I’m ready to be yours, Eric.” Sookie panted, she felt her blush creep over her cheeks as she thought about Eric, laying in her bed. Their bed. Naked.

“As wonderful as that statement is, sweet lover mine. I am taking you. Although, I must say, not having you fight me is a bonus.” Sookie laughed and wiggled in Eric’s lap.

“Scoundrel!” Sookie said in faux indigence.

“Don’t forget it lover.” Eric purred against her neck. Sending a wave of delicious shivers down her body. “And by all means keep up your sensual assault and I guarantee that you will be mine under this very moon.”

“Maybe that’s what I want.” Sookie said huskily. Breathless at the thought of making love with Eric.

Eric growled, moving quickly in his vampire style as he pinned Sookie beneath him. Her throaty laughter echoed off the water’s surface as Eric thrust his still clothed impressive cock into the apex of her thighs. Luckily the black dress she had chosen to wear tonight had left Eric all the access they soon would so desperately need.

“I have won this game lover. I am used to getting my way in all things and I will no longer be denied.” Eric kissed her jaw, making his way down Sookie’s neck before pulling back to look deeply into her eyes.

“Then make me yours. End this…waiting. I need you, Eric.” Sookie pleaded, all her previous playfulness vanishing on the summer breeze.

Eric sealed his mouth over Sookie’s. “Your wish is my command, Sookie.”

The moon, the sound of the water and Eric’s touch was overwhelming. Sookie prayed that this was not a dream she would wake up from.



Working his lips against her skin, Sookie moaned as he tasted every inch of her skin not concealed by clothing. Eric was starved for her, in truth, he had been starved for her since he laid eyes on her all those months ago. He was sure that if he had remembered even five minutes of their time together under the witch’s curse, he would be more devastated by their time apart. He didn’t begrudge her the erratic feelings swirling through her body.

The hope, the anger, the sadness…and love. She loved him, just as he loved her.

If Eric had been in Sookie’s shoes, he could not say how he might react to her memory lapsed at such a crucial time in their budding relationship. The thought of being laid bare, left in such a vulnerable position lead Eric to the probability that he too would have responded with hostility and denial. To feel Sookie beneath him now, rolling her soft hips into his cock, all was forgotten.

This was there beginning.

Eric moaned. He was hard, with an identical passion the night they shared in Russel’s mansion. If only they hadn’t been interrupted by Bubbha.

Fucking Bubbha!

Squandered time. Sookie would have been his starting then. Well, Eric was done with the waiting game shit. Sookie would bond with him, Pledge herself to him with the Knife, in front of vampire witness. Then to be turned into his vampire child.

Eric closed his eyes against her smooth sun kissed skin and relished in every fucking moment of his plan, soon their reality.

Nipping a path down Sookie’s throat to the deep V-neck of her little black dress, Eric nuzzled her breasts against the scruff of his cheeks. The stretchy material easily shifted over the cup of her bra leaving his gaze to molten over black and purple lace. Her delicate pink nipple playing a game of peek-a-boo between the materials.

Brushing his tongue over the lace, Eric insisted on driving Sookie’s crazy for a bit longer. Her nipples were already hard and straining, begging for a chance at freedom. Unlatching the front clasp the bra opened and relieved the most magnificent breasts he had ever seen.

“I will be coming here too, lover.” Eric growled as he took Sookie’s nipple in between his blunt teeth. Sookie gasped and arched. Trying to get away from the sting and beseeching Eric to take her further.




Her previous boyfriend, a vampire, who will be nameless. Left much to be desired in the love department. Sookie knew that sad little revelation after the first time they had sex. The minds of everyone around her had many ideas and experiences on what made a perfect sexual experience. Sookie had been left with the short end of the stick with Bill.

Eric had fulfilled her in ways that she never knew were possible. Now having Eric, the thousand-year-old Viking over her. Well, she felt the difference between Eric with memories and without. Eric was confident and assertive. He knew exactly what she needed before she did. Only someone with loads of practice could do this. Or was he in tune with her?

Hell, Eric hadn’t even fully undressed her. Sookie was laying on a padded blanket staring into a twinkling black sky as Eric paid very close attention to her breasts. If he kept this up, Sookie was certain that she would be more than able to come before Eric was able to slip past her panties.

Eric’s mouth and fingers tugged against her areolas once more then laving his tongue to soothe the exquisite sensation. Sookie sighed and melted further into the comforter below.

A cool breeze blew across her well-loved upper half and over her now exposed belly. Making her skin goosebumps. Eric was unwrapping her little dress and snapping the sides of her thong.

“Hey! I liked those!” Sookie protested as she came up on her elbows. She was greeted by a Cheshire grinning Eric.

“As did I, but their use expired.” Eric locked his gaze to apex of her thighs, now slightly parted. His eyes electrified into blue lasers. Sookie felt her arousal intensify and slip against her thighs tenfold from just Eric’s look.

