NSWF! Do you hear what I hear-Chapter 5!!!

Good evening and/or morning lovely readers!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Thank you all for the warm thoughts and prayers. My daughter is all healed up and toddling around as usual. We are so relieved. Unknown allergies are a nightmare for children to have to deal with. But it’s all good now, so again, thank you for taking the time to drop me a line. (((HUGS)))

You all are so patient with me and I hope this not-so-long-awaited chapter makes up for my recent absence. It should be noted that I can’t begin to say how much this chapter should be read in private…

by candlelight…

make sure you lock that door.

I’m not kidding.

In short, this is HOT and I hope you enjoy!

Please give major praise to Kleannhouse for being a wonderful BETA! She asks insightful questions that make me rise to the challenge of writing that make me rise to the challenge of writing best possible story I can tell. Thanks girl!



3 thoughts on “NSWF! Do you hear what I hear-Chapter 5!!!

  1. I am so happy to read that your little one is doing well and toddling around as she should be! I know your relief has to be overwhelming, and let it be so! You have her with you, safe & sound as it should be! Those experiences are terrifying, all the more so when you have a child who’s not able to voice what’s wrong, and those allergies! So, so scary when they arise and you’ve no clue because it’s not something you would have ever expected. Do not feel guilt! As parents, we never know these thing until they arise, so you are not alone in your experience! Many of us have gone through the same, and you’re now armed with the knowledge of what to watch for in the future! How could you have known? These things are common, but that brings little comfort throughout the experience. You’re a great Mom, and don’t you forget that! As for having to wait, so what? Your children take precedent over everything! There is nothing more important, ever! No matter what, we’ll be here waiting. You handle whatever it is need you to take care of, we’re the grownups.

    Huge hugs to your beautiful little girl and to you! I know you needed them! Now onto the chapter, and I look forward to the all the goodness it brings, as only you can do! A very Happy New Year’s Eve to you & your family! Celebrate well! 🙂

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    1. You do it everytime! Make me smile and cry a little with your sweetness. Thank you! It’s amazing the amount of guilt you do feel as a mom. Constantly judging yourself and the choices for your family. It’s enough to drive someone to drink. Lol! I’m actually looking forward to a nice drink tonight, i hope you are too! Or whatever relaxes you on New Year’s Eve! Thank you again so much! If you were here I’d hug you and make you bread! Instead here’s a hug (((Hug))) Do you think baked goods can make a USPS journey?
      I hope you enjoy the chapter. My focus was hot spice…..

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      1. ((Hug)) Back to you! Happy New Year too! It takes me forever to reply to these, and I apologize! Please! My baby is 30 & I still feel guilt! It’s part of being a mother’s! You’ll get used it… 🙂
        Hope you had a great time on NYE!


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