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Chapter 10

Sookie was the most beautiful creature I have ever encountered. Being vampire as long as I have has afforded me many experiences with numerous women.

And a few men.

But my Sookie had something completely unique about her. A spark, for a lack of a better term. Her energy fizzed and crackled with every step she took that night in my bar. Toward me, away from me. And every night since then she has marked me with absolution.

She has turned me into a fucking poet, not the blood-thirsty Viking vampire I am.

The dress she wears, or really the material consisting of a dress was calling to me. The white lace-like top barely covered her beautiful breasts. I was dying to taste them again. The flash of hot pink was gorgeous against her tanned, toned legs. The slit bared her supple thigh making my mouth water. She all but begged me to take a peak of what treasures lay beneath.


I had more control than this! Didn’t I?

Double Fuck!

Pam would get a good laugh at this out of control teenage behavior from me.

Fuck her, let her laugh, she is just green with envy with what is mine.

And Sookie is mine.

I land softly on the beach. We were on the Westside of the island and no doubt the sunset this evening was incredible. I would never feel the rays against my skin, unless of course Sookie spent some time in them, basking in their life-giving warmth.

Goddamn it! I will have to allow those mongrels to protect my Lover while she sunbathes. Having them observe what is mine in such an intimate setting… unsettles me.

“Eric? Are you okay?” Sookie asks. I blink and focus on her with what I hope is a confident smile.

“Of course Lover, come. I have a private spot for us to have dinner.” I thread her fingers through mine, kiss her wrist. Making her shiver in the process and gracing me with a sweet smile as I lead her down the sandy path through the lush jungle.

Barbados has outlawed bonfires on every beach, which is truly a shame. Firelight in the raw nature is incredible. The images bring me closer to my days as a Viking. My body covered in sweat and blood, fresh from a raid and ready for a hot woman.

The memories surge and swell within my mind. I doubt my Sookie would want to see herself as the wanton woman waiting to pleasure me in the wilds of an old land. I watch her closely as he continue our stroll.

Or…maybe she would.

I allow the fantasy of my Sookie to escape the confines of my mind.

I enter the fire lit room to find a fur covered platform where she lays spread eagle for me. Touching herself with one hand as the other pinches her nipple. Writhing with need as she calls my name.

Sookie gasps and stops mid-stride, gripping my hand tightly. The dainty feet sink to her ankle in the soft sand.

A beautiful flush covers her skin as she shutters in pleasure to the image of my fantasy. Her cornflower blues darken in pure arousal as she stars into my eyes.

Oh yes, my Sookie is into this.

Her mouth is opens to take in a deep breath. Her other hand grips my bicep as the erotic images continue to play.

Dripping in perspiration and the dried blood of my enemies. Just like my fantasy Sookie is electrified by the sight as I prowl towards the bed. Her toes curls in the thick fur as her hips arch in deep want.

…Yes Lover…

I close my mind. Blacking out the display. The thick curtain falling over the crowd who is calling for an Encore. Sookie’s confusion and frustration creep over her features.

“Is everything alright?” I ask with a devilish smirk.

Sookie’s brow furrows. I can hear the question echo through the bond. Did she create that scene or did I?

Gods, if she had conjured this scene. Well, I would be remiss in my duties as her Lover to not take her on this very beach. However, the night is young.

Sookie pushes against my chest in aggravation which does nothing to stop my widening grin. My stature does not move an inch as I laugh at her attempt.

“You sent that to me?” Sookie’s voice is low so she does not attract anyone’s attention.

“Sent what?” I ask innocently. “Did you see something? Please Lover, tell me what you witnessed?”

“You scoundrel!” My Lover’s cheeks are as red as lush apples. Her delicious blood rushes to the surface of her flesh with her obvious discomfort.

“This connection we share should be explored. Don’t you think? I was merely trying to see how affected I could make you.” I waggle my eyebrows playfully.

“Well, maybe I’ll do the same. That would show you!” My Lover huffs and crosses her arms over her chest.

I laugh heartily, throwing my head back in delight.

