(A/N) Just a little not, this Epilogue is NOT BEAT APPROVED. So every last mistake is ALL mine. The last few weeks that turned into months have kept me from writing the way I used too. I’m so sorry about that, but I have to say THANK YOU! I have the best readers ever! You have stuck with me and offered support. Thank you for reading, leaving me some much-appreciated LOVE, and following my work. Now that this Epilogue is finally down and out here in cyber space, it’s time for more work to happen with Pledge to a Viking! But before that happens…I ask you to please, get your drink and a snack and scroll on down to some serious NSFW reading. I hope you enjoy my Christmas tale conclusion for Sookie and Eric!


Disclaimer: I do not own the Southern Vampires Mysteries by Charlaine Harris or HBO’s True Blood, created by Alan Ball. However, this story and the AU I’m playing with are mine.




*Five Years Later*


I tapped the tablet again. Checking one of my many lists in search of areas that still needed my attention. The historical exterior of The O.C. had been tastefully decorated. Thanks to my not so subtle pushing. Eric had ultimately agreed and grudgingly admitted that there wasn’t much he would say no to when it came to me.

The lights were beautiful, without causing too much unwanted attention to what lay beyond the buildings elegant doorway.

A Vampire playground.

Okay, a Vampire playground might have been pushing things a bit. Or not. In the years since I was turned and joined the ranks of the immortals, I had witnessed many predators within these walls. I too am a predator, trained by my vampire sister Pam and my beautiful maker, Eric.

Just last week, Eric and I had been dancing in the middle of a very packed Saturday night when someone tapped his shoulder. Vampires did not do unsolicited touching, so I knew straight away, this was going to be trouble. Eric sent me a wave of amusement through our bond.

We turned with bored expressions to stare at a tall slender Burnette. Hand on her hip and the other still touching Eric’s shoulder. Caressing him through the fabric of his shirt and eyeing him up and down.

Fucking bitch! I hissed at her in warning, but she ignored me completely. Giving what I’m sure she considered her best, bedroom eyes look.

Bad move.

Eric scowled at her feeble attempt and shrugged her off, but she ignored his reaction with a bigger smile. She was not going to be easily deterred.

This woman had a death wish and I was more than happy to help her out. Before I could rip her throat out, she turned her overdone smoky brown eyes on me. I inhaled her scent, which was a heavy fragrance of determination. Her eyes twinkled with wicked amusement as she looked me over with obvious disapproval.

“Beat it blondie, your fifteen minutes are up. I’ll give you a free lesson on just how fucking good I can make Eric Northman feel.” She purred, siding up against Eric like a cat in heat.

I never felt more violent in my whole fucking life.

Pre-Vampire or Post-Vampire.

My fangs itched for a long moment and then snap down inside my mouth. The sharp edges slashed my tongue, allowing me to taste my own blood. Rich copper with a hint of my beloved Maker flowing throughout the life-giving fluid. I was hit with a surge of bloodlust. I knew better than to look up at Eric’s heated gaze in that moment, since most of the feelings bombarding me were his.

I pressed my thighs together trying my best to focus on the problem at hand. A brunette that needed a lesson taught to her.

Honestly, she practically begged me to teach her.

Reaching out in almost slow motion, my fingers closed tight around her slender throat.



My eyes snapped up to the second floor, where Eric’s open laptop was all but forgotten as my memories flowed over me and into him. His blue eyes bore into mine. The need to go to him was strong and it had nothing to do with his call. I needed him. Needed Eric to remind me of our love and our power together.

Eric, my Maker. My Lover. Always in touch with my emotions. Without using my Vampire speed to run up the stairs to him, I slowed my stride and moved my hips in an exaggerated fashion as I made my way up the staircase, to the clear delight of my Lover.

Eric stood impatiently at the top of the landing. His fist clenched at his sides were the only give away of his inward frustration to my casual walk. One I was at the top, he growled low in his chest. The predator impatient to have his prey. My seduction had paid off as he dragged me into the waiting elevator.

