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Fangtasia’s cliental was a melting pot. Vampires, with the slight glow of their bloodless skin. Tourists from California to Germany in casual attire. While Goths and Emo’s painted their faces as pale as the undead. I couldn’t imagine that vampires found that all appealing, but who was I to say. It takes all types in this world.

“How is your drink?” Bill asked, then took a sip of his True Blood. A disgusted grunt echoes from his throat as he swallows. I’m sure I would have the same reaction to drinking oil or possibly carrot juice. It’s obvious he hates that synthetic stuff.

Why pretend?

He is a vampire. Just don’t be creepy about getting your feed on, after all what business is it of mine. For Pete’s sake, who was I to say what was normal. I’ve read minds my whole life.

Which made being around Bill a Godsend and scary as hell. Truly, Bill’s most attractive quality to me was the relief of not hearin’ his every last thought. Perfect for being my neighbor, just not my boyfriend.

“A Gin and Tonic is pretty much the same wherever you go.” I reply, trying hard not to roll my eyes at the forced small talk. Why did he have to come with me? I am perfectly capable of driving myself.

“I know exactly what you mean.” He says huskily, his gaze at the side of my neck.

Ew! He did not just size me up like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

“Why don’t cha get something real to drink.” I say, looking over at the frail, black haired girl who was very eager to be bitten by Bill. Maybe it could get him outta my hair while I investigated this place.

“Is that an offer Sookie. We can’t partake here, but we can go back to my car for some privacy–.”

“What the hell, No! No, Bill. Not me, never me!” I was seeing red. He was out of his mind if he thought I was into him like that. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be bitten, but I knew he was not going to get any of my blood.

Other patrons had taken notice of my outburst and were now openly staring at us. Calming myself, I lowered my voice. “I was talking about that girl who approached you earlier, she finds you mysterious and sexy.” I say with revulsion. “Go see her about your meal.” I flick my fingers toward the fangbanger.

Bill looks sad, then his irritation spikes when his brows knit tight. “I don’t want her. I want to taste you.”

“Well that ain’t ever gonna happen, Mister. Keep that kind of language to yourself and treat me like the lady I am. You are here as my escort, which by the way, I did not need. If you want to leave and finish your evening elsewhere, I can manage just fine.” Crossing my arms over my ample bosom, once I said my peace.

My favorite white dress with the little red flowers showed off my cleavage nicely, not too trashy. I un-intentionally get Bill’s attention when my breasts pushed higher out of the dress. I frown at his unwanted gawking and uncross my arms. Bill continues his unashamed leer.

“My eyes are up here, old man!” I spat.

Bill looks up and locks eyes with me, startled and perturbed that I called him on his uncouth behavior. Ugh, I need to get away from this rat.

Annoyed with my company, my gaze wonders around the bar to take in the scenery. Neon signs for beer and True Blood types are hung up everywhere. Tables, booths and billowing black drapes embellish the interior. Posters of famous vampires like Dracula decorate the walls. It all fits together well, the bar screams tourist trap and offers local vampire worshipers a place to give their offerings.


Play me now


“He is interested in you, he’s scanned you twice.” Bill interrupts my visual wondering.

“Who?” I ask.

Bill nods to a stage in the far corner, back lit with dead trees against a blood red backdrop. A beautiful blond haired vampire in all black leather sits on an ornate wooden and fur lined throne. A real live throne.

Bill was right, he is watching me with his bright cornflower blue eyes. The intensity makes me start to sweat under my bra and a chill runs up my spine. We stare at each other, it feels like a conversation. A very good, detailed, my hands running all over his body, conversation.

For a moment, I forget to breathe. Inhaling deep the scent of cheap beer, desperation and too much perfume around me, I start to question myself.

Where the hell did he come from?

It’s like the numb feeling I’ve had to carry my whole life is lifting.

Before I can register the movements, my feet have hit the ground as I stride tall with confidence toward this mysterious stranger. This vampire holds more appeal to me than just his ability to not transfer his every thought. I step up to his platform with a grin.

“Hi!” My vampire mirrors my smile on his face.

“Aren’t you sweet.” He says. A sense of humor too, not every pretty bad boy has that. The challenge sets my growing excitement to the next degree.

“I am,” Then I place my hand over half my mouth, lean forward and whisper to him. “Only sometimes, shh. Don’t tell anyone.” I wink.

I am shamelessly flirting, which is so not me. But it feels so right with him. I want to do so much more, do I dare?

