A New Year and A New Me

Happy New Year everyone!

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What a year it’s been. Personally and professionally, it’s been a wild ride. Babies, hospital stays and school. Thank the good Lord my hubby will be out of school come May. He’ll take the BAR in July and onto the new world of employment. LOL! My babies are getting bigger by the day! I’m thrilled and sad by this, also their growth allows me the time I need to write! Hooray! Starting next week is a writing schedule in place.  know this last year has been hard on you beautiful readers. I left so many in hiatus and that is just plain WRONG! My apologies. I think about Eric and Sookie everyday and my New Year Resolution is to finish every single one of my tales this year! What that means for you, the reader? More updates. I have each of these stories mapped and ready to be edited, which let’s face it is the most fun. And time-consuming. I hope my letter finds you all well and happy. This is going to be a fantastic year and I have nothing but positive rainbows of love to send to you all!

Stay Tuned

Much Love, FairyTaleAmber

Spring Forward with an a real UPDATE!

Good evening or very early morning beautiful readers!

I have finished “Do you hear what I hear” with an Epilogue.

Hooray! *Throws confetti* I hope you all enjoy Sookie and Eric in this little Christmas/New Year’s Eve tale. I look forward to your feedback.

*Throws confetti* I hope you all enjoy Sookie and Eric in this little Christmas/New Year’s Eve tale. I look forward to your feedback.

I hope you all enjoy Sookie and Eric in this little Christmas/New Year’s Eve tale. I look forward to your feedback.

And now, I’m using the “Spring Forward” horseshit to dive back into my other unfinished works. Lol! I just hate losing an hour of much-needed sleep. Doesn’t Mother Nature know I was up all night reading, then writing. Come on! 😉 I know you all want them updated to, like…yesterday.

I also have some news to share. I’m pregnant! Yup just landed myself squarely in the second trimester with a beautiful little boy! My hubby and I can’t wait to meet him in the Fall.

Hence, my delay in writing. I have been sooooooo nauseous during those first few weeks and then just a few days ago I needed an emergency surgery to keep him right where he is. Safe and warm inside me. With luck, it works, but I’ll find out soon enough next week.

Thank you to everyone again for your kindness and love. I appreciate it and I hope I have the words to share with you how much your support means to me. Thank you!

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Sweet Jesus, has it been a month!

Hello dear readers!

Thank you for not giving up on me. I’m still here. Writing away in my cave of wonders. That muse of mine has kicked my ass all over California and now with more time to write, I can give you more of what you want. In fact, I have here a little taste of the Epilogue from

Do you hear what I hear.


So, if you don’t want to read the Teaser, please skip past the ***.






I tapped the tablet again. Checking one of my many lists in search of areas that still needed my attention. The historical exterior of The O.C. had been tastefully decorated. Thanks to my not so subtle pushing. Eric had ultimately agreed and grudgingly admitted that there wasn’t much he would say no to when it came to me.

The lights were beautiful, without causing too much unwanted attention to what lay beyond the buildings elegant doorway.

A Vampire playground.

Okay, a Vampire playground might have been pushing things a bit. Or not. In the years since I was turned and joined the ranks of the immortals, I had witnessed many predators within these walls. I too am a predator, trained by my vampire sister Pam and my beautiful maker, Eric.

Just last week, Eric and I had been dancing in the middle of a very packed Saturday night when someone tapped his shoulder. Vampires did not do unsolicited touching, so I knew straight away, this was going to be trouble. Eric sent me a wave of amusement through our bond.

We turned with bored expressions to stare at a tall slender Burnette. Hand on her hip and the other still touching Eric’s shoulder. Caressing him through the fabric of his shirt and eyeing him up and down.

Fucking bitch! I hissed at her in warning, but she ignored me completely. Giving what I’m sure she considered her best, bedroom eyes look.

Bad move.

Eric scowled at her feeble attempt and shrugged her off, but she ignored his reaction with a bigger smile. She was not going to be easily deterred.

This woman had a death wish and I was more than happy to help her out. Before I could rip her throat out, she turned her overdone smoky brown eyes on me. I inhaled her scent, which was a heavy fragrance of determination. Her eyes twinkled with wicked amusement as she looked me over with obvious disapproval.

“Beat it blondie, your fifteen minutes are up. I’ll give you a free lesson on just how fucking good I can make Eric Northman feel.” She purred, siding up against Eric like a cat in heat.

I never felt more violent in my whole fucking life.

Pre-Vampire or Post-Vampire.





Promise, this Epilogue is soooo not safe for work. Fair warning. I hope you enjoy where I end this story. Once I’m happy with my editing (I may have gone through three drafts) and the amazing Kleanhouse has a chance to review, I’ll be posting. Hopefully this weekend. Call it my Valentine’s gift to you for being the best readers EVER!

Love Always,


UPDATE! Do you hear what I hear

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Yes, this is the last chapter for my Holiday story.


Thank you so much to Kleannhouse who is a terrific BETA! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! Your comments make me laugh, then I re-think, then edit my brains out and add a shit ton more. 🙂 No one

No one complaints though… I hope you all are having a fabulous New Year. Please don’t be shy, leave me your comments, send me your likes. You can’t know how much you all make my day when you do that. Thank you!!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous New Year! Full of too much food and booze. And hopefully not too many annoying family members. (I say that because I had too many of those) 😦

Please don’t be shy, leave your comments, send me your likes. You can’t know how much you all make my day when you leave a bit of sunshine for me to find. Thank you!!!