“What caused you to fill our Bond with lust, this time, my Beauty?” Eric said as he pushed me into the wall of the lift. The doors closed behind us as he trapped me between the tufted leather wall and his hard body. Eric’s fangs nipped at my neck as I reached around his narrow hips to grab his spectacular ass. I inhale deep as he thrust his heavy erection between my clothed thighs.

Becoming a vampire was an easier transition than I ever thought it could be. Eric turned me a few months after we met at Bill’s Christmas Eve party. I would like to say that I had reservations about being initiated into a secret myth of Immortal beings, but I wasn’t. Not in the slightest. It felt natural to go from a human Empath to a Vampire Empath. If anything, I felt more like myself.

Seeing Eric and Pam together solidified just how our lives would be after I was turned. Eric adored Pam like a Child, a sister, his best friend. And for me, Eric was turning his Lover, his Bonded. We would do everything together. Share things that barely scratched the surface of what he and Pam had.

I took to the lifestyle like a duck in water.

As did Tara. Pam turned my dear friend and assistant extraordinaire on the evening of New Year’s Day. Just a few days after I had met Eric and Tara had met Pam. Those two love birds moved quick and sure as a flash flood.

Tara was a magnificent Vampire. Stunning and fierce, her turning happened to coincide well with that much-needed vacation I gave her as a Christmas bonus. Three weeks later she and Pam surfaced from a Paris getaway with huge fangy grins. Deep in love, married, and now living with a binding Maker-Child relationship.

“I was thinking about that brunette who tried to shoo me away from you after you first turned me.” I licked his neck, scraping my fangs along his pale flesh. Eric shuddered beneath my assault.

“Ah, yes. The way you threw her over the crowd was impressive. And then I fucked you in this very elevator before I took you into our suite.” Eric said huskily.

I rubbed myself against his erection and grabbed the base of his head. Tangling my fingers in his hair, I pulled him back from my neck. Eric was over a Milena old, he only allowed me to do things like this to him when he chose. And I loved him all the more for giving me the illusion of power.

“That is where you have it all wrong, Mister.” Eric’s fangs were large in his mouth as he lifted a beautiful eyebrow in response.

“I fucked you that night. I rode this cock,” Taking my other hand I rubbed against his impressive erection. “Until you called my name. You are mine, Eric Northman!” I replaced my hand with the apex of my thighs and rubbed as I attacked his mouth with mine.

Our lips, tongues and fangs tangled in the night like two wild animals before a feed. I didn’t register that we were out of the elevator until my back landed on a large tufted leather bed. Eric’s speed blurred past me once more as he locked my wrists and ankles into the manacles hidden near the four posts.

I pulled against my restraints and hissed as he towered above me. Hands on his hips, my Vampire loomed. Eric was quite pleased with himself as he checked his handiwork. Even testing the movement of my right leg with a quick tug.

“I’ll concede that you rode me hard that night.” Eric smiled and stalked around to where my head rested as he unzipped his well-worn black jeans.

“That you, my Beauty, sucked my cock better than anyone ever has.” His dick sprang free and he held the base in his left hand before stroking slowly. Drawing out my desire, watching him pleasure himself.

I whimpered at the sight of his engorged length. Perfect and long. I was dying for a taste. Using my vampire strength I tried desperately to lunge for him, but it was futile. The manacles were strong lined with a silver that would not burn but hold a vampire for such pleasantries. Not that there was anything pleasant about this. I wasn’t going anywhere unless Eric consented to move me.

“So tonight,” he continued, dropping his jeans to the floor and kicking off his boots. “Is about me. I’m going to fuck you now while you are helpless to nothing but the need of my touch.” He stroked his long cock again.

“Only when I have had my fill, will we go back to the party. And Sookie,” Eric waited until my gaze met his. “Consider this an appetizer. Open your mouth.”

