Sweet Jesus, has it been a month!

Hello dear readers!

Thank you for not giving up on me. I’m still here. Writing away in my cave of wonders. That muse of mine has kicked my ass all over California and now with more time to write, I can give you more of what you want. In fact, I have here a little taste of the Epilogue from

Do you hear what I hear.


So, if you don’t want to read the Teaser, please skip past the ***.






I tapped the tablet again. Checking one of my many lists in search of areas that still needed my attention. The historical exterior of The O.C. had been tastefully decorated. Thanks to my not so subtle pushing. Eric had ultimately agreed and grudgingly admitted that there wasn’t much he would say no to when it came to me.

The lights were beautiful, without causing too much unwanted attention to what lay beyond the buildings elegant doorway.

A Vampire playground.

Okay, a Vampire playground might have been pushing things a bit. Or not. In the years since I was turned and joined the ranks of the immortals, I had witnessed many predators within these walls. I too am a predator, trained by my vampire sister Pam and my beautiful maker, Eric.

Just last week, Eric and I had been dancing in the middle of a very packed Saturday night when someone tapped his shoulder. Vampires did not do unsolicited touching, so I knew straight away, this was going to be trouble. Eric sent me a wave of amusement through our bond.

We turned with bored expressions to stare at a tall slender Burnette. Hand on her hip and the other still touching Eric’s shoulder. Caressing him through the fabric of his shirt and eyeing him up and down.

Fucking bitch! I hissed at her in warning, but she ignored me completely. Giving what I’m sure she considered her best, bedroom eyes look.

Bad move.

Eric scowled at her feeble attempt and shrugged her off, but she ignored his reaction with a bigger smile. She was not going to be easily deterred.

This woman had a death wish and I was more than happy to help her out. Before I could rip her throat out, she turned her overdone smoky brown eyes on me. I inhaled her scent, which was a heavy fragrance of determination. Her eyes twinkled with wicked amusement as she looked me over with obvious disapproval.

“Beat it blondie, your fifteen minutes are up. I’ll give you a free lesson on just how fucking good I can make Eric Northman feel.” She purred, siding up against Eric like a cat in heat.

I never felt more violent in my whole fucking life.

Pre-Vampire or Post-Vampire.





Promise, this Epilogue is soooo not safe for work. Fair warning. I hope you enjoy where I end this story. Once I’m happy with my editing (I may have gone through three drafts) and the amazing Kleanhouse has a chance to review, I’ll be posting. Hopefully this weekend. Call it my Valentine’s gift to you for being the best readers EVER!

Love Always,



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