Curling my hand around the soft nape of her neck, I step close and whisper. “I welcome that, my Lover. The more salacious, the better.” I purr into her ear.

She swats me away with a flick of her hand.

“Ugh, you are impossible! And now I’m really hungry. Are we there yet?” Her hands slide onto her hips showing her no-nonsense side. This woman drives me crazy. We should have fucked before dinner, maybe I would not be so affected by my Lover’s charms.

I feel her stomach rumble with the need of nourishment. No time for us to sate our needs yet. Sookie’s nutrition comes first.

“Right this way.” I extend my hand back toward the sand covered trail.

Another twist in the path and we are welcomed into a canopy of palm trees that overlook the sea. A fire burns bright in an elevated circular pit surrounded by a bamboo table top. White washed chairs surround the flickering glow of the open air dining space.

Pulling out the chair, I assist my Sookie into her seat and take chair closest to her. Not quite close enough, so I pull her chair toward my until the wood bumps together. Sookie beams up at me, rubbing her foot over mine in the sand.

“This is beautiful Eric, you have out done yourself tonight.”

“This,” I gesture to the sea and sand. “This is a romantic meal. I plan to bring you to your knees with what I have in store.” I can feel her anticipation and lust spike in the bond.

I am not opposed to an image of Sookie on her knees. Sucking my cock down her slender throat…fuck! No, tonight is all about wooing my Lover. The beginning of our time away will, as the humans say, start on the right foot.

The server interrupts politely with a cough to announce his presence. I could detect the boy from down the beach, the salt air does nothing to hide the marijuana stench on his clothing.

Without looking away from my Lover, I bid him forth with two fingers. Dressed in dark wash jeans and a white shirt, he moves towards our table bearing our drinks on his small tray. A Royalty Blend for me and a White wine for my Sookie, per my specific instructions.

“I have taken the liberty of pre-ordering our dinner from a local restaurant. They are renowned on the island for their unique dishes” I murmur to my Lover.

“That’s fine.” The flicker of the firelight sweeps over my Sookie’s features. Her soft cheeks and pale hair are illuminated, allowing the memories of the fantasy I pushed into the bond to flare to life once more. I want to take her here and now.

Before I move to drag Sookie down to a darkened part of the beach, the server places a sealed bottle of Royalty Blend and a glass in front of me. Turning, he places the Pinot Grigio and another empty wine glass in front of Sookie.

“Good evening, I am Louie and it is my pleasure to be your server this fine evening. If you have any questions or requests please let me know. Are you ready for drinks, Master?” Louie asks.

I nod. He displays the Blood’s label to me. Shakes and then opens the heated darkened glass. The warm sludge flows into the glass. Louie sets the flute on the table in front of me, waiting for my approval.

If this had been Sookie’s blood I would have downed the entire glass and gone for the bottle. Royalty Blend is far better than True Blood ever was but the substance is still vile.

Sipping the muck, I set the glass back on the table and nod toward the server impatiently. All this unnecessary posturing over drinks is infuriating, but I want to give my Sookie an experience. Louie is unaware of my annoyance and turns his attention to my Sookie. Providing her the same theatrical performance for the wine.


The cork is removed and I can smell the flavors of the label on the breeze. Crisp green apple, honeysuckle and a hint of minerals. Italians have always been masters of the process of creating superb wine. Although the Petit Chablis Chardonnay from France might have been a close second choice for the evening.

No longer being able to abide wine is displeasing for a vampire. Tonight will more than make up for that fact when I taste Sookie’s blood, newly laced with the bottled flavors. My own Sookie Reserve. I chuckle feeling amused at my reference.

Sookie’s plump lips touch the glass as she sips at her wine with delicate ease of a Southern Belle. She swallows and I am riveted on the spot with the erotic grace she displays. Beautiful as the breeze rushes through the stray tendrils of her hair. Her eyes close as she embraces every flavor of the wine.

Our server Louie is also appraising my Sookie. His eyes growing warm with want as he watches my Lover sip at her drink once more.