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NSWF! Do you hear what I hear-Chapter 5!!!

Good evening and/or morning lovely readers!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Thank you all for the warm thoughts and prayers. My daughter is all healed up and toddling around as usual. We are so relieved. Unknown allergies are a nightmare for children to have to deal with. But it’s all good now, so again, thank you for taking the time to drop me a line. (((HUGS)))

You all are so patient with me and I hope this not-so-long-awaited chapter makes up for my recent absence. It should be noted that I can’t begin to say how much this chapter should be read in private…

by candlelight…

make sure you lock that door.

I’m not kidding.

In short, this is HOT and I hope you enjoy!

Please give major praise to Kleannhouse for being a wonderful BETA! She asks insightful questions that make me rise to the challenge of writing that make me rise to the challenge of writing best possible story I can tell. Thanks girl!


Finally! Update Chapter 4! Do you hear what I hear!

First of all Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a magical evening and happy day with the ones you love. I apologize for not getting this chapter to you on Christmas Eve. Circumstances beyond my control left my daughter with an allergic reaction to something unknown and her face was puffy and swelling. Needless to say, my hubby and I were freaked. She was doing better…that is until this morning, when it came back with a vengeance. Most of the morning in the hospital and some serious TLC for all of us this afternoon.

What does this mean for you beautiful readers?

I plan on continuing to post the next two-ish chapters of this story in the next two days, baring any other additional ER runs (God, I hope not). I’m just a tad behind. Forgive me.

Seriously, thank you all for reading my work and for the lovely Kleannhouse for being my BETA! She is hilarious and puts her personal stamp of approval on everything I’ve written lately before you all see it!

Enough of my drama.

Onto the Christmas Eve party at Bill Compton’s not-so-humble and very hideous abode.


Merry Christmas, FairyTaleAmber

Chapter 3 !UPDATE! Do you hear what I hear

I’m sorry I’m running late tonight.


What can I say Santa is a woman and has no elves to assist. You ladies out there hear me!

Anywho, this is a mega chapter! You might even see a bit of a certain Viking….

Am I forgiven?


That’s right!


Damn it! Ignore Picard, he just really, really wants Eric naked….


So do I.


I’m the writer here Picard and I have a plan so sit down and shut up.

Whew, sorry you all had to see that.

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Trolls, Liars and Krampus

Not here!

Thank you very much!

This is a: NO Trolls, Liars or Krampus zone. If you are any of those things….especially Krampus, beat it!


Whew! That was crazy, but needed to be said.



Back to the matter at hand…

I have a spanking NEW Short-multi-chapter Christmas story for you! That’s right. Here I am, probably like most of you swimming in the final preparations for the holidays and I just had to share a little cheer.

Heads up, Sookie is not quite telepathic in this story. But she has other talents that make up for it. As always I hope you like this and gives you an excuse to slip away from your families to read a bit. 😉 And then leave me a little review saying how much you love it or hated it. Hehehe! New Chapter tomorrow! Now click on that beautiful Viking Banner that I created. Yes, I painted him before adding some text.

And then leave me a little review saying how much you love it or hated it. Hehehe!

New Chapter tomorrow! Now click on that beautiful Viking Banner that I created. Yes, I painted him before adding some text.

Now click on that beautiful Viking Banner below that I created. Yes, I painted him before adding some text. Isn’t he gorgeous!

Isn’t he gorgeous!


Where in the hell have I been?

Good evening ladies,

Yes, I’m alive. Barely.

Sorry to say, I’ve been dealing with some medical issues lately. This little upset has kept me from writing and I apologize.


I do have a new chapter from Pledge to a Viking almost ready for my BTEA, Kleannhouse to review.

In the meantime, since we are currently celebrating Christmas and I know some of you have not read this past story of mine.

I’ll just leave a link from my last year’s submission to Kittyinaz’s Christmas writing contest.


She is amazing folks. Go check out her site and pay her some love. Til we meet again loves!

She is amazing folks, an unreplaceable asset to the Sookiverse fandom. Go check out her site and pay her some love.

Til we meet again loves!



Attention Please, Another Update coming your way!


Hey, peeps!

I know we’ve seen yet another crazy person try and take over our beloved fandom this week. With bullying and threats. It’s frustrating to see crazy people act crazy and ruin all the fun we are having.

But in the words of our friend, Woody.

I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be worried.

Crazy people/trolls/goblins on FF.net is a given.


Everyone loves reading about violence and lemons. Trust me, we do! Don’t be shy. Just fill up your drink of choice, grab a donut and cuddle close to your computer as we, the Authors. Weave tales that will amaze, astound and probably arouse you. Job well done in my book.

We Authors are mostly aware of the situation and striking back. How can you help? Keep reading. Send love to the work you read, send a review of encouragement. Hey, sometimes we need it. We’re human after all.

I love you all for following my work, here, on TWCS and FF.net. I love seeing replies that you dropped what you were doing to read something I wrote. I’m working hard for you to makes sense and put Eric and Sookie where they need to be in ALL my works. And that will always be a Happily Ever After! 🙂

Seriously, thank you!


Here is a NEW Chapter from A Brush with Death

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No Beta this time but please enjoy anyway!