These vampires won’t leave me alone!

Hi all! I’m being haunted. All day…all night. Oh the nights. Life has been a crazefest. What else can I say. In the midst of the fuckery I have Sookie, Eric and Pam in my head. Screaming in my ear, humming to me in the shower, showing me their humble abodes with light and color! Want to see Pam’s?

I’ve stopped and started. Started amd stopped. I will not be posting until I have one of the fics completed. I want to give you guys the goods here. I’m sorry to take soooooo long. Please know I’m being perused on the daily to get my ass in gear and write. And tonight with the 4 year old alseep in her new leg braces. The baby sound asleep in his crib after fighting a cold. And my hubby, the almost graduated law student out cold. Can I get an Amen! I’m going to make the vampires happy and write dowm exactly what theu want.

Hugs and kisses faithful readers



7 thoughts on “These vampires won’t leave me alone!

  1. As much as everyones loves updates, real life has to come first. When you are ready to post, we’ll be here… take care


  2. Just got done rereading all of your stories. I do hope for an update one of these days. These are too good to be forever unfinished 😦


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