“Bring out the appetizer, now.” I growl.

Louie jumps at my command. Nods in my direction and scurries over the uneven ground toward the cabana.

“Eric,” Sookie chides. “Don’t scare the poor guy.”

“He should be petrified. You are mine. Everyone shall know this.” I declare. The Viking inside pounds his chest in agreement. While the vampire in me is poised to strike and take what is his.

My Lover smiles and reaches out for my hand. Linking our connection through her touch, she gently squeezes my fingers in assurance.

“Yes, I am yours. I’m with you, I smell like you thanks to the bond. I don’t want anyone else.”

Another growl rumbles in my chest. “Even if you did, I would never allow you to leave me.”

The things she does to me I would have considered weak on another vampire not long ago. But I need her. I love her. I want to be the one to make her laugh every night.

“Good thing I have no plans to leave your ass, you crazy possessive Viking! Jeez, Eric. I’ve waited longer for you than you have for me. Do you really think I would cut and run?” Hurt washes over our bond.

“No, never that my Sookie.” I exhale an unneeded breath. “These feelings I have for you are deep, suffocating.” Another unnecessary breath escapes me as I run my hand through my hair and rub the back of my neck.

“I want to cling tighter to you than I ever would have ever considered doing in all my existence.” I narrow my stare and say, “Further, we both know I have waited the longest for you.”

My Sookie’s fire fills the bond, so I hold up my palm in a stop position. Halting the protest that is about to burst from her lips.

“Regardless of my missing memory Lover, I have wanted you since the moment I saw you. The first night we met you were too engrossed in appraising my establishment you never took notice of my lingering gaze. At least not until you sat beside that imbecile.” I rumbled.

The server chooses this moment to set a covered dish between us. My Sookie looks away from me toward the dish. She is biting her lip as she considers, perhaps recalls what I have revealed about our first encounter.

My Sookie’s eyes widen a fraction and then says, “The wine is very good. I can’t wait to taste the food with it.”

Ah, she does not wish to have such an intimate conversation where others can hear. I will respect her privacy. I too, do not wish to allow others to hear the content. I send her my pride and reassurance through the bond.

“Then you are in for a treat, my Lover. Calamari, fresh from the sea and fried to perfection. Or at least I am lead to believe such details.” I stare at the server until he nods along.

“Yes, our food has no equal here on the island. Your wine pairing is a splendid choice.” Louie quickly adds.

“Oh yummy! I love seafood!” Sookie exclaims.

The server removes the cover and retreats to the nearby cabana. He stays mostly out of sight, but close enough to anticipate our needs. My goal to spend the evening with my Lover, not form a lasting relationship with Louie the server.

Sookie and I can resume our conversation uninterrupted or at least I think we will between her moans of delight as she digs into the food before her. The satisfied noises she is making are driving me wild.

Eyeing the avocado mayo she dips a circular fried ring deep into the sauce. Straight between her lips followed by a large sip of wine.

“Oh my God! Eric!” She is adorable, covering her mouth as her eyes close in bliss.

“The first bite was already amazing, flaky and moist, not rubbery. But the wine added a whole other dimension. I would have never known about this whole new taste without the Pinot Grigio.”

I laugh as Sookie finishes off the ring in one more bite, reaching for another Calamari band as she sips the apple hinted drink again.

“Eric, before I forget.” She swallows. “One of the Were’s you have guarding me, well, he ain’t too happy to be doing it.”

“Which one?” I ask calmer than I feel.

Sookie waits a moment, knowing that I am less than thrilled that someone working for me has less than positive thoughts about my Lover. She will not be disrespected when I can help it. In this case, I can.

“The guy with the dreads. He needs the money, but I don’t feel safe with him.” She sighs twirling the fried ring between her fingers.

“Normally I wouldn’t say anything at all. I don’t want you to fire someone who needs a job, but I need to feel safe when you’re not around. Today, when I heard Bruce’s thoughts looking for a self-defense trainer for me, I admit it hadn’t really occurred to me that I could protect myself like that. I have a shotgun. I know how to shoot it. But it’s not like I carry the thing on my back.”