“Mine.” Eric growled before leaning down and feasting on her pussy. He sucked and licked her folds like she was a delightful treat to be savored and then devoured. And God help her that was exactly what Eric Northman was doing.

Bucking her hips and pleading for more. Sookie was sure that other insistent pleas escaped her lips. Eric was happy to accommodate. The tip of his marvelous tongue rimmed her opening before dipping in with short quick thrusts and then making his way to her clit. Swirling and sucking hard, he was flicking her heart into over drive.

Sookie was going to come in a rush, she could feel the edge beneath her toes as she looked out across the infinite space.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Sookie.”

Eric rasped against her sensitive flesh then licked up her slit and swirled her straining clit with his talented tongue.

“You taste divine.”

Flick, flick, flick.

“I will happily eat you all night. But first, come lover, come now!” Eric demanded low and husky.

The vibrations of the command sent Sookie shattering into a million pieces. Twinkling bright, flashing out and then floating high in the air, before slowly fading down.

Opening her eyes half way was a supreme effort after such an earth-shattering experience. Eric over her, posed to get inside her, a victorious smile on his lips. Without a word, Eric’s blunt tip slid through Sookie’s swollen tissues and thrust his cock to the hilt.

Moaning in unison, Sookie wrapped her legs around Eric’s lean waist as he leveled over her. His forearms on either side of her head as he continued to pump into her pussy.

“Oh, Sookie. Fuck. I will never get enough of you.” Eric’s eyes glowed brightly. Dulling the brilliant stars above them with his radiance. “You are mine, all mine.”

“Yes, baby. Yours. Please don’t stop.” Sookie pleaded breathlessly as Eric continued his pace. Changing the rhythm to a mindless clip that was vibrating her clit into his pelvic bone on every downshift.

“Before I bite, you will drink from me. Tonight is about us, our bond. Our oath to one another.” Eric spoke reverently as he swiveled his hips into the backs of Sookie’s thighs. He was in perfect precision with the speed and pressure to keep her on edge and not allow her to fall over.

“I’m ready, so ready. Promise me, Eric. Me and you. Always.” Sookie’s eyes sparkled with unshed tears. She loved Eric. He was thoughtful, ruthless, and sexy as hell. No one had ever got her the way Eric had. Sookie thought back over her life, she had some bad memories, some really wonderful ones too.

The recent memories with Eric in her life, put those previous ones all to shame. Never had she had the most fun, the most passion and the most contentment touch all of her. He was everything she never knew she needed.

Sookie was ready.

Eric built up speed and the right pressure once more, embolden by Sookie’s words. Her belly tightened, squeezing his cock as the colorful spots exploded and filled her vision. Her cry was muffled by Eric’s rich, thick blood dripping and then his wrist was placed at her mouth. Sookie sucked and licked the wound, careful to devour every precious drop.

The roar of satisfaction above her was all the warning Sookie got before Eric’s fangs sliced into her shoulder. Drinking a mouthful or two. She really wasn’t sure, since another orgasm took both lovers over with the awakening of the Bond.

The air crackled and sparked. A reverent hush fell over the world as two beings became one.


Breathing deeply, Sookie opened her eyes. She was cradled in the nook of Eric’s cool chest and arm. Flush against his body, skin to skin. A possessive leg was tightly trapping her own as Eric’s free hand caressed her back and hip. And still, she couldn’t get close enough.


“You’re not so bad yourself. That was amazing!” Sookie sighed remembering their recently created connection.

Their Bond.

She missed Eric stiffen next to her until he spoke again, “I did not say anything, lover.”

Sookie’s eye popped wide as she pushed back off of Eric’s chest. His expression was blank as he stared back at her, giving Sookie no clue to his thoughts on her new ability.

She had heard his thought. Not his words.

His thoughts!

This was bad.

Would he kill her?


But this was bad, right?

He wasn’t saying any-fucking-thing. Damn his silence. Damn Eric Northman for not telling her this could happen when they Bonded.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!

“Fuck.” The expletive burst from her lips.

She was in deep now.



*Evil Grin and I just blew a kiss to you*

Hope you enjoyed that little view of Sookie and a non-sappy, dominate Eric into a world set right with their Bonding. Thank you to the Queen of Area Five for running this Exchange. This was challenging and a lot of fun! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s entries. Thank you for reading!

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  1. For me, Quinn was always a character who could not deploy in real life. He was always a character out of a comic (he never had personality).

    Too many things are happening at once, but that has always been the specialty of Sookie.


  2. So, I read this night before last in one sitting. I was up half the night totally enthralled. I LOVE THIS STORY! Lemme say that again. LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!!

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    1. I’m flattered, thank you love bug! Your praise, as well as everyone else who took the time to read and leave a review means so much to me! I can’t wait to hear your reaction for the next six chapters. I’m cooking Chapter 8 now but this is going to get crazy! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 🙂 And Happy Halloween!


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