Eric kneeled on the bed and pushed the large tip of his cock against my parted lips. Smearing his pre-cum over them. I licked at him, straining to get even closer. All I wanted was to suck him into my mouth.

“So eager my Beauty.” Eric rested his hand behind my head and leaned over to push more of himself inside my mouth. I will never tire of his taste, all male. A land where the snow covered mountains meet the sea.

I had just found my rhythm when he pulled free of my suction. I groaned in protest.

“Come back,” I begged.

In vampire speed, Eric ripped my clothing to shreds and climbed on top of me once more. His lips now hovered over my very wet pussy, while his cock pressed against my cheek. My back arched when I felt Eric breathe my scent in.

“I need to taste you, too. Fuck, Sookie. What you do to me. Even as Vampire you are hot as fuck.” Eric licked then sucked powerfully at my opening before moving up to my clit. “I’ll never get enough.” He hummed against my swollen folds.

I whimpered as he devoured me with a master’s skill.  I bit into Eric’s hip to get his attention that his cock was not yet in my mouth. I loved that he was so lost in pleasuring me that he hadn’t thought to place himself back where he belonged.

“Eric, let me have you.” I whispered into his lion of Apollo and then licked the cure where bone meant muscle. I knew he heard me even through the ringing of the passion that circled us both.

Eric quivered, briefly halting his mouth on me to adjust his straining cock into my mouth. His urgency didn’t slow his long finger from working in and out of my slippery opening.

I cried out and hummed with impatience as I sucked hard on his skin again. Hopefully giving Eric more incentive to move faster. I wanted us both to reach our moment together. With his other hand, he reached down and placed himself on my lips.

“Suck my cock, my Beauty. I want to feel that tongue over every inch before I come down your throat.” Eric hissed when I sucked at his small slit. His essence was as overwhelming as my want to please him. “Yes, that’s it. You feel so good. Ah, Fuck me.”

Eric pumped in and out of my mouth a few times before easing down my throat. I relaxed and allowed him all the access he wanted. He cursed into my pussy when his balls hit my nose. I nuzzled and drew him in deep, sucking with a hard pull, doing my best with only my mouth available to make him come. I loved this.

I drank his length in as Eric turned his attention back to my pussy. I could feel the leather slick with my arousal below me and I hadn’t even come yet. But I would, Eric was the undisputed master of my body.

Soon we both found a cadence that worked for us. Through the groans and panting I was about to lose my mind until Eric sent me over the edge in one long orgasm that rocked throughout my body. Eric sank like a stone over the edge after me, calling my name as I swallowed as much of his release as I could. His essence trickled out of my mouth as Eric pulled out to coat my chin and breasts with his cum before sinking back between my lips.

Marked and loved. The perfect combination.

After a few moments when Eric had gained control, he left me mouth and crawled over to unlock the manacles that held me spread eagle on the bed. Winded and curious I rose one eyebrow in a move I mimicked from my Eric.

Surely he knew I wasn’t injured. Far from it, I was ready to be good and fucked.

Eric chuckled at my silent question and rubbed my wrists, then ankles. “Round one, my Beauty. You will find your attire in the bathroom. You are to wear only what I have placed out for you.”

I nodded in understanding. Eric was a dominant by his nature, even before his turning so many, many years ago. My Viking vampire was nothing but demanding and I loved him all the more because of it. My Vampire also loved to play games. And his favorite games involved me.

A soft kiss on my throat and Eric was up, dressed and back down to the main floor.

I sighed in the now very empty room before getting up and walking into the opulent bathroom.

I never would have guessed that my life would be as amazing as it is now. Tied to the man I love forever. If I was so inclined, I may even be tempted to tell Bill Compton thank you for inviting me to his Christmas party so many years ago.

That is, if anyone could find him.

I smiled when I looked over my nude reflection in the large bathroom mirror. Years of being modest I never allowed myself much more than a once over on the way into the shower. I was now comfortable with my own body in every way.

