Hello lovely Readers,

I am FairyTaleAmber and I love the Southern Vampire Mysteries and True Blood…or at least I used to.

Until the powers that be, namely, Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball decided to mess up the story lines I truly wanted to experience.

I am an Eric/Sookie shipper.

In the future I may also be enticed to write about an Eric/Sookie/Godric storyline.

But in the meantime, please read and review to your hearts content as I weave story after story of adventure, love, lust, erotic images, action, cursing, horror, comedy, a bit of angst. You will have warnings…most of the time. 🙂

I thank you for finding me via the large and wondrous world known as the internet and invite you to read, review and check out the authors I follow. Because their work is extraordinary!




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