Chapter 11


Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood or Southern Vampire Mysteries series, no copyright infringement is intended. 



Sookie’s passion ignites the air around us with just my words.

I reach over for the arm rest of her seat, pushing it away from the table. I haul my Lover across my lap with a surprised gasp from her lips. I kiss the tender stop behind her ear. Run my fangs lightly over the slender column of her neck to reassure myself that her body is safe and sound, and by my side.

I reach for a lobster tail and dip it in the warm butter.

“Open” Sookie complies as I place the portion on her tongue. Juice and butter slide from her lips but before she can wipe them away I lick and suck on her chin. True vampires can no longer eat, but taste is a different story. And Sookie’s flavor mixed with the buttered lobster is exquisite.

My nerves relax as Sookie eats from my fingers without a hint of discomfort. The lemon wedge she handled must have indeed agitated a slight cut. No doubt my saliva stopped any stinging sensation that followed. I will not worry about this a moment longer. As Sookie has said, she is around this yellow fruit constantly. Surely, a true lemon allergy would have popped up by now.

I continue to feed her a variety from the seafood platter, mussels, and the shrimp. Cracking the crab and allowing more butter to slip across my fingers and then her lips. Tasting Sookie is more thrilling than I ever would have dreamed. The buttery mess I am making of her is creating an intimate atmosphere where I can feel her trust and love soar higher and higher in the bond.

Normally, I would never engage in this type of behavior. Food is for humans, not for vampires. I am not put off in any way by what they eat because what Sookie will consume, so will I. Tonight, is a night of playfulness and the desire to show my Lover that I will take care of her every need. Even to feed her as she will feed me. And if I get a little messy in the meantime…

I do not give a fuck!

A swim in the sea should cleanse us quite nicely.

Her close proximity does nothing to stop my want of her. My Sookie quivers atop me, goosebumps exploding over her soft skin as I continue to assault her with my mouth. The sight and taste of her reaction to my kiss only make me more insistent as I rock her thigh against my cock.

I am more frustrated than ever, but I hold back.


How can this twenty-six-year-old human, possibly part Fae, make me lose my well-honed control. My preservation.

Because I am in love her.

The feelings and words are starting to burn my soul. I need to tell her. Purge the fact and allow her to see the true heart to me. Perhaps this would be as good a time as any.

“Lover,” The whisper spills out like a prayer.

“How is the food? Is the Mistress ready for her dessert?” The too-cheerful-motherfucking-cock-blocker-Louie asks.

I hiss at his intrusion, if Sookie was not on my lap this moment I would claim his fucking head.

My Lover’s mortification seeps through the cracks of my erupting blood lust. Her modesty is something I need to free her of and soon.

I have no interest in sharing her with any other. In fact, the thought of someone else touching her sends me deeper into the abyss of black rage. However, when we are alone sans annoying servants, she should feel confident when I take her as we both wish.

“Eric.” She scolds me, making me smile as I continue to bore a hole into Louie. He hesitates. My fangs aching to rip the boy in half. Sookie present or not.

He must realize that he stepped into a sensitive time because he is turning white. Trembling in fear and caught in my sights in the sand a few feet from my reach. His right foot lifts slowly, preparing to flee from us.

“Uh, dessert.” Sookie contemplates his question. Halting his meager movements to escape. My Lover is feeling hunger, just not for chocolate.

“Have the remaining meal, wine and the Chocolate Lover’s Dream delivered to my home within the hour. Someone will be expecting you.” I command.

My Lover will be in need of more substance when I am done with her tonight. If I do my duty well, she may not be able to get out of bed all week.

“Very good. Master.” Louie squeaks desperately trying to maintain his composure before hauling ass to collect the food platter and drinks left on the table. My stare never leaves him as he wobbles under my heavy gaze. Once everything is on his tray Louie scrambles back to the cabana in double time without so much as a nod.

Glancing down to my chest where my Sookie is still nestled in my arms. I grin wide when she rolls her eyes.

“You are not very nice.” Then she giggles as I tickle her sides.

“Come, Lover. I have something to show you.”

My black slacks rolled to my shins as I lead Sookie toward the darkness of the water’s edge. The roar of the sea is tranquil. Here on the West side of the island the warm water is calmer. The Caribbean Sea at its very finest. The East side of the island undergoes rougher waters on rocky shores from the cold Atlantic Ocean. A great place for Wind Surfing, but not night swimming in safety with my Lover.