A slow hip rocking song starts to play, full of life and light and I can’t stop the shimmy in my hips. I love dancing and I am ready to be closer to him.”

“Care to dance with me?” I hold out my hand. He looks at my outstretched palm and then stares back to me.

Is he perplexed?

Does he not get asked to dance?

Oh, poor baby. “No need to be shy, I don’t bite.” I beam down to him.

My vampire smirks, his eyes alight with humor as he takes my hand in his cool one. The electricity at his touch sends another shudder through me. That was delicious. He stands in one fluid motion, a proud lion after resting all day in the shade. I am in further awe of this Adonis who is well over six feet tall. Beautiful was the right adjective for him, and then some. Long blonde hair, hangs loose around his heavy shoulders. Chiseled features and a broad frame holding lean lethal muscles makes me in deep danger of some serious swooning.

I close my mouth and squeeze his hand in hopes of reassuring myself that he is coming with me as I lead him to the dance floor.

I don’t even turn back to him once we hit the polished wood. Instead I sway my hips in my lovely white and red sundress. My favorite dress that makes he feel confident and sexy without looking cheap. I hope it is doing the trick.

It must have had some effect because I feel his hands circle my waist and then glide to my hips, I can feel him snuggle close to me from behind. Doing his best to keep up with my moves. Leaning back into his chest I turn my head to get a better look at his expression. He is smirking, inhaling and rubbing into me. This feel so right, I want more. My arms raise to play with golden tresses, I brush my fingertips along his jawline and down to tickle his neck.

“Hmmm, what is your name?” He purrs in my ear.

“Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse.” I moan when I feel his impressive bulge press into my lower back. I want to feel that other places, but for now I’ll just tease him.

“And, you are?” I whisper to his downturned ear.

“I am Eric Northman. You are a skilled dancer, my Sookie.” He says, nipping lightly at my ear lobe.

Mmmm, his Sookie? Ooh, yeah, I like that a lot.

But I can’t give him the satisfaction of that little title, yet.

Turning in his arms I push my index finger in his hard sculpted chest.

Wow, his skin is so smooth.

Sookie, Focus!

“I am no one’s mister! But since you are not the first vampire to lay such a claim in me.” I have his attention with that comment. “Why don’t you tell me what ‘bein’ yours’ means? If your demands are reasonable I will consider them.”

There, gotcha now Mr. sexy black leather pants. I wonder what his butt looks like. Before I can travel down that delightful road. Eric grabs my hand to spin me around and then dips me low. Our lower bodies glued together by his firm grip. I gasp at the suddenness of his movements, my long hair cascades in a golden free fall onto the dance floor.

“It means, my Sookie.” Eric looks me in the eye. “You will get all your pleasure from me, your protection from me.” Eric rubs his cock into the apex of my thighs with each ‘me’ and I shamelessly moan each time I hope he says ‘me’ again. “It means, dear one, we will be one.”

Aroused, and scared, and beyond excited. I groaned as Eric kissed and then licked my throat.

Oh God! This, was not fair.

A bucket of ice cold water was dumped over my head when another girl’s mental voice broke through to me.

“He never danced with me! I can give Eric more than that fat girl ever could.”

An image of the girl fucking Eric on his throne, while he fed from her wrist assaulted me. It was only her fantasy, not a memory. But it still threw me for a loop. I rolled my eyes inwardly, do others just look at Eric as a piece of meat? Don’t they know he is more than just a fast fuck?

I stood up and tried miserably to push him away. His nearness was too much to handle after that unwanted mental showcase. I didn’t get far since he kept his long arms wrapped around me as I squirmed in his hold.

“I will not be one of the girls you only have sex with. You should know that I demand your fidelity.”

Eric was surprised at my outburst and then schooled his features, looking serious he spoke. “I would demand this from you as well. When you belong to me.” Eric moved his forehead to touch mine, we had somehow managed to keep the rhythm of the song as we discussed this feeling between us. “You are faithful to only me. Can you do this?”

Did he just question my virtue? I was almost offended but I realized he also needed the same reassurances. “Of course I can, I don’t believe in cheating.” I said.

“Mmm, good. We will go over the rules of propriety, now that you are my companion.” Eric picked me up and swung me around. I giggled and laughed loud as we spun. The world around us a twisty vibrant blur. I never wanted this song to end, I hope the DJ played it all night long.

All night,

All night long.