Thank you, Eric.

A month before Bill’s party, the Magister had made a surprised visit to Eric’s Club. Well, actually the only one who knew of his arrival was Eric. The Magister was nothing if not considerate of the Sheriffs and their territories. Especially when handing down punishments that would normally be the Sheriff’s duty.

Bill was summoned and the Magister delivered his verdict to Bill in front of many witnesses that night. For willfully outing a Vampire’s most prized possessions, their secrets, to a purchasable online database. Bill was ordered to prove his business relevance to the Magister and the Vampire community or shut down his website.

He had one week.

Bill failed, in the Magister’s view. Not only had the Magister discovered that Bill was responsible for three Vampire deaths in the last year. A slew of prostitute draining’s and traceable stolen funds in his account.

Every revelation exposed at Bill’s hearing sunk him deeper and deeper into trouble.

Just before the Magister could tighten the noose on Bill and end any further exploits with his ruling. Bill produced damning information on the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington’s lover’s business deals. It looked like the King of Kentucky had a leak in his retinue that lead straight out of the mouth of Bill Compton.

Russell, a longtime friend and Vampire brother of the Magister. That little tidbit sealed Bill Compton’s fate as he rushed on through what I’m sure he thought was his salvation. In all his travels, Bill never uncovered that particular truth.

The ancient Vampire Magister was furious and demanded Bill to turn a pathetic waitress from Shreveport as punishment. Ginger. The tramp that was looking to drain my brother the night of Eric and mine’s first New Year’s Eve.

Bill was then commanded to desist any further digging into Vampire affairs. He was never allowed to further expose the Vampire race or keep critical data in any form or face the wrath of the entire Vampire community.

Ultimately, his True Death.

Hence the Christmas party. Bill was trying to win over an extremely cynical and violent crowd of Immortals as to why he should be permitted stay in business. Why his website was superior as supposed to the old ways of spies and back room deals. Bill’s attempts fell on deaf ears and angry fangs.

Bill had a mediocre turn out that festive winter evening and I had earned more business connections that night. Thanks to Eric.

Two weeks after the party the Magister was alerted that Bill was continuing with his project with little regard to the warnings. He had all but abandoned his newly turned Vampire to the wilds of the street and had set a meet with some high up in the C.I.A.

What made Bill Compton a disgrace before suddenly turned him into the most wanted.

Therefore, the Magister did what anyone in the Vampire hierarchy wished to do with a traitor. He sealed Bill’s death warrant by giving out relevant information to the King of Mississippi. Discreetly, of course.

In the years since, rumors of Bill’s death at Russell Edginton’s hand have circulated. However, no one knows for sure. As a confidant, Eric knew Russell had been gone shortly after the Magister tipped him off. Weeks passed before Russell was back at his estate in Mississippi. And rumored to be back to his usual self. A well-mannered, jovial Ancient. One Vampire I would never dream of upsetting.

Stepping out of the hall and into the main floor balcony for the second time tonight, I took a moment to observe the party around me. Everything was perfect. The servers all wore white and black masks for the Masquerade party. Making them distinct from the guests and yet, not annoyingly so. They scurried happily from place to place, replacing drinks and satisfying the invitees. Guests filled the dance floor dressed in their finest, each one wearing a unique mask.

Running my hands down the purple skirting that flared high over my thighs, I took a deep unneeded breath. A human habit I’m sure that would stay with me for many years to come. The black and crystal heels I wore were almost high enough to kiss Eric on the forehead with little effort.

Where was that scoundrel? Leaving me in the throes of bloodlust and then running away. I smirked as I thought about all the ways I would make him pay tonight.

“Good evening Mistress,” Pam interrupted my devilish thoughts as she strolled up to me. “I’ll have to give Eric credit on this one,” She looked over my gown. “And only because it has taken years to teach him good taste.”

I grinned. “I know for a fact that Eric has never lacked on taste when it comes to something he wants. Which I believe, dear Pam, is why we both are here.”