“Even with the half-moon is out tonight, I can see perfectly because of you.” Sookie says.

Human eye sight is not as sharp and accurate as a vampire’s vision, but I suppose that Sookie’s telepathy aids her in other ways.

“You can?” I ask curiously.

“Yeah, you glow. Your skin is so pale, not so much right after you feed.” She blushes. “But out here in the dark of night you are my own little glow stick.” She laughs.

My mouth fell open as I continue to stare at Sookie. Only another Supernatural being could see a Vampire’s shine. Or glow as my Sookie calls it.

“Oh my gosh,” Sookie covers her mouth with her hand. “Did you not know about the glow thing? It’s really neat, Eric. I’ve never seen anything like it. Wish I had a mirror to show you. Or wait, maybe we could take a picture with your phone.” She babbled as she reaches into my pants pocket for my cell phone.

Sookie turns the camera angle to the “selfie mode” then leans against my chest. Her arm extended out in front of us as far as she can get before smiling and clicking the camera icon.

“Here, see.” Sookie thrusts the device toward me with our picture filling the small screen. When I don’t look down she huffs and looks at our selfie.

“Oh Eric, you didn’t smile. One more time. Now this time say cheese.”

She duplicates the last pose against me and I do my best not to grimace into the small lens.

The second photo is better. Staring at the image of my Lover and I on my phone. My mind races with the possibilities. The only thing better is that I have my first photo of us together.

“No,” I clear my throat and look at Sookie. “I know that I have a shine to my body. All vampires do.” Her brow scrunched in confusion for a moment. Followed by her fear, the intensity shoves me to the ground through the bond.

“E-Eric, I di-didn’t know I-I-I wasn’t supposed to say anything about the eh- glowing thing. Look, forget I mentioned it, okay. I-I-I won’t be in trouble right?”

Realization springs forth about her shifted emotions of fear and in turn sends my anger rising at break-neck speed. Not at her. But Bill. Fucking Compton strikes again. He told her nothing of the fucking world and therefore, Sookie is terrified of my stunned silence. For some things in our world, she should be. But when it comes to confiding in me, I never ever want her fear.

“Lover, that you can see my shine is not a problem.” I hold her close until her body stops trembling. “I am surprised that you can since only a Supernatural being can detect the difference.”

Sookie looks up from my chest. Tears silently leak down her cheeks and her bottom lip quivers. “But I’m not, I’m not.”

Fuck, I hate it when she cries. I am helpless to stop it. I try comforting her by pushing my love and concern through the bond. Rubbing her back I feel her relax back against me. I kiss the top of her head as I smooth my hands up her back. Feeling her warm flesh between the top and skirt of her clothing.

“I think you may have something else besides human inside you. You may be part Fae. Or Fairy.” I explain.

Sookie steps out my hold. “Oh great! There are fairies in the world? How do you know I am one of them for sure?”

Her hands perched on her hips as she demands answers. It is quite adorable. No one has dared to demand anything from me in my existence. And my little feisty Sookie doing that is beautiful.

“I do not. Not for sure. Your telepathy, the allergy to citrus and now your being able to detect a Vampire’s shine.” I was unsure of my next question but decided for the sake of full disclosure I would ask her thoughts about my proposal.

“My Sookie I have a contact within the Fae ranks. His name is Niall Brigant. I could send a communication him to meet us.”

The Fae were tricky little monsters. I was not looking forward to calling in my favor but if Sookie was determined to discover her identity then, I would send word to Brigant.

“Why do I get the feeling that you don’t want to?” My clear Lover asked.

“Because I do not. The Fae are complicated. Calling upon them is asking a favor in their eyes, I would prefer not to unless necessary.” I reasoned.

Sookie brushed her wind-tossed locks back from her face. “Do you care if I’m a fairy Eric?”

“Not in the least.” I answered. It was true, nothing would change between us, no matter what Fae relatives started crawling from the woodwork. Brigant was a fine alley as alleys go, that did not mean I was ready or willing to exchange Christmas cards.

“Then don’t contact him. I’m not sick or hurt, your blood heals me just fine. Why bother with such a hassle like this.”

Sookie was remarkable. Beautiful and brilliant. I moved back into her space and crushed her body to mine.

“Done.” I said against her soft hair. But if you ever change your mind, I will contact Brigant.” I vowed.



I picked her up and spun us both in the surf. Sookie laughs and then clings to my neck, as I slow down her breath blows hot against my cool flesh. I rise us both over the water and head out deeper to the sea. The water is warm, the silver moonlight drips over the ripples of the dark liquid below our feet.

