These vampires won’t leave me alone!

Hi all! I’m being haunted. All day…all night. Oh the nights. Life has been a crazefest. What else can I say. In the midst of the fuckery I have Sookie, Eric and Pam in my head. Screaming in my ear, humming to me in the shower, showing me their humble abodes with light and color! Want to see Pam’s?

I’ve stopped and started. Started amd stopped. I will not be posting until I have one of the fics completed. I want to give you guys the goods here. I’m sorry to take soooooo long. Please know I’m being perused on the daily to get my ass in gear and write. And tonight with the 4 year old alseep in her new leg braces. The baby sound asleep in his crib after fighting a cold. And my hubby, the almost graduated law student out cold. Can I get an Amen! I’m going to make the vampires happy and write dowm exactly what theu want.

Hugs and kisses faithful readers



A New Year and A New Me

Happy New Year everyone!

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What a year it’s been. Personally and professionally, it’s been a wild ride. Babies, hospital stays and school. Thank the good Lord my hubby will be out of school come May. He’ll take the BAR in July and onto the new world of employment. LOL! My babies are getting bigger by the day! I’m thrilled and sad by this, also their growth allows me the time I need to write! Hooray! Starting next week is a writing schedule in place.  know this last year has been hard on you beautiful readers. I left so many in hiatus and that is just plain WRONG! My apologies. I think about Eric and Sookie everyday and my New Year Resolution is to finish every single one of my tales this year! What that means for you, the reader? More updates. I have each of these stories mapped and ready to be edited, which let’s face it is the most fun. And time-consuming. I hope my letter finds you all well and happy. This is going to be a fantastic year and I have nothing but positive rainbows of love to send to you all!

Stay Tuned

Much Love, FairyTaleAmber

One Day Left to Sign up for A Chance to Win!

Hurry, time is running out!

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Congratulations to all the lovely people who already signed up for my newsletter prior to 10/31/16!

As a special thank you to them I am giving them all  a complete e-book Dreams Series Set, Books 1-3!

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Thank you & Please Remember to Review!

Reviews feed authors. Please go and support one of our very own and her incredible work!

idream3223 Fanfiction & Other Writing

Hi!  🙂  

I wanted to say a special thank you to all the wonderful readers who have already purchased Dreams. Watching people find and enjoy this book has been one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. Thank you for that!

I also wanted to ask if you could please leave a review when you are done, on the site where you purchased it (Amazon, Apple, etc.), and also on Goodreads . I am really new at this, but as I understand it, 85% of readers use reviews and ratings to help them decide to give a book a chance, so this can make all the difference in the world to a new book like this one.

If you have already reviewed it, thank you again, for your support and your time. I hope to hear from you soon and wish you all a happy Friday!

J.A. Brown/Storyteller  

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I have not died…I think my body has though…

For the love of Godric! Thank you to those of you who nominated me. I’m very flattered. I wish I could have offered you all more updates on other fan favorite stories. But that is what the future is for. Please go and vote for all your favorites, I know I will! Thank you 4padfoot for taking the time to put these Awards together. Much love!

You Want Blood Awards

I am back guys and although I am still working on a little bit here and there.  (Mostly the nomination links page that almost every person put in their suggestion box)


The Polls for the Semi-Final Round are up.  In this round every nomination that fit the time frame is entered to be voted on.  All 470 of them *according to my excel files*  Man my brain hurts!  This post will be short as I am sure that everyone just wants to get to reading and voting.

First, I want to say I know that there are probably some typos or I missed something so just go ahead and shoot me now for it but if you will just send Godric or Eric with a message I will fix it ASAP.  Remember I am only one person.  *I can’t believe it has taken me three days of pretty much solid…

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You want Nominations! Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday. Where have I been? Well, after finding out I was pregnant on New Year’s Eve I’ve been balancing blissful happiness with fear over my precious bundle. I had a previous high-risk pregnancy with my daughter and as it turned out, this one was destined to be the same. Four weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital with severe preeclampsia and two days later my son was born. He was six weeks early and promptly taken to the NICU. I spent another week in the hospital to deal with all my high blood pressure drama and my son stayed an additional three weeks to overcome some preemie issues. Last Monday he was released and my hubby and I have been happily sleepless ever since. Between my 3-year-old​ and my almost one-month-old, we will never sleep again. Lol! Well, maybe when they grow up…but I doubt it. My writing has taken a serious backseat to my life these last few months and I HATE THAT! I love writing and where my stories are now does not sit well with me. Some of you have voiced the same and I love that! Not that you are frustrated but that you encourage me to finish. With my hubby back to school and my babies with me at home. I plan to take full advantage of nap time. :) Also, I’m sure most of you know that You Want True Blood Nominations are open until 08/31/16. I can say that I have quite a few stories up for your consideration. Please remember to vote for all your favorites. I’m compiling​ my list now. Looking forward to a healthy Fall as my baby weight falls off and my newborn grows stronger. Thank you for following my works, blog and occasional rants. Much love, FairyTaleAmber


Nominations are now OPEN for the 2016 You Want Blood Awards!

Stop what you are doing and start your research for who you think best fits these categories! It’s all up to you, the beloved readers! 🙂

You Want Blood Awards

Nominations will start TODAY, April 15th  and you will have one week to nominate your favorites in the following categories:

Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Best One Shot
The Human Award – Best AH
The Hybrid – Best Crossover
The Best of Both Worlds – Best SVM/TB combo
Mr. January – Best Lemon
The Greatest Love Story – Best Romance
Tissue / Kleenex – Best Angst
Rollercoaster Award – Best Drama
The Alan Ball – Best Rewrite of TB
The Charlaine Harris – Best Rewrite of SVM
Best of the Best – All Time Favorite Story
EIM – Favorite Author
Van Gogh – Best Artist
Eagle Eye – Best Beta
Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on

Here are the results from last week on how we were going to award our new Grand Prize of a music video trailer for a story.  As…

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News Flash!!

You Want Blood Awards

Yes, I am back…well back for a few minutes…

I thought of not posting today as it is April Fools day but then I realized it is getting close to time to open nominations so I had better go ahead and post today.  No …. it is not exactly nomination time yet (that is coming soon nominations will open on April 15th) but I wanted to post a question and get some readers opinions.  So here is the question.  As a few of you might know I also edit music videos for fanfiction stories, tributes and birthdays sometimes just so we can look at some eye candy.*snicker*

So here is what I was thinking.  This year I will make a video as our grand prize winner.  No this is not a joke!  Then I ran into trouble on how to decide which award category to give the grand prize to…

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UPDATE! Do you hear what I hear

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Yes, this is the last chapter for my Holiday story.


Thank you so much to Kleannhouse who is a terrific BETA! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! Your comments make me laugh, then I re-think, then edit my brains out and add a shit ton more. 🙂 No one

No one complaints though… I hope you all are having a fabulous New Year. Please don’t be shy, leave me your comments, send me your likes. You can’t know how much you all make my day when you do that. Thank you!!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous New Year! Full of too much food and booze. And hopefully not too many annoying family members. (I say that because I had too many of those) 😦

Please don’t be shy, leave your comments, send me your likes. You can’t know how much you all make my day when you leave a bit of sunshine for me to find. Thank you!!!

Without further ado, click on the banner  below to go to the last chapter of Do you hear what I hear