“We shall discuss Bruce in a moment, Lover.” I say as I pull out my phone. Finn answers on the first ring.

I reach over for Sookie’s hand when I see her frown. Rubbing the soft skin on the top of my Lover’s hand to reassure her quietly as I prepare to inform Finn of the changes that need to take place. Tonight.

“You will to replace Drake immediately.” Finn is quiet waiting for the rest of my dictate. The Were has been working long enough for me to know not to question my demand. This is why I still keep him on my short list of trusted security. Not as unfailing as Bruce but close enough.

“Of course Master. When would you like to meet his replacement?” Finn says.

“An hour before dawn.” I hit the END button on my phone to kill the call then pocket the device.

My Lover’s eyes are wide. “Just like that?”


“You didn’t even flinch when you fired him.”

“I only hire the best in the world, if you feel threatened then I have not employed the best. I happen to trust the telepath across from me. Gift or no, his thoughts are unacceptable when it comes to your safety.” I state.


Great, Louie is back.

“Mistress, how was your Calamari?” He waits with eager anticipation.

Sookie looks up at him and smiles. “It was delicious! I wish we could get anything half as amazing as this back home.” Sookie says enthusiastically.

Louie beams under her praise. You would think he swam into the sea and captured the little creatures himself.

“It is our pleasure to serve you, Mistress. May I clear the dish in preparation for the main course?”

“Sure.” He makes quick work of the platter and melts back into my peripheral vision. Thank fuck.

“Bruce did mention your surprised response, my Lover. When you discovered him preparing me for the journey.” I say with a grin. Bruce’s email had been very specific. His correspondence are always detailed.

“Surprised?” She grumbled. “Yeah, let’s call it that. You could have mentioned to me that he would have been there. In our room.” Her brow narrowed in annoyance.

“That you, my crazy Viking were part of the luggage to be handled today. You need to keep me in the loop, Mister. I’ll feel much better about us and our future if you don’t treat me like a child.”

My eyebrows shot up. My feisty Lover laying out her demands.

I love it!

“A point well made. My mistake.” I pull her by the hand until our elbows are on the table. I lay a long slow kiss on her palm in apology. “I will endeavor to keep you apprised about the goings on, my Lover.”

Her beautiful blues narrowed a fraction more as she searched the bond for any hint of falsehood.

Very good.

Sookie nodded when she felt my sincerity through our bond. Smirking she releasing a breath of exasperation and rolled her eyes. One would have thought I was a naughty boy. A hand caught in the cookie jar if you will.

Perhaps I was.

Only, it is Sookie’s jar I was after.

“Apology accepted.” She said.

“Excellent.” I clenched my jaw. I do not remember the last amends I made, if ever. But for Sookie, I would. The thought that I would be asking forgiveness often from my little Lover did not sit well. I shrugged it off, one issue at a time.

“Bruce as a contact in Shreveport, she teaches many forms of martial arts.” I say, bringing the conversation back to Sookie’s self-protection training.

“How would that help me?” She asks.

“Most of these moves use the momentum of the attacker against them. Stopping the aggressor or slowing them down so you can find an escape route. This principle of the art may be used on humans or Supernaturals.”

“Alright. I’ll think about it.” Sookie takes a drink from her wine glass. “I’d like to meet the instructor. If I’m going to be touching her, I need to know what kind of a broadcaster she is.” Sookie explained.

I nod in understanding. My Lover’s shields did not also need to be tested as she learned a new skill. I was proud of her, the way she accepted the new situation and yearned to know more. Preparing herself for the future and our enemies.

A Valkyrie.

The silence between us is comfortable. The calm sea lapped gracefully on the shoreline. The fire crackles before us as a log topples, pushing the flames higher. The embers twirl above the blaze in a swirling dance before burning out on the breeze.

In the years I’ve come to Barbados, I have never taken true pleasure in my surroundings. Until now and it is all because of Sookie. Being with her allows me to experience the mundane with new eyes. It is an extraordinary feeling. My existence will never be boring with my Lover around.