Pam winked back at me. “You have me there, sugarplum.”

Pam, who always dressed impeccably, had gone all out tonight. She had chosen a beautiful red lace number acting as a second skin and slit all the way up her slender leg. Her matching mask perfectly complimented her ensemble with feathers curving around her head as part of her elaborate chignon. As always, she was breathtaking.

“Shall we,” Pam gestured down the familiar path. “Jason is already out dancing with his flavor of the month. Gran, Linda and Rasul are waiting for us at Eric’s booth.” Pam and I walked the second story that overlooked the dance floor, I kept an eye out for Eric but I didn’t need to. His warm vibes through the bond were like a homing beacon.

I concentrated on his energy and felt each pulse grow stronger the closer I got. He was on edge for me to join him. Linda was the first one I noticed when we turned the last corner before our booth. My dear Aunt was beaming up at Rasul as he laughed. His dark head thrown back in delight at something she had said before turning and kissing her hand. The two locked eyes as if they were the only two in the room.

Gran had played matchmaker in getting these two together. Rasul had been enthralled since day one but Linda, of course had been the holdout. She was scared to death of what she could possibly offer a Vampire like Rasul. In the end, Rasul’s persuasive charm won out. I had just talked to Linda last week and she was positively thrilled that they decided on when her turning would happen later this year.

“Oh Sookie, I love that dress!” Gran exclaimed, her face spilt wide with a big smile. Her blue eyes sparkled in the low light of the Club.

“Thanks Gran,” I walked right over to her and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “You look pretty fantastic yourself.” And she did. Gran wore a brand new navy blue wrap dress that had a three quarter sleeves and a gorgeous diamond necklace to complete the classic Southern look.

The diamonds were a gift from Pam last Valentine’s Day, which Gran huffed about for at least an hour before calming down and graciously accepting the extravagant gift. And then, only on the condition that Pam also help her find a suitable safe to store the precious gems. Pam took care of everything. She adored Gran because it was she who had taken in her Tara when her bitch of a mother neglected her as a child.

I felt the weight of his gaze before I turned my head.


He always smolders, but tonight his stare is full of naughty contemplation. I step between his legs snuggle onto his lap. Eric smells fantastic, no cologne necessary. His scent is fresh and clean. After all this time and this man can still light my fire.

“I approve, my Beauty.” Eric whispers into my ear after kissing me hello. “However, it appears I have done myself a disservice.”

I pull back from his neck, confusion tenses my brow.

“You are so fucking sexy, how am I going to keep my hands off you in front of everyone.” Eric purrs.

“Who says you have to?” I smile, blinking my eyelashes innocently. I know he loves the virgin in the woods routine.

Eric smacks my un-pantied bottom. I jump with a giggle. “Minx.” He growls.

The conversation is a buzz around us and I’m vaguely aware that Tara has joined us, said her how-de-do’s before leading Pam out to the dance floor.

Of course, the party is a hit. Vampires in Eric’s Territory offer praise for the event as well as tribute, as they make their way to the booth. Eric never lifts me off his lap as the numerous attendees thank him for the invite. My man takes it all in stride with our family and friends by our side, I feel like the luckiest girl who ever lived. Or became Immortal.

The hours click by and before long its five minutes to Midnight. We make our way to the top of the roof for the best and most private seats in the house. The party goers have been instructed to enjoy the show from the courtyard where seats and blankets have been prepared for their comfort.

As the countdown begins I look over to each of my loved ones. They won’t always be here, but for now, I have them. And they have me. And that means everything that is to come can be handled because I know love.

“Why so sad, my Beauty? Another great success, no?” Eric says from behind me. His long arms wrap tightly around me in a possessive grasp. I sigh and lean in closer, nuzzling his bicep before looking up to his worried expression.