My heartbeat sped up when I looked into his eyes, his smile radiant mirrored my own. My cheeks felt warm and strained. Eric’s smile reached his eyes and then his fangs snapped down, they were very, very impressive. He slowed our whirling around and slid me down his rock hard body. We felt each other so clearly. It seemed to me that Eric rubbing my smell on himself.

Whatever he was doing, it was intoxicating.

This creature was alluring,

I had to get closer.

My forefinger reached up and slid down his shiny white fang. I was dying to feel the razor tip enter the pad of my finger. Would a red tear of blood appear or not. I so needed to see. Eric whimpered and closed his eyes as the little white dagger pierced me for the first time.

Mesmerized, I saw his tongue lap up my blood. I heard a possessive growl before he carried me off to a short darkened hallway. Doors opened and then shut. Next thing I knew I was pinned beneath a very large, very aroused vampire against a soft leather sofa.

Eric kissed and nipped my neck, I responded by wrapping my legs around his waist and rubbing my hips against his. Looking for much needed friction of his cock to my core. My temperature was off the charts. I felt like I couldn’t get close enough to Eric. His thumbs traced the sides of my face and my lips.

“There has never been anyone like you.” Eric whispered.

I was flying high and before I could answer, he kissed me deeply. His tongue fought mine in a struggle to get deeper. I wanted to sink into this man, this vampire, my other half. As deep as I could get him. Being a virgin I wanted to discover how deep that could be.

A skilled hand came up to my throat and then feather light touches covered the tops of my breasts. I was panting when he finally squeezed round peak, to my relief. Finding my nipple through the cotton and my strapless bra. He rubbed me slow and intensely, making both of them hardened points. I felt my panties dampen further. Eric must have realized this as well because when he inhaled deeply through his nostrils, he growled in satisfaction then kissed me again.

A loud banging on the door thundered behind us. I opened my eyes startled at the noise and pleased to see Eric’s scowl toward the closed entrance. He hissed menacingly through his fangs at the door.

“Fuck off!”

Eric turned back to me and kissed my swollen lips. His eyes returning to soft pools of blue. I knew at that moment they only did that for me.

I sighed. Smiling up at Eric was a revelation that I could have only dreamed about.

“Where were we, lover.”

The door burst opened. I screamed at the intrusion as Bill stood in the doorway. He was seething. His shoulders were hunched forward along with his brow. I had never seen him so hostile. His fingers were formed into claws, he was clearly looking for a fight.

Eric eased off of me. Then sped towards Bill in a flash, picking him up by the throat and bringing him up to Eric’s eye level.

“Today is the day you die, Compton.” Eric rough voice was graveled and he tightened his grip. Bill’s eyes bugged out in horror. Not wanting to lay on the couch in my vulnerable position, I had scrambled to the only desk in the office and was leaning against it for support. Gripping the edge, I waited with morbid curiosity to see Bill’s end. It was very un-Christian of me, but I can’t even say that I cared he died. I never would have wished Bill’s demise but there was something about his overall actions that I was not comfortable with.

“S-Sookie is m-m-mine.” He wheezed. I could see Eric’s grip ease a moment as a female vampire appeared in the office. She came in and shut the door. She gave me a once over glance, nodded to me, then smirked. Was that approval I just saw on this females face? Weird.

“Who is this vampire to you, Sookie?” Eric asked, his voice calm, unworried about my answer.

“He’s my neighbor.” I stated. “A complicated neighbor who has been nothing but a trouble magnet since he arrived.” It was true. If I continued hanging around people like Bill, his reputation would become mine. And I already had ‘crazy telepath’, thank you very much!

“I claimed her three nights ago in front of Liam, Diane and Malcom.” Bill edged, unfazed that I called him out on being a plague.

“Oh, so then it must be true.” Eric barked a laugh. “What with such uncompromising witnesses.” Eric’s face turned serious as he looked to me. “Are you his?”

“Good gravy, no!” He smiled at my enthusiastic response, Bill frowned, looking at the wall as if thinking up another strategy. I should learn poker, I bet I could clean up on folks tells and such. “I came over to Bill’s house to give him some information for an electrician who would be willing to work for a vampire at night. Like a good neighbor.” I added, crossing my arms over my chest. “Then these three trashy vampires were there, lookin’ to feed on me.” Eric growled. “That’s when Bill had said, ‘Sookie is mine.’ And it stopped them from biting me, and probably other things.” I quivered in revulsion.