A song from a nearby beach bar drifts over the water. Before I can realize what I have done, Sookie and I are dancing in the air. The sea below us and the star-dusted sky above.

The young girl’s voice is gentle and hypnotic with only a piano to accompany her words. I grip my lover tighter against me.

This is it, the moment I have waited for.

Sookie’s lips press to my neck and she whispers, “I love you Eric.”

Her tender words melt over me, seeping into my cold, dark soul. The bond flares in hues of magenta and lavender. My Sookie’s love is the most beautiful feeling I have ever faced. If I had not been floating with her in my arms above the water, I would have sank to my knees.

“Oh, Sookie. I love you too.” I murmur.

“You do.” She sighs and eases fully into our embrace.

The music lingers breathy and intense though the air and then slides to a halt. Drowned out by a large applause from the attendees, whistles and cheers echo over the surf before they die down and another smooth number plays.

“Oh, Lover, I have loved you for some time, but voicing my feelings was difficult. Then you were brave enough to say those sweet words to me. How you inspire me. You gave me the courage to reveal all of me to you.” I confess.

This is the most I have ever revealed of myself another. Sookie is not just anyone. I feel as if my chest opened up to show my un-beating heart for her to inspect. It feels as if the sea air is rushing over that previously unused organ, latterly on the line for my Sookie.

My Lover kisses me, sealing our words with the promise of her body, her very soul. Her love. And our bond sings and rejoices with our truth.

The kiss blazes on gaining strength and intensity. Her luscious body is scorching me with her silent vow and I yearn to free us both of the need that suffocates us.

“I love you.” I say again when she finally takes a much-needed breath. I rest my forehead against hers, inhaling her scent and basking in the warmth of her love.

“Say it again. Please Eric.” Sookie begs, her eyes glisten with unshed tears. The bond is alive in a way it never has been. It beacons me, calls to her and tells me Sookie is bursting with happiness. Happiness I have given her.

“I love you beyond all time, my Sookie. Through the unknown universe and space. To spend another moment in your brilliance is more than I never knew I always wanted. I love you, please, make me the happiest man and be my wife.” I plead.

Her sweet tasting tears are now falling in rivers over her cheeks. Glittering streams of warm saltiness that I lick gently from her face. My Sookie is an enchanting delight and I will sample all of her soon. But now I wait for her response to my unanswered question.

I fidget a moment, realizing that she might be waiting for the other part of the bargain. The ring. Pulling out the vintage four carrot Harry Winston from my pocket I take yet another unneeded breath. I have never before been so on edge. Battle and carnage I can handle. Waiting for the woman I love to officially agree to be mine is torcher.


The diamond reflects a spectrum of rainbows between us. Sookie looks at the gift and gasps at my offering. Is it not enough? I researched what I considered the perfect ring for my Sookie. Something timeless and able to catch the light around her. Since that is exactly the way I feel when she is around me.

“Oh my God! Eric.” She gawks at me.

If an engagement ring is to match the intention for my woman than she would never be able to wear the largest gem I could find. And in my existence I have seen many an impressive gem.

“Yes, yes, a million times, yes! I love you so much!” Sookie beams as she wipes her tears away.

I kiss her, our breath tangled once more. I am beyond relieved to hear the wonderful words that she is mine in every way that matters. Sookie returns the kiss and then I pull back to slip the sparkler on her finger.

“These diamonds have no comparison to the beauty of you, my Lover.” I murmur.

“Stop, you are killing me. You are the sweetest man I have ever known.” She sobs, finally making me smile.

“I am not sweet,” I huff as she chuckles.

“Yeah, you are. Get used to it.” I kiss her forehead in hopes to silence the thought I would ever be considered sweet.

“My Sookie, you are mine. And soon forever.” I look deep in the bond for the slightest hint of insecurity in my greatest wish. The need I have to bring Sookie over as my Bonded Child. The Bond erupts in bright flashes of yellow and glitter. I can feel the golden waves of acceptance wash us both over.

“I want that too.” Sookie confirms.


(A/N) Do you think that Sookie’s forever and Eric’s forever match up? How about that little sparkler Eric gave to Sookie? Have I denied you enough lemons? Well, don’t you worry, these two have played enough games tonight. The next chapter (s) will be some juicy filled lemony goodness for sure! Thanks so much for reading!