“I just want to bottle this moment, ya know? Remember that here and now happened, so when we all can’t be together. This memory will always be here.” I lay my hand over my non-beating heart. It’s been years since it actually worked but I still feel the warmth.

“I understand my Beauty. I cannot make such assurances. What I can promise is a future with me, for as long as you will have me, unto my True Death. Family and friends may flow in and out of our existence, but we have each other. Is this enough?” Eric asks so sweetly that if he hadn’t been holding me I may have melted into the floor and never recovered.

Blood tears run down my cheeks as I turn completely to him and crush my lips to his. “Oh Eric, you are more than enough. I love you so much!”

“And I love you, my Beauty. Let’s put these tears on hold.” Eric licks up one cheek and then down the other.

“To another New Year.” Eric says as the first boom explodes somewhere over us. The fireworks lighting the sky with color. I kiss him again. I want to show Eric without words my love for him as I saver this Ancient Vampire and his undying love for me.








36 thoughts on “Do you hear what I hear-Epilogue

  1. Congratulations on your good news. I hope your pregnancy does not give you many problems. If you are in a season of complete rest, you can always write from the bed and I’ll always be here to read it.


    1. Jason is more of a question mark at this moment. He has no problem with the undead, just not sure he can commit to life everlasting….although someone should clue him in to never getting older and having an easy access to pretty women. Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hated that Linda died in the series. I felt like she was an untapped character…so I borrowed my real life Aunt for my inspiration. 🙂 I’m so glad you loved the ending. Thank you!


  2. Great ending! Awesome sexiness and so much love!
    Congrats on the little one. Sending wishes the rest of the pregnancy goes with out any more issues or stress.


  3. Lovely ending! How wonderful that Sookie got to keep so much of her family around after her turning, Tara and Pam are a couple, and that Linda will soon be joining them in their immortal existence with Rasul. She’ll lose some, but she’s gained so much more!
    Take care of yourself over these next two trimesters and enjoy your pregnancy. It’s the most marvelous thing you’ll ever experience! Wishing you chocolate cravings! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I always love a good vampire Sookie. I really wanted her to have everything she wanted. 🙂 Mmmmm, Chocolate. Although I am killing for caramel apples. Make a dozen last weekend. None survived. Lol! No just because I have a three-year-old and a husband. Haha!

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      1. LOL! My cravings went from beer to peach yogurt to peanut butter sandwiches at the end. I would wake in the middle of the night, have my ex make them for me, and I swear I would scarf them so quickly that I would be fast asleep before he had the chance to return to bed! He would get so annoyed with me! LOL! I can’t stand peanut butter to this day, almost 30 years later! Cravings are just so funny! I’ll bet your 3-year-old is so excited though! You’re all going to have so much fun! 🙂 You’re so blessed. I am so happy for all of you!


        1. OMG! That craving list sounds amazing. Right now I’m knee deep in fruit, like even kiwis, which I cannot normally stand. Go figure. I just read The Beast by J.R. Ward which is all about Rhage who eats like 3000 calories in a single meal…but it is a pregnant woman’s dream list. My doctor is giving me a big thumbs up right now, which is fabulous. Last thing I want to do again is more bed rest! Although…it would give me time to write… Oh the pitfalls of life. Lol! Thank you for the love! I hope you are having an amazing day!

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          1. 🙂 I hope you are, too! So happy for you that the doctor is giving you the big thumbs up! That has got to be a huge relief. I had no problems being pregnant with my 30-year-old miracle child, and I can’t even imagine what it would be like, though I’ve known many that have so I wish you all the best, and no more bed rest, even if it gave you more time to write. We all want you up, walking around, and feeding those cravings! 3,000 in a single meal though? That sounds like what I did when I was pregnant. I looked it, too! I was very round and I had never been fat before so family & friends really enjoyed that.
            Have an extra-wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂


  4. Such an unusual story, I loved it. Amazing how Linda and Gran accept the reality of vampires pre reveal. Thank you for the time and effort you expended to share your story. xx


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