I remembered being so scared at the time, bummed out in fact, that vampires were just like any other old stupid person. Looking to hurt people for their own selfish reasons. I continued with my story. It seemed as if Eric was the one in charge here, so I finished saying my piece. “That’s when I heard Jerry, the human they all had brought with them that is. He wanted Bill to bite him so he could infect him with Hep-V-.”

“Sookie, NO!” Bill shouted, making me jump.

Eric looked at Bill confused. “Heard?” He looked to me for explanation. “You mean when this breather spoke.”

Oops, me and my big mouth. Normally I wouldn’t tell just anyone about my curse, but Eric made me feel I could trust him. It was a very new and welcomed feeling. And as they say, in for a penny.

“Uh, no. He didn’t actually say that. I mean, he did. Look Eric, I’m a telepath. I can hear other’s thoughts. Except y’all are silent to me.” I closed my eyes and tried to relax even with all the tension in the room. “It’s a breath of fresh air.”

When I opened my eyes, Eric’s handsome face was blank. He staring at me. He must have been having quite the conversation with himself, because moments felt like years as the awkward silence grew. Did I make a huge mistake in placing my faith in this near complete stranger? I started back, anxiously waiting for him to ask another question. His brow furrowed, jaw clenched tight, as he took on the look of a determined man.

Finally, he smiled. “You can not hear my thoughts.” This was not a question. I shook my head in the negative and looked at Bill struggling in Eric’s grasp.

“Bill Compton knows about this gift of yours, yet it seems he was not in a sharing mood with his Sheriff. Why is that Bill?” Eric asks, placing him back down to Earth. As if he just put back his stapler. Bill’s two inch heels click as he staggers a smidge dramatically for my taste. Eric nods to a chair. “Sit.” Bill sneers but complies.

Tall, blonde and handsome strolls back to me, caressing my face with his fingertips. “I do not enjoy waiting Compton, speak. Or I will allow Pam some much needed playtime.”

The way he said playtime made me believe it was anything but. However, Bill spoke with unwanted eagerness. “Sookie is mine. She is young and willful, stubborn as a mule Sherriff, I have yet to train her properly.”

I was as angry as a wet hen. “I am not yours Bill! One kiss, that’s all. You savin’ me from assholes at the bar doesn’t mean I want to date you. It means you weren’t a total bastard.” I can’t see straight. I can feel a red light boiling inside me, asking to be allowed to burn all in its wake.

To give in to this entity, feels so natural, until I feel Eric’s arms encircle me. Bringing me sung into his chest. He rubs my back in circles to soothe me. Which to my amazement, totally works. Hey, don’t judge, Lets’ see how strong you are when a tough, beautiful vampire sweeps you up. I hope he can always find ways to calm me down.

“Yes, I can imagine Sophie Ann does need her trained for all that awaits Miss Stackhouse.” Now it’s my turn to be confused. I look up at Eric from my home in his embrace. “Who is Sophie-Ann?”

The female vampire chuckles against the door, checking her nails. What is so funny? Bill looks even paler than before we arrived. His mouth drops open to speak but before he can, Eric says.

“The queen on Louisiana, dear one. Bill Compton is her personal procurer.” Eric growls toward Bill. “The practice was outlawed two years ago but some things never change.” Eric is starring daggers at my civil war neighbor. Procurer?

Bill spat out an obvious lie. “I am mainstreaming. I moved into my ancestral home after my last living relative died. I just want to live in peace.” Bill is indignant, his Southern accent sounding fake. Then I wonder if he was been changing his tone to match the job he is doing. Like an evil chameleon, getting what he wants. Gran is going to be upset. She really liked Bill.

“Then why not use Herveaux’s services. Every vampire knows who to contact for such things in my area.” Eric looks to me. “When did you meet Mr. Compton, Sookie?”

“About two weeks ago.” I say.

Eric nods his head as if disappointed in a wayward child. “Failure to check in with your Sheriff. It seems your mainstreaming cover is not off to a great start. A better disguise would have been to declare your new lifestyle two years ago, when the Great Revelation took place.” Eric looks to Pam who looks willing to be helpful in any way. “I believe we saw you six months ago, with those twins. Pamela?”

“Actually five months and two weeks ago.” She answers. “They were brunette and far too thin. Really Bill, it’s like chewing on a chicken leg. However I heard, they never saw another sunrise.” Pam spoke with distain.