You love her, tell her.

Louie is back and this time I may be marginally grateful for the interruption. He carries a large tiered platter filled to the edge with Lobster, King Crab legs, Mussels, Salmon, Shrimp the size my palm and fresh Oysters.


I wanted Sookie to have a true taste of the sea. And in truth, I cannot wait to feed my lover from the selection. Feeling her lips and tongue against my skin as I provide her nourishment. The image is intoxicating.

Lemon wedges, melted butter, and three different dipping sauces are tucked between the main portions to choose from.

Sookie licks her lips in anticipation.

“This is incredible! Eric, holy cow! I’m just one girl.” She laughs as her eyes widen over the sheer size of the food before us.

“Eat what you wish my Lover. I shall have the leftovers sent home for you pick from tomorrow. You will also have the proper breakfast choices available.” I assure her.

Sookie leans forward and kisses me on the lips for a moment. “Thank you. For everything, this is all so magical and I don’t know what to say.” Unshed tears glisten in her eyes.

“Do not cry.” I press, startling her with my outburst. My Lover giggles at me before wiping her finger under her lower lashes and shaking her head.

Ah, good. The tears are gone. Truly, I do not care for any woman crying. But Sookie with tears makes me feel absolutely helpless.

“Alright, alright! No tears!” She rolls her eyes as I continue to stare at her. I sigh in relief as Louie provides Sookie a clear water glass then fills her wine in preparation for the main course.

My lover picks up a lemon wedge and squeezes the juice over the seafood. She gasps, dropping the segment and bringing her finger to her mouth.

“Ouch.” Sookie mumbles around her finger.

My fangs snap down as I pull her hand from her mouth. My salvia would heal her in an instant as I suck on the finger in question. I do not taste her blood, only the acidity of the lemon juice and her unique flavor on the pad of her finger.

“It’s fine. I must have a paper cut or something because that lemon juice scorched the dickens out of me.” She says.

Once I am certain there is no damage I release her digit and inspect the tip of her finger. It is red and slightly swollen. Perhaps an allergic reaction.

From lemon?

I freeze when my gaze locks on Sookie’s form.

“Has this ever happened before?” I ask trying not to sound worried.

“No, I drink sweet tea all the time and I’m always cutting up these little guys for the bar. Eric, the juice must have just seeped into the nail bed or something. Don’t worry.” She says taking her hand back.

Sookie reaches for her water glass takes a drink, she dismissed her minor injury without another thought. Had I over reacted to a common occurrence?

An absurd thought crosses my mind. Could my Sookie be part Fae?

Not full fairy, otherwise I would have drained her long ago. But partial? Her blood has a sweetness to it that mimics a watered down version of Fae blood.

But Sookie’s blood is so much better, her taste is unique. Reminding me of the honey my mother served to me from my human days. Her flavor is also salty with a hint of spice.

My fangs, still exposed from the danger do nothing to stop my bloodlust and cock to spring to life. Just the memory of my Lover’s taste is enough to send me into a barely controlled frenzy.

“Eat your food Lover.” I say in a voice husky and raw. “I find myself famished.”




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32 thoughts on “Pledge to a Viking-Chapter 10

  1. Oh no if the juice burned her how bad is her reaction going to be when she bites and starts to eat her food with the lemon on it? Hope it’s not to bad and Eric doesnt freak out to badly.

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  2. I’m allergic to shellfish, so I know firsthand what will happen when swallowing lemon. The airways are the first to collapse and thicken tongue and lips. The throat closes and you feel die. Is this a result of forming the bond, which has enabled her fae part?

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    1. Oh no! How awful for you! I grew up on the ocean and not having fresh seafood sucks! The Bond and her Fae abilities could be tied. But also is the fact that the closer she gets to 30 (age of maturity) the more her abilities will manifest. At least in my versions. 🙂

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  3. Their night on the beach is lovely. The only concern is what will happen if she actually consumes any of the lemon juice. If she is doing what is typical, she is putting it on the seafood. Interesting that her as yet unknown fae status is suddenly becoming apparent.