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  1. Good
    Excellent update…that ring made my day!
    Fabulous is all I say but we all know that Eric has great taste!
    I’m so surprised that Sookie doesn’t want Eric to call Naill to ask him about Sookie’s heritage.
    I certainly DO NOT think Sookie’s forever is what Eric intends it…
    P. S.
    That picture of a goat hanging on that mountain made me spill my coffee Lol!

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    1. Thank you! My research led me to quite a few sparklers, but this one took the cake. As far as Sookie not wanting to meet Niall, she is still in denial of being anything other than human. Just coming to terms with being in love with a vampire is unique enough, let alone accept all she has going on. Either way, Sookie will come into her own…. ba ba bah!
      Ha! Glad I could brighten your day! 🙂


  2. A beautiful ring, and I’m reserving judgement about what “forever” means to Sookie. And have to think that she does need to meet Niall sooner or later. Love the imagery of them dancing in the air..

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    1. Thank you! Remember that terrible cover for Club Dead? I mean who is that dark haired vampire Sookie is dancing with? Stupid! But I thought, you know who it should have been, Eric -fucking-twinkle-toes- Northman! Lol!

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  3. Love, love, love this chapter *sigh* What A Beautiful Ring!!! Can’t wait for the Lemons in the next chapter!! Love that she’s willing to be with Eric Forever, it just never made no sense that in alot of stories she’d turn her back on true love for “fair weather friends”!?! anyways, still loving your story and can’t wait for more!!

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    1. Thank you! I thought it was a perfect way to celebrate Black Friday with some good old LOVE and a proper proposal. Head u[p, this might take a turn here from romantic to HARD CORE LEMONS! I love them, you love them. What can I say? As far as her turning, here is what I know. I love and adore my husband, my soul mate. If he had a chance to keep me with him forever, like ever and ever. I wouldn’t hesitate. That is the crazy truth about love. You find your other half and never want to be away from them. 🙂


    1. Eric knew he was sealing the deal in all ways. I think the “I love you” snuck up on him faster than he expected. In many ways he as the emotional maturity of a teenager. He had shut off his feelings for everyone except Pam. That is a lot of closed off emotion barreling to the surface. Sookie better look out! 🙂 Thanks for reviewing Love! I enjoy your comments!


  4. loved the changes after we spoke, these two are great together, just enough of a back and forth that they are able to help each other and not jump to conclusions. and YES no allergies, just a hint of hurt makes the world go around, and gives him a hint to being on the right track. KY

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    1. Thank you for talking me through that little hiccup. Lemons are no big deal to Sookie and if they were, I have no doubt she and Eric could solve the problem. I look forward to your mad BETA skills for Chapter 12!

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    1. CH never got the concept of loyalty or trust when she wrote Sookie. But I always knew that Eric isn’t some unconnected immortal, for things he loves Eric is more than willing to find what makes them happy. Especially Sookie. Thank you for leaving some awesome feedback. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’m working but having a bit of trouble being consistent in editing and posting. Sorry about that. Finally getting to a point where I can post a lot at once…I hope you like it! 🙂


  5. Just discovered your wonderful stories and was on this beautiful beach hearing this marvelous song and ready to go home with Sookie and Eric to celebrate ! What happened ?? RL sucks I know …whenever you are ready again … know that we are ! Many, many thanks for your good work.


    1. Awe, thank you! RL and eight months pregnant will do it to you everytime. I’m working on two of my stories right now so that I can hvae some summer posts up before my new little guy arrives at the end of August. Thanks for the love and support. I’ll try not to disappoint. 🙂


  6. I love this story and can’t wait to see if Sookie will be turned. Great story, but the more chapters I read I realize that I don’t really like Sookie at all lol. I used to think that Sookie and Eric were my favorite characters, but now I realize it’s just Eric. Sookie is whiny and seemingly unappreciative at times. It’s not Eric’s fault that shr et Bill use her. Her reaction to not being proposed to in her tradition is bullshit. She expects Eric to know and cater to human expectations but I haven’t seen her do a single thing to learn about Vampire traditions or to cater to anything towards him yet. She’s 26 but pouts and acts like a toddler more times than not. Eric can do much much better lol. Cant wait for the next chapter


  7. So far, so freaking AWESOME! Finally got caught up on this one and am so excited to see what’s next!
    Definitely love Eric’s dominant personality and Sookie’s eye rolling with her hands on her hips in response. Knowing that as this story progresses, so do Sookie’s Fae characteristics makes me curious if Sookie can actually be turned into a vampire.


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