Bill’s fangs were out, hissing at Pam and then to Eric, “Vampires can change!”

Eric scoffed, “No, we do not. We adapt with the times, but our nature stays the same. Having said that, you Bill are facing some quality time with me for breaking my law. Pam please accompany Bill to his new accommodations.”

Before I registered what had happened Pam struck Bill several times with a silver police wand. Bringing him to his knees, he grumbled in pain. The smell of burnt skin and hair filled the office, making me twitch my nose.

“I’ll be down after I have a conversation with the Magister.” Eric spoke as Bill was dragged out of the room.

“No, Sophie Ann won’t stand for this. Release me now!” Bill screamed out desperately.

“I think the queen will cut her loses. However, I will also make her aware of your situation. Good evening Bill.” He was looking at me. This whole night was becoming overwhelming. I am so happy I never considered dating Bill. He was conceited, mean and as my granddaddy used to say, his ugly was straight to the bone.

Pam closed the door and a few moments later, I heard no more from Bill. What a relief.

Eric picked me up around my waist to sit me properly on the desk, moving in between my thighs. Spreading me open which made my skirt rise higher. This seemed to please him as he gave me a very sexy leer. The heat of my core pressed against his jeans. I was in wonder, in awe with this vampire. Eric ran his hands up my arms to my shoulders then traced the outline of my dress near my cleavage, causing goose bumps to break free. He gave me a fangy smile, his blue eyes now dark with lust.

“Where were we?” Eric asked and then leaned in to kiss me. Effectively melting my panties off. He dipped his tongue into my mouth as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He was good, real good. He made me feel alive, brand new.

I could do this for a long time…




To Be Continued?

I’m not sure, this little fic was just dying to break out. I hope you enjoyed it!



57 thoughts on “My Heartbeat Song

    1. Hmmm, well how I am supposed to say NO to that? 😉 I think Sookie always had the power to save Godric or at least get him to see reason. For the fact that she doesn’t lift a finger to help him…well, it makes me truly HATE True Blood.

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  1. Your version of their first meeting is so much more exciting than canon…I would love to see you continue this, a new start for Eric, sookie & Pam is well deserved..

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you! I love reading the infamous meeting by all points of view. But I wanted Sookie to be more playful than snarky. I like snarky, but there’s no reason to be rude to someone you are clearly interested in. Pam and Sookie were always meant to be friends and again a BIG Fuck You to the writers for taking Pam to a lower maturity level than Sookie. Can we all wear a big girl panties, please. 🙂

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  2. Oh, I do hope you continue this! Would love to hear QSA’s reaction along with the magistar’s. And of course Bill getting his due for breaking the Sheriff’s laws, lol!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To my mind, the Magister may be a crotchety old vampire trained in the inquisition. But since the Great Revel he has a new set of rules to play by. Because said human is a Telepath she falls under supernatural rule. Which means she has more say in who she belongs to than a regular human. Oh boy, looks like I need to write more…

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  3. I was already thinking I wanted more before you asked. I was a little disappointed that Bill didn’t die but there’s always time. I think I like that Pam will be playing with him downstairs. If you continue it I can always make you a banner. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Who was I to deny Pam? I love Pam, she is a loyal child to Eric. And hey, if he won’t share a sweet smelling Sookie the next best thing is causing a douche from her past pain. Sounds like a win/win. I may take you up on the banner. I’m working on my own drawings now but I’m slower than my writing. LOL! Thanks for the support!

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  4. Definitely need more of this brilliant little teaser. Especially enjoyed: ‘Bill’s two inch heels click as he staggers a smidge dramatically’, might have to have a lend of that. Liked how the two danced, well that’s the euphemism, in front of the whole bar. What fun!! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I hated that she had Bill’s blood. I think there is a way around it….I’ll make sure to include how she didn’t have to ingest any of his blood…soon. Of course would say yes. I know I would. Sookie was a sweet girl with sass but not disrespect. To my thinking anyway. Thanks for telling me your thoughts! 🙂

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    1. What is the saying, a Lady in the street but a freak in the bed. Except if there is a dance floor…then all bets are off. 🙂 Maybe it’s just my philosophy. I plan to continue, thank you for the review. 🙂

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  5. Thank you for this story. I am enjoying the bold sookie. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated. I got up this morning hating life, and now I am reading your story with a smile on my face so thank you. I hope your sookie slaps godric upside the head


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