Pledge to a Viking Chapter 5

Any one up for a little couch time at Fangtasia?


Yeah, me too!

Hello dear readers, guess what? I have a BETA! YAY!

Featured Image -- 529

Well, of course Eric.

But who you should really be loving is KLEANNHOUSE!

All those little wrong words, very bad grammar error and overall unpleasantness are…unless I lose it as a writer 😉

a thing of the past. With her around she will be happy to knock me upside the head so that I may fix my mistakes before you all get exposed. Kinda sounds like a virus.

Praise be to Kleannhouse! Thank you!

So are you ready for more? Me too!

So please click on the little banner below and go directly to Chapter 5 and IF you are so inclined I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m betting money no one will ever guess where I go with this one!




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