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    1. Since Sookie has had no issues with lemon so far, I’ll reveal that it was only a small cut that the juice got into. Then Eric’s salvia healed the small annoyance. Here, here to a boyfriend with healing abilities. 🙂

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    1. I figured with the visions of Turkey we all have in our future, let’s bring on the island delights. Yum! Is there anything better than lobster by the sea and a handsome man to share your bonfire with? 🙂


  4. I find I forget what we know and what we don’t reading different stories. I forgot that the fae part wasn’t reveled yet.
    Hope her reaction when she eats it isn’t too bad. It would be a shame to waste that amazing plate of food.

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    1. The fact that she doesn’t know yet was a fun part of this story. I get to play with how she finds out and when. The most important aspect is that Eric suspects now, not later when he is told outright. That doesn’t sound like a vampire who made it 1000 years by being complacent and Eric is anything but that. I would never toss such a platter away, I’d simply ask Eric to heal me. LOL!

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  5. nice chapter but i think everyone is over reacting to the lemon, she cuts lemons on a daily basis, drinks them in her tea. i think the lemon just got into a cut but it does start our Viking to wonder if she is possibly FAE. plus his saliva healed it too quick to be an allergy. I think it would have taken much more than a mere suck and a lick. KY

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    1. Suck and a Lick…suck and a lick, suck and a lick. Now I have LEMONS on the brain. Hehehehe! Thanks for your comments. It’s true the lemon juice was seeping into a cut not setting off a life-threatening reaction. in Sookie. This is a more come-to-Jesus moment for Eric. Thanks kleannhouse!

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  6. I can just picture the setting –sigh….. Now how is she going to eat the seafood she spritzed the lemon on? She probably can’t which means……..MORE FOR ME! Oh my, that is such a beautiful seafood platter –I’m drooling…..

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    1. I know right. By the way, real restaurant on Barbados that serves all the dishes I wrote about here. They are not paying me but if I ever get there, I will be dining at The Tides. Although I doubt they would offer a private beach, handsome vampire and Louie the server. Lol!


  7. Damn. I’m hungry now! That seafood looks yummy! I’m sure Sookie will be OK. She handles lemons all the time with no problem, and she’s with her vampire; he’ll take care of her. This Eric is so good to her. Their bantering is hilarious and I love that Eric doesn’t care how he appears to any other vampires. He’s a man in love, that’s the way he views it, not a vampire who has to put on appearances. He loves his bonded, wants her to know it by any means possible, and doesn’t give a shit about anything else. I like it! 🙂

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    1. Me too! But my refrigerator is full of turkey, yams and cranberry sauce. Still yummy just different. Eric is certainly smitten but more important, he doesn’t care how it looks to other because he is confident in his abilities to protect Sookie. Le sigh…
      And…hint, hint. If you love their dinner so far…I bet you will LOVE what comes next!

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      1. 🙂 The leftovers are always so awesome! We don’t have any though!
        I’d say Eric’s more than smitten! I’ll bet he has something yummy in mind for dessert!


  8. Oh no, Eric is s gonna freak at the reaction she’s about to have!! So glad u posted a new chapter… Im sooo glad i checked your page today! Something is wrong with the new tablet I got, I’m not getting alerts on this one 😦 oh well I’m getting a new one on black Friday!

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    1. I’m glad you did too! Sorry about that. I know a few of the authors I follow on WP get lost now and again. Darn WP! *shakes fist* New tablet on Friday! Hooray! 🙂 Thanks for checking up with me and heads up. Black Friday will have a new chapter, so check back unless you can re-follow me. If not let me know. Thanks for reviewing!


      1. Thank u for letting me know cuz u know I’ll probhave to reset everything Friday on the new one 🙂 just letting u know the same tablet I paid $125 for at target 2 months ago. Its on sale for $39.88 at Walmart so if u know anybody needing one its a great deal! Anyways not going in them lines I’m ordering on line and picking